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Character Age

363 earth years

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

A 5'0" tall, paper white skinned humanoid with a small frame, incredibly pale pink hair lopped off in a messy asymmetrical do, and a burn scar covering a large portion of the right side of her face, and upper body. Due to the burn scar, her right eye droops slightly and her right ear is deformed; the follicles have been destroyed on that side of her face, which prevents more than half of her right brow from growing back. In her left brow, right at the arch, she has another scar from childhood. Her teeth are sharp and slightly yellowed, like the mouth of a small predator. Her sclera a pale rose, and her irises a vibrant fuchsia.


Character Personality

She is a rather quiet woman, somewhat bland, tending to keep to herself unless absolutely necessary. When she does speak she is painfully blunt, and honest, having trouble empathizing with others at times due to her past. It is difficult to bring out her temper, but if you do you have most definitely done something to warrant a beating, as she has the patience of a saint. Behind her hardened exterior she is actually a splendid ally, caring deeply for her interests, willing to put her life in the balance without hesitation to protect what she loves. She can tend to be a big sister type when it comes to friendships.

Character Likes

• Hot beverages - Tea, Coffee, Cider • Soft things - Stuffed animals, Blankets, Pillows • Sweets of any kind • Rifles • Daggers • Fighter ships • Solitude • Silence • Reading (about different cults across the galaxy) • Forests • Animals of any kind, including insects • Acoustic guitar • Singing (when no one is around) • Handheld games • Cooking • Warmth • Being carried (only by people she trusts) • Baths • Organization

Character Dislikes

• Being touched without permission • Strangers standing too close • People staring at her • Large fires • Her home planet • Talking about her past • Cold temperatures • Cities • Animal abuse • Messy rooms • Confined spaces

Character History/Story

Avalon is among a fraction of her species that is born with a rare genetic mutation. This mutation includes the loss of pigment in the hair, skin, and eyes. It can cause brittle bones, and a weakened immune system. They have an increased risk of blindness and deafness. These people are referred to as the The Pale by the rest of society, and are unwelcome in most places. As a result they live in the wilderness either alone or among a Pale colony. Avalon was born to nobility, but was promptly hidden by her parents due to her mutation. She was forbidden to leave, very rarely allowed to even wander her own home. In place of parents, she was raised by servants, one woman in particular loving Ava as if she were her own. At the age of 7, Avalon and the servant woman tried to escape during a raid on the palace from an opposing faction. Avalon made it, but her guardian did not. She was alone in the darkness of the deadly wilderness she knew nothing about. Avalon was found and rescued by a Pale who had been out hunting for his colony. She was starving, filthy, nearly feral, covered in cuts that had been left unintended; she was terrified. He took her to his tribe where she was welcomed with open arms. They taught her how to survive. She learned how to hunt, fish, build, and become an integral part of the colony, even becoming head of her own youth hunting troupe at the age of 14. Her respite was short lived. In the night her colony was burned to the ground by a group of mercenaries. She survived by chance, having been out foraging for plants, but at the expense of watching her people perish in the flames, listening to the sounds of roaring fire and agonized screams. She was alone again, and she had nothing. She spent the next several years of her life on the run. Her will to survive only held up by her need for revenge. The rage, and the spite molded her into a deadly executable hellbent on a path of violence. While exploring her planet she came across ancient ruins, and in those ruins slept an ancestral force. This ancestral force was one of the first of her people. It spoke truths to her, showed her history that had been wiped from any physical record. The Pale were gifted with magick, but had been nearly wiped out hundreds of years ago, and those that did survive were enslaved, their powers taken away. Knowing the truth, she chose to merge with the ancestral force, an agonizing procress that burned her permanently, and nearly killed her. She was filled with knowledge of the past, old magick that had been lost for centuries. Her life became informing other pales, recruiting them, practicing magick, teaching magick, and infiltrating bases to steal supplies for revolution. Everything she did in her efforts to gather support from those who wanted real change in the planet garnered her an obscenely high reward on her head. The hoard of weapons, ammunition, medicine, food, and knowledge of the enemy grew steadily. Avalon's bounty became so renowned across the planet that she had no choice but to remain hidden, directing her most trusted insurgents to do work in her place. But a mole in their ranks revealed the plans and suddenly the war had begun before they were ready. Many died, and it was clear that Ava and her army were no match for the royalty and nobility of the planet. Left with no choice, her people retreated. In order to take some tension off her people, Ava put the attention on herself by stealing a highly valued fleet ship in broad daylight, escaping the planet with fighter pilots on her trail. She was exiled, and couldn't risk returning, she could only hope that she left her people well equipped and prepared for what was to come. As the years continued, she made a name for herself as a killer for hire. Then it started to take a toll on her sanity, she put it behind her. A few years later she was recruited by a strikingly beautiful woman, a captain, to an odd ball crew of criminals on a massive, state of the art flag ship

