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None of your concern

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Character Relationship Status

Wouldn't you like to know?

Character Appearance

I'm at least 7 feet tall when I stand on my hind legs, otherwise I'm only 4'6" at the shoulder when on all fours. Werewolves are big and large. My eyes are a very bright blue and my fur is as white as the moon itself. On my face are four claw marks, serving as a permanent battle scar from a past enemy.

Character Likes

The taste of blood and flesh as my enemies fall around me.

Character Dislikes

Defeat at the hands of my enemies.

Character History/Story

Complicated. Too much to explain without reliving certain painful memories in the process. If you want to know my story, then you must venture to the mountains where I remain with my pack. But tread with caution. We do not treat intruders very lightly. If you explain yourself, you might live long enough to hear my tale.

Character Abilites

The only time I would ever reveal my abilities is in battle.

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Fantasy, Violence, Gore, Action

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  • *glares*

    - Are we still hiding?10754431288?profile=RESIZE_584x

  • Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurball... found your friend Niquo sniffing around my place... Shorten your leash girl... you might loose him! 


  • Aura!! It Be Your Turn.. Someone is trying to get your attention in group! I think it's your boyfriend! I think you two are made for each other! :P

  • furball... i maybe do miss you

    Image result for damon salvatore maybe a lil bit

  • / Sorry about the long wait. Had some issues in rl


    Having little else to do, the large feline sat her rump down on the cold concrete floor, waiting as patiently as a saint for the incoming torture that was bound to happen. The other prisoners that surrounded them were malnourished and practically withering away in their cages, soulless emotionless gazes staring into space. They were broken and little use to, but nonetheless they were subjects to endure whatever the vampire shoved at them.

    They were all in the same boat.

    Eventually the door opened and an impeccably dressed man walked in, his features perfect, dressed in a pressed black suit, white hair pulled into a low ponytail. Ruby red hues stared coldly at the tiger as he approached her cage. "Little Kitten. The first to ever escape, and undoubtedly the last. I have specific plans for you." Lucas turned towards the wolf, folding his hands behind his back as he regarded her with little interest.

    "Another pup. Bigger than what we have had before and from what I've heard, exquisitively powerful. Test her immediately." The order rang out and guards stepped forward, guns drawn once again, aiming the tranquilizer guns towards the wolf.

    "Are you sure you want to test her straight away? I've heard that werewolves awaken from drugs far more quickly than any other. Maybe you should weaken her first." Another man stepped forward, standing beside Lucas. His brown shoulder length hair framed sharp cheekbones and a prominent nose. Beautifully handsome as were all vampires. He shot a conspiratorial look towards Rosemarie who smirked in delight.

    All gazes remained fixated thoughtfully upon Aura.

  • {Pokes the sleeping wolf with a stick.}

    Wake up wolf........ Its your turn.... Unless you you purrrrrrfur to play fetch??

  • Rosemarie was far from happy about being restrained and confined once again, glaring daggers out of the cage, when the females voice interrupted the feline from dark, troubling thoughts. A steel azure gaze swept towards the canine, inclining her head to the side cautiously.

    “Isn’t it obvious? We are in a facility. It’s divided into three factions.”

    Two of which Rosemarie had endured in the past, grateful however for being kept away from the third. Something about it seemed more breaking, it could easily render one numb, converted with despair and anguish, not just the physical kind, but both mental and emotional too.

    “We are in the research facility right now. They’ll do a few tests, open you up, test some potentially fatal drugs on you.” The tiger shrugged nonchalantly as if it was a natural thing. “Then you have the fighting rings which aren’t so bad, since you aren’t driven to kill the other victims here, and the other is just awful, but I doubt either of us will be put there, so relax and enjoy it until we inevitably escape.”

  •  “Damn it!” The cursing caught Rosemarie’s attention, following his cold gaze to the wolf. The air grew frigid and cold, shivers erupting across her frame, placing more distance between herself and the canine. Heavy boots thunked across metal as more guards approached out of curiousity, wondering why the man was screaming obscenities.

