[Age] Immortal (Twenty-three)

[D.O.B] 13th of October 

[Height] 6''0

[Hair] Brown

[Eyes] Blue

[Species] Incompletely- turned vampire

[Sire] Valentine Grimm

[Adoptive Sire] Carmilla Karenstein

[Residency] New York, New York

[Relationship] Single, pursued by Shamus

[Sexuality] Pansexual

(Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity)





       Formally Christopher Adams, Taylor Connor remembers nothing of his life prior to 2014. An injury sustained to the head would have taken his life had he been human. Rather than his life, a bullet took all of Taylor's memory in an instant. He is medically diagnosed with Retrograde Amnesia, a condition most commonly caused by injury and characterized by a loss of memory-access, or information that was learned. It does not affect Taylor's ability to form new memories after the onset of the condition. To this day he has a scar on his right temple, hidden by his hairline.

      Prior to the accident, Taylor lived a different life under another identity. 





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World Time Zone: NZST 

Usually, I am free Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (but I also use this time to study/be social).

I am trying to be online as much as I can, unfortunately, many things in my life take priority over writing.

If you want to stay in contact with me, ask for my Skype. For the most part, I am on there every day.

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  • "Ugh, why are all the vampires useless?" James is so odd with that. He gets into these moods where it's either "the vampires" or "the humans", forgetting he's a product of both. It more or less boils down to him feeling as though he doesn't belong to either, which is a shame. But he doesn't seem to mind it. His frustration is quickly replaced with concentration as he stares at the bite, trying to decide what to do.

    "I mean...I can...you know. It'll probably stop the infection and let it heal. But it's gross. For both parties. I don't like licking myself either but..." He eyes the arm a little longer before he just...brings Taylor's wound to his mouth and attempts to drag his tongue over it. If successful, Taylor has a fresh layer of Dhampir slobber.

  • // I dooo! Hattie { the multi-muse } is one of them. There's about three others as well, another being a multi-character account, lmfao. What can I say, I have a lot of muse inspiration. xD //

  • // Badass. Did you wanna throw words here, or would you like the multi-page? I'm pretty chill either way, and I'd be happy to throw you a starter your way. :) //

  • Jackson can feel himself wanting to shrink at Taylor's touch. His shoulders draw in somewhat and his posture goes rigid as Taylor brings his arm around to hug him. It is just one arm, but it is better than nothing. The head on his shoulder is also a comfort for him. For a moment he lets the food be and just stands there with Taylor, enjoying the moment while it lasts.

    He pulled away for a moment to face the other, the stove now at his back as the food sizzles and water just barely begins to bubble. He bowed his head and placed his forehead against Taylor's. He has his hands up and gently on Taylor's arms with a light massage of his thumbs. "Thank you. Taylor." He said, his eyes coming to close.

  • The water swallowed the two men like the maw of a beast. The sensation was something so familar to Kaia, he barely noticed the change. However, the heliotropes and bark were shrinking back into his pale olive skin, patches of moss still remaining. Muscles contracted as his legs formed a seam, morphing together into a shimmering, sea green tail. The tail met with his torso, blending into his olive skin. Kaia's webbed fingers wandered aimpessly over Taylor's chest, trying to find some sort of heartbeat.

    When the man jolted back to life, Kaia didn't flinch. He watched, hovering above the other man as they sunk deeper into the murky, almost dirty water. The gills cutting into the skin of the Vodanoj's neck flexed as he watched Taylor struggle, almost sinking into a trance of intrigue. What sort of whimsy would it satisfy in Kaia's heart to watch the desperate man drown before his very eyes. Should he? Should he let him turn blue, let his lungs strain until they collapsed, let his throat simply shatter with plight for air? As entertaining as that would be, Kaia was already acting out of character at the sight of the stranger.

