[Age] Immortal (Twenty-eight)

[D.O.B] 13th of October 

[Height] 6''0

[Hair] Brown

[Eyes] Blue

[Species] Incompletely- turned vampire

[Sire] Valentine Grimm

[Adoptive Sire] Carmilla Karenstein

[Residency] New York, New York

[Relationship] Single



       Formally, Christopher Adams, Taylor Connor remembers nothing of his life prior to 2014. He had suffered a bullet to the head that would have taken his life had he been human. In exchange for his life, the injury wiped clean Taylor's memory in an instant. Now he lives with Retrograde Amnesia, a condition most commonly caused by injury and characterized by a loss of memory-access or information that was learned. To this day he has a scar on his right temple, hidden by his hairline. Upon discovering a fake ID card amongst his belongings, he took on the new name Taylor Connor and quickly attempted to adapt. After some months it became clear that whoever he was prior to his injury was not the kind of person to leave behind traceable footprints. He had no bank account, no address and seemingly no friends. But he did have a single contact saved into the almost empty memory of a cellphone he had on his person. Contact: G. He tried calling the number, but nobody ever answered.

Over the years, Taylor has built something of a brand new life for himself. It hadn't been easy, of course, [...] He picked up as many low-wage jobs as he could juggle at one time 

These days, Taylor keeps mostly to himself. Although he does have a small circle of trusted friends now, he does not frequently remain in contact with them; this shows his tendency to behave like a recluse. As expected for his timid nature, when first meeting somebody Taylor is reserved, soft-spoken and a man of few words. Contrary to the idea that Taylor is selectively stoic, he wishes to be more outgoing and forthright but finds himself trapped within his own shyness (thus, he considers unapologetic talkers admirable and is often drawn to them). 





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  • The book remained motionless once Christopher made the decision to close it. The sorceress inside had few options when it came to getting out of that wretched book. She could rely on the young man she had spoken to, convince his boss to set her free, or seek out another poor bastard to do the job. All of these options relied on someone else. She had been on display in that museum for God knows how long. This was an opportunity for her and she did not intend on letting it go to waste.

    The ride to their destination was long and silent and her lack of senses made it impossible for the dark fairy to know where they were going. When she felt the car come to a stop the book shook. Unfortunately for her the book was immediately wrapped in black silk. She could hear bits and pieces of the conversation between Christopher and the bidder but it soon became impossible to follow. It was only when the young man spoke that she figured out what had happened. Christopher had changed his mind about giving the book away. It's magic, more specifically the malevolent creature inside had won him over. How delightful, she thought. His apology and offer to free her received a quick response from Maleficent. Her handwriting appeared on the pages yet again for him to read.

    "No apology necessary. You made the correct decision." By now Maleficent had started to wonder about what she was dealing with. The lack of gunshots led her to believe Christopher was inhuman.

    "Releasing me is simple. You need to wish me out of the book." That sounded far too easy but why would she lie about something as important as her freedom? The simple solution meant either one of two things. Either the people responsible for her imprisonment were imbeciles or Christopher was dealing with a monster no one in their right mind would release. The spell made it impossible for any individual with her blood to release her. The same was true for any creature under the influence of her magic like her pet raven, Diablo.

    "I assume you will want something in return?"

  • { Seeing as you are back, I wanted to say welcome back. I hope you're doing alright and what not with life. That's all really. }

  • The book remained still as Christopher introduced himself and the sorceress trapped inside did not waste any time asking the others in the van to do the same. One name was good enough and she assumed Christopher was the one in charge anyway. Once the question in the center of the page vanished an introduction appeared.

    "Pleasure to meet you, Christopher Adams. I have been called many names but you may call me Maleficent." Who ever heard of a book called Maleficent? "As you have probably surmised by now I am trapped within the pages of this book and have been for some time now."

    She had been listening to the men talk since they broke the glass case she was in. They could take her to their boss but what exactly did he want with her? Did he intend to set her free? Did he want to sell her? There was no time to waste. The villainess needed to be released immediately.

    "Do you intend to set me free?"

