Yrsa Kolbeck was born in a harsh winter that had claimed the lives of many people from her community, she grew up hearing tales of what happened that winter, that it wasn't the cold that took her people.

It was monsters.


Yrsa, even as a young child, was skeptical of those fairytales, sure, she believed in the gods, or she said she believed out loud, but the idea of monsters like trolls, draugr and fossegrim seemed far too incredible to be even remotely real. But she was wrong, very wrong.

She kept growing up, focusing on herbs and fungi to help the warriors who came back from their voyage overseas. The girl was content with her current skillset, although she had thought about becoming a shield maiden several times before.


But her happines and satisfaction was soon interrupted. One day, horrible news came to her home, her father had died, in fact, twenty four men and women who were part of the crew had also died, only one survived, but it was said that he had gone mad with no explanation. Not even Yrsa's herbal remedies were able to help the man.

Before he passed away, he told Yrsa his last words.


"It was them, the Draugr, they took their lives. "


This left a mark on the girl's mind, her skepticism had faded, and had turned into a great hatred of the beings mentioned by the old man.

As much as her mother did not want her to become a warrior, no one could stop the girl, she trained several hours of the day, built herself into a great warrior and prepared, all with the intent to keep everyone safe and never allow anything like that to happen again.

Now, she sails, guiding her commnunity with her knowdlege and strength, always in search of better lands and raiding towns in the process, keeping her own people alive and always putting their needs before hers.


Yrsa Kolbeck is an exceptionally strong norse woman. She has fiery red hair and honey colored eyes; she stands at about 5'9 ft tall.


Her body is full of scars and markings from her many previous battles, she wears them as a reminder of her strength and her thirst for a good duel, a sign of honor even.

Her hips being wider than her shoulders give her a pretty pear-shaped body, although she is not one to pay too much attention to looking like a pretty and innocent maiden. Her daily routine made her gain quite a bit of muscular mass, giving her a toned body which she owns proudly, bringing fear to her opponents is one of the things she enjoys the most about her form.

She wears the same type of clothing every day, fur coats, armor, and other similar garments, they usually give her a rough look, agressive and intimidating, though that wild exterior is further from reality than one could imagine at first. 


Yrsa is not only a warrior, but an alchemist and astrologist as well. Although she does not have as much knowledge as professionals on the other side of the sea, she has enough knowledge for it to be useful; her medicines are greatly aclaimed by her people, and her predictions about the tides and weather have gained her a permanent place in the mind of those who admire her.

But her knowledge of the stars have made her hyper aware of the fact that there is more beyond humanity, things unseen and unheard of, other sentient beings who await to be discovered, and with her curiosity and determination, she is pretty sure she will get to this goal with just enough effort.

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Character Personality

Yrsa is a warrior, strong and brave, but she knows when to relax, being quite outgoing and welcoming whenever she is introduced to strangers, this same hospitality being one of her greatest weaknesses, making her quite vulnerable as she is used to partying with people and not minding the risks of this behaviour

Although, this does not mean she isn't aware of how dangerous it is to play with fire like that, but her over confidence usually makes her ignore the warnings her own brain gives her.


She enjoys playing rough, this comes as a surprise to some, but she usually duels those who she considers interesting and worthy of her attention. She often jokes about the fact that if anyone made her forfeit in a battle, she'd likely marry that person. But in reality, she tends to become quite flirtatious with about anyone who is brave enough to speak to her, even more so if they agree to take a few drinks with her.


The woman is usually running around doing errands across her little village, this gets her to stress out easily whenever she is working, healing, reading stars and keeping herself ready for battle, all of this guides her down a path of being hyperactive across the entire day.



Character Likes

  •  Yrsa loves alcohol, be it mead, wine or simply beer, it helps her get the tension off her shoulders and keeps her going every single day, she is rarely seen drunk due to her high tolerance to it.


  • Meeting new people, Yrsa is quite sweet towards anyone even in the first minutes of a conversation, offering her hospitality to them without asking herself whether it is safe or not.


  • Plantlife and fungi, working with them for so many years, her interest on them has never decayed, in fact, she only keeps becoming more and more interested as time goes on. 

Character Dislikes

  • People who take from nature without thanking it afterwards, she has a way of handling things, whether she's hunting or gathering herbs, she always thanks whatever she is taking for providing its energy to her.


