Comic book/ game verse

Taking place after the Outworld queen has taken over Outworld. Mixing in elements of Mortal Kombat vs DC and Superman Vs Aliens.

After the events of DC vs Mortal Kombat, Superman vs aliens, and Mortal Kombat X.

The sovereign ruler of the Xenomorph empire came to learn of the events on Outworld. Of one reality where they met superheroes and villains of earth. Another where xenomorph now ruled Outworld and she learn of Superman and Batman coming across her species. Even with Superman being impregnated with an alien embryo. Were it not for him being close to the sun by the time the alien was to be born, the chestburster would've ripped through Superman's chest and killed him. Possibly
Becoming the most dangerous xenomorph in existence with Kryptonian abilities. This made the Empress of the Xenomorph race, want to create an Apex Xenomorph and she would augment herself as well.
She took DNA from the preserved frozen body of Frost, DNA from a shokan, tarkatan, and Reptile. Injecting into her own body and use genetic manipulation, the gene splicing gave her the abilities from each of those species.

She would lure the very same Superman who survived the first alien impregnation, to a world where she could ambush him. Attacking a colony on a random planet she had picked. Superman was lured there where she converted the planet's atmosphere with Kryptonite dust to weaken Superman and also using artificial red sunlight to drain his power. She personally impregnated Superman using a special black queen facehugger that gave birth to three aliens, one drone, one warrior, and one queen. She would consume the drone in order to obtain the Kryptonian DNA and abilities. The Kryptonian Xenomorph would act as the bodyguard to the Kryptonian Xenomorph queen.
The new queen would have the sole purpose of creating new aliens with Kryptonian DNA already a part of their genetic makeup. She herself would feed on Superman' body and turned off the red sunlight generators and turn on the artificial solar radiation machines. Thanks to Kryptonite already being in Superman's system. Both herself and her children were able to adapt to it and overcome the weakness to it. The yellow sunlight would empower them both and just like she had hope. Her two new children and herself, now had Kryptonian abilities.


The empress didn't stop there though. Between herself and her two special new children, she sought out the one other alien species that would help in her war with the machines and to help evolve her species to the pinacle of evolution.
Her gaze was now on the Martian Manhunter. Thanks to the Martians weakness to fire. Creating a trap for the green Martian was not nearly as hard as it was for Superman.

Using superior numbers, new Kryptonian powers, Outworld sorcery and science. Lucretia Talbot captured John Jones and let another special queen facehugger attach itself to him. Like with Superman, the Martian Manhunter gave birth to triplets. Just like before, the Empress cannibalized the drone but let the warrior and queen live. She now has gain access to Martian DNA and their powers. She had a new queen who could produce even deadlier alien breeds thanks to shapeshifting ability of the Martians.

 Her two special queens would play a pivotal role in galactic survival and her ascension to supreme ruler of her species. All that was left was to create one very special child to serve as her elite warrior, her Apex Predator. Capturing a white Martian next, she personally impregnated the Martian directly herself. Combining the DNA from a shokan, Tarkatan, Cryomancer, and Zatarren; with Kryptonian & Martian DNA,, she was able to create her ultimate offspring.
The Apex Xenomorph XXX 121,with abilities from several races from Outworld, and two of the most powerful humanoid alien species ever known, Kryptonian and Martian.


Her new child would become the most dangerous Xenomorph, the universe has ever known, beside herself of course.


        Futuristic / Modern Syfy Horror story verse      

     Takes place after the Xenomorph Empress has establish an alliance with the zerg and travels back in time to cement her power for the future.  Discovering a world call Outworld, filled with various with various abilities based in Sorcery. She discovers that a number of the creatures had amazing abilities and decided she was going to take over.  Looking upon the creature of Outworld.  She would focus on several difference species/ races whose powers would benefit her species and increase her own power. Everything she did, was for her kind and to defeat her mortal enemy, the Machine Queen. 

