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Somewhere far away, in a soon to be forgotten place, rain splattered against blood stained pavement. The night cried out as thunder roared and lightning crackled across the blackened sky. Soaked sunshine locks clung to his forehead weeping water into his glowing crimson irises. Red ribbons of blood seeped from the gaping wound in his right arm dripping into the water at his feet until red faded into a stream of pink down the city drains. In the distance a car alarm blared to life but he stood there, amid a sea of flayed Wolf and Elven corpses, with a smirk upon his lips, gazing into rain drops that fell from a mourning sky. Elongated fangs threatened to pierce his own skin as his half cocked smirk grew wider. 

Once upon time, when he thought fur like that was beautiful and worth running your hands through, he would have thought twice about shredding a black pelt to pieces. 

Instead rain drops reflected a scene worthy of every action film battle scene. In one reflection, the open maw of a wolf laid at his pale bare feet. The bottom half of the jaw torn asunder before he ripped the head from the body that's strewn across the car hood opposite of where he stood. A few feet away an Elf slumped against a black sedan with a dagger to the heart and two missing ears. The heart of another is torn from a rib cage he pried open with his bare hands as if pulling apart stocks of corn silks just to get to the root of what laid beneath. The massacre continued until he stood in a circle of dead bodies and corpse pieces. 

Gaia couldn't cry out loud enough for her recently slaughtered kin, but the Devil of Vampire stood and chuckled. At first it was soft, baritone notes barely audible against the onslaught of heavy droplets that begun to beat against the cars surrounding the parking lot. Laughter rose until his shoulders shook. Mouth was agape for water droplets to wash the sweet nectar of blood down his throat until it made easier the swallowing of his sins. 

Memories tore at the edges of his mind. Distant feelings of  sunshine and sand between his toes instead of gloomy skies and bloody water. Musical laughter and the soft touch of feminine hands instead of war cries and cold daggers. Hunting for fun instead of massacres meant to wipe his enemy from this earth. Crystal clear water droplets didn't dare reflect the vampire who had gone mad with ambition. Nature refused to reflect how he went from a Pocket of sunshine, who laughed and played beside the sweetest of souls, to a glacier of blood meant to freeze the world in the dark abyss of his soul. 

For a few brief moments, society stood still to bare witness to the supernatural war he waged. Against all odds he sought a kind of peace and solace that was naturally deprived of his kind. He added fuel to the fire by fighting a war against all wars, seeking peace in places it's never been. A piece of him longed for the sweet wolf's cry to the moon instead of the mourning of those around him. He longed to stop the pain of his actions from carving deep scars in places no one would ever bare witness to. He tried to warn them. 

Don't double cross that which you know nothing of unless you want Monsters to come out and play. 

But they did and so play he would. They double crossed him, went behind his back, and against the blood bond. Now, he sought his revenge and put pieces into place that weren't originally there. Slowly, flesh mended and his bones set back into place. A hand raised to his face as he wiped water from his eyes and swept those platinum locks back across his head. A deep shuddering exhale released a final wave of power that rolled off him and across the parking lot. Once crimson gaze turned to ice as his glacier blues gazed over the macabre scene before him. 

He plucked a smoke from his pocket. Thick lashes fell over his cheekbones to kiss the ghostly pale flesh. With the snap of his fingers and a small utterance between each breath, the end of the cigarette perched between his lips glowed to life. One long drag later the smoke in his lungs kissed the air before his face. Another utterance before he inhaled again. Fire erupted around each carcass burning to ashes any proof that he or his sins were ever there. As he turned on his heel, he left behind any remnants of the pleasant memories that haunted him and tried to forget the only ray of sunshine he ever knew. 

But good intentions be damned only a Monster of his caliber would poison everything he should have let go of in the first place. 

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