  • Any being that is supernatural, she can become fond of them after a while, but her first impression is almost always negative.


  • Knights, after all, they get in the way of raiding villages and are quite anoying to her.


Character Inventory

  •  A large battle axe which she carries with her at all times.


  • Ingredients to make medicine on the go.


  • Her father's bear tooth necklace.


  •  A wooden carving knife.

Character Abilites

Yrsa is capable to read the stars, seeing things most cannot, learning about the weather of the coming days and being able to detect forces that rise close to her, be it dark ones or pure ones. Preparing medicine is one of her strongest capabilities, although she is not fully capable of magic and often depends on her muscles to get by, she is still a great healer and is capable of saving her allies with medicine if it is needed.

She believes in the possibility of other realities existing beyond her own, but she has not learned of a way to get to them just yet.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, 18+, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I am a 21 year old Nonbinary (I go by They/Them but He or She is fine) with 5 years of experience in Roleplaying. I usually preffer to work with original characters in original creations, but I am always open to do fandom roleplays.

I have many muses for  everyone's preferences. I can RP as any gender with any partner regardless of their own gender, this page is Lgbtq+ friendly.



Before starting, I want to clarify 2 simple rules that I hope we can apply while writing:


Romance plots MUST be with characters and writers over the age of 18. As it will be very uncomfortable for me otherwise.


* I preffer if we discuss our plots before starting, this includes limits and triggers, I generally am very open to a lot, but even I have a few no-no's!



I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, and it is quite difficult for me to write due to my mind being foggy often and may need some days to relax, weekends for example.

My main language is not english, please have pattience!

As long as you're nice to me and I will double that kindness towards you!


Let's plan out a nice Roleplay together! .(╹ڡ╹ ).

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  • “This is why I should introduce you to Colby, he’s the living, breathing definition of violence. A human bloke with weird condition where he’s got enough strength to lift even me, swears like a sailor and gets stronger the angrier he gets.”

    Now that his task was finished, the smaller reptile took a few steps back so Amare could admire her newly washed form, which he somehow did a fantastic job on. Parking his rear on the ground to sit upright, she’d be asked about their next course of action.

    “So~ Where do you wanna go? To Colby’s place or somewhere else since we’re now a thing? Could run by a friend’s house since he got some interdimensional thing earlier.” Tempest would offer, presenting her with three options. Either another opponent to give her an outlet for fighting, spend time together, or go meet another special being to see what they had to offer, perhaps someone else she could have at it with if they were strong enough.

  • "Yeah yeah~ Keep nagging. Now hold still."

    Stepping over to position himself at her left side, both front claws were placed on her spine, one at a time. Simultaneously, large amounts of natural sea water rose up like a slow tsunami under his control, which crept over and covered most of Amare's body, thankfully leaving her head exposed to open air so she wouldn't drown. Though, said water would likely give her chills because of cold weather.

    Soon, there was a low, cobalt glow beneath his palms. What followed was the rapid repair of any damaged bones, skin tissue where missing scales were, and relief on any pulled/strained muscles that got beat up during their brawl. Most pains were relieved as well from all the rapid healing.

    "Alright, flip over Chungus." 

    If she was too slow or didn't do so, Tempest used those same talons to push and roll her over upside down. A few audible grunts were heard from the extra effort needed to actually roll the large female onto her back, given how heavy she was despite being flight capable.

    "I know one guy you'd probably love to fight, he's a tough nut to crack. Maybe later I'll introduce ya. He'd love a sparring partner!"

    By resting one limb on her chest with another on the Wyvern's stomach, the exact same action was performed, having healed her underside instead. Once finished, the sea drake slid off and took a step back, eventually raising one eye at the various patches of sand, dust, and other debris that stuck to her scales.

    "Fuck it, you're getting pampered too." With that said, his maw was dipped in that same water and gulped down in large amounts. By opening his jaws, a jet stream of water was sprayed at Amare's side, much like a power wash. If she hadn't protested this, he'd hose off her figure first, washing away any and all dirt, working his way towards her neck. Frequently Tempest had to refill on more fluids.

    Once complete, any and all water was levitated right off her body, instantly drying off the large female as he grinned somewhat. "Better~?"

  • Just when he thought she was about to start something again, that oversized female collapsed from exhaustion, making him visibly widen both emerald hues.

