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Human Appearance: Rather small at 5'3, with long golden blonde locks with hints of brown. Pale skin with hints of cream, rosy red lips and cheeks. Startling oceanic blue eyes that are a mirror to her emotions despite the fake smiles. Petite and agile. 

Wolf Appearance: Being a Werewolf she stands at 5ft from shoulder to paw. Despite being an Arctic wolf she has shades of brown and grey similar to a Timber Wolf. Usually her fur is long and silky, but with the amount of travelling it may have fallen into slight disrepair, with clumps and dirt. Ayesha's eyes remain blue in this form. 

Personality: Ayesha may come across timid and defensive against males, but within she's a fierce protector and within certain circumstances it will show, no matter who it's up against. A past has unfortunately taught her to avoid males of her species and not trust them due to the backwards run pack she had fled from. Once Ayesha befriends someone she will be as loyal as they come, keen to help out and assist with anything she's capable of acheiving, unwilling to back down in the face of danger especially if it's to defend or protect someone she cares about. 


Lennie, a beautiful young timber wolf met the man of her dreams when she was 16 years old. An ancient meeting of Alpha's gathered in one area to discuss pack politics and the ever present, increasing threat of a group called 'The Saviors.' A band of humans that hunt and murder Werewolves, even going so far as to experiment on them in an effort to find a cure to their 'disease.' Lennie's crush did not go unnoticed by her father who then went as far to discuss marrage plans with the boys father. And so Lennie and the boy who was called Vince became mates and she moved with him to the Arctic to be with him and his pack.

It wasn't until she arrived that Lennie realised the true horrors of living in such a secluded area, how out of tune they were with the more modern packs. Vince made sure she fell in line and taught her the rules of behaving appropriately within his pack, but blinded with love she gained freedom within the household, but Vince's father disapproved and took matters into his own hand beating and abusing the young female everytime she disobeyed. Fretful at losing his young love so soon, Vince challenged his father for the position of Alpha. It was a long grueling battle but eventually the old Alpha fell and Vince took his place, but despite having the power of changing the laws he never did, fearful of losing the respect of his male members. 

Then Lennie fell pregnant with his first heir, a young kicking baby boy. Vince was overjoyed and when his son was old enough was taught the ways of the pack and how to be an Alpha. When she fell pregnant again, her son grew jealous at the prospect of having to share his parents affection with another. 

It was a beautiful baby girl.

Born and raised within an arctic pack heavily run with a strict patriarchy. All the females were nothing but workers consisting within the cabins. Cleaning, tidying providing pups and cooking meals for the males, they were not allowed to speak unless spoken too, never allowed to directly meet the gaze of a male, and were often beaten for any slight indescretions. 

Ayesha had an elder brother who was being trained to become the future male Alpha of the pack, whilst Ayesha was being taught how to follow the rules and stay out of the way. Her mother died when Ayesha was only 7yrs. Heartbroken her father doted on her, even to the point that she had more freedom than the other females but strictly within the house. Her brother disapproved.

Thriving on the attention and growing fast in beauty and stealth her father ended up making a drastic decision. Being an Alpha born female she was to become the mate to the Alpha of the rival pack as a peace treaty. A short meeting between the pair horrified the young female. Daggar was cruel and vicious ruling his own pack with an iron fist. Terrified at the prospect of being mated to such a violent person, Ayesha acted upon instinct and fled the country. 

It is unknown whether he will be pursuing her to drag her back to her fate. 



Promised to an Alpha; refuses to comply. 

Cold icy bue hues rimmed in red lacking any compassion, expressive with cruelty and sick desires would stare at his prize. Porcelain skin blemished with scars and snow white hair pulled in a low ponytail. He was lean but toned an exquisite deadly sight. One that promised tales of horror and pain. Ayesha had an immediate dislike to her promised mate but she had no choice but to go along with their planned date organised by her father.





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  • ||So sorry for being so late to reply, I’ve been going to a lot lately and haven’t really been too motivated to write...||

  • Casey offered Ayesha a small smile, clearly not used to talking about what she was to anyone, so the conversation was hard for her. “Well, as far as I’ve tried, I can only turn into mammals and birds. So, don’t need to worry about me turning into a snake.” Once they were inside and sitting down, she seemed to calm down a little bit. But still, she was on edge. Being around and talking to people made her seem anxious. 

