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Character Age

200 (Looks about 20-21)

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single (Bisexual)

Character Appearance

Long blonde hair with bright blue eyes, she wears quite fancy looking clothing when not fighting. When she is in a battle, or simply training, she wears a golden crown-like item on her head, a mask, with gold and blue armor. 

She also has a faceclaim- Lea Seydoux. 


Source for picture here.

Character Personality

Aurora is what she would like to call the 'ideal proper lady'. She keeps her manners in touch, does not show anger, and keeps calm in even the most drastic of situations. 

However, many other people would call Aurora cold, distant. They would be right, of course. She does not concern herself with 'silly' small talk, and is rather caculating and high strung. Although she will not show anger, sometimes she will show irritation...Or if the person is very lucky she will show a genuine smile or laughter. In most ways, she is like a noblewoman- because she techically is, alongside being a Demigod.

Aurora's Theme

Character Likes

Aurora actually likes:

♛ Makeup.

♛ Fashion.

♛ Antique houses, gagets, etc. 

♛ Tea. 

♛  Architecture. 

♛  Art & Paintings. 

♛ Romance. (Never admits it, though.)

Character Dislikes

Aurora cannot stand:

♛ Lazy individuals.

♛ Buses, Cars, any motor vehicle. 

♛ Being in crowds.

♛ Cowards.

♛  Coffee. (Absolutely loathes it).

Character History/Story

Aurora was born in 1821, in a small noble house, as her mother was a noblewoman named Valentine Armledge. Her father, her 'godly' parent is Khoesis, the God of Weapons.*

When Aurora was 25, in 1846 her mother had died of a illness. This was devastating to Aurora, as her mother was her world. Her mother was constantly there for her, trying to be there as Aurora was no ordinary child, but still she tried her best to treat her as normal as possible. Aurora faked her death, as her name back then was actually Claire Armledge. She now goes by Aurora Laurent, has her father has always called her 'Aurora' when he could visit her or she could visit him. Ever since she ran away, Aurora has never been back to her original roots- not even in 175 years. 

Deep down Aurora has longed for contections- as she has always kept people at a distance, especially love interests. She has always wanted to settle down and have a family, but has not done so yet. 
As of now, she lives in a large mansion in the middle of nowhere; in a forest. She often has to keep her identity on the lower end of things; and constantly is giving off fake first names, but uses her last name Laurent a lot.

*Her father is a God that I have made up, not an actual one documented anywhere.
**Things are also subject to change, if a roleplay is more Fantasy based in a fantasy world instead of modern times. 


Character Inventory


Character Abilites

❆ Teleportation - Aurora can summon dark blue portals to teleport her anywhere. (Except for Godly Realms, she only has access to her Father's Godly Realm.)


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I am 21 years old, and I am female. You can simply just call me Violet. I have been roleplaying for about 11 or so years, give or take. I often like to roleplay fantasy-type roleplays, and I do love romance. I also enjoy a good fight RP. 

Sometimes I'm good at replies, other times not. I'm not really into Novella style- because I like more "Rapid-Fire" and find just a few paragraphs usually gets the job done. Now, that's not to say I don't write a lot, sometimes I get carried away. But I find Novella style is too clunky and long, I feel as if in those types of roleplay I never get anywhere. I am always up for chatting out of character, and I love doing new roleplays and such. 

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  • Thank you for the accept. Aurora is a very good character and well written! I'd love to play sometime if you like my char as well :)

  • (Thank you for the friend request.  Look forward to seeing what you come up with for your character.  Any questions about my character. Feel free to ask.)

  • Nice Profile. Love the Faceclaim! Excited to see your character's abilities actually.

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