She would abduct the body of a frozen Cryomancer, a Zatarren , a Shokan, a Tarkatan, and an Enenra. 
The Enenra are creatures of smoke and vapor who possess a shapeless form in the Mortal Kombat universe. They are at times created from the souls of slain mortals, and can return to their physical forms.
Enenra are creatures that consist of smoke. Enenra can merge with people. Enenra's ability to turn into smoke makes them an extremely dangerous adversary.  
 That is why the clan of Lin Kuei enlisted Smoke , who became Enenra after a mystical ritual, believing that such a "talent" is useful in many tasks.
Since Enenra are creatures consisting of smoke, all of their techniques are somehow connected with smoke. For example, they can teleport themselves or the enemy with smoke or even become invisible.
 Cryomancers. Though now nearly extinct, they used to be a race that lived in Outworld long ago. They resemble very pale humans and have a natural affinity with ice. A few scattered descendants of this race live on Earthrealm (such as the ninjas Sub-ZeroNoob Saibot and Frost). It is unclear why their race died out.
Cryomancers were once humans native to Outworld who had the ability to control, shape and manipulate ice.
Cryomancers are a race native to Outworld. During the earlier period of Shao Kahn's reign as emperor, it is believed that the majority of the population was exterminated, as a result, it is believed that no pure Cryomancers survived into the present day. Appearance-wise, Cryomancers have the appearance of humans, although their actual lifespan is unknown. Their most defining characteristic is that they have the ability to control the moisture in the air around their bodies and cool it into ice, as such, they have the ability to control and manipulate ice. As a result, Cryomancers can use their powers in combat and even form weapons shaped out of ice. Additionally, some Cryomancers seem to have a covering of frost or ice forming on their arms. This particular characteristic may be a result of age as well as level of cryomancy,. 
There is an ancient artifact known as the Dragon Medallion, which possesses the power to enhance a Cryomancer's powers to their maximum potential. Some Cryomancers are shown to have very pale that varies to an ice-blue toned skin complexion. 
Zaterrans are a virtually extinct, reptilian race that was once governed by a matriarchy on the realm of Zaterra following their displacement from Earthrealm due to the war between Raiden and Shinnok. Despite their ability to blend into their surroundings and resulting talent as hunters, spies, and assassins, they are branded as untrustworthy slaves.
  The Saurians, also known as Raptors and Zaterrans, are a species found in Mortal Kombat.

The Saurians are reptilian humanoids who evolved from the dinosaurs. Standing on two legs and having bigger brains than their ancestors, they have the potential for more complex thought. They can also appear to alter their form to become invisible or look human. 

The movie Mortal Kombat depicts that Saurians as, demonstrated by Reptile, have the ability to shapeshift into statue form (or just look like one) and their true Raptor form. They also possess the ability to blend in with their environment through the use of a highly effective camouflage that renders them almost completely invisible. 

Mortal Kombat: Conquest also depicts their diet as consisting of live bugs and worms, served in a large bowl, as revealed in the episode In Kold Blood when Reptile ravenously consumes his squirming meal in a large, clay bowl during his candlelight dinner with Kreeya

They have a matriarchal society, and any Saurian that has drifted away from the influence of the matriarch or a surrogate slowly begins to lose their ability to look human. Their saliva is comprised of powerful corrosive fluids that can easily burn right through steel or human flesh, much like acid. This saliva is so powerful that it even kills other Saurians, as demonstrated in Mortal Kombat: Conquest

 Shokan, described as "half-human, half-dragon", are a four-armed humanoid race possessed of towering stature and powerful builds. They are organized in terms of a clan-based monarchy. They are fierce warriors and hate the CentauriansGoroSheeva, and Kintaro are all Shokan that appear within the series. The hostility between the Shokan and the Centaurs is exemplified in Motaro's Armageddon ending, where the Shokan place a curse on the entire Centaurian race, removing their hind legs and turning them into minotaurs.

The Shokan or sometimes the Shokans, are a mighty race of half-human, half-dragonwarriors that live in the subterranean kingdom of Kuatan in Outworld


The Shokan are large creatures that dwarf Humans in size and boast incredible strength. They are distinguished by each possessing four massive arms complemented by three digits on each hand.  Their skin textures vary greatly, including solid yellow/brown colors with darker spots on the back, like Goro and Sheeva, and a pattern almost identical to a tiger's stripes, as seen in Kintaro

Their civilization and society is structured under a monarchy with a king and queen ruling their people.