    Seeing this as an opportunity, both front legs rose up to conjure large amounts of seawater, which levitated up high onto the flat island, creeping its way toward Tempest. It enveloped him, pressing against his now marked and scorched-up figure.

    There was a soft cobalt glow coming from it once applied. Slowly but surely, damaged portions of his exterior were reverting back to a more pristine state, scales realigning back to normal. Any and all soot was easily washed away, giving his exterior that matte finish again that she previously ruined. A few bones could be heard crackling back into place, which made him squirm and occasionally grunt until much-needed relief was felt.

    As one would say, water held a lot of healing and purification properties, what Amare witnessed was one of its most practical uses. He managed to fully patch himself up in such a short time span.

    Once complete, all that water was dropped around him, soaking his immediate vicinity. With a very long exhale of relief, the smaller reptile arched his spine and limbs for a good stretch. His massive weight would be shifted to roll onto one side and plant all fours upon the grass, soon rising on all legs, like he just woke up from a good nap.

    To Amare’s dismay, that pesky sea drake just casually approached with a light grin plastered across his maw, aw no… Shortly after reaching her, a front talon was lowered and pressed down on her snout to keep the large female from snapping at him, not like she could do much anyway. His head would be lowered, moving up close just inches apart from her left eye.

    “I could just leave you here until those hunters come and get ya, you probably won’t heal quick enough to fly away. Orrr~ we can make a deal and I’ll patch you up. Don’t even try going back on your word and pounding me, because we’re surrounded by water, and you don’t wanna try that in /my/ environment. Do you want to hear it?” Whispered the younger beast, who was getting ready to make a proposal she may or may not like.

    If Amare were to inquire about what his deal was, Tempest would utter his answer right back to her without hesitation. “Become my mate, simple as that!”

  • Hello, thanks for accepting and so quickly. If you could bear with me for just a little bit. I'm working on my some info for a few of my characters that are missing info on my profile. I'm going to also be switching over my page coding to the new Design Studio stuff to get ready for RP :D Working on that this evening and tomorrow. I still need to look over your profile, but I did see she's a strong Norse woman. If there's no specific character you'd like to write with on my profile, I believe Jax is going to be a great fit. Do you have any ideas you'd like to toss around or anything you've been itching to write out? 

  • Even in this scenario, his toothy grin remained, laying there quietly as both front claws placed themselves over the wing that kept him pinned. There was a very slight jolt from him resisting every urge to cackle, which would’ve diminished her pride even further since her reactions only made him want to give her a hard time.

    “Maybe I like it rough.”

    There was no movement when those jaws of death snapped in his direction. Instead, the gills on his neck flared up when shaking lightly from amusement. In the event of release, said oceanic reptile shifted his massive weight to roll back onto his golden underbelly, rising on all fours. Despite feeling sore all over, he spread out his limbs and figure to stretch.

    “Ahem… WHO has been getting all up in my face this whole time? You’re probably just one cranky Tsundere who hasn’t met a real male dragon yet!” Said the young water drake, who stood idly after she attempted to assert dominance. Lord, if only she had the energy to gut him like the fish he was.

    “Almost forgot!” Upon remembering something, a few small steps were taken in the Wyvern’s direction. “Guess a deal is a deal. So- what do you want for earlier? Though now that I think about it, the fight was kind of a tie.” Tempest added when tilting his head diagonally while contemplating the aftermath. Seconds later, he’d insist again on an answer for her demand.

    “Well~? You gonna make up your mind or what?”

  • “Ohhh heyyyy! I was just talking about you!” In the event she was spotted hovering over him, the corners of his maw sheepishly rose into a weak smirk. What came after was a near-instant exhale of air from sighing. His head plopped back while she had a difficult time trying to recover from their short fight, which undoubtedly left her disappointed.

    Using his limbs, Tempest crawled closer so his snout would be awfully close to hers from below. “Threatening me with a good time I see~” The smaller beast would utter, briefly closing one eye to shoot her a wink. Lord, was he really hitting on her after nearly being brutalized? That sea drake was just that carefree, and never took anything seriously.

    If the wingless reptile had a hard time beating her in a fight, he already knew how to get under her skin, or make her uncomfortable. All the more reason to smack him around like a ragdoll. They really needed some recovery time.