    The Croatians webbed fingers entangled around the mans shirt, his claws slicing through the fabric by accident- Kaia didn't really care. With a powerful thrust of his sea green tail, the skinny Vodanoj was swimmimg towards the surface with the man, who was considerably bigger than him. He broke through the surface, gills sewing themselves back into average looking skin, leaving only vertical scars. Kaia's brown curls lay plastered to his forehead and neck, his mopey gaze everlasting as he dragged the body over to the forested beach, lean muscle straining to drag Taylor, his tail doing most of the work. At last, he threw the stranger ashore. Regardless of if Taylor was conscious or not, Kaia scooted over to his body, long damp tail still collecting sand. He hauled himself up with the only limbs he had (his arms) and placed his hands on Taylors chest, pushing down and up, down and up. Still not caring if Taylor was awake or not, Kaia leaned down and pressed his lips to the vampires. Taking a breath- "Breathe, goddamn it." Exhale. "Wha' kinda fuckery is this?" His voice was laced with a strong British accent. "Wha' you doin' hangin' offa the bridge like tha'? Tryin' ta die? If you wanna die, I can burn you if you like. Would be a bloody good time if you ask me..." And again, Kaia's lips were on Taylor's.
  • // Hellooooo, again. Let's write! //
  • Shamus decides that Taylor gives him the answer he inquired about- finish eating. He decided to spend that time looking over the women here and even lurking over one of the deceased to lightly flick her nose as if that would somehow satisfy him. Surely he would do worse things to these bodies if Taylor had not been present.

    Then there is a peculiar set of words from Taylor that caused him to glance up and look at Taylor. The tone of voice told him there might be some waterworks on the way.

    “Hey.” He said, “ Are you fuckin’ crying over food?”

  • Aiyana's gaze lifted towards the door seeing the stranger enter having had just gotten enough free time to sit down and eat she sighed placing her fork down. Moving with silent footfalls till she stood in front of the coffee machine once more. Fingers curling about a coffee cup she placed it on a small tray filling,it with the hot liquid. Reaching over to grab a small ceramic bowl placing the different varieties of creamers into the bowl. Grabbing her pad she was off moving towards the table the stranger had picked to sit.

    Placing the coffee in front of him along with the bowl of creamers offering him a friendly smile. "Coffee is on the house. Is there anything else I can get you or do you need a moment to look over the menu?" with a gesture of her hand pointing to the menu sitting upon the table with the napkin dispenser. Aiyana was a wolf she could sense he wasn't human, but she was never the kind to judge a supernatural. Maybe he was just passing through and needed a warm meal. She noticed his clothes seeing he wasn't from around these parts. "I noticed your not from around here. Its none of my business, but if you need a place to stay my family has a bed and breakfast up the road at a decent price. My name is Aiyana just holler for me if you need anything."
    giving that gentle smile once more before she went around the cafe refilling everyone's cup of coffee giving him a moment to go over the menu. Placing the coffee pot back on the warmer. Keeping herself busy she made another fresh pot. Taking a clean cloth she gathered the dirty dishes off the empty tables cleaning them off. Wiping her brow she was tired and warn out and starving feeling a little faint after taking the dirty dishes to the back.

    Aiyana glanced over towards the stranger before picking up her fork getting a few bites while everyone seemed to be okay at the moment.
  • The nip gets a hiss from the elder, possibly something of a discouragement from getting a single drop of blood from him. Shamus added a subtle nip from his end and a click of sharp teeth, then let the other go as he wished. With Shamus now paying attention to the corpses and thinking of draining them completely if Taylor does not. "Well then, pet. Hungry? Or should we get the fuck outta here?" He has no worry for the prints. Shamus does not exist in the system nor does he allow humans to step on him with their laws. Taylor, unfortunately, might get more of a bad reputation. Shamus would just get a kick out of it and completely.

    Still quite naked, ever since they left the hotel, he places his hands on his hips and rolls his head, cracking his neck somewhat while he is busy looking over the scene.

  • It was a busy day in the cafe Aiyana couldn't remember the last time she had been this busy. With the blizzard everyone was seeming to seek the warmth and safety of the cafe. Coffee she had made what seemed like endless pots of coffee almost to the point of hoping they wouldn't run out. Seeing how it was keeping everyone's bones warm. Along with the massive fireplace her father had built for her mother.

    She often wondered what her mother was like how she looked, but the regulars knew those answers and always told her she was a spitting image of her mother. Always caring for those whom had nothing or weak just like her mother Aiyana always fed everyone and took care of the sick nursing them back to health. Her father always told her she would make a great wife one day. Though she had no love intrest around these parts they were either to old or too young for her liking. She just kept her nose in her books. Though she wanted to go away to college she couldn't bare to leave her father to run the care. Every tip she made she gave to her father so they could keep the cafe open to those in need.

    Hearing the front door open once again a few more customers entering Aiyana grabbed a few coffee cups placing them on the tray filling them with coffee adding a couple bowls filled with different flavors of creamer before lifting it making her way out to the tables. She was worn out needing food herself yet she was the only one working here besides her father that did all the cooking. Placing the coffees and creamers on each new table of customers she gave that friendly smile taking thier orders.
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