Among the Shokan, there is one rule that surpasses all others: survival of the fittest and most ruthless.


 Tarkatans, also known as Mutants or Nomads, are a nomadic, humanoid race feared for their barbarous nature and extreme bouts of rage. Tarkatans are a mutant crossbreed of Netherrealm demons and Outworlders. They possess retractable metal blades in their forearms, and their mouths are lined with razor-sharp teeth. They are notorious cannibals and exhibit animalistic behavior, with the men observed flying into a murderous rage at the scent of a competing male. Though their demonic ancestors originated from the Netherrealm, the Tarkatans have long resided in the wastelands of Outworld.
The Tarkata, also known as Tarkatans, Mutants, and Nomads, are an interspecies breed of warriors. They are a mix of a humanoid race from Outworld and a demonicrace from the Netherrealm.
Their most distinctive physical traits are their long, sharp teeth, large mouths, and bladesprotruding from their bodies, especially their arms. The Tarkata are a nomadic species, mainly populating Outworld's wastelands, but it's discovered that they come from the Netherrealm and migrated to Outworld. This race possesses a love for battle and serves whoever is in command. 
She picked each species for what their powers could offer. 
The Enenra were obvious with their smoke abilities that made damaging them, extremely hard to do and their use of it to teleport and even become invisible.   Their powers were a must have and were one of the hardest for her to collect. 
She picked the Cryomancers for their ice powers, as ice was a very versatile ability to have. She figured it would go well with the Enenra’s Smoke Powers. Also she had managed to acquire her own Dragon Medallion, by going back in time to when it was first created and having a second one made just for her. 
She couldn’t resist collecting a Saurian for her DNA cocktail.  The acid salvia was a perfect fit for her kind as only their blood was acidic and their salvia was not. But with adding Zaterren DNA into the mix, their salvia was as corrosive as their blood and made them even deadly to fight in close range combat. It also gave them a ranged attack as well. 
The invisibility ability, would blend well with the smoke base invisibility of the Enenra, which would make herself and her children, completely invisible to any means of detection, short of physical contact. Thanks to a mixture of science and sorcery, enhancing this effect. 
Though the smoke form makes physical contact an extremely difficult way to detect them as touching them is extremely difficult when in smoke form and they could use this to blend in with a fog like environments, for the ultimate in ambush attacks.  The ability to render anyone in an area invisible, combine with exhaling a green poisonous gas, would make her choice of picking environmentally toxic places as hideouts, to be an extremely effective tactic. Since a person couldn’t tell if the toxic gas was coming from one of the Xenomorphs or the environment. Being able to render her people in an area Invisible, would allow her kind to become the ultimate stealth assassins, alien species, in the  universe. Putting their mortal enemies, the Yautja, to shame. 
The toxic gas emissions feature was a nice bonus. 
Their matriarch society would ensure that she would always be in control as they followed a matriarch and not a patriarch. 
After collecting three species with special powers and abilities, she turned her attention on focusing on species with great physical attributes that could serve her and her people well. This led  to her selecting the Shokans and Tarkatans for their DNA, to incorporate the genetic material into herself,  her children, her people.  

Picking the Shokans , was done so that her children would follow the rule of a monarch, even more then they do now. To give her people the massive strength and towering nature of the Shokans as well as two additional arms for battle.  Their survival of the fittest and most ruthless, mentality, already matched that of her own species and would further enhance their already supremely hostile nature.