  • The book shook on his comrade's lap making his search for the tracker irksome to say the least. Who ever thought a book could be so antsy? When he finally pulled the small piece of technology off the back of the book the piece of literature stilled indicating that it was aware of what was going on. It did not shake after the tracker was removed. Instead the sorceress inside listened closely to the conversation the men were having. They intended to give her to someone? Perhaps it was time Chris knew exactly what he was dealing with.

    When the driver slammed on the breaks the book flew forward bumping into the back of the passenger seat before landing back on the young man's lap completely open. The pages of the book were empty and worn making it clear the book was easily one hundred years old. As the young man sent Christopher a worried glance black text appeared in the book. The word "Hello" materialized in the center of the page written in black ink. The elegant handwriting belonged to the soul trapped between the pages. The word lingered long enough for everyone to take a good look before it was replaced with a question.

    "Who are you?"

  • “Damn, you’re just as stubborn as Emily.” Sammy murmurs, watching Taylor’s form move to the sewer grate. Ballsy too, a knife wouldn’t kill a wendigo. Yet, he called it a safety net with confidence. It was so strange, but things even got stranger. Her eyes widen as he pries of the metal cover. Holy shit. She couldn’t see even Matt doing that without an issue- he would’ve broken a sweat.


    What should she do? Morals and instinct fought at each other inside. It was a storm of emotions. She couldn’t leave this man to die at the hands of a monster while he was searching for his friend. Yet, there was a small amount of damage she could do to a wendigo, without risking her own life. On the other hand, if she walked away, let him deal with the spiny figure of death, then she’s just walking away and letting him die.


    A whisper of selfishness told her that if she killed a wendigo, perhaps the nightmares would stop, because she would be killing her own survivor’s guilt. Her personal demons might stop haunting her. She might get the chance, not only to help this stranger, but to redeem herself from Hannah and Beth’s death.


    A sigh escaped her lips in a frosty ballet in the New York air, and she let out a ‘wait up!’, stepping down in the sewers after Taylor. Sammy did have something to help him. When her slippers hit the cement floor side of the sewers, she reaches into her bra, where money and a small box of matches happened to be and a lighter was hidden.


    “I kept these for emergencies.” She whispered, short and simple, fearful of the monster that lurked in these tunnels. Always had to, after what happened at the lodge. She flicked the lighter, so there was a small flame burning, and it lit up the dark area. Humans, after all, wouldn't see in the dark. “Those things can’t see anyways.” As to interrupt her was a screech that echoed, from way afar. Shivers ran down her spine, and goosebumps rippled onto her pale flesh.

  • The book continued to move even after Chris broke the glass clearly wanting nothing more than to be out of that museum. The piece of literature was alive somehow and capable of not only hearing what was around it but also feeling and seeing to a certain degree. There was something or rather someone trapped inside that book willing to do nearly anything to get out. Perhaps that was why Chris's boss was so interested?

    He had failed to tell his men that the creature lurking within the pages was none other than Maleficent, an elder fairy more powerful than anything he had likely encountered before. More importantly, Maleficent was capable of granting wishes. Odds are she would be willing to grant a wish or two if it meant getting her ass out of that book.

    Though the alarm managed to wake the guard, he did not reach the glass case until Taylor and his gang were long gone. As expected the book shook while in Christopher's grasp, not enough to jiggle free but enough to keep his attention. Was it worth taking a look inside? If curiosity did manage to get the better of him he would find that the pages of the book were completely empty. Why steal an empty book?

  • Fortunately for Christopher the museum's security was lacking this evening. One of the security guards had gone home early to have dinner with his wife and the one who chose to stick around was fast asleep in front of the camera screens with a few cheeto crumbs on his shirt. The group had 15 minutes before the alarm woke up sleeping beauty which would be plenty of time to grab the book. When the young man touched the glass the book shook a little making it obvious that this was far more than a piece of literature. The book was alive in a manner of speaking.

    It contained something evil, a sorceress who wanted nothing more than to be released. The prisoner of the book was an elder Fae called Maleficent. Humans commonly referred to her as the Mistress of All Evil. She was a monster who spent her days causing nothing but pain and suffering for those around her.

    Nearly two hundred years ago a group of fairies managed to imprison her within the blank pages of a book. The enchantment could not be broken by someone of her blood or magic. This eliminated a Fae/vampire and her pet raven, Diablo, who was only still alive thanks to her magic. As his hand lingered on the glass the book only continued to move around tapping against the glass at first and then banging desperately.

