[Age] Immortal (Twenty-three)

[D.O.B] 13th of October 

[Height] 6''0

[Hair] Brown

[Eyes] Blue

[Species] Incompletely- turned vampire

[Sire] Valentine Grimm

[Adoptive Sire] Carmilla Karenstein

[Residency] New York, New York

[Relationship] Single, pursued by Shamus

[Sexuality] Pansexual

(Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity)





       Formally Christopher Adams, Taylor Connor remembers nothing of his life prior to 2014. An injury sustained to the head would have taken his life had he been human. Rather than his life, a bullet took all of Taylor's memory in an instant. He is medically diagnosed with Retrograde Amnesia, a condition most commonly caused by injury and characterized by a loss of memory-access, or information that was learned. It does not affect Taylor's ability to form new memories after the onset of the condition. To this day he has a scar on his right temple, hidden by his hairline.

      Prior to the accident, Taylor lived a different life under another identity. 





Studies keep me busy. My replies may be inconsistent and slow.


World Time Zone: NZST 

Usually, I am free Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (but I also use this time to study/be social).

I am trying to be online as much as I can, unfortunately, many things in my life take priority over writing.

If you want to stay in contact with me, ask for my Skype. For the most part, I am on there every day.

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  • Wait. Fuck. How did Kaia end up in New York?

    The young Vodanoj had no idea how he had ended up in the Big Apple, and frankly, he couldn't give less of a damn. Black and white converse trudged through forming puddles on the concrete, rain starting to gather on his letterman jacket. His silky brown coils were beginning to stick to his forehead, his mopey yet sultry gaze trained on his lighter as he sparked a flame before his cigarette.

    He would've been paying attention if it weren't for the earphones lodged in his ears, blasting music, almost oblivious to the commotion. Kaia figured it was the typical concrete jungle noise. Until he spotted a few chaps stepping from their cars, pointing upwards and screaming. Naturally, those brown hues flickered up, where he would spot the man dangling from the wire cable.

    And the naked fellow coiled around the pillar.

    "Bloody hell..." The Croatian murmured beneath his breath, pulling away his earphones. No it wasn't his concern driving him, it was excitement. Heart thudding against his chest, his eyes trained on the two men. From one inhale he could smell the two were more than human and many scenarios raced through Kaia's mind.

    He could stand back. Let the werewolf rip the vampire in two. Maybe they'll slip in the rain and plummet into the river below to a watery grave. The excitement of the fight was the kind of thing to get the Saxon-Croat going, he could end them both. Maybe climb on up and give them a little nudge off the edge. But not even Kaia could predict his own action.

    Shedding his leather jacket and shirt, moss and bark began to sprout along his skin. Heliotropes blossomed as well, his hair reaching down to his waist, as well as claws breaking through the skin of his fingertips. Approaching the pillar, brambles broke through his skin, blood leaking from the wounds, the mass of thorned branches would wrap around the base and haul him up. The claws bursting through the front of his shoes dug into the metal, allowing him to climb up and up until he crouched beside the werewolf.

    Why was he doing this? God, he had no idea. The lithe, skinny man dodged forward, crawling along the cable before his clawed hand wrapped around Taylor's ankle. With all the strength the pale Vodanoj could muster, he pulled and the weight of the other man dragged both Kaia and Taylor down. The two were plummeting for the water below.
  • {Thanks! I would love to plot something with you. Which muse would you like to write with?}
  • // Thanks for the add! We should write sometime. :] //
  • Sounds good. Could do it where lily is one of the vampires who is meant to take care of the humans before they are sold.
  • [That would be fantastic, thank you! :) ]

  • What pissed off Shamus more; the way Taylor shrugged off an idea of his, or how he decided to insult him. Maybe it is the nickname. Whatever it is that ticking bomb is about to go off in horrific ways. Like a bickering couple of what is right and wrong, Shamus could justify anything he did even if it was completely the opposite of right. No one could tell him otherwise.

    He let his hand drop to his side and gave a grim look over his shoulder at the scene. The screeching woman quieted by Taylor’s heroic deed, Once the restraints were cut and Taylor is heading to the door the Elder looked like he was going to have some kind of psychotic break. Yup, he snaps.

    “No. No. NO. NO. FUCKIN’ NO!” He snarled, pivoting on his foot to face the woman. Shamus is lunging now, his fingers poised to dig into the women and do some heavy damage, his teeth are out to play as well, four fangs on the top, two on the bottom. There are the prime teeth but the shredders are smaller behind the first pair.

  • {Thanks for the friendship perhaps we can write sometime}

  • Hey. Yea that sounds good. Interesting plot line I like it.
  • || Thanks for adding me! I saw in my email that you posted something to me
    but when I looked it was gone. I would...Actually really appreciate to write with another guy
    for a change lol Womanizer needs a break to do violent guy shit.

  • Your welcome and I would love to write with you.
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