She picked the Tarkatans for their physical attributes and mentality, the same as she did the Shokans. The big mouths with long sharp teeth, Blades protruding from their bodies and their arms, retractable sharp blades that would mix well with having four arms and massive brute strength.  The Shokan and Tarkatan physical attributes would synergize well with each other, just like their mentality.  Their love for battle and serving whoever is in command, would go along well with her kind being ruled by her and therefore, following her every command. Their love for battle only enhances the willingness of their species to kill whatever crosses their path. 
Thanks to the Zaterrans, Shokans, and Tarkatans, having a society ruled by queen or matriarch or following whoever is in command, it would already add to the species naturally obeying the queens and empress of their kind. It would add to their instinctive behavior to protect and obey the queen as all cost! Even at the cost of their own lives. This also made sure that no other species or person, could try to psychically command or control her kind. As the triple DNA mentality to obey the one in charge, the queen, was hardwired into their DNA and made her control over her children and her species, absolute! With no one being able to take command of the Xenomorph empire away from her. 
There were a few other promising species from Outworld and other realms connecting to Outworld , that she could have pursued but the five main species she had selected, were already perfect for her goals and adding any more might cause genetic degradation and instability.  
She would of course, let her designated Outworld Queen, capture any species for hosts that she desired.  After having collecting the five prime species DNA and infusing them into her own genetic matrix. She would gain their abilities to the upmost maximum potential. Once her newly gain genetic attributes , stabilized within her body, she began laying eggs to begin her new strain of the Xenomorph species. With every single future offspring carrying the abilities of the five designated Prime Outworld species that she had meticulously chosen. 
They would retain those inherited attributes from the five Outworld races and gain whatever genetic attributes they could from whatever host they impregnated and absorbed their genetic material, as the species was known for. 
She already had her loyal Xenomorph Terminator, Lucia, as leader of her Xenomorph terminators. Her right hand. Now she needed her left hand. Someone to control her Xenomorph armies and serve as liaison in the same capacity that Lucia does for Lucretia, Empress of the Xenomorph Empire. 
  Lucretia would chose a Yautja subject to give birth to a Predalien that was of Preatorian status, and reshaped into her personal lieutenant, as Lucia was already her general. 
Thus the Apex Super Xenomorph XX 121 , was born.  Made in her own image with the ability to take human form. An ability taken from the Enenra and Saurians, with the same technology used that gave the Empress her humanoid form and appearance. 
Her child would come to call itself Jeri, an asexual name that goes for either male or female, due to the hermaphroditic nature of the Xenomorph species.  Also the name was chosen based on the only known Xenomorph Synthetic. A robot made in the image of the Xenomorph species, that could talk, uses weapons, think for itself,  created with the ability to crawl on walls and smite Xenomorph pheromones , that helps it to infiltrate Xenomorph hives, for the purpose of stealing and obtaining, the  Queen’s Royal Jelly. 
Jeri faces a world of wonder and exploration. Sent throughout the cosmos to learn about any organic and inorganic species that It may come across. Jeri’s mission would be very similar to Lucia’s mission but with less emphasis on helping humanity versus the machine and more on finding ways to use humanity to help fight the machine threat without directly allying with them.  To subtly use humans for the species own benefits while keeping them blissfully ignorant, clueless to the fact that they are being used for another species benefit, in secret. 
Jeri would soon acquire the skills of subtly and subterfuge needed for the task at hand. 

Native form

Human male form

Human female form

                       The Xenomorph Empire  

         Lucia Silver Mercury 

Relationship Status
Could you handle the cold embrace of Liquid Metal, Alien style?
Romantic Interests
Whenever my creator allows me to develops feelings of sexual desires. I will let you know
Who Am I...
Xenomorphic Terminator. T-XA model. A machine created in an Alien's image. A Xenomorph T-1002, Upgraded to Xenomorph T-XA. A Nanomorph. Older sister to the T-900 model unit known as Cameron Phillips
My Story Is...
A long one.

Lucia Silver Mercury
Race: Xenomorph T-1002 (Old model, new model) Xenomorph T-XA
Age: N/A
Persona: Cold, Metallic, Mechanical. Efficient. Emotionless, Adaptive. Fluid in her movements. Precise, Fearless, Calculating, Opportunistic, Methodical, Thorough. Extremely Loyal and Obedient to her Mistress.

Lucia and her Empress are locked in a bloody battle with the Machine Queen. Flesh vs steel. Biological vs technological superiority.
My Appearance...
Whatever gets the job done.
Species:: Xenomorph T-1002 upgraded to Xenomorph T-XA
T-1002 was a Series 1000 battle unit designed by Skynet for heavy combat engagements.