    “One more thing.” Said the azure-scaled male, who inched closer to the point they were inches apart now. “You really are cute. Oh and you got something in your teeth.” Just to get Amare riled up, another flattering compliment was given on the spot. Even if she were to beat or bite him, he couldn’t wait to see her reaction.

  • “Shit! I can’t see!!” Hollered one of the armed men during their pursuit on foot, shortly after exiting an APC. All of them attempted to swipe off the dust sticking to their visors but were ultimately forced to remove and toss their helmets aside. Knowing their targets were escaping, said beings held up one arm to protect their eyes and push further ahead.

    Once they had reached it, at least two dozen or more unsuspecting men and women suddenly found themselves stumbling before falling straight into Amare’s hole. A few screams were heard from the unexpected descent, many of whom landed on top of one another in a dog pile. Because of the non-existent visibility, more kept walking right into it.

    One man had straight up plummeted, directly above another whose assault rifle was pointed directly up. Unwillingly, his crouch landed on its barrel, just as the male wielding it attempted to move. Not anticipating the worst, the trigger was pulled…

    A solid lead bullet had gone straight through his fabric pants, and into his genitals, where it would quite literally be blown into near pieces in slow motion. Large amounts of crimson nectar were already spewing from it like a mini geyser, visibly soaking both his boxers and pants in red. What ensued was a loud, ear-piercing squeal of absolute agony, followed by clutching at his crotch with both hands as he rolled aside.

    If the man managed to bleed out, at least Amare could add that to her kill count.

    . . .

    The trek away from that coastal resort seemed far longer than it actually was due to how sore Tempest felt from brawling with a certain Wyvern. What made it all more worse was the fact one-third of his tail was dislocated, making it incredibly difficult and painful to swim. Lord, what had he ever done to this angry female aside from bitching to her about excess noise?

    Where he ended up was a small, plateau island miles and miles away, circular in shape. The tiny landmass was partly surrounded by a double-track railroad bridge, broken off on the side by the wreckage of a beached/decaying steam passenger vessel that rested at an angle. On its top side were a large patch of grass, a warehouse with a gravel road leading to it, and spur tracks occupied by rusted diesel locomotives that likely hadn’t been fired up in many decades.

    It didn’t take long for a certain aquatic reptile to climb his way up on one side, grumbling from his finned tail still giving him a hard time. Once up top, he’d pull himself up and simply plop down on the grass, rolling onto his side. A long, audible exhale parted from his maw, followed by a rumble in his throat.

    His emerald orbs glanced down to notice a cut on one of his front legs where some blood still dripped, essentially a gash. Said limb was lowered when the sea drake complained to himself about his recent ordeal, unaware of the possibility that Amare may have either followed him or might’ve been within earshot to hear Tempest.

    “As cute as that Wyvern chick was, oh my Christ… Can this day get ANY worse?!” He’d say while gazing directly at the heavens above, having just laid on his spine.

  • “You’re one psycho chick, I’ll give ya that.”

    That pesky water drake was truly that careless and a free spirit, even if he was half-assing that entire fight, probably the reason why she wanted to pound him in the first place. With an audible grumble, he rose onto his feet after Amare got up.

    Then, something moving through the air caught his attention. All of a sudden, there were at least four or more blasts going off left and right, each explosion sending bits of burning asphalt flying everywhere, making craters in their wake. This made him immediately flinch backward, having bumped into the large female behind him on accident.

    “They’re shooting things at us!!”

    Frantically glancing in all directions, Tempest eventually fixated himself on the waterfront just a short distance away, poking her side with the end of his tail. “Don’t know about you but I’m booking it for the water! Better run too!!” He’d suggest for Amare’s sake, followed by him stumbling, then finding the strength to begin sprinting on all fours towards the ocean itself. No way he was going to stay there and risk being a science experiment since they probably had a whole army hounding after them.

    Not terribly far out, two large VTOL craft with open side hatches, armed with heavy machine gun turrets were closing in on their location, both having groups of men dressed in tactical gear carrying assault rifles with some having rocket launchers. Even worse was the fact several APCs were speeding ahead out on the main road going towards the now-collapsed condo. They really attracted some unwanted attention.

