It's sorta' my thing. ”



M e c h a n i c







Ever the curious soul.

Some might say too curious for his own good

yet without that inherent drive, he'd be nothin' but a particle stain on scorched earth.  

So, fuck 'em.







The new God


Once Upon A Time..  there was a mechanic, although some called him a Junker, for how he scoured the city in search of broken down mechs, forgotten tech - the scraps most people left behind. 

Sometimes, he'd repair the mechs and send them on their way, or reprogram them, keep them around.  Often, he'd break everything down and reconstruct a diagram from his dreams.

His first invention was a portable power generator with three legs - one leg was slightly longer than the other, so it hobbled when it walked.  It's optical unit made a loud grinding sound whenever it swiveled in it's socket - and he cherished it, naming it 'Robby.'


For the right price, some could call Zephyros a hacker.  Or for his own amusement - to satisfy his own curiosity.  Imagine his interest upon finding a still functioning drone, with  "OMEGA 3" scrawled across it's glossy carapace. 

He'd heard the rumors through underground channels, the whispers of a new form of Artificial Intelligence.  People were terrified, and rightly so.. but there was nothing concrete, not then.

Always a fan of a good conspiracy, Zephyros dragged the drone back to a secure location and cracked the fucker open.  It was a veritable pinata - stuffed full of enough encrypted information to make his head spin. 

With time, lack of sleep and food, he slipped through the drones security and discovered.. 


OMEGA 3 was going to kill everyone in the city.


Everyone in the world.


Normally, this is the part of the story where the hero saves as many people as he can, banding together to form a tightly knit group of survivors that he leads through a desolate world.. 

But that's not Zephyros.

He managed a few tools, gathered up Robby, hired a ship with the whole of his earnings, and left every other mother fucker to burn.


The first Massacre occured on December 25th 

" Merry Christmas, mother fuckers."





3741112807?profile=RESIZE_710xGe nd er - 


A ge - 26


H eig ht - 6'0"


We i gh t - 143 lbs


Bl oo d Ty pe - AB+


E y e Co l our - Yellow [optic implants]


H ai r C o lur - Black


D. O.B. - 12|18|2082





" For the right price, I'll be anything you need.


Only the brave or foolish go into the cities.

Zephyros would delightfully claim to be both.

For some, he's a mechanic.  For others, a hacker - and now, for the right price, he's a Courier, accompanied by his parter in crime - Atlas.  




 The last person Zephyros expected to vibe with - after everything..

Before the Massacre, they walked different paths.  Atlas was a cop, and Zephyros was always seen as a criminal, disregarding the law.

Then, they opposed eachother - but now? 


Now? Now Atlas is the only person Zephyros trusts to have his back in the Seventh Realm.



"The man is a beast. 

Guess that makes me the beauty."



There is one other trusted by Zephyros, but it's the furthest thing from human there is. 

(For that, he's grateful.)




Unit .90.

B e au ford

Normally, these Canid models serve the Faction - who in turn, serve the OMEGA.  Quick, easy to make, and highly lethal - you'd think they'd take better care of them, but given how simple it is to just make more, the older, damaged models are often discarded and abandoned by their careless creators..

He'd come across plenty mangled beyond repair, missing limbs, their power cells near-depleted, riddled with plasma burns and scorching laser cavities..

But this one was different.  It seemed to have a damaged processing unit- having torn the rest of it's "pack" to pieces in it's mad confusion.  It was relatively unscathed.

It rounded on Zephyros the moment he approached - but a single burst from a high-intensity electric pulse-rifle disabled the metal pup without so much as a yip. 

It was easy enough to reprogram it to follow new masters, namely Zephyros himself, and of course, Atlas.  The difficult part came with upgrading it- replacing all the old, broken down parts with new ones, which are hardly easy to come by. 

Yet, he manages.

Like all Zephyros' creations and the man himself, Beauford has been equipped with startling yellow optic units.



" You could be anything you wanted.  Anyone.."


