Name: Avery Sinclair
Nickname: Avery
Species: Dragon
Born as: Human
Home World: Asmiara
Home Land: Anova
Accent Sounds like: Irish
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Omnisexual
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue


Avery's mother grew up in a small seaside village within the kingdom of Adrealia. She was considered a strange child. Many within the village claimed her strangeness came about because she was not completely human. They said that a mermaid within the Azure sea that the village stood against--some said it was the star of the Azure sea herself-had fallen in love with her mother. They claim that when Avery's grandmother confessed to this mermaid her and her husband heartbreak over trying and failing to have a child that this mermaid petition the mermaid queen to grant them a child in the typical mermaid way but since the queen would only do such a thing if one mermaid was involved this mermaid gave a piece of herself instead of Avery's grandmother's husband. Other claimed that she loved both Avery's grandparents in equal measure and provided all three. Avery's grandparents claimed that no supernatural--other than the gods of Adrealia--were involved with the birth of their daughter.

Many within the village believed that Avery's grandparents claim to be nothing more than rubbish, but try as they might they could not prove that they was anything supernatural about her. Aside from her strange quirks she appeared to be completely and utterly human. This did not deter those that firmly believed that she was not completely human and they begun to set out to prove it. It was little things at first, but than the attempts became more deadly and life threatening. Her parents feared that their daughter was going to end up being killed by one of their attempts. So, when a ship arrived within the small port of their village and whose crew did not seem regard their daughter as many within their village did they encouraged her to go with them--especially when it became clear that their daughter held romantic feelings for the captain. They believed nothing could be worse than the cruelty their daughter received by the villagers hand. 

How wrong they were. Once out in the open sea and away from her parents' protective reach those upon the ship behavior towards Avery's mother changed. She became nothing more than a pleasure slave to be passed from one crew member to another and kept locked up when she was not being used in this manner. She endured this treatment for several years before she managed to escape. She thought of returning home to her parents, but she did not she did not wish to fill them with guilt over the things she had endured. She knew that no matter how hard she tried they would blame themselves for what she had suffered. So, instead she decided to make a life for herself outside of Adrealia. Yet, she feared being captured once again by the crew that hold her as their slaves for those years, or by an other whom would treat her as they had or even worse. She was just a human. She did not stand a chance if a supernatural decided to claim her. 

It was for this reason she thought it was best to give herself to the supernatural. She believed that if she was already claimed that none would try to claim her. More than that she could pick which supernatural she belong to and ensure they were not like her previous masters. After careful research, she decided that it would be best to belong to a witch clan and she decided that the best clan to pledge herself to were the Devry. She just didn't know if they would take her. She had nothing of value to offer. She had no particular talents and she did not believe herself to be pretty. The only skills she had was the one taught to her by those whom had kept her as their pleasure slave. After careful consideration she decided to approach the witches of a small seaside village near the very same sea she had been born within. In spite, everything that happened she still loved the sea greatly and couldn't imagine living anywhere beside near it. 

She told them that she wished to work in their whore house that caters to witches during their magical puberty. She didn't know much about the magical puberty at the time. She only knew that during this time the witch gains an increase of magic that grows and grows until the witch finds a way to release it or until they explode. At first, the only way a witch can release their magic is through sex or violence. She knew nothing of fighting, but being kept as a pleasure slave gave her plenty of knowledge on how to please someone within their private chambers. More than that she figured she could use the one talent she had to save lives. The witches did not hesitate to accept her within their whore house. They were always accepting those whom were willing to help their people during their magical puberty.

So, the next chapter of her life begun. She did not only service the witches. The seaside village she decided to settle down upon had a port that was rather busy considering the size of the village, and sailors all over the world would visit and step in the whore house that Avery's mother worked within. She serviced many of those men until eventually she got with child. She did not know whom the father or what species he was. She didn't even know how much she wanted a child until she found herself pregnant. Eventually she gave birth to Avery. He was the most perfect and beautiful thing within the world to his mother and within time she decided that his father must have been human. He possessed no magical powers yet like his mother he had a great love for the sea. It might be said that he hold a deeper love for it than his mother did. 

Because while his mother was content to live within a village along it shore he dreamed of sailing upon it. He dreamed of having his own ship and exploring every each of the waters of his home world and than the waters of other worlds. His mother encouraged his desire to see the world by encouraging him to explore the wilderness that surrounded their village. Sometimes he believes she did it to keep him from being under foot. He was a rambunctious child, and while his mother loved every inch of him this didn't mean he didn't try her patience. His favorite places to explore were the various waters surrounding the village, and his favorite of those became a waterfall that flowed backwards. He would pretend he was a great explorer that found hidden buried treasure beneath the sea.

