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Come forth my pretties, I have stories to tell. And some might even end up well. Stories of beauty, intrigue, and death and if you are lucky I won't bore you to death. I shall stick to the facts or mostly I will. I might embezzle a bit if it fits the bill. I don't tell lies at least not those that show. I may play a trick or so just so you know. I shall dance for pennies or so I've been told. Although, I sincerely doubt I fit that mold. However, I will give you a show. The price of which one may never quite know. 

You see I am a Romani or a gypsy as they say. It doesn't really matter the terms they choose to use this day. I can read your fortune or steal you blind. I can gave you a kiss or leave you behind. My world isn't yours this much I know and in the end I can tell when you will die, or weave a curse to make it so. Don’t dismay I don’t kill by blood is not my take. I try to remain as pure as I can for being impure I can really astound. I am a Romani as I just said and I dance for my way. And I can spin a tale or two if you want to stay.

I was born originally among the Romani also known by most as gypsies. There are many facts and lore about my people some are true others not so much. Some are true for some groups and not for others. I suppose that is the facts of the world. Some I might share with you and others I will never tell. I would attribute that to my people but it is more just a part of my ways.  I was born as Anya Volkov. Though for most of my life I believed myself born as Ansley Volkov, a break in my identity that stemmed from being abused as a child causing a disassociation into two separate persona.

I was born in southern France as such I speak the Romani Language. It is also the name that some groups use as their title. I can speak French as well seeing how it is my country of origin.  Or where I was raised. Our caravan had come from Russia seeking a place to settle always on the move before coming there. Thus, I can also speak Russian picked up by listening to those who spoke it. I do from time to time blend the three to almost form a completely new tongue. If it confuses you just let me know. I shall try to slow down and take it slow.

It was here that my caravan would try and make a home. A very powerful man offered us a refuse a safe place to call home but their was a price attached. The price was feeding his fetish. He had a thing for young girls and being powerful in the arts of magic, the elders were afraid to go against his wishes. One by one girl after girl caught his eye and became his latest prize. They never lasted long these child brides he grew weary of them and cast them away.

However, I would come to be his favorite they say. I was born with hair of blonde amongst so many of dark. Something about my beauty was different and it drew him like a moth to the flame. I could dance like no other from even a young age. My voice was as beautiful as anything in nature. And they tell me my eyes are my very best feature. All these things lead me to his bed way before a girl should be wed. It fills the heart with dread. So, many times I wished to be dead. 

It was because of this fact that my mind did not stay intact. It fractured and thus Ansley was born, another aspect of me a safe place to be. Anya died her hair black and withdrew in her self as under my new state of being I learned to be bold. I believed myself twins and even talked to myself. I befriended a wolf who was confused by my change. He was also a man by the name of Bryce, who loved our woods and called them home. He was mad that only one of me remembered his name and hoped in time that too would change.

Sp, it would come on a cold winter night that Anya and Ansley or I as it were would run away.  I failed to escape and was drug back and tried, betrayal they called it upon my own kind. I was sentenced to be judged by the Gods if I could survive forgiveness could be found. Sent into the words on that cold night would hardly no clothes and no provisions that right. One must survive three days alone and if they can home they can come with glee to be found. I hated them all as I clung to my life. I wanted only to protect those whose voices were lost in the night. I came to die that day.

And thus was reborn without all the pain. The cold brought me back and I could no longer feel it. My friend the wolf who could influence the mind erased Anya and made me believe that she was the one that died that day. So only Ansley remained in my head I returned home to much amazement and dread. I was a different girl covered in ice and I was no longer quite as nice. I had death in my eyes for my old master now whom I believed had killed my sister. He told me with a scowl as I took a step forward and he one back. "“Girl, you are like the winter. Cold as ice and just as merciless. I k now they don’t see it. I do girl you have death in your eyes. It follows you.”

Confused by his words I raised a brow. "Death follows me? How?'

