I'm always looking for plots and story lines so please dont hesitate to message. I do mostly NSFW but I dont mind the occasional SFW RP 

Kinks for NSFW can be discussed in messages 

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February 14

I am open to new roleplay threads

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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Slender but kind of toned

Small - 5'5

Shaggy black hair

Hazel eyes

Feminine features

Scattered patchwork tattoos all along his arms with faded colors and shaky line work ( not professionally done)

SH scars over his forearms as well as small circular burns from cigarettes

Character Personality


Grumpy and easily flustered

Character Likes

Rock music



Caring for others


Horror movies

Character Dislikes

Spicy food


Character History/Story

His mom and dad were both drug addicts when he was young and he suffered a lot of physical and emotional abuse from both parents until about 14 when his biological father overdosed in their living room and Avery found him. A year later his mother got clean and married an incredibly wealthy man, who had the kind of money they'd only seen in the movies or on TV. He wasn't beaten as much any more once they began to live with him on the upper side of town, but the man wanted nothing to do with Avery and ended up paying for Avery's apartment and his lifestyle, but Avery still lives cheap, not wanting to inconvenience his step dad any more than he already has. Now at 19 Avery has a job at a restaurant as a server, and with his more feminine frame and looks he's used to creepy comments, but now hes paying for everything himself. Minus the apartment.

Avery is gay which has also led to his step father not wanting anything to do with him

Character Inventory

Avery typically carries his wallet in his back pocket, his phone in his other back pocket, a switchblade in his worn out boots he always wears, and hard candies and suckers in the pockets of his leather jacket for his sweet tooth.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+

About the Writer (OOC)


Music junkie

Elder emo

Dog and cat parent

Book nerd

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Looking for MxM story lines involving dark and toxic themes. Mainly looking for NSFW.
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