Arachnea is rather sweet, even with her monstruous presence and apperance. She pretends to be tougher than she is, merely for what she thinks is her own safety, she isn't too good at reading people, and this makes it hard for her to figure if she can trust someone or not.

She can be quite volatile, being driven mostly by her emotions rather than her brain, allowing herself to be quite rageful at times, or to sink into a deep sadness when she feels hurt.

Arachnea might be shy and defensive whenever meeting someone for the first time, even aggresive if she feels even a bit threatened. Though she is quite easily manipulated and tricked, gaining her trust is not particularly hard, this has gotten her in several problems in the past.


She is a short, slim human, with spider-like features. Her face is adorned by a set of mandibles and six smaller eyes surrounding her human eyes.

She usually wears dark colors along with her glasses, to match her pale skin and jet black hair, which in itself has silverish hints to it due to her mutation, which seems to have accelarated the rate that her gray hers started showing, nevertheless, she still has a youthful energy that makes it easy to ignore she is an twenty year old woman with naturally gray hair.

Her bone structure makes her seem mostly human, except for her canine teeth being elongated, making them seem more like fangs.

The story may change depending on the Roleplay - 

( WARNING: Violent Content - Semi-Gore )


Arachnea's birth was a difficult and mysterious situation. Her mother was not able to survive the birth, and passed away minutes after the girl was born, she was left with no family, due to whoever was her father never claimed her. She was taken away to be tested on, and investigate why she was born with the demonic features that made her similar to an arachnid, she was give the name 425A Salem, being nicknamed Arachnea by some of the people that held her captive.

Though she never lacked food or the warmth of a bed, she was never happy, remaining confined to the same  four walls, day after day. She was taught how to walk, talk, read. All the basic things that a parent would show their kid, having the academic knowledge of a 10th grader at best.

But the day came, when she turned seventeen, she was considered too dangerous to be kept alive, as she had grown aggresive and uncontrollable during the past year, using lethal force on people whenever she was throwing a tantrum, leaving three trained men in a critical state. She had not realized the gravity of her violence, until it was too late.


The same day of her birthday, she was going to be executed. In her sleep, she was stabbed, multiples times, no matter how much she pleaded, how much she cried and screamed, she was ignored. Although the pain of the blade was horrible and the feeling of her blood rushing out of her body was traumatic, what hurt her the most was the fact that the person that attempted to murder her was one of the few people in the facility who she felt a connection with, someone she considered a friend to some degree.

When the man thought he was done, he turned his back away, not expecting for the girl to be alive anymore. This was a mistake, as it gave her the chance to jump on his back and break the man's neck with a violent twist, this was her first blood.


To this day, she still has the scars of the encounter along her chest and belly, as a reminder of what happens when you put too much of faith on someone.


She went out, and in a moment of rage, continued to murder whoever she found on her way, many of which, were innocents, forced to work to keep their families safe, essentially slaves to those who were higher up in the corporation. But she didn't think of this.

Until she found one, who pleaded the same way she did. This man had harmed her, even if not with his own hands, he was with the bad people that had tried to hurt her, therefore being involved. But seeing the tears of someone who seemed truly repented made her realize what she had done.

Was it worth it? Is it fair to take someone's life without thinking twice? Was she not being the same as them by doing this? 

She looked down at her hands, covered in the blood of people who had no control over their situation they were in, just like her. That was the point in which she swore to herself not to harm anyone if she didn't have to, haunted by what she had done, she ran, escaping into a world that she did not know of, a world with moonlight, a world with grass, fresh air, stars. 


She was unaware if what she was had been because of magic, and experiment, a curse from the gods themselves. But in the present time, she is not searching for an answer, she is just looking for a home, a place and a way to survive peacefully.


Perhaps now she could actually begin to live.



I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Selective/Open

Profile Style (Customize your page with CSS here!)


Character Age


Character Species

Mutated human

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Likes

- Food, particularly anything containing wheat. Even if she mutated into a creature that looks like something straight out of a horror story, she does not go hunting living beings, as she is a pacifist, unless forced to take action.


- She absolutely adores any sort of affection, kind words, hugs, long sessions of laying down under the stars, she doesn't really mind what it is, as long as she can escape from the mess that is her day to day. She might be a bit skeptical about it with people who are still gaining her trust, but most likely won't refuse to a good hug if she is offered one.


