[Age] Immortal (Twenty-three)

[D.O.B] 13th of October 

[Height] 6''0

[Hair] Brown

[Eyes] Blue

[Species] Incompletely- turned vampire

[Sire] Valentine Grimm

[Adoptive Sire] Carmilla Karenstein

[Residency] New York, New York

[Relationship] Single, pursued by Shamus

[Sexuality] Pansexual

(Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity)





       Formally Christopher Adams, Taylor Connor remembers nothing of his life prior to 2014. An injury sustained to the head would have taken his life had he been human. Rather than his life, a bullet took all of Taylor's memory in an instant. He is medically diagnosed with Retrograde Amnesia, a condition most commonly caused by injury and characterized by a loss of memory-access, or information that was learned. It does not affect Taylor's ability to form new memories after the onset of the condition. To this day he has a scar on his right temple, hidden by his hairline.

      Prior to the accident, Taylor lived a different life under another identity. 





Studies keep me busy. My replies may be inconsistent and slow.


World Time Zone: NZST 

Usually, I am free Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (but I also use this time to study/be social).

I am trying to be online as much as I can, unfortunately, many things in my life take priority over writing.

If you want to stay in contact with me, ask for my Skype. For the most part, I am on there every day.

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  • Lily had been working for these horrible rich vampires for around about 6 months now. She hated her job but she needed to fake it till she could pull the organisations apart. She was in charge of taking care of the female humans, feeding them, making sure they didn’t die on the way to there new owners. She herself knew how they felt she was once a slave owned by vampires just like these ones she now worked for. She sat quietly right at the back of the room watching and listening to everything that was going on in the room. This new comer was odd she thought. She could smell he was nervous but why she thought if he was apart of this group. She watched him closely since she knew he was to become her new partner.

    Once the chairman had announced he was paired with her she smiled. Knew it she thought. Stick me with someone who will get in my way and wreck my work. This was going to be hard she thought how was she going to keep her work secret if she had a new partner. Her last one was easy cause he was so dam lazy he slept while she did everything. You see lily had found away to fake death in the humans. She would often “kill” the youngest in the group to save that child growing up in hell. But how was she meant to do it now.

    Once the meeting was over lily got up and headed out to the hallway. She meant against the wall waiting for her new partner.
  • Shamus does not appear at all bothered by the hungry kissing Taylor returned. He does have a hunch that there is hunger that is driving the other to snake his tongue in between their kiss, to taste the blood Shamus has in his mouth. He adjusts his head some and returns the dance of tongues, ignoring the increasing pressure and squeeze on his arms for the time being.

    He parted the kiss, a bloody trail of saliva quickly breaking between them as he does so. He turned his forearms so that his hands can also grip onto Taylors forearms and return a squeeze of sorts. “Ya done? Or ya want more?” He does not specify, more of what? This temporary moment of intimacy? Or food?

    “If ya hang out with me there will be more where that came from.” Manipulation. Shamus just loves that game. 

  • Shamus’ chomping is accompanied by the screeching of the woman, bones snap as he places pressure with each bite and barely seems to be bothering to feed. He just wants something to nom on. There are some laps of his tongue along her neck before he digs in once more. She fades fast once he grazes an artery and then punctures it. There is little care about anything else other than the feast.

    He is somewhat surprised to see Taylor lower to such a state. “Don’t you fucking dare.” That vampire pride causes him to let go of the limp body and stalk over to the other, a blood soaked hand sliding to Taylor’s shirt as he goes to grip and hoist him up. “Whatever half you lean towards, never soil our fucking kind by licking filth off the floor!”

    Ah, what the hell.

    Shamus purred before he moves in to share a bloody, delicious kiss.

  • Aza places one of the boxes in between the space of his crossed legs and flips it open. Inside, slices of cheesecake topped with raspberries, and strawberries await to be devoured. The demon's mouth is practically watering, yet he shows some restrain by not eating the whole thing in one bite, box included. He doesn't bother with a fork, however. He's picking up the slices with his hand, nibbles at them as if he were eating pizza.

    He licks his lips, then uses his thumb to wipe some of the meringue off of the corner of his mouth. The conversation has suddenly taken an unexpected turn, yet he remains unfazed the entire time, as he often does with, well, everything. Is he an emotionless robot? 

    ''Not exactly.'' He thinks too highly of himself, believes himself to be at the top of everything and everyone around him for the thought of his ultimate demise to even cross his mind. ''But now that you mention it, I don't know about you, but if I'm going to meet my end, it has to be in a loud and dramatic fashion. All poetic violence and beautiful tragedy.'' Everything always is a show for him. He's a ringmaster and the rest of the world are his devil's playground.

    ''I won't settle for anything less.'' As if he had any say in it. 

  • || I believe it lol It's done that to me too in the Sanctuary Compound thing on here.
    Not clear as to why. I'm sure we can figure something out. I've been tapped out on ideas as well,
    mostly because work is a bitch and I've been too tired to focus lol xD gimme till tomorrow.
    I'll have something in mind,no doubt. Thinkin'..Violence,gore...No death,but... Somethin' that feels fucking damn 
    close to it. Maybe...I'm wondering if maybe they have to get stuck working together..Survival tactic...Hate each other.
    Even beat the holy hell out of one another...I'll try and figure out the end game tomorrow. So far that's all what's percolating 
    upstairs. That grab you at all?

  • {Yea she can have knowledge of other packs. They do have rival packs so we could work that in there. Though she isn't one to let anyone she doesn't know that she is a wolf. So she would have to trust you but once that trust is built she would be very protective of you.}
  • Hey that sound amazing. I’m excited to start off with that idea
  • {Well Aiyana would be fun to write with you as she has no threads going for now. She runs a little cafe with her father up in the mountains. How would you like to plot?}
  • Shamus always leaves a surprise to those who know him, He twists and turns and never quite stayed where someone might like him to. He will be gentle for the most part, compliant to those who get to know him best... it just takes one little thing to set him off into an explosion of anger such as this.

    “Hungry, huh?” He said, his tongue running over his fangs lightly as he eyed the woman. “What are you fucking waiting for, pet? Dig in!”

    He stalked closer to one of the woman before moving in, threading his fingers through her hair as he pulled her up to him. He wanted nothing more than to kill and feast, sometimes in reverse. “Do it, Taylor.” He ordered, then with a widening jaw and chomped down into her shoulder with very little grace and concern for the wellbeing.

  • "Not exactly bites. But I know how to treat wounds," the medical supplies he has seems way too much for three immortals. He must have overstocked for his temporary human, unsure what might need to be stocked in case something may happen. Turns out he didn't need much of it. Fishing through a cabinet, he points to the toilet for Taylor to sit. It doesn't take long before he's pulled out a first aid kit and some other supplies. "Hand."

    He considers the question about Eka.

    "We're friends. We go hiking sometimes," James's voice is betraying that all there is is a friendship. At least, to James, who clearly has a crush on the boar, and who seems to be teased endlessly about it by his father. He can't help it. First comes some anti-septic to treat the infection, followed by a closer examination and a good whiff of the wound. "Have you not licked it? Most of us have salava that's a natural anti-infectant."

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