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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single - Pansexual

Character Appearance

Dark hair, normally worn in curls and waves to frame her face, the locks flowing far down her back. Pale skin to match the stars she was born from. Bright hazel eyes that shift to gold when her powers are at play. Sharp angles of her face give her authority and power upon first glance. She keeps her scars hidden under extravagant clothing and layers so as not to show what she's been through.

Character Personality

Stubborn and independent, she hates being told what to do. She does need guidance, though, even when she thinks she knows what she's doing. Despite her stubborn tendencies, she has a big heart. She loves with all of her being and whomever her partner for life ends up being, she will stay with through it all. She tends to be quick to anger and holds a grudge once someone wrongs her. She loves to laugh but the weight of the world on her shoulders and the weight of the stars crushing down on her means that fun times are rarely had.

Character Likes

Astra loves the stars, the planets, and astronomy. She loves animals and people that love animals. She loves to dress up and loves to go to balls and dances despite what she may say sometimes. Music is one of her strongest loves. She sings and plays the piano, but it is a rarity to find her doing either. She likes people that are as headstrong as she is and that will stand by her side in battle.

Character Dislikes

Astra highly dislikes anybody that does not show respect to her or to those close to her. Being in a high court, Astra demands respect. She understands and welcomes alternative thoughts and opinions but will not tolerate those that try to use that to their advantage. She dislikes those that think that she is not independent and that think she cannot make decisions about her own life. Anybody that tries to make decisions for her, especially behind her back, is immediately on her dislike list.

Character History/Story

Born into a royal family, Astra has been helping rule the land with her mother. Her father died in a battle of Constellations while she was just a small baby. Her mother took the throne, but Astra knows that it will be her soon. She already does most of the work. She deals with public relations and kingdom squabbles. She deals with the economy and calls most of the shots with advisement from her mother, the queen. But more and more kingdoms are starting to duel as the Constellations awaken again for their every few years meeting. That awakening always unsettles the lands for a while, and Astra is learning the hard way that trying to keep inter-kingdom relationships smooth is harder alone.

Character Abilites

Has contact with the constellations. Able to tap into people's energies and manipulate them if her feelings are strong enough - typically arises out of anger and hatred. Ability to conjure fire with her own hands as well as manipulate fires already made by others. Many abilities still have not yet been discovered.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Rated R, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

A 21 year old English and Music major, roleplay is a place for me to explore the writings I don't normally get to experience. This is something for me to do to let out the ideas in my head that I don't get to in class. Though I may not be on all the time, I do spend time making sure that my replies are long and of good quality. I love to experience the weird side of RPs and am up for any ideas and challenges.

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