- The warmth of fire, even if her eyes are certainly affected by strong lights, she enjoys the crackling sounds of the flames and the feeling of its radiation embracing her body.


Character Dislikes

- People who judge others based on appearance, given the fact that she doesn't find herself good looking due to her inhuman traits, she has no prejudice upon people's looks, in fact, she is jelous of anyone who is more human-like than herself, after all, just based on her facial features, most would not even consider her to be a human at all.


- Direct sunlight, her eyes and skin are quite sensitive to it.


- Sharp objects, due to her caretakers attempt on murdering her, she has obtained a deep fear of knifes, daggers and anything of the sort, becoming highly aichmophobic, and aggresive towards anyone carrying one of these tools.

Character Inventory

(May be different depending  on the roleplay)

A bag usually containing:


- Some dried fruits and seeds. Sometimes even whole fruits if she's lucky.

- Books / Magazines.

- A bottle.

Character Abilites

- She can create spider webs out of her palms and the soles of her feet, almost the way other humans can produce sweat from their glans. She can either use these to climb or to make a few simple traps to keep her hideout safe.


- She is very flexible and strong, being capable of shattering bones with ease. She is also quite durable, surviving wounds that would be fatal to a normal human. 


- Arachnea has an enhanced sense of smell, touch and hearing. All of these at the cost of having a terrible eyesight.


- The only other prominent ability she owns is creating a small amount of venom and injecting it on what or whom she bites, even then, it is not lethal, merely being able to paralyze people for as long as thirty minutes.


- Whenever the dopamine levels in her body rise, she expells a pheromone that affect most of the people around her. These pheromones cause different effects on different people, some might just be attracted by it and may  follow it, others may feel infatuation for a few minutes. Others, in extremely rare cases, become uncontrollably violent. She finds this is more a burden than an actual ability she may use at will.


- Animals will not attack her unless they're provoked or trained to hunt her specifically, otherwise, she can even spend time with wildlife ranging from bears to smaller things like foxes. Of course, she cannot control them and they will just have regular behaviour apart of not being startled by her presence.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Multi-Para, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello there! You can call me Accoy! I am a 21 year old Nonbinary with  5 years of experience in Roleplaying. I usually preffer to work with original characters in original creations, but I am always open to do fandom roleplays. ( My preffered range from DC, Marvel, Alien and Predator, Pokemon and some anime. But of course, I can do much more, just ask! )

Arachnea is not my only muse, I have many more for  everyone's preferences!. I can RP as any gender with any partner regardless of their own gender, this page is Lgbtq+ friendly!

My birthday is March 24th.


Before starting, I want to clarify 3 simple rules that I hope we can apply while writing:


Romance plots MUST be with characters and writers over the age of 18. As it will be very uncomfortable for me otherwise.


* We will discuss limits and triggers before starting an Rp, I generally am very open to a lot, but even I have a few no-no's!


* Anything in Roleplay is Roleplay, if our characters are in a relationship that is as far as it goes. I tend to get emotionally attached to my co-writers, but I hope you understand that it is to a platonic level and I do not wish to date; " I " as in the writer. It has never worked for me in my 21 years of living, and it won't magically be different because you said so-

-So let's be friends instead! 



And just a heads up, I will beg for your patience while writing with me, I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, and it is quite difficult for me to write due to my mind being foggy often and may need some days to relax, weekends for example.

But don't worry, this does not stop me from providing all my kindness to my co-writers, be nice to me and I will double that kindness towards you. 


My characters were all drawn by me! .(╹ڡ╹ ).

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  • He really should’ve thought about this one first.

    There was no time to glance aside when she decked him hard with her wing, using enough force to knock him back a good few feet. Said aquatic beast had rolled as several car alarms went off from being crushed under Amare’s massive weight, then his once he smashed into an SUV on its side. Some saliva was spat out as Tempest planted a front talon down to regain his footing.

    “You’re feisty today, aren’t ya?” Questioned the smaller reptile as he rose up and shook his entire body to rid himself of the golden dust, some of which still stuck to him depending on how sticky it might’ve been, along with bits of asphalt. When seeing the enormous female getting ready for what could’ve been a charge, he gave it some thought, gazing around for anything he could make use of.