At an early age, Zephyros was forcibly 'upgraded' by a local gang who called themselves the "Blood Reapers."  They were notorious for stealing kids back in the day - kids no one would miss, who didn't have parents to worry after them - and there were quite a few.  


-His eyes were removed for a set of prototype optic units that allowed him to drastically increase the range of his vision, and subconsciously train him to react to the world around him much quicker than the average man.  

-They also allow him to perceive the world in different spectrums of light, and pick up electromagnetic wavelengths otherwise totally invisible to the naked eye.


-Lastly, they outfitted him with a state-of-the-art Neural Computer Interface that allowed him to electronically communicate with empathic or semi-sentient machines within range of a glance.  Limited, but extremely useful.

-Once control was achieved, there was no limit to his power over the machine, no distance too great.  

-He even learned how to see through their "eyes" for a time.




 The Blood Reapers taught him just about everything he knows about killing today - that it's to be done quickly, and efficiently, or not at all.  

He is loathe to admit it, but without the Blood Reapers taking him in when he was young, he might've ended up like so many other kids on the street -- dead, and forgotten.  But the gang offered him purpose, a way to make credits and feed himself -- and others, if he so desired.

As a boy, he hated them - then, for a while, he admired them. 

As a man, he was saddened by them.  There was no hope in the Seventh Realm for souls like those that found refuge in The Blood Reapers gang - they were outcasts, remnants of a dead age of Anarchy, growing smaller with each passing day, with each member lost to violence or freedom from it.

Their only salvation... was death.  And when it came in the form of The OMEGA, Zephyros simply.. stepped aside.


He still bares the signature of all Blood Reapers - a geometric tattoo covering the right half of his torso, starting from the hip and ending at his jawline.




Ar s e na l


There are two things that Zephy appreciates in a fine weapon - speed, and the raw potential to utterly decimate his foes.

That's why he chooses to dual wield a pair of OT-1 high-frequency daggers.  They can cut through just about anything with ease - as long as the HF oscillator holds up under the pressure. 

Upon activation, they emit a humming noise - the blades appearing to "burn" with blue light as they vibrate with such intensity that they literally weaken the molecular structure of anything they come into contact with. 


And just in case, he never leaves home without The Argus; a modded sniper-rifle with an eye even better than his own.  It has two modes - rapid fire for close up, and single shot for when he wants to fight from a distance, or when he really just wants to punch a big hole in something.





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  • As they approached the bridge, something of some familiarity bit away at him but the time and the place and their current endeavor seemed to push the memory away before it could reach his attention. For that, he'd slowed down some, until he can!e to a stop to face his partner after the other man had spun back and left them stopped here for the moment. 

    The drugs were already having their hold. 

    He felt.. numb and yet so focused at the same time. Things moved in a slower and yet more fluent motion. 

    He settled into the sensation and rested his arms over the bike's front bar, lazily looking to his partner, like the carefree bastard he often appeared as. Listening as his partner continued, he hummed again, eyes settling into that little mech of his, was it the same one from earlier? And then his deep voice sounded again as he spoke,

    " Remind me to never cross you then. " He joked, but he's curious as to what the other man planned now. Ambush? It was simple enough if they already had the bait..

  • Thanks for the add, man.

  • Dolai bobbed up in the water, gasping for air.

    "You got my dreads wet! Do you know how how long it takes to dry these shits, you reprehensible fuck waffle?"

    She crawled out on to the shore, chucking a ball of fire at him.

  • Atlas knew it'd have burned his innards otherwise and he wasn't too fond of being in the dark anyways, so..

    There's a hum in reply; he was listening.

    The feeling of the ride was always exhilerating, at least without any laws in place and that urge to speed could easily be satisfied. The time he'd once playfully reprimanded Zeph for speeding wasn't forgotten for this. He use to be a cop- ha ha, but since then it seemed Atlas didn't have as much of a playful streak as he did back then.

    This time when Atlas hummed again in reply, it was deeper and indicated he still wouldn't think fondly of this gang, though why would he? 

