I Am Animus.

Former Decepticon Aerospace General and Technician.




An Unwilling Scholar of War

 Cybertron, the sentient home planet to an intelligent mechanical race known as Cybertronians; although Terrans have seemed to adopted the term “Transformers”. One could describe its prior state with only one word: breathtaking.

The shining metal planet was once full of life that populated vast, towering cities surrounded by seemingly endless spans of metallic plains, spiraling metal mountains, and bottomless neon-lit chasms. One might think such a beautiful place would be filled with nothing but peace. However, darkness had been lurking amongst the populace for many eons and had finally exploded into a full on war; a war that has turned their home into a shell of its former self.

War. The Great War to be exact. Tensions between the many towering cities were getting worse, and with an ever worsening energy shortage things would only continue to go downhill. The butterfly effect of problems was felt by any and every bot from every point in life, including Animus’s family.

Energon farmers were suffering heavy pressures from their fellow citizens, and no matter how hard they tried, they just couldn’t provide. These pressures drove Animus’s creators to send her, and later her brother, off to attend their preferred academy, the former choosing to attend the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology. During her time at the J.A.A.T., she met many future Decepticons and Autobots such as Soundwave and Skywarp(Decepticon), and Trailbreaker(Autobot).

Studies were tough. All the femme ever heard was either talk of skirmishes between cities or the functionalist views against her flight capable alternate mode. Through the fear and discrimination she endured the years until graduation, quickly landing a career in one of the largest cities on the planet: Iacon. A city that sympathized with the Autobots and would later serve as their base of operations.

Her prospering career however, was short lived when her brother, Adron, announced his upcoming attendance the Decepticon Military Academy. He had always idolized not only their views, but their leader, Megatron, as well.

Fearing for his safety she joined him; this is where she met Starscream. The two of them graduated and and were quickly sent off to a Decepticon boot camp as the war soon broke out. The two graduated with honors for killing two teachers. Animus would go on to command many Aerospace brigades and become one of Megatron’s most feared generals.

Animus would be one of many leading throughout the many battles fought throughout the war. She led her troops with a cold and calculated fury, and was viewed as one of Megatron’s strongest supporters. This, however, was not entirely the case.

No matter how much she stated not only her brother, but herself as well, she could never truly align herself with the views of the Decepticon cause. She could never admit that she was disgusted by Megatron and his followers, including her brother Adron. Only during the final siege in Iacon could she really realize where her loyalties were placed.

The final battle on Cybertron was coming to an end as the enemy fled into the depths of space.The Autobots were outnumbered ten to one. As the final ship took off, Animus had spotted the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, boarding with the last of his forces. Having been ordered to give chase she followed them with her squadron of seekers. She was the sole survivor, and would never admit that she let the Autobot leader escape. When she had turned to head back, she was blasted with a seeker missile, losing her left optic, and was sent off unconsciously drifting alone through space.

Twenty years later she would crash land on to Earth and discover that the war still waged on, though it seemed the native life had no idea of their existence. She was reunited with her leader, Megatron, along with quite a few of his subordinates including her brother. She continued to serve the cause for another fifteen years up until the death of her brother where she would leave the Decepticons and live neutrally on the planet. Wanting to keep a low profile from both Cybertronian and Terran alike, she took on the form of a Terran aircraft, which she would later find out to be a B-21 Stealth Bomber.


For another ten years Animus would live undisturbed by ‘con, ‘bot, or man alike before engaging in a fight against her former commander, Starscream. After her defeat, he had presumed she had died, leaving her mangled self to be captured by the Autobots not too long after.





Alignment: Autobot



 Due to the functionalist ways of Cybertron and her actions during the war, she feels she will never be truly accepted by her Autobot companions therefore she is rather snappy to those around her. Her upfront demeanor of being cold and calculated to almost anyone that speaks to her facades her kinder actions, whether that be putting in a good word for underlings she feels need promotion, lending an unseen hand in menial labor when no ‘bot is around.



-Verbal Description is WIP-

-Animus in the final siege of Iacon with Nightbeat(left) and Megatron(Right)-


October 24

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  • “I see you became a flyer, we’ve always had a shortage on those.” That was when his cobalt visor noticed the disassembled wings mounted on her back, which was almost a dead giveaway for what her alternate mode was. For a moment it drew his attention from their relationship’s demise, reminding him of the decision he almost made when choosing a vehicle mode long ago prior to his arrival on Earth.

    “You’d be right about me having some stories, and most of them are long ones. I’m not even sure where to begin.” Unity would pause in thought, still uncertain of where he’d begin with the events that led to them meeting again, but that wouldn’t stop him from answering her question as he turned away from the femme.

    “Well, it all started with a mission gone horribly wrong. Most of my squad was wiped out, and before I know it me and another bot named Blackout are the only ones left, he’s a big guy who’s alternate mode is a Dropship. Yeah, kinda rare right? So after a long journey to Earth, we were chased by a Seeker armada before the lug took a hit with me still inside. While falling through the skies on fire, he ejected me. Since we got separated during the fall, I can only assume he burnt up in the atmosphere from the damage he took.” Recapping his recent accounts made him partially close his cobalt visor while the mouth plate curved downwards into a frown. Obviously, her ex-spark mate was emotionally affected by the loss of not only his allies during the mission but someone he considered a friend.

    “A part of me hopes the ole rust bucket survived the fall, all we can wish for is that his comms are down. So in a way, I didn’t come here alone.”

  • Low thuds were heard hitting the terrain below, the cause being his own footsteps. His beak-shaped head gazed down when approaching the artificial femme standing before him, obviously not looking forward to this reunion. Silence fell as the demolitions expert himself came to a halt in front of her, unsure of how to respond since they parted ways years ago.

    "You'd be correct." Her former partner announced under his breath, almost muttering it when glancing back up at her optics. In order to get their minds off the separation, an attempt was made to provoke a conversation.

    "How's life been treating ya?"

  • "Been too long..." 

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