    Then it hit him.

    Turning his head aside, he’d lower it to sink his jaws into the same SUV he crashed into, which only had a large dent and some shattered windows on its side. Upon lifting it, the sea drake impaled the wall of the beach condo behind him and began crawling up at a fast rate, hopefully avoiding her coming. Assuming she didn’t knock him down, he’d make his way onto the roof.

    Setting the vehicle aside, a quick one-eight turn was made until the azure beast stared down, grinning confidently. Out of eyeshot, he quietly gripped the car he brought with him and pulled it closer to the ledge, hoping she might be foolish enough to follow him up there as well. If there was any chance this Wyvern was getting cocky, perhaps that could work to his advantage. His idea: Smash her right in the face with that SUV if she were to take the bait.

    “Oh noooo~ I bet you’re too fat to climb walls without those precious wings of yours! Come get me, Miss Chungus.” The smaller male would taunt her in an attempt to provoke the winged beast into crawling up there. Though, unfortunately, there was no guarantee she’d even consider that.

    The number of things that could go wrong right now was unbelievably high, especially with falling debris.

  • Seeing that his projectiles did very little was- not good on his part, and Tempest was visibly stunned at the results. “You’re a tough nut to crack.” Was all he managed to mutter after she shrugged it off, despite a few scales being out of place. Both emerald orbs had widened by this point.

    “What’re you doing?...” Questioned her aquatic adversary, who was more than concerned about noticing that glow. Thinking this was about to be some incendiary beam attack, he was already stepping backward on all fours and contemplated his options for dodging it. Instead, the erupt from her mouth was shot directly upward, not at him. 

    As he glanced up, the wingless reptile noticed chunks of her molten rock getting bigger, and bigger, aw no. Now fixating himself back on her, he’d widen his stance, then face the open sea several yards away, just as random blasts began rocking his surroundings, but this didn’t deter him.

    “Watch and learn~!” With a few tugging motions from his tail, natural seawater from the beach was being pulled on in massive amounts, having to frequently glance back at the massive female so she wouldn’t pull any sneak attacks. This had to yield him some results for what he was planning.

    Just as those waters came well beyond the shore towards his position, a magma formation came down in front of him, way too close. The explosion made him almost leap backward with a snarl, instantly letting go of the water he tried getting a hold of. Luckily he didn’t fall over from being startled due to being nearly hit.

    Shifting his serpentine orbs back to Amare, the realization that he couldn’t get enough fluids to use ranged attacks hit him. With seemingly no other choice in mind, the corners on his maw rose into a smirk once more, shortly before deciding to engage her in close quarters instead.

    “Better idea: HUG MEEEEH!!!”

    Just when she thought he couldn’t be more of an idiot, said water drake took off sprinting on all fours, ultimately charging in Amare’s direction senselessly. Just what in the world was he planning on doing? To prevent the possibility of her blasting him away with a ranged move, his jaws parted to release a beam of pressurized water from what he had left in his stomach, using it as a means of blocking any would-be pyromancy she might shoot him with.

    If by some chance her efforts might fail, Tempest sprung off both rear legs and extended his front talons, hurling himself with all his weight and momentum directly into the female’s chest with the intent of ramming/tackling her into a few parked vehicles behind her. While he was smaller, the aquatic male would certainly have enough mass to knock the brute onto her back.

    That was if she didn’t have a plan to intercept his attempt at charging.

  • Turning his back on her was the worst mistake he could’ve ever made.

    All he heard initially was a massive shift of air, then- bam, she landed right on top of him. At that moment, his body being slammed down caused countless fractures in the asphalt below, sending bits and pieces of it in all directions from shattering. A near-crater was almost made from her causing a dent by pressing him hard with all that force.

    Naturally, Tempest squirmed and thrashed about violently, to no avail. A couple of snarls, growls and grumbles were heard during his futile attempts at breaking free, which she wasn’t keen on letting him escape, not after ignoring Amare like she wasn’t important. Snickers were heard when she dragged his head along through the crumbling black asphalt beneath them. At this rate, he was getting a mouthful of such, and spat out the pieces.