Character Inventory

Tacticle laser rifle, ornate hunting knife, magic mushrooms, hard candy, hand sanitizer, hand held console, ear buds, cell phone, soft piece of fabric, cross body satchel that holds all that shizz

Character Abilites

Telekinetic magick, Fire magick, Abnormal strength, Expert stealth

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hey there, my name is Delaney, but you can call me Del. I've been out of the roleplaying and writing scene for quite some time now, but I truly do miss it. I used to write daily a few years back, and I would very much like to get back into it! Ava is my main baby, she is a part of a bigger group of characters but she is the one i have the most information on. I actually did not have enough space to write her full bio, all I needed was 500 more words, and it would have been perfect haha. Anyway, I'm very chill, and have been looking to make some long term online friends for some time now and long term roleplay partners. I'm 25, Female, have a little white chihuahua named Olive, and three mice named JoJo, Bean and Fieval. Let's chat! My profile picture was drawn by me! And it is Ava <3

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  • Neptune was an unusually cozy place, not something you’d expect from an Ice Giant of all things. Long since mankind had extended its reach into other systems, it was no surprise they held a permanent presence there too, in the form of massive installations floating in atmosphere amongst its clouds; gas mines. The local populations generated most of their income from exporting it.

    Such structures were so enormous that they housed their own communities, and had suspended settlements beneath their saucer-shaped frames, called Chandelier Cities. They were used to both harvest gases and be used as a gigantic wind farm due to the ferocious air currents, it was a wonder on they managed to keep those things stable. Many of them even possessed indoor spaceports that could house large starships located at the top.

    If there was one nice quirk they had, it was the fact the pirates and criminals alike could visit freely if they didn’t attract too much attention to themselves, or cause a major incident. While the Sol system was humanity’s starting point, Earth was no longer the UTC’s capital, (United Terran Commonwealth) and thus not so heavily guarded as it once was. Nowadays, it was somewhat of a tourist destination, with Neptune being a great rest stop.

    One such visitor was none other than the White Reaper himself, as many urban myths had nicknamed him. His reason for visiting was simple: Get out of the ship for awhile, restock on supplies, go for a much-needed walk, and perhaps attended a big cosplay convention being hosted in one of the towers on the chandelier city known as Aureus. It was surprisingly common for him to pose as an ordinary Mici and even go as far as acting, in the event somebody stopped to remind him of how adorable he was, give me a break as he’d always mutter to himself.

    . . .

    During one early evening, said Blighted Mici had ventured out of a hotel aboard the massive gas mine city, mostly to get fresh air and visit the dealer’s room of that same Con going on, but this required a good deal of walking. Part of it involved having to cross a massive corridor where multiple vendors were present.

    Not terribly long into his trek on foot, Revei, dressed in a white cloak with light gray floral patterns, had entered the huge area. Said place held a number of shops, restaurants, bars, and other commodities on both sides, almost like a city street. Overlooking it on both huge walls were countless windows and substructures. Hell, there were even alleyways between all the smaller buildings on that floor. Unsurprisingly, both humans and various extraterrestrials alike were mingling with each other openly, a common sight in the far future.

    Due to rightful concerns of being accidentally bumped into or having his feet stepped on by other larger beings, the infant-sized male took a turn and headed down a narrow passage, one that resembled a back alley. While this was extremely dangerous for any of his own kin, the same didn’t apply to him due to his ability to fight properly and could spot a threat coming from a mile away with his psychic senses. Intruding on someone’s mind/thoughts came in handy for planning.

    Deciding to stop for a moment, he’d walk over and park his rear on the ground with his back against the wall. Reaching into a small canvas bag he had been carrying, said Mici pulled a package containing Terran orange slices. From there, he quietly began munching on them, one piece at a time amongst the partial darkness surrounding him. His reflective black orbs gazed around at the scenery, not wanting to let his guard down in a place like this.

    Little did he know… trouble was about to ensue, very soon.


  • // You still around fam?

  • // Answered ya in private chat. ;P 

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