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I enjoy creating grim worlds of the science fantasy or dark fantasy genres. These warped landscapes and vile realms tickle an itch deep inside my soul that nothing else can. 

I am always interested in making use of or simply talking about my creations. After years of writing, I have plenty to talk about.

Character Dislikes

Cheery cherry and basic plots. If it involves the words "teen" "high school" or "supernatural" my interest will be nonexistent and my revulsion all-consuming. Fandom settings will also draw my ire but the suggestion isn't as likely to make me immediately reconsider what respect I might have had for the party involved. I can respect the desire to do things within an existing setting but have no desire to partake in them myself.

Character History/Story

Extreme boredom leading to an introduction to amino. Five years of world-building and disenfranchisement later I've finally left the app after becoming completely fed up with the nonexistent security against admin abuse and bots. 

Character Abilites

I write a flexible amount of paragraphs, the length based on the situation at hand and the proficiency of my partner. I do my best to maintain ideal grammar and punctuation however may make mistakes at times. My grasp of comma placement fluctuates between complete and nonexistent depending on how much sleep I've had.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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  • Hi! Recently messaged you. My discord is Harley#1401 as I read it's easier to roleplay there. Shoot me a messsge once you've added me

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