  • Lily hummed away to herself as she walked down the stairs. She looked at the screen of her phone as she read through the shipment that was coming through tonight. Dammit she thought taking note that tonight was going to be a long night. Just what she needed “ I’ll tell you that when you tell me why your wearing a suit. We are dealing with the cargo it’s not a pretty job” she mocked as she turned attention back to her phone. “ Shit” she muttered taking note of one of the names on the list that was sent to her. Lily stopped walking and leant against the wall. “ Tell me. Why are you here? You here to help sell the cargo or to free the cargo?” She asked. She herself was here to keep tabs on the cargo and free who she could.

    Lily pushed off the wall walking towards her office she kicked the door open taking a free chair she pushed it towards Taylor. “ Sit” she said. She set her phone down and pulled out a box of files. “ My name is Lily. Though if you listened in the meeting you would have known that” she teased. She could tell he was nervous she to would be but she had been here for too long she lost all sense of innocence in this job.

    “ We will be working tonight. There is a new shipment coming in at 8. We need to check names and then the hard work begins” she said with a sigh. She pulled out a file from the box looking it over. “ Read this. Tell me if I missed anything at all about your life” she teased setting the file down in front of him. “ I believe that I have it all covered Mr Rose? But as your here to help me save these girls “ she said with a sigh. Hopefully he would be a help cause she was getting to lost to do it alone anymore


  • It seems he’s making a regular thing outta this - this being him, hauling ass and diving head first and straight into oncoming, unsuspecting people. In fact he’d made a promise to his inner self that the next time he decided to play the part of a human wrecking ball, (and there sure was gonna be a next time, in fact there had been a first, months prior), he wouldn’t end up on his rump. Now, while Taylor had tried to fend off Josh, the human wrecking ball - trying to place some distance by grabbing at his shoulder to avoid collision, sadly, he failed rather miserable at it. Not that it was his fault at all, seeing as how Josh came at him at full speed, and so they meet like the Titanic and the Iceberg. Kaboom.

    And, true enough to this self made promise mentioned earlier, once him and the other did meet and greet in the most violent way, and when the energy of their bodies flesh and bone slamming together had dissipated, Josh still stood proud on his own two feet, despite the massive shockwave that had spread all throughout his system upon impact.
    He was about to let slip an apology to whomever he’d run into when suddenly he fell backwards, the city around him seeming to slow down and the buildings stretching further away from his peripheral vision as the world came crashing down upon him in violent shades of white and purple which flashed before his eyes as his mind conceded to the pain flaring up in the back of his head as it hit the concrete ground.
    A moment passed then where he just reeled in his misery, unable to connect the dots and literally blinded by pain, but that palpitating pain and crippling blindness began to fade somewhat, at the very least the blind part did, as soon enough objects were given shapes, texture and then finally color as his eyesight returned fully, leaving him only with a sense of intense pain that made him sit on his butt a while longer before standing up.
    Finally he said, “I’m sorry.”

  • The book Christopher was referring to just happened to be an ancient spell book on display in a museum downtown. The humans considered the book to be a relic of sorts and more importantly a work of art. The book cover was composed of solid gold and lined with an assortment of valuable jewels. Since the book was worth a pretty penny it was kept in a glass case surrounded by cameras. Breaking the glass would immediately set off an alarm and alert the museum's security.

    If the exterior of the book was not reason enough to steal it, many believed that it contained a variety of dangerous spells including Christopher's employer. These spells would likely come in handy. While the group prepared for their new assignment, a young man stepped through the museum doors. He was odd looking to say the least. He possessed several bird-like features including an unusual nose and a set of lifeless black eyes. He wore a suit and tie and walked with his nose held high dismissing those around him.

    As he approached the book on display he pulled a small watch out of his pocket. The museum would close soon. He growled in annoyance and looked up at one of the security cameras. This was the first book that fit the description of the one he had been looking for. Unfortunately for him there was no time to steal it now. He would have to check the place out first. Even if he did manage to get the book there was another important problem; he was incapable of setting his master free. "I'll come back tomorrow", he muttered as he made his way back out the door.

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