    “I just wanted sleep you know…!” Despite his more grueling situation, his tone was a bit too emotional, lord he was a whiner. As the threats were made, his expression shifted into a more indifferent one, listening at her offer to turn this into a full-fledged match. With a huff leaving his nostrils, he contemplated this.

    “I’d be too salty for ya anyway. You want a fight,” Pausing his sentence, the sea drake eventually turned his head so that his right eye could face up at Amare directly, locking onto hers from below. Both corners of his maw rose upward to form a grin before finishing his statement. “You got one, but I’d hate to ruin that cute face of yours.”

    By planting all four claws down simultaneously, he’d press all limbs on his right side down hard to roll over, ultimately bringing her down. /If/ she didn’t anticipate this, the wingless reptile would take advantage of this to quickly shake her off by thrashing himself free, then stand upright immediately after.


    Upon asking this, his throat expanded, jaws soon parting. Water rushed out, but not before being frozen in rapid session. The end result was a barrage of hefty, sharp ice sharps being shot in Amare’s directly like a machine gun. She’d only have a short time to move or counter this. The only drawback to his kind of attack was that his stomach would eventually run out of water for it.

  • Everything, or- most things had gone well leading up to this point with his nomadic lifestyle. It wasn’t uncommon for Tempest to blind in amongst local populations, both to explore and possibly steal a few things like the thief he often was. When it came to slumbering somewhere, he was an absolute beach bum, or so people would mistake him for, despite having limited time on how long he could retain a human facade.

    The community he found in that coastal town seemed like a decent place to rest overnight, even if he had to camp on a shoreline or break into a vacant beach condo before somebody would notice him trespassing. Not a lot seemed out of the ordinary, despite the recent eruption of a volcano.

    Eventually, the sea drake in disguise settled into one of said condos, having used his water magic to pick a lock and step inside. Good thing it wasn’t currently being occupied, but chances were- the owners, or maybe some guests would use it later on. He only intended to stay for one night anyway.

    On the following afternoon from sleeping in, said azure-haired male had been snoozing away peacefully- lost in a dream without a care in the world. He’d been hugging his pillow while resting on it, partially curled under those covers. An occasional snore was heard parting from his lips, until-

    There was a loud boom, then hysterical screams, followed by a quake rocking the foundation of that three-story building facing the ocean. Both jade green hues snapped open from the sounds of glass shattering simultaneously, red veins partially visible from the rude awakening. In seconds, he sat upright and glanced out the window overlooking the shore, uncertain of what was going on. Being quick to react, Tempest slid into his pants and shirt before making a beeline outside with a huff. “Somebody better be dying!!”

    After searching around the property outskirts for a moment, it didn’t take him long to eventually discover a crater that was starting to fill with molten rock. What in the world was going on here, and why were multiple buildings several damaged or set on fire? Both jade irises widened out of confusion and shock as he rounded the corner on what remained of a now crumbled parking lot.

    In the event he spotted her, the beast in disguise froze, soon narrowing both eyes in her direction sheepishly. With his hair still a wreck from dragging himself out abruptly, he scratched his scalp and faced the massive Wyvern, eventually speaking to her in a weirdly casual manner, as if having no traces of fear, albeit in a more bitter tone.

    “Jesus Christ mate, can you be any louder? I’m trying to sleep next door and you’re blowing shit up left and right! And I’ll have you know that getting up at Two PM is early for me!! Can you like… go destroy a different town or something?!”

    Did this guy have a death wish or what? Whether or not she noticed, if the Wyvern bothered to sniff, he had a Draconic and slightly fishy scent.

    “Aw fuck this, I’m going back in the water before cops show up.” With a long exhale from sighing, his entire figure suddenly glowed in a cobalt flash, rapidly expanding and morphing into shape. What came out of this was a large, four-legged, wingless drake, having azure scales, a golden underbelly, turquoise fins, emerald green irises, and gills on both sides of his neck to signify he was her opposite. 

    Once the transformation was complete, he simply made a ninety-degree turn and headed towards the beach ahead, as if Amare weren’t all that important. Was she really about to let him just walk away after not taking her seriously? Or refusing to bow/kneel before her? His worst mistake was keeping his back turned, which would give her an opportunity to nail him from behind.


  • Nice artwork and good page. She seems like the RP can be very deep.

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