    “A whole deer and a couple hares is a lot more than a human eats in a day, yes. So...I guess my amount of hunger is normal then, huh? I buy enough groceries for a family of four every week. I just...didn’t know if that was...normal.” Casey felt weird saying the word “normal.” Like, it couldn’t be normal, could it, it eat that much? But, it did make sense that shifting into a werewolf or whatever would burn a lot of energy. Then again, “shifting” wasn’t “normal” either. 

    Casey nodded when Ayesha said that she had a sharper sense of smell. It was true. That she knew for sure, since after she changed for the first time, she noticed all of her senses were a lot sharper than they had been when she was a human. “You do smell like a dog. But, not in a bad way.” She quickly added the second part as to not seem insulting. “I mean—you smell like a wild dog. Like nature. Like...trees and grass and...” Casey tried off, looking down quickly. It felt so weird to talk about this with someone else who didn’t think she was crazy. It made her worry. Looking back up at Ayesha, she tilted her head to the side. “Is it...a bad smell? My smell, I mean...”

  • To Christian, it seemed he and D'laney hadn't moved at all, but that the world around them had changed.. Suddenly, the bright green of the forest was replaced by the grey walls of a large room. There was nothing in it but the two of them, and D'laney took his moment of confusion to step back a few paces. 

    Like a T-Rex, her movement seemed to trigger his attention; dark eyes fell on her and he began to near. "Where did they go?"

    " Your Earth. She's with the saviors." The hunter's expression told her this was the wrong answer. "Whoa, wait, stop. It was the only way to get you out. Didn't she tell you anything?" 

    Here Christian paused, and D'laney began to explain. The hunter wouldn't have bothered to listen to a word of it had Ayesha not attempted to warn him. He decided, at least until he knew where he was relative to Ayesha, to put his trust in this woman at Ayesha's word. He waited for her to reveal their next move.


    Ayesha supposed the male understood, though it was hard to tell. He no longer wore any expression and offered no gesture to suggest he agreed to their terms. He simply stood; D'laney noticed he did not sway or shift as he did so, in spite of his injuries. It gave her the feel of being in the presence of a robot -- an enemy drone, reprogrammed now into stand-by mode. She didn't like it. 

    "Alright then. First, medical. Then clothes and weapons. When her position stablizes, we can jump to that location. I'd explain the tech that brings us here and there but I don't get it myself, I just use it." 

    The male did, however, follow her faithfully, and in robotic fashion offered no complaints or questions; not during surgery, where advanced tech removed the bullets and closed the wounds, nor during their trip to the armory, which revealed a wealth of weapons, some common, others futuristic. Waiting for Ayesha to keep still felt like days, though it only took hours. During which, the only time Christian seemed to show signs of life (apart from breathing, she supposed) was at mention of the girl.

    "The female..the she your...friend? Sister? Wife, maybe?" Here Christian looked at her but said nothing. "I want you to know I have someone I care about, too. That's why I'm doing all this, helping you. I know what it's like. I can put you inside the gates, but not the building, might end up inside a chair or something. You get in, find her, get out and make it back to me. I can back you up, but my cover can't be blown, I can't be seen. Once your back, remember, you owe me. I will be needing your help in return." 

    The cube began to pulse again. "I ain't sure what yer angle is," the hunter said finally. "But either way, I ain't gunna forget what you've done."  Then, once more, they were gone. 




  • D'laney removed a small, brown, glowing cube form her pocket and seemed to fiddle with it secrectively as she spoke on their way down.

    "I was sent for him, yes. Command is interested in what an omni-tech Walker might look like -- they wanna make him one of us. And if what that woman in the house said about him is right, I think that's a real bad idea." She stopped, turning to Ayesha once more. On her finger tip was a small square, thin as paper. Carefully, the placed it into Ayesha's fur. "This is a tracker. It'll dissolve into your skin and function for 24 hours. Wherever you are at that time is the last location we will have of you. It's where I will bring Christian. After that, well...I'm going to need you to help me, and you may not like it but I promise to do whatever I can to keep you both out of much as I can..." 

    There wasn't much more time for detail as they reached the bottom. Not far, Wayne's men could be seen moving in on one location. D'laney hung back.....


    Christian stood with his back agaist the tree, staring indifferently into the distance as the team closed in on him. It wasn't until Wayne spoke and Christian realize he was the leader that the hunter looked up, first eyeing the gun, then the man. Then he slowly leaned his head back agaisnt the tree, closing his eyes and breathing deep with a nod. "She was. But to be clear, was yer life I was lookin to trade." 