Powers and Abilities
The T-1002 Terminator is able to develop stabbing weapons all across its body which shows that it probably has greater control over the structure of its design then its predecessor.


The T-XA, standing for Terminator - eXperimental Autonomous, is a Terminator series produced by Skynet in the future.

The T-XA is a further refinement of the Series 1000 Terminator concept. It is entirely composed of mimetic polyalloy just like the T-1000, though it boasted considerably enhanced capacities. In its default form, it is an eight foot tall, humanoid male, however, while infiltrating, it is able to split this mass into several units for the purposes of camouflage.

The T-XA is able to split itself and, unlike its predecessor, function in many communicating parts. As such, it is able to impersonate groups of humans, such as families, and dogs (an effective camouflage). To search large areas in twentieth century urban environments, it is able to split itself into a large number of cats. The first T-XA brought a large plasma-gun into the past, concealed within its body.

Perhaps the most frightening ability of the T-XA is its ability to implant elements of itself within humans, performing alterations to the host's brain to ensure loyalty to its own goals.

{More info on the T-1000 series, one of the coolest and best terminator models ever!}
My Secrets Are...
While I barely show emotions and simulate them when needed. My feelings for my younger sister unit, Cameron Phillips, are genuine and true.
I Believe...
My empress. Survival




          Lucretia & Lucrezia Talbot  - Empress & Soverign Ruler of the Xenomorph Empire



Character Name

Xenomorph XX121 . Male form -Carter Horton, Female form- Chloe Marks. takes the Alias of Jeri in his xeno form as a way to mock or remember the first and last(least made by humans that is) synthetic Xenomorph Android, ever created.

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender

Male, Female, Other, None

Character Relationship Status

"What is a relationship?"

Character Appearance

Mixture of Shokan, Tarkatan, Zatarren, Enenra, and Cryomancer. (One version)

Uses a male and female form. Used Martian DNA to alters its apperance.

Character Personality

Cold, ruthless, no clouded by pity, remorse, mercy. Has no fear, loyal to his Queen and Empress. Savage and basically everything his species is known to be. Pretending to be human. He can be sweet, charming, playful, cruel, secretive, manipulative. The female side is a bit flirty, hymorous, highly playful, sadistic, violent, and loving.

Character Likes

Pizza and cats.

Character Dislikes

Everything else. It's aggressive hostility towards all forms of life, is infamous.

Character History/Story

It was called an alien and an organism. It has also been referred to as a creature, a serpent, a beast, a dragon, a monster, a nasty, or simply, a thing.The term xenomorph (lit. "alien form"—from Greek xeno-, which translates as either "other" or "strange", and -morph, which denotes shape) The species' binomial names are given in Latin as either Internecivus raptus (meant as "murderous thief") or Lingua foeda acheronsis (meant as "foul tongue from Acheron") In The Weyland-Yutani Report, the Alien was specifically referred to as "Xenomorph XX121". Alpha Xenomorph XX121-Apex Alien

Character Inventory

Tarkatan Blades Innerjaw Spike-tipped tail Acidic blood Four arms from shokans Invisibility, wall crawling(human form also), acid spit, invisibility from Reptile's people. Ice powers from the Cryomancers. Smoke Powers from the Enenra. Kryptonian abilities taken from Superman and Martian abilities taken from Martian Manhunter. Xenomorph forms:: Raptor, T. rex, shark, dragon, dragon snake hybrid, Arachnid (starship troopers) , Gorilla, Crocodile alien, Xeno bat. Tarkatan & Shokan (though it just combines both into one). Dog runner and Predalien.

Character Abilites

Normal ones for it's species. Special ability from Zatarrens , Cryomancers and Enenra. Kryptonian & Martian abilities(comic version). Both the regular ones and due to genetic nature of the xenomorph taking DNA attributes from its host species. It also has the inverse of kryptonians abilities like Bizarros do, due to genetic variances. Thanks to the perfect blending of science and sorcery, the creature has been given the ability to transform into other xenomorph forms base on whatever DNA it consumes or eating xenomorphs that have come from certain host whose form it wishes to have.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

Some of the pics are links to other sites. Such as character bios. Click on pics for Lucia and Lucretia and her daughter, Lucrezia

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  • "I rarely name my pets. Providing a creature with a name gives them a false sense of importance." Maleficent only cared about herself. She used others to get what she wanted at times even faking genuine care. The villainess clearly had no interest in doing so for the xenomorph. The creature could call itself whatever it wanted.