To which he replied in his very own way. " “Yes, it will always be around you. Winter is death girl don’t you know that?” I asked what else did he see and he simply replied. I see my death i  your eyes." And as simple as that I was free of this man who know believed I was as cold as could be found. It was many years till I came to understand what happened that day. And I'd have it no other way.

Now done with one chapter and on to the next. We move forward in time and its time to leave the nest. To a new world we are bond even if it was not planned with a smile and a wave we move on this way. I grew up with a talent for dance. It was natural to me as if a part of my soul. I learned at a young age all forms of control. Being good at what I did my parents taught me how.

I could put on a show and come entice with a glance. It was my life and my home. I longed though to be out of

there and find a place of my own. Don’t get me wrong I loved my people so but sometimes you just have to go. Sometimes, there are others places to know. I wanted to be another girl with a new set of wings I wanted to fly free like the wind. 

It wasn't my freedom that I would find at this time. It was servitude of another kind. The head of the Giese clan I choose to borrow from him. He saw it as stealing will the joke was on him. I took his wallet and he called me out. I had no real answer to that. There was something about me I guess that called to him. He kidnapped me home and with no way to get out. I was stuck in a new world far from home with new beliefs to learn and all my dreams had fallen away.

It was alright I suppose dreams come and go. Let me tell you one thing I know. No matter how down turns to out. The world has way or sorting it out. You fight and you scream and the world turns to dust but you rebuild sometimes in the most amazing ways. Thus I came to live among the witch clan of Giese far away from the home I had always hated to leave.

I was now a slave to the type of man who people love to hate. Only a few moments of kindness which were mine to keep. I struggled against this man I grew to hate. And yet he desired for me to be his forever to keep. I ended up as his wife and this annoyed his first wife. You see witches can marry more than one if they wish. A human though is a bit of a slip. So, she became mad I do believe she left. I try not to think of the chaos of this. He gave me a status of his first wife after this and personally I just wished he was dead in a ditch.

The good thing that came from all this. Was my son whom I loved with all I had to give. He came with two brothers that were not of my blood. I loved them all though as they were my own. You see extended family is important to a Romani like me. So, such things were a no brainier you see. I loved them simply because what else should I do. They were all children perhaps just like me. Sometimes, I wondered if they also longed to be free.

I was different than there mother more wild and free. I played games with them and they loved me you see. Kyrell had many others as I've come to know though only those two were known when I entered the show. I claim them all regardless of their mother for children are blessings that should never be tossed asunder.

Just when I thought it would continue this way. Something happened that caused me to go upon my own way. I died you see or that what they say. I got sick and faded away. The witch’s called it the wasting sickness. I called it irony after all my dear husband also got it. I faded much sooner than he. He lived quite awhile as one might say it would be I of all people that would cause his dismay. That is a story for later this day.

It was thus how I cheated death twice. My witch father Sindri saved me this time. He reverted me back to my infant state whether with help or not I was never sure to this date. I was a sick child and he whisked me away on his island is where I would come to stay. He locked me away for my own protection but I wandered out on my own discretion. It was because of this my memories returned those that had once been forgotten in turn. I remembered Ky and all the things he had done and I set out to set things right I was done. I stole into his bed and made him quite dead. He came back later the same as I though I cursed him to make it hard for him to try.

Another's hands were involved that sought only power and took his soul hoping to gain some this hour. All he got for his trouble was his body taken his soul gone forever if I am not mistaken. A loophole he found and came back around and yes there were arguments to be had. I finally saw the truth of the man the pain he hide so well as was his plans. So, I gave him a chance and much has changed. I love him to pieces and I pity those that stand in our way. Family is the thing that matters and I will protect them with all of my powers. Winter I am or the priestess of nature and I now know the truth of those words of that hour. I killed the man who once brought Anya pain though I remain Ansley this day.

And so here I am moving on forward. My tales come full circle and I am happy as a clover. Only time can tell what else may happen this day but i am no longer afraid. That is my story not much more to tell. I suppose I shall now ring a bell. I hope you return home with blessing this day. Till the next time we met I shall pass on my way.



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