    " I'll bite." He says as his way of indicating for Zephyros to go on. He was curious. It's didn't seem often the man had much personal vendettas, but Atlas knew this had been a more darker part of his past, so now he was wondering just what his partner had in mind. And of course Atlas would be at his side. 

  • Atlas had nothing to reply back with to that. He knew what he was and what he was doing was dickish, but it was the way he mostly operated these days and Zephyros had to be well use to it by now. It was still now excuse though and it's only after they lift off that he speaks through their comm connection.

    The bike roars at first and then settles into a dual him and lifts easily off the ground, the wheels pushing out back and ahead since they weren't needed at that moment. Atlas wasted no time and the bike tore off with a burst of speed into the stormy skies, always looking foggy but there was no electrical storm coming in at least. 

    " So.. go on and spill." His voice ca!e over after about ten minutes of them riding.

  • Seeing the mechanic come into view, Atlas moved onto his next task, pulling forth a small brown bottle, his faceplate lifting only enough to reveal his mouth to allow him to knock it's contents back. If this was personal then he'll drink to it, not like it was any different from any other job they've pulled where he drank just enough to give him edge. 

    The perfect cop gone downhill, breaking every law he'd once upheld. 

    Faceplate back in place, with the trajectory of his aim displayed to him upon the helmets HUD, he tossed the empty bottle to land in a heap of trash in a bin from a far distance. There's a moment of appreciated success before he climbed onto his bike; perhaps built more narrow than Zephryos' with a dirt bike look in the front and then more wide at the back. His had the option to magnetize to the under roads considering the parts he'd managed to get off an old police model, but could also hover, fluently shifting between the two depending on the level of the roads they took. 

    All it took was his hands settling on the bars for the machine to hum awake.

    " Let's hit it " He says in true fashion, or you might as well consider his catchphrase.

    If Zephryos though anything else was gonna come from Atlas like questions or prodding he would be disappointed because Atlas wasn't one to ask them. He knew his partner would fill him in.

  • He watched his partner, again that expression rather blank or at least something unreadable as his face often is, human looking and yet as expressionless as his helmet's faceplate. 

    " Fun. " He says, almost sarcastic but he cares and he knows how that sort of thing can be. Personal vendetta's of his own are still stacked up and he knows his partner would be on board if it was his own personal demons here. 

    Off the table and with one sweep, he's through the automatic doors only reappearing as that masked machine like bastard. Guns cleaned and locked and loaded are in their holsters, armor still upholding despite the many nics and holes, he walks into the main hangar coming to rest a hand along the sleek bike he's still working on. It wasn't one of the police models but it held quite a few parts. He wasn't as adept in machinery as his partner, but this was his own special little project.

    He looked for the mechanic now.

  • Atlas's attention had fallen upon the mech after finding his partner among this mess of a lab. It was ones he's seen before. But the holographic man it projected was not someone he's seen before. He tilted his head slightly and listened.

    His expression remained impassive, drifting from the mech and to his partner.

    " Hm." He says simply with a tone that suggests he was already onto Zeph. Contact. That could mean anything in their line of business. 

    " Right, so this contact of yours.. what's he need, then." He's just going to treat this as another job unless Zephyros was about to tell him otherwise.

  • " N o pe" He snaps the 'p',

    gaze flickering around the room before landing on the mechanic. 

    He moved and took seat on the edge of the same table, avoiding any clutter upon it and crossed his arms. 

  • With a grip on the slide and barrel, he slipped the piece back together and eyed down the front without much looking at the little mech bug but evidently he follows the younger man's request when he appeared in the lab in just underwear and a black silk robe, scars of his chest on sight without much care, or at least when it was his partner. 

    He takes a last drag on his cigarette and puts it out on the edge of a table, exhaling the smoke as he looks for the mechanic.

    " Watcha got?" 

This reply was deleted.

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"After grabbing his pulse-rifle and slinging it over his shoulder, Zephy made his way towards the main hangar bay, whistling through the speaker inside his helmet.  It was a custom fit - lightweight and durable, and if it wasn't for the readouts dart…"
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