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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Weight: 87.9 kg

Height: 1.84 m

Body build: Thin as well as petite, in an athletic kind of way.

Shape of face: A thing, subtle heart shape with high cheek bones.

Eye color: Pale Green

Glasses or contacts: Thin framed round glasses.

Skin tone: Pale and porcline.

Distinguishing marks: A light spray of cream freckles and heavy dark rings under his eyes.

Predominant features: Full, plump lips. Broad hips. Small hands and feet. Smaller than average.

Disabilities: A perminate limp.

Hair color: Light, dusty pink.

Type of hair: Soft and very fluffy.

Hairstyle: Asian Curtain Hairstyle

Voice: Honeyed, soft, quiet male voice.

Overall attractiveness: Feminine, sweet and unassuming.

Usual fashion of dress: Soft boy aesthetic

Favorite outfit: A long sleeved striped polo and a pair of tight black shorts paired with knee high socks and some thick black boots.

Character Personality

Astor is deceivingly sweet and to a certain degree, he genuinly believes he is. He feels his behaviour and presence is a kindness on people though is actually quite shy and very socially awkward. He has an easily addictive and obssesive personality. Once clinging to something that interests it, he will go through even the most horrid means to protect it in his screwed, mentally ill mind.

Character Likes







Character Dislikes

-Mess and Clutter

-Dirty People

-Rude People


-Discussion of Schools

-Loud Noises/People

Character History/Story

Astor grew up in a quiet little house.

His mother was an obsessive neat freak and his father was a hard working, well adjusted man. Astor inherited his neatness and other obsessive traist from his mother. They lived together in a nice, almost picturesc surburbia town where he never felt like he quite fit in. He just seemed to struggle to connect with others and for the longest time, he was an expressionless, emotionless child. That was, until he learned to blend in better with society.

After a while, in Astors teen years, he quietly made his way through life doing the most bare minimum to fit in until one day he fell in love with one of his classmates. He didn't know how it happened but he quickly became obsessed with the fellow student and tried to learn more about them. A friend of said student found out about the crush eventually and decided to devise a little prank purely out of spite and the need to have fun at the expense of others.

Luring Astor to the school after hours with a note from his beloved crush, they, including his crush, ambushed and beat him until he was on the brink of death. He was found the next morning, rushed to hospital and brought back to life. The healing period was slow and tedious. He was left with a perminate limp and more screwed up psychi than ever before. Once at a state where he could return to school, He set off to have his revenge.

One by one, he eased his way into the minds and hearts of his assailents, including his once beloved crush. The group of beastyly students honestly thought he had forgiven them when he suggested not only did he just wish to be friends but he wouldn't even press charges for what they did. Going from the emotionless outcast to a popular interest within the school grounds wasn't easy but once Astor had his mind set on something, he didn't easily let up.

It wasn't until he had their full and unquestionable trust that he extracted his revenge in the most delightfully awful way possible. He slaughtered them all, one by one. Drugging them during a small friend group party and torturing each one until they were no longer in the realm of the living. Astor being clever and unassuming, he wasn't even so much as suspected when the teens went missing. Never to be found again. In fact, most pitied him for losing all his dear friends, including the love of his life.

And he was devistated... Or so, he claimed.

Soon after, Astor decided to move away. Graduating with the rest of his class, he knew he needed to get away from what he had done. After all, this wasn't who he was, what he did was their own fault. He was an innocent bystander. You don't blame a knife for murder, you blame the person weilding it. He was simply the knife, they were the activators in their own deaths. Right?

He's been alone ever since. Moving from town to city to more towns. Never staying in one place for too long out of fear his urges will get the better of him.

Character Inventory




-Over the Shoulder Bag




Character Abilites

-Emotional Chameleon




-Knife Skills


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action

About the Writer (OOC)

My name is Oliver Smith.

I'm 21 years old and I've been roleplaying for well over ten years now, so... Since I was a kid, really.

I'm experienced playing all genres, genders and am quite open to a lot of different scenarios and scenes. I have a dark sense of humour and have a particular love for horror, psychological torment and smut though not necersarily in that order.

I also have a deep love for cute, fluffiness and humour so I'm not exactly one note.

I'm not the perfect writer but I try my best.

I am fairly a boring individual in real life so I suppose I'll leave it at that for now.

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  • Your RP plots look like a lot of fun and your character sounds off the wall amazing and intriguing!  Would you be interested in doing a MxM RP?

  • I must say, your character profile here and your post about different scenarios and such intrigued me! Getting a K-idol meets Dexter vibe and it slays me in the best way! If you are up for a chat and possible game let me know - also open to a lot and curious about what you are craving most.

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