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Character Relationship Status

Not taken or betrothed

Character Appearance

Her mother entirely, to much of her father's dismay, Apollinariya looks from head to toe Aerian - the land where, a great many years, her mother's family settled. She has the same sun-tan skin to remind her of the scorching sun on her ancestors backs, and her hair and eyes are just as dark as theirs once were. Apollinariya wears mostly gossamer silk and hues of pink and blue, the colors of Altéa.

Character Personality

The daughter of the Crown of Altéa and the first of his wives, Apollinariya tends to take center stage - whether that be by her own design, or others'. As her father says: certain things are required from her. This has been the way of things since she was little. She must be soft-spoken but witty, beautiful but never extravagant, and perfection above all. Apollinariya herself has always much enjoyed the attention (and the beautiful gowns and jewels that come with the title she is to inherit, one day), but still she feels there are a lot of things she has missed out on - something that explains her at times unbearably juvenile behaviors and hard-headedness.

Character Likes

Likes: stealing delicacies from the kitchens, spending time with her girlfriends, refusing both stableboys' and noblemens' attentions, dressing up, braiding (her own, or else her mother's) hair,...

Character Dislikes

Dislikes: the Oviurs (those that live in land that lay next to Altéa), tea, very warm weather

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Gore

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