    "I do desire to give you a name. As long as you do what I tell you...there should be no issue." If the xenomorph was to be her pet it would have to get used to doing what she instructed. Maleficent's orders were rarely complicated. She listened as the alien explained its species further nodding every now and then to signal that she understood. The female voice managed to catch her attention as did the statement involving a human form.

    "If you are to serve me I see no reason for you to take a human form."

    The villainess found something appealing about the creature's design. The dark almost luminescent skin enabled it to hide with ease in the dark and the elongated head and tail were intimidating features to say the least. It did not take her long to realize that she was speaking with the queen herself.

    "I have no interest in harming any of your children....they interest me."

  • / I'd like to keep my character alive tbh, and you can have whatever gender you prefer writing. I don't mind. Maybe they can build some sort of alliance. 

    Rosemarie doesn't really hang out. She hops from one place to another as soon as a job is complete since she is on the run. She likes to get drunk now and then, so if she has a bad day you'll probably catch her in a bar downing shots like a champ xD

  • / Well, if your alien is on planet earth then it should be no issue really. Rosemarie tends to keep to herself and travels a lot. So either she steals from your character, bumps into your character on a job or whilst travelling


  • //I'm sorry incredibly late and went on a hiatus! My page is so disorganized at the moment that I'm not sure who I've replied to. But we could roleplay with your alien if she/he knows how to talk or communicate with Rose.

  • "So you wish for me to call you Jeri?" That sounded ridiculous. The xenomorph was unlike any creature she had ever seen before. It had already managed to kill one of her goblins and she knew it would have attacked her if she had not restrained the creature in that enchanted sphere. This was a deadly specimen and yet it wanted her to call it Jeri. 

    "Why do you possess a human form?" Who could blame her for being curious? She saw no reason why the xenomorph would need a human form. Did it wish to blend in? An assortment of questions passed through her mind as she waited for an answer.

    The villainess had already assumed the xenomorphs were members of a much larger hive. There was a queen and the one in her presence right now was a soldier. She allowed the creature to show her its home planet along with what she had wanted to see all along, the queen. Just as she expected the planet was littered with xenomorphs, some larger than others. The All Mother was much larger than the others as she expected.

    "I can see the location of the empress." This of course meant that she could teleport the two there if needed. "I will take the two of us there, but I warn you that if you or any of your siblings attempt to attack me I will incinerate all of you. Is that clear?"

  • "Yes I will be able to teleport the two of us to her location but I will need to use your memories in order to do so. I need to picture where I am going." She seemed pleased that the creature was willing to take her to its queen. She had never seen a species like this before.

    "I am curious to learn more about your species. You are unlike any creature I have encountered before." A wicked grin formed on her face. "If your queen is interested in magic I would imagine she'd like to meet me." Maleficent knew the xenomorphs were dangerous. She had already seen one kill a goblin and knew their blood contained some sort of acidic substance.

    "Do you possess a name?"

  • ((Take your time, I look forward to it))

  • / I'm definitely an Alien fan, they are just unique looking extraterrestials, and scary haha. Although your werecats definitely sound interesting also, and would probably fit more easily into a storyline with my Tiger Shifter. But it really depends on who you have muse for mostly. Because either way we could work something out for the alien.
  • / You're welcome. :) Would you like to write?
  • (In our small Star Trek community we don’t have one who represents the Dominion and the Founders. We had one on rolepages who made a pretty good job. But we have one shapeshifter with renegade Jem Hadar at disposal. Xenomorphs made of Jem Hadar sounds nice. The Borg assimilating some Xenomorphs would be a cool idea. But I don’t think the Xenomorph will make it easy for the Collective. By the way, I have decided to keep Shinzon. I love this character so much although many Star Trek fans think he was a shitty villain. But who cares? Some Star Trek fans are just a bunch of unthankful people. Always complaining. )

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