    “COME ON!!!” Shouted the aquatic male when nearing the seawater ahead, urging his winged counterpart to also leave while she could. Before long, he’d eventually walk into it, submerging much of his azure-scaled body the deeper and farther out he got. Though Tempest should’ve taken into consideration that she could easily follow him without him realizing it, and that thought never once occurred to him.

    Would she?

  • There could not have been a worse plan. While he had plenty of talents in brawling against hunters, Tempest had very little experience against other Dragons.

    Instead of doing what he hoped, the structure beneath him quaked from each impact, weakening its support columns with every blow dealt to it. Said Oceanic beast had to clasp all four talons, nearly losing his footing from those hits and stumbling. His emerald green hues grew wider out of slight terror, uncertain of how long he could hold his spot until that building came down.

    When she ascended to both face and ridicule him, his right eye twitched. While not outright agitated, he did feel inclined to take a crack back at Amare since she shamed him for not having wings. "Lady… You done bitching or what? You're taking this way too seriously like it's some contest."

    In the event she swooped down, that same SUV was quickly gripped in his front claws and held up. Once the gap was closed, the sea drake slammed it down upon her face/snout, hard. The combined force from the Wyvern's momentum and his strength made the vehicle crumple, its remaining windows shattering in an instant. Additionally, its ruptured fuel would partially douse Amare, and get some radiator fluid into one of her nostrils. 

    Even with this, he was still knocked back, being forced to grip the female's neck and chest. His spine would drag, scrape, and tear up many portions of the roof, even smashing the AC unit aside during this process. Multiple snickers were heard from the agony of being both rammed and dragged across until they were airborne again.

    "I AM NOT MOVING!!!" Not having many other options, each of his talons clasped onto her in a tight death grip. Being more concerned for his survival more so than the actual fight, Tempest slithered his head over the top of her neck to avoid possible impacts with his skull, as much as she'd probably despise being touched.

    Since his weight would ultimately pull her down, in addition to Amare likely wanting to do so, they'd already descend. Soon, they'd impact the sand with her on top if no effort had been made to stop it. Both eyelids shut themselves tight from the impact. The best thing that could happen was her slamming him onto the beach sand instead of another parking lot.

    After that dreadful fall, his head and neck flopped back, grumbling from the blow that was dealt. Now stuck beneath Amare's massive weight and at her mercy, his jaw remained partially open, soon spitting out droplets of crimson nectar aside. It was clear that he was phased by this and wasn't getting up anytime soon.

    "Mmmm- Okay… What're your demands?" Muttered her opponent while on his back, stirring under her larger figure when giving himself a moment to recover.

  • He really should’ve thought about this one first.

    There was no time to glance aside when she decked him hard with her wing, using enough force to knock him back a good few feet. Said aquatic beast had rolled as several car alarms went off from being crushed under Amare’s massive weight, then his once he smashed into an SUV on its side. Some saliva was spat out as Tempest planted a front talon down to regain his footing.

    “You’re feisty today, aren’t ya?” Questioned the smaller reptile as he rose up and shook his entire body to rid himself of the golden dust, some of which still stuck to him depending on how sticky it might’ve been, along with bits of asphalt. When seeing the enormous female getting ready for what could’ve been a charge, he gave it some thought, gazing around for anything he could make use of.

    Then it hit him.

    Turning his head aside, he’d lower it to sink his jaws into the same SUV he crashed into, which only had a large dent and some shattered windows on its side. Upon lifting it, the sea drake impaled the wall of the beach condo behind him and began crawling up at a fast rate, hopefully avoiding her coming. Assuming she didn’t knock him down, he’d make his way onto the roof.

    Setting the vehicle aside, a quick one-eight turn was made until the azure beast stared down, grinning confidently. Out of eyeshot, he quietly gripped the car he brought with him and pulled it closer to the ledge, hoping she might be foolish enough to follow him up there as well. If there was any chance this Wyvern was getting cocky, perhaps that could work to his advantage. His idea: Smash her right in the face with that SUV if she were to take the bait.

    “Oh noooo~ I bet you’re too fat to climb walls without those precious wings of yours! Come get me, Miss Chungus.” The smaller male would taunt her in an attempt to provoke the winged beast into crawling up there. Though, unfortunately, there was no guarantee she’d even consider that.

    The number of things that could go wrong right now was unbelievably high, especially with falling debris.

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