    “Knock her out! Now!”One yelled, snatching up the Tranquilizer shooting the canine with a needle that embedded into her flank. The gun was quickly reloaded before if fired once again, double dosing her for good measure. The tiger sat quietly, serene and motionless, the only movement was a licking tail, watching the events with interest. The guards turned to her planting the feline with the sedative also.

    Rose acted the part, stumbling around the cage, hissing and snarling in discomfort, before collapsing in a heap upon the floor. Having been sedated so many times in the past, she had developed immunity to it, the perfect opportunity to surprise them. The cage doors were opened, loaded onto metal gulleys, the wheels rolling ominously across the floor, carrying their limp loads.
    Rosemarie peered out of cracked lids to assess the situation outside the truck, soon discovering that it was near impossible to escape, surrounded on each side by heavily armed guards.

    They reached the building, wheeled past a lobby and down into antiseptic halls, the smell stifling, the screams muffled behind metallic doors. The experimentation area, she knew it intimately. They eventually reached the cell area where both canine and feline were chained in their separate, dingy cages. The men only guessed that silver would hurt the she-wolf, making sure to place a collar and cuffs around a neck and forelegs, restricting movement.

  • The jolt of the vehicle gunning into gear caused the giant feline to stumble across the floor, sensing the vibrations travel through the sensitive pads of giant paws. A disgruntled growl rumbled through the small cabin, beginning the pacing once again, tail curling in the air, displaying her frustration and anger.

    ‘I can relate. This sucks!’ Settling a large frame into a laying position, muscles bunched and tensed ready to pounce free as soon as they would stop. ‘I’ve escaped before, I’m sure I can do so again, unless they’ve upped security. What about you? Got any decent skills that would help?’ Judging by the scars and size of the white canine, Rosemarie could safely assume that the other would pack a punch.

    They traveled for an hour, but what seemed like an eternity, down old country lanes from the bumping and jerking of the metal beast as it drove along rough terrain. The feline groaned having banged a fore
    leg on one of the bars as the truck screeched to a stop non too gently. Sensitive ears twitched at the sound of gruff voices coming outside the belly of the van, before the doors banged open, spilling in a harsh blinding light. Rosemarie flinched and retreated to a shadowed spot in the corner, eyeing their perpetrators suspiciously.

    “Alright kitty, pup. Here is how its gonna work. I’m gonna sedate you both.” He strolled in, flicking the tranquilizer gun in his hand in a show of warning. “There is a group of armed men outside, so unless you don’t want to be blasted full of bullet house, you’ll go quietly. Capeesh?”

  • // Sorry it's late. ;n;

    Awakening within the belly of a lorry jampacked full of cages. Reinforced iron bars secured and trapped the unfortunate souls that had found themselves in a terrifying situation. Not all of the enclosures held a victim, the majority empty. A man stood at the edge of the doorway, darkness enveloping the carriage, signalling nightfall. A smirk engulfed his rugged features, staring at the two prizes recently caught, the most surprising was their escaped unusually colored tiger. “I can’t wait to see the boss’s face when he catches sight of you.” He snickered gleefully, smacking a combat boot against the bars, causing them to ring painfully amongst ears. A snarl was all the answer he needed. His attention quickly swivelled to the caged unusually large white wolf, revealing his rotting teeth in a wide grin. “Don’t worry pup, you’re a mighty fine pup too.” With a cruel echoing laugh, the door was brought down, shutting them in shadow, with their own breathing and thoughts for company.

    Large paws paced across the concrete bottom, illuminous stormy grey optics glowing through the blackness of their surroundings, pacing back and forth, whilst plans and strategies running rampant in her mind. She cast a glance towards the wolf, wondering if she too, was a Supernatural. Most likely, the organisation that had caught them weren’t stupid, intelligent enough to tell the difference between abnormality and the norm.

    ‘So how did they catch you?’ Telepathy was one of Rosemarie’s many talents, transmitting her thoughts into the other. ‘I hope you’re prepared for hell.’

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