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Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

5”8 Dreads hairstyle tied back. Brown eyes and rectangle shaped glasses. Average body build.

Character Personality

Usually laidback and doesn’t like trouble.

Character Likes

Reading, rainy days, lakes, rivers and oceans.

Character Dislikes

Trouble. Being bothered by certain people from his past. People hurting his comrades.

Character History/Story

Ash is a wizard, well a Diviner. Diviners are hard to come by now and days because of how they are used by the wizard world and the lack of their own ability. Ash himself is quite the expert though. He left the magical word to be on his own. To start a life as a normal person. Not wanting to be affiliated with the fractious running the wizard works. He works as a fortune teller off the market pier near a popular beach in California.

Character Inventory

Mist Cloak- Able to hide his presences only when being still. Works best in darker areas. Hides against any kind of detection magic as well. Fateweaver- a wand that’s able to bend fate to their will allowing something to happen even if it only has a slight chance to really happen.

Character Abilites

Divination - What a diviner sees is probability. In one future you go left; in another you go right; in a third you stop and ask for directions. A hundred branches, each branching again and again to create thousands....To Ash, futures appear as lines of light in the darkness. The stronger and more likely the future, the brighter the glow. The next thing is sorting futures, search for groupings of events in which things happen a certain way. And once hes done that, all he has to do is look back along the strands and find out which actions lead to them. Diviners can't predict every action or event because some things are truly random, like the roll of dice. The easiest predictions are made in situations in which choices are the fewest, while those involving free will are among the most difficult

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Fantasy, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Action, Adventure

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