Born the son of a dock worker and a home town baker, August Reinchenbach grew up in a tiny home close to where his father worked. They never had a lot of money so the young August was never able to enjoy some of the things that his friends did. Still it wasn't like he did without. The young August was always outside, busy getting himself into trouble by climbing trees, or jumping the neighbor's fences. Though it wasn't till he was about ten that the would be boxer turned missionary found his true passion in life. When a neighbor hood bully decided to take it out on August's friend. Enraged the young man threw himself at the larger bully, heedless of what might happen. The thrill of fist meeting flesh, bones creaking under the pressure and the adrenaline that surged through his body. All of it excited the young boy. Even though he lost the fight his desire for more brawling only grew. So it wasn't long before the young man was throwing himself at every oppurtunity to get into a scrape with someone. Big, small, old, young, fat or slim. It didn't matter. Whoever he could fight was fair game to the striving brawler. It was rare to not see him sporting a black eye or fresh bruise. The desire to fight got so bad at one point that he was expelled from school for picking a fight on the play ground. Taking up work with his father at the docks while removed from school was where the teen found a place to take out his frustrations. Late at night the dock workers brought him down to the warehouse where their little illegal fight ring was set up. At the young age of sixteen, August got his first real taste of being in the squared circle. One on one in that squared off arena he would fight against other teens or older dock workers. Not minding who he faced. In his off days he would go to the gym. Training his skills against the sparring coaches or strengthing his punches against the bags. It didn't take long for the local coach to take notice of young August and from there his natural talent was nutured into a honed into a skill. It wasn't long after that before he was in the ring for the first time going toe to toe with a professional in his first featured fight. In between his time spent at the gym and training to become a professional August spent time with Mary. A friend from school who worked at his mother's bakery. The two of them hit it off and when they turned eighteen the two of them were married. A year later their daughter Lilly was born.

At the age of twenty August started his career in the sqaured circle. His first fight ending in a knock out in the seventh round. If fighting was his passion then it was the cry of the crowd as the referee raised his hand was his drug. Chanting and calling his name as he stood tall over his downed foe. Wearing the brusies and black eyes he had collected as a badge of honor. Soon he was fighting in venue after venue. His wife cheering from the side lines or at home as it was hard to jet his once again pregenat wife and daughter across the country all the time. All that fame and fortune changes a man however. While he never took any sort of enhancer drug that did not stop him from partaking of other mind altering ones. Parties in penthouses with celeberties and rock stars turning from innocent get togethers to ones of shared drugs and booze. And while he loved his wife it was hard being on the road so much alone surrounded by sweaty men all day. How was a man supposed to react when women threw themselves at your feet? Many a night he spent in the arms of a woman who wasn't his wife. Only returning home to spend time with his family for a day or two before being back on the road. Boxing was his life and family a passing hobby. Which even took a back seat to his other passion for sailing. A bit of fun he had picked up from his father. Years passed like this. His wife and children growing up without knowing August really. Other then watching him on tv or hearing their friends talk about their star father. However like all good things do his life in the lime light came crashing down. After seven years in the spot light the prize fighter was on the cusp of becoming a champion. Only to have it all end when after a wild party it ended in tradegy. A drunk diver crashing into his car sent the star boxer into a coma for a week.

While he lived to survive the crash August was left paralyzed. Unable to walk under his own power from the injury that his back suffered during the collisuion. It was a horrifying thing. To not be able to stand, denied the passion that had been his drive since he was a boy. Lost in his life August grew depressed. Mary had left him after his accident as news of his nights spent cheating was exposed for all to see. The two children Lilly and Jake wanted nothing to do with the man who was never a father in the first place. In one swift moment everything had changed. He lost his home, his wife, his children and money. Even the chance at becoming a legend was denied him. Depression grew and grew as he was confined to a wheelchair. Not bothering with phsycial therapy. Why should he try to live when it was all forfeit to him anyways? It was then at his darkest moment that he found the light. One night on the very docks he had grown up upon contemplating pushing his wheelchair into the water he met Father Pete. Pete saw the trouble that August was in, how broken of spirit he had become. From there Pete and August formed a fast friendship. Pete pushing the once upon a time great to try and become the man he once was. It took time and effort but eventually August was able to walk again. A miracolous recovery it was called by the doctors as he moved under his own power once more. While in therapy for the body, August started attentending church for therapy for the soul. Finding god in that time August knew that he had a guardian angel looking out for him then. That he was meant to continue living even if it was not the way he had orginally intended.

From then August reformed himself, giving himself to aiding others who needed it. Helping those less fortunate he become a missionary. Working with the church to go places that needed either muscle to help fix a roof, or rebuild house. Sometimes he was called upon to give advice or consul young men and women who needed that mentor in their life. While he worked hard in this role August could not give up his passion for boxing. Though he could not enter the ring again for risk of injury once more was too great for the aging man. It was enough for him just to train and strengthen his body. The desire to push himself to stay in shape was too great. He did not wish to ever return to that wheel chair again. From time to time he would go sailing. Sometimes using his hobby for sailing to make some extra cash or aid others in getting to a new destnation. His boat also now doubled as a house. The little sail boat the only thing he had been able to keep in his divorce. For tweleve years now August has spent his life becoming a better man through faith. Trying to attone for the errors he made in his life. Always he would regret not being a man worthy of his first love and the children that he had given up. Though long years have dulled the pain he secretly wishes to see them smile and call him father once more. Even if it will never come. He carries this regret in a physical manifestation by totting around a large white duffle bag. The bag containing items that reminded him of the sins he commited. It's weight a life long burden he must bear.


Father - Diedrick Reinchenbach (Deceased)

Mother- Ophilea Reinchenbach

Ex-wife- Mary Tudor

Daughter- Lilly Tudor

Son- Jake Tudor

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Height-6'2 Weight-267 lbs Hair color- Brown, salted with gray Eye color- Charcoal

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Paragraph, Multi-Para

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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