Some of the sailors whom visited the whore house his mother worked took a liking to Avery. They saw within him the same spirit and love for the sea they had when they were his age, and would take him aboard their ships to show him how to sail. He was a natural. Those whom were teaching him were impressed on how fast he picked up his lessons and some even told him that if he wished to make his dream a reality he could join their crew. His mother tried to discourage him from taking them up on their offer. They were not honorable men she told him. They were pirates and would do anything for a bit of gold. Avery did not believe his mother. Sure they were pirates and sure they have questionable morals, but they were not as evil as she was trying to make the out to be. Besides, they were offering him what he wanted---a chance to explore the world.

His mother told him a group of similar men offered her the same in her youth only to imprison and  torture her for years. This was not a fate she wished her son to suffer, and suggested if he wished to be a sailor that he joined the Adrealian navy. He wasn't certain if they would take him. His mother might have been from Adrealia, but he had been born and raised with Anova and as such they might think he was too tainted with the supernatural. It appeared that he had nothing to worry about. The captain of the ship his mother approached noticed Avery's talents and was quick to accept him aboard his ship. Life on that ship was not an easy one, but he was finally living his dream. It was not exactly as he envisioned it as a child, but he was upon the open waters and he loved that. Yet, his mother's words kept echoing inside his head. He tried pushing them aside, but the higher in rank he rose the louder they became until he became face to face with the horrors his mother had to face when she had been imprisoned.

The captain hide such things away from newest member of his crew. He wanted to ensure that only those whom have proven themselves loyal to him had the privileged of playing with his toy, and it appeared that Avery had earned that right. The captain had him brought down to his quarters where he had his toy waiting for him. The captain was beaming when Avery entered as if Avery like all the others whom were given this privilege would fall upon the woman and take from her his fill of pleasure. The captain made it clear that Avery could do whatever he wished with the female--including killing her during the act if that was his desire. While he talked, Avery couldn't help looking upon the female with horror. It wasn't her condition that he found the most repulsive. Yes, that was that was horrifying, but it was her age. Displayed before him was someone whom was barely a woman. The worse part was that she had been here for years. 

Guilt filled him. How long and how loud had this girl screamed and Avery just turned a deaf ear to her? How much did she pray and pleaded for her torment to end only to have those words fall upon deaf ears? Avery didn't notice the captain had stopped speaking. The only thing he noticed was female watching him---waiting for him to do as all the others whom had been brought here had done. Finally, he said two little words. 'I'm Sorry' The captain thought he was finding it difficult to grasp what was being offered to him as many of those whom came before him had been and he begun to explain everything once again. It was within this moment that Avery took the knife he had not been aware he unsheathed and slit the captain's throat with. The task was not done without the captain's notice. There was a struggle and the captain even managed to yell for aid before Avery could do the deed. Yet, even if he had managed to do it without the captain making a sound his fate would have been the same.

It would have been clear to everyone aboard that ship he had been the one to kill the captain and would have been branded a traitor to Adrealia all the same. He didn't care. He was more than happy to be a traitor to a country that supported such atrocities that the captain had inflected upon the young woman he had kept locked away within his quarters. He knew that he couldn't stay aboard the ship. Not because he was afraid of facing the consequences of his action,but rather because he was afraid what would happen to the girl the captain had kept if he didn't get her off the ship. So, he stole a life boat and took the girl back to his home village. He explained to his mother what had happened, and asked her to look after the girl. His mother asked why couldn't he? He could stay, but he made it clear that wasn't an option. The sea was too much in his blood and he would never be content to stay upon the shore for long. The girl will need constant care and beside he believed that the touch of a man would hinder in her healing rather than help. 

More than that, he was a wanted man. Those of Adrealia might not have any jurisdiction here, but that did not mean they couldn't reach this small village. He did not wish to see those of the village suffering for his decision--even if it had been the right one. His mother understand and agreed to watch after the girl. She told him that she and the girl moved away from this village. The Adrealians knew he was from this village and this will be the first place they will search for him. It was only natural to return home when one is in trouble. There was no way of predicting what they would do if they discovered the girl here--especially if the captain managed to survive Avery's attempt to kill him. She decided that it was best they moved inland--away from the sea. Everyone knew how much his mother loved the sea and would never expect her to move away from it. They would believe if she moved to another village that it would be a seaside village like this one. 

Avery felt guilty, but his mother ensured him that he had no reason to. He had done the right thing by rescuing the girl and she couldn't be more proud of him. The least she could do was ensure that his rescue attempt was not in vain and that she did her best to keep the girl from living in fear of being captured by her tormentors again. Avery's mother packed her things and took the girl inland to live within one of the villages there, and Avery decided to join the pirate crew that happened to be docked within the port at the time. It was the very same one he was going to join before his mother convinced him to join th Adrealian navy.  He figured that if he was going to be branded a traitor he best go all out. Not only that, something told him that these pirates had more honor than the captain he had killed and his crew. It was a feeling he was quick to learn he was right upon. Sure, they pillaged and plundered, but never once did Avery see them preform atrocities anywhere near what he had seen being done aboard that Adrealian navy ship.

Being a pirate was everything Avery dreamed, and than some. He rose quickly within the ranks and became first mate of the ship he signed up on in no time, and eventually captain in every aspect beside name. The captain became sick with the wasting sickness. A horrible illness that is more often the result of a curse than a virus. There was no known cure and many believed that Avery should just kill the captain and take the ship for himself. This was not something Avery was willing to do. He knew why they wished for him to do such a thing. They did not wish to see their beloved captain suffer and fear what he would become once the madness took hold. Yet, Avery could not take his life. The captain was his friend. More than that he had become somewhat of a father figure for Avery. They ended up not having to worry about what would happen when madness took hold. The captain had seen the wasting sickness in action first hand, and decided to take his own life before the madness could truly take hold.

The death of the captain hit Avery and the rest of the crew hard. He was beloved by all of them, but they knew they could not dwell upon his death long. They said their goodbyes and than return back to their duties with Avery being their captain. Avery turned out to be a good captain. Better than he believed himself capable of and some said better than the previous captain. He took their ship all over  not only the waters of Asmiara but others worlds, as well. During this time he made many friends and enemies, but most of all he faced any challenges that he came upon as a human. This was something he pride himself upon. That is until he met her---a woman named Faith whom hailed from a world called Earth. He met her in a tavern and she was being bugged by a powerful supernatural being. Without hesitation he leapt to her defense. He was always quick to leap to a beautiful woman's defense, and this was no different.

Yet, within  his mind there was something different about Faith. Something that made her stand about from all the other women that came into his life. Some would claim that the action had been an foolish one, and the two of them might have perished that day if it wasn't for the fact that's Faith's friend came to their rescue. Still, the action lead him to making a friend---several friends if one is honest--and there is nothing wrong with that. He asked Faith to come aboard his ship. She would be his good luck charm. She refused his request at first. She had something to take care of first, but she would be most welcoming of his friendship. Avery accepted her terms. He didn't know where their relationship will take them, but he wasn't going to blow it before it had a chance to sail. They developed a beautiful friendship---one that he cherishes with all his heart. 

It was through this friendship that he met the Goddess Aine---the creator of Asmiara and the witches, whom in turned created the other species of his home world. They became lovers, and she even came aboard his ship to live the life of a pirate for a time. However, being whom she is she cannot stay upon his ship forever, and comes and goes to deal with whatever needs to be taken care of. This doesn't matter to Avery. Sure, he misses her, but he understands he has responsibilities. More than that he will never be the type of man that ties someone down. The decision to stay or go will always be completely theirs. Life moved on until the faithful day that he would no longer be human arrived. Faith approached him. She had been looking into unraveling the mystery of a mirror she found and believed she had found it. She wanted to know if he wanted to come along. Of course, he did. Avery was always up for an adventure and this seemed like it would be a good one. 

They came upon an ancient place where this ancient being was sealed away. They would learn his name was Devaraj and he lived many eons ago before written history. In fact, they learned much of their history had been erased. Devaraj had wished to rewrite the universe--to create one without pain of any kind. It was an action that would have destroyed everything, and so actions was taken to seal him away. He eventually broke free, but once again he was sealed away. This repeated multiple times over the ages. So when Devaraj was released from his prison it might have simply been time, but he turned towards Faith and acted as if it was she whom hold sole credit to his newly found freedom. Avery having now idea what Devaraj intention towards Faith was leapt to her defense. A decision that enraged Devaraj to no extent and he turned Avery into a dragon. 

There were others gathered that day and they might have convinced him to turn Avery back, but a witch-goddess by the name of Briar only fueled that fire. Avery believing that the  situation was going from bad to worse decided to take Faith and flee, and together they decided to see if they could figure out a way to break the curse. Avery was trapped as a dragon. He could not take the form of a human. In fact, any attempt to would result in his mind becoming that of a mindless beast. Devaraj had made it so he either had the body of a beast and the mind of a man, or the body of a man and the mind of the beast. Avery and Faith searched far and wide for any clue to how to break the curse, but it soon became clear that the only way to break it was through the one whom casted it in the first place.


They tracked Devaraj down. They didn't know what  to expect. They didn't know if they could convince him to change Avery back, or if they were only going to make things worse. They only thing they knew was they had to try. It appeared they were not the only one whom wished to talk to Devaraj that day--Sloane, a woman whom had been Devaraj lover and whom had been there the day Avery was cursed, was there now as well. Together they convinced him to give up on his quest to rewrite the world. Mostly, it was Sloane, but regardless Devaraj broke the curse on Avery so taking the physical form of a man did not change his mind into that of a beast. He was still a dragon, but he was like any other dragon that roamed Asmiara. He could change his physical form from man to beast at will. There is other abilities that comes with being a dragon as well, and perhaps that comes with being changed into a dragon by a being that change his entire genetic make-up. He doesn't know all the powers he possesses, but he is certain time will reveal that answer. More than that, he had made a new friend. Both he and Faith told Devaraj that they wished to be his friend, and Devaraj took them up on their offer. 

Avery returned to his ship with Faith in tow. He made the same offer he did when they had first met, and she took him up on it. There is no way of knowing what the future might hold, but for now he will show a beautiful woman from earth wonders that she never dreamed of. He will take her to any destination her heart desired, and watch as her eyes light up as she sees for the first time all the beauty of the universe--some he had already seen for himself and others which will be as new for him as they are for her.

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  • She just smiled at him as he placed her hands on the wheel. "Oh?" She said tilting her head. "I forget those are like common on this world. Such places are actually against the law where I come from not that I see a problem when done right. It provides a service as long as people are treated well and aren't like forced into it." She laughed. "I don't know about that but we shall see." She looked over at him. "Mom was never really one for such things more the sit on the beach and watch the waves then go out on them."

    It was so strange how very different their backgrounds were it just went to show you friends didn't have to have the same upbringing. "It is remarkable because it was your home and you are remarkable."

  • She certainly hoped so. She stood in front of the wheel making faces at it unsure where to even begin. She glanced up. "Where did your mom work? Was it like a tavern?" Was that the term places like bars held here? "You seem good at it to me but I know nothing. I mean we had a sailboat as a child and my dad took us out but it ran on a motor and was a totally different thing. Mostly I would just stare over the ledge while my sister read her books. "And you got your wish. So that counts for something."

    She was ready to see it all. She had no idea what her future might be but for now she wanted to go with him. As a matter of fact the idea of leaving him made her kind of sad. "Oh? That sound pretty cool. Sometime you should. I would love to see where you grew up."

  • She certainly hoped so. She stood in front of the wheel making faces at it unsure where to even begin. She glanced up. "Where did your mom work? Was it like a tavern?" Was that the term places like bars held here? "You seem good at it to me but I know nothing. I mean we had a sailboat as a child and my dad took us out but it ran on a motor and was a totally different thing. Mostly I would just stare over the ledge while my sister read her books. "And you got your wish. So that counts for something."

    She was ready to see it all. She had no idea what her future might be but for now she wanted to go with him. As a matter of fact the idea of leaving him made her kind of sad. "Oh? That sound pretty cool. Sometime you should. I would love to see where you grew up."

  • "Well...maybe." She said as she looked at him biting down on her lower lip. It might be alright if he was there. "Who taught you to sail?" She said the question just suddenly popping into her head. He best be careful she'd drive him crazy making him take her places. That was good she didn't want him to go to the same old places just for her that might be dull for him. 

  • She about squealed when everyone started running around. She had not a clue what they were doing but it seemed like a good thing. She had no idea what that was either but what the heck it was new and that was good enough for her. She shook her head. "Are you crazy if I do that we will go around in circles all day." She made a spinning notion with her fingers as if to show her point as she sort of jumped up and down in place.

  • She let out a giggle as he spun her. This was a great way to decide at least in her mind. She was pretty sure that other people would not agree with her in the slightest. She moved faster and faster till she came to a stop her finger pointing east. "It looks like we go that way whichever way that is. Port of something." She honestly had no clue she just said what popped in her head, She was pretty sure if she was steering they would have crashed or went in circles, maybe both at the same time. 

  • There was no arguing that point. They had both gained something that day. She wasn't sure if she was the greatest treasure but some said friendship was so it counted.  She tilted her head as if debating for a moment before she closed her eyes. "Spin me." She said hands out as she waited for him to comply.

  • "It is. I suppose people do sillier things for love. Right?" She supposed somethings were all in how you looked at it. She just laughed. "Good to have friends to bail you out of a tight spot." She hadn't been sure what to think that day. She was flattered and well glad for the help and it had lead them to being good friends, so there were no regrets. "It could have been forever. We got lucky and made a friend.I think maybe someone might like us like the powers that be. Wait they do. You have a goddess for a friend." She said with a giggle at her own joke.

    "That is a fair way to put it. It might just be I am a crazy loon."

  • "Yes indeed they are. This one tricked himself into a wife." She wasn't sure how Cia would feel about her saying that but it kind of was the truth. "That and the fact we are both masters at hiding behind tables." She said in reference to the first day they had met. The day he offered to take her on his ship sometime said she was pretty. The thought brought just the slightest of coloring to her cheeks. "That is true. Though it does get me in my fair share of trouble. Like getting my friend turned into a dragon."

    She nodded. "Hmm that is hard but I think the heavy rain it feels like the world is nothing but water pouring down and the sky is so dark than a flash and it lights up and a boom and your heart jumps."

  • She laughed. "Dasan his name is Dasan and he is a demon. Married to my friend's cousin and he is a bit of a mischief maker but sometimes I think you are too." She said reaching out to boop him on the nose. "Might be like...umm..we call them doppelgangers. There is a theory that says everyone has a look alike out there somewhere. I don't know if I buy it but either way it is an interesting idea."

    "My mom might have said it for the same reason. My sister was always the calm one." She nodded her head. "I bet. I used to love the beach growing up but mostly I loved the rain. Most people they would run inside not me. I would stand and let it pour over me the sand turning to mush under my feet."

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"He moved closer to her, grabbing her hands and placing them upon the wheel. "More loike a brothel. Through, dohs from bigger cities wud 'av consider it too low class for such a 'onor." He smiled at her words. "Yer 'ill rival sum av de greatest sailo…"
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"It was going to be alright with him there. Avery was no fool. He knew she had little to no sailing experience. It would be extremely stupid of him to hand over the reign of his ship to her without giving her a few lessons, and he loved this ship too…"
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""Yer won't be steerin' it by yerself. I'll be roi dare roi yer." As she said anywhere on this world was new. By the goddess, anywhere that wasn't earth was new to her. He could take her off world. His ship could do that. Travel to other worlds. See…"
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"It did not matter what others thought. This was his ship and he given her the right to select their next course. How she went about doing that was her business. If she wanted to spend hours staring at a map, reading about different places and than p…"
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"No, there was no point in arguing the point, because it was a valid point and she knew it. She was the greatest treasure. It wasn't just because she was his friend. That only made her even more valuable. He didn't wait a second to comply with her re…"
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""Aye, dat they chucker. People chucker lashings av things in de name av love." He smiled at her words. "Lads are gran' ter 'av period." He hadn't either. He didn't come into the tavern to make a new friend or find a new crew for his ship. He simply…"
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""Dat is pure tricky." If it was the truth than this Cia should have no problem with it, at least that is how Avery sees it. The truth might be hard to swallow, but so was a lot of things that were good for you. He never recall taking a medicine that…"
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""A demon? Oi 'ear sum av dem can change their shape. Tricky things." He smiled when she bopped him upon the noise. "Aye, jist a wee bit. Me mom says oi got it from me da." He turned his head to the side, pondering her words for a few moments. "De un…"
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"It did feel good to be out of his dragon form. Mostly it felt good not to be stuck in that form. He suppose if he had been born like that he might not have an issue with it, but he had been born human and truth be told he was rather fond of his form…"
Nov 20, 2017
Avery Sinclair left a comment for Faith Colt
"Never in a million years had Avery thought he would become a dragon. He had pride himself on remain human in a world swarming with the supernatural. Of course, some part of him knew that his luck would run out. He would either be killed or changed b…"
Nov 20, 2017
Avery Sinclair and Faith Colt are now friends
Nov 20, 2017
Avery Sinclair is now a member of Writer's Realm - Roleplay
Nov 20, 2017