    Christian expected the sound of gunfire, or perhaps the feel of it, but instead there was rustling among the men. When he opened his eyes again, he saw Ayesha, and stared in shock. Her words registered, but only partially. "Ayesha, what are you doin?!" 

    "No." He commanded, attempting to step forward when she offered herself, but his bad leg gave slightly. A moment later, D'laney emerged from his left, holding a gun, trained on Christain in one hand, and a small glowig cube in the other. Christian watched her with confusion as she got close, dangerously close, with spare glaces at Ayesha. 

    "My commander would be very, very unhappy about that, Lieutenant. The male comes with me. I brought you the female like I said. I believe this completes our contract. We may or may not be in touch again. Gentlemen, good day." The light from the cube began pulsing and D'laney looked at Christian. About the time she admitted to bringing Ayesha there his look of confusion had become one of piercing fury. D'laney only hoped Ayesha had explained, because in the next moment, the both of them were gone, without so much as a sound or a trace left behind. 



    "I was just like you for my life. I know what it's like. I know what it's like to be caught, too. I don't want to do that to somebody else, not again. I can't make any promises, but if you care about the male, uh, you're friend, you don't have a whole lot of options. Now...the plan." D'laney hadn't had a plan until now, and even now...

    "We have to stop them from killing him, first. And the only way to do that is to make him useful." She looked Ayesha over a bit regretfully. "They think I came here for the male. You can trade yourself to them and they will hand him over to me. Hopefully. Then, if you're boyfriend doesn't pull my head off too, the two of us can get you back. I have access to tech you wouldn't believe." D'laney smiled but it faded quickly. "But then I need your help. I have people I care about I need to help too and I can't do that if I go around helping the enemy, you got it?" 

    She felt crazy trusting someone she had just tried to capture, but Ayesha couldn't be feeling any more secure about it. "Come on, we can talk about it on the way down." She began walking ahead of the walker, a dangerous move, and hopefully a gesture of trust. 



    In the bursh Christian could hear the lieutenant giving orders. He and the man shared a perspective: both recognize the threat in front of them to be as serious as they were, and that the safest option was retreat, but neither could. The same desire -- the find Ayesha once again -- kept them in position against one another. 

    But Wayne had the advantage. Christian waited -- he had to. If he moved early they would all know exactly where to fire. When Wayne gave the order, he ran. Like a bullet himself the wolf dashed through the brush as hundreds of small explosions seemed to go off around him. The dash was brief, to the nearest, largest tree he could find, and already he felt a line of fire race through one leg and graze another. Then a peircing numbness in his side. At the tree he lowered himself against the base and became human again. He surpressed a groan and waited as the barrage finally stopped.

    Attack was no more possible than retreat, now. He waited. They would catch him, but Christian figured he could make a stand here, or delay things at the least. 


  • "Alright, I understand," Rey said with a small nod, appreciating the fact that Ayesha was strong enough on her own and didn't exactly need a protector. Rey was more or less offering it as a courtesy.

    "Lead the way," Rey said with a smile as she followed Ayesha into the trees. Rey was honestly glad to be out of the big city, the forest felt much more comforting. She was careful to stay at Ayesha's side and to not get lost. At this point, she wasn't sure if she could find the Falcon without the other woman's help. "This is quite the detour," Rey said after a time, taking note of how non-linear the trail was.

  • Ayesha's words  alone were jarring. Perhaps it was because the wolf echoed a thought that had been in her head since taking this mission -- what the hell was  wrong with her? After surviving the hell of the lights cutting out in her time, D'laney had spent over a year running, hiding, trying not to be the victim of a kidnapping, trying not to end up in the enemies hands. And now, she was that enemy, inflicting the same pain onto someone else. 

    With the third gun shot, D'laney noticed the concern Ayesha had for the male wolf. Had they been in human form, Ayesha and Christian would be no different from D'laney  and Les. And what would Les say about what she was doing?  

    "I'm not..with the Saviors..." She mumbled, but she was completely distracted by thoughts of Les and her team. So much so that when she focused again the wolf had leapt off. D'laney raced to the edge, looking over. "Wait! Stop." Her weapon had been aimed over the side with her view, but she lowered it now. She felt confused, like she no longer knew what she was doing, but was going to do it anyway.

    "If you go it alone they'll catch you. If he's alive they'll use you to catch him, or him to catch you. With my help...maybe you can keep both your lives." D'laney holstered the gun, and leapt off the side of the cliff as well. She hit the ground hard, into a tumble. There were minor injuries when she rose but she paid them no attention, they'd be gone in minutes. "I'm not a Savior, I don't care want a prisoner. I'd much rather a willing ally. Let me help you, and if we survive all of this maybe you can return the favor." 

    The move was risky for them both, especially considering D'laney hadn't quite worked out how to salvage her mission if she lent these two a hand. One thing at a time, she told herself.



    Christian could hear the orders issued loud and clear, recognized the voice giving them and committed it to memory. Lieutenant Wayne and the inhuman female. Now he had two targets. 

    With the enemy fanning out Christian knew he couldn't afford to let them take control of the situation. Another patient wait, until just one of them was in position, and Christian leapt into attack again. They wasn't time to kill the man, but knocking him from his feet Christian tore into his calf...ensuring he wouldn't join the chase at least. But immediately there was gun fire. Dirt exploded in little packets around him as the man covering Christian's victim opened fire. He took off again, beginning to lead them in a circle. Christian was buying time and space for Ayesha to escape, but all the while reducing his own. 

  • After she had left, Virian had promptly made his way into the kitchen and began gathering things for omelettes. Not to toot his own horn or anything, but Virian was incredibly good at making omelettes. It wasn't the only thing he was able to make-- in fact, Virian was quite a talented cook-- but he always craved them whenever he had been travelling. For a fleeting moment, as he was cutting a red bell-pepper, he hoped that she'd like it. His thoughts were then interrupted by her arrival, and he turned his head towards her.

    Ayesha was her name, he now knew. It was strange that he hadn't thought about asking her before, but then again the situation hadn't been a good one. Dropping the knife, he extended his own hand before taking hers and shaking it. His own hand was quite cold, but he was used to that. Nodding his head, some wild curls bouncing around, he replied with a kind smile. "I am Virian."

    At the mention of hares, he glanced towards the fridge. That didn't sound bad at all. "Ah, that's good to hear. So do you cook?" His golden eyes flickered back to her, dark eyebrows lifted as he was curious.

  • D'laney only kept moving with the sound of the gun shots. She assumed the Saviors had simply caught up with the male. The wolf was fast, and she assumed it was going to take everything she had to keep up. But when she hit the ground again she found Ayesha only a few yards away. The gun trained on the walker immediately. 

    "I don't want to have to shoot you, but I will. Hear those gun shots? You don't have to end up like your boyfriend. Play it smart." Her eyes flickered around, wondering herself how she was going to lead a dangerous creature like a walker down a mountain. "Let me see your human form." 

    D'laney edged a step or two closer, her eyes fixed on the wolf but her ears peeled. She didn't know for sure where the male was. 


    The hunter paused. Under normal circumstances he would strip the man and let him go. He wasn't a direct threat to Christian. They weren't here for him, but the hunter wasn't here for mere sirvival.

    "We all make our choices. Can't always be the right one." He squeezed the trigger and the third gunshot rang out. He dropped the body he held to the floor and looked around. Three down wasn't nearly enough to make a difference. He couldn't carry a gun as a wolf, nor could he hope to survive this as only a man. Tossing the gun into the bushes he focused again on becoming the wolf.

    In a moment he took a smell of the air and lifted his ears. There were a lot of them, and by the sound of it getting closer. With a growl a slipped into the bushes once more. These men were trained, connected by radio, and knew exactly what they were dealing with. A smart decision may have been a full retreat, but that much hadn't occurred to the hunter; not yet. 

  • It was a good thing D'laney had been briefed on the way Walkers communicate, or she might have thought she was loosing her mind. The walker was right, though. She hadn't come this far just to shoot Ayesha. Plus, doing so would mean she would have to bring the male back alive. More trouble than it was worth if the witch was right. In her distraction she hesitated. She was still in the middle of a split decision -- shoot to kill, or to injure? -- when she pulled the trigger anyway. Her subconscious answered for her, the bullet cast just ahead of the wolf, striking the ground near the edge of the cliff and causing the rock to fracture and fall away. D'laney cursed. The wolf was moving -- or quite possibly falling, D'laney couldn't tell because the second after she pulled the trigger she leapt off the side of the cliff she stood on. The land onto a lower platform was harsh. Her ankle shifted but would heal fine in about three minutes. She ran one it anyway, intent on closing the distance. Wherever the male was wasn't here