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  • She paused in her step as he patted the seat next to him. Sliding down into it she glanced around. It was quite something people were babbling all over about the girl but she had come for another reason sort of but it was related. She sighed as she looked at him. "I have a request to make of you and I imagine it won't be that popular but it simply put comes down to my own thoughts. I know there probably isn't much there but I would like to make a burial place in the wolves graveyard for the demon. I know most would say that is for honored pets I really that he should be put to rest with his people. And yes I know I am too kind hearted." 

  • Hi thank you for accepting my request. Would love to write with you some time.
  • It seemed everyone was all a flutter about this human girl that Nico had as a pet? She was confused on the details because it seemed to change by the minute and the rumors grew crazier. The demon was dead and vampires seemed happy. She was never one to celebrate death. It wasn't her nature instead she moved through the estate seeking out her master. He was always where she went for just about a million reasons but that was besides the point. She nodded as she crossed the courtyard being aware of those watching her. People always found her coming and goings interesting. Or was it they wanted to know what the human was up to now in case she bring ruin in her wake.

    Some part of her felt like waving her arms in the air all spooky when she had such thoughts but people might think she was crazy. She simply keep moving till she found her target and stood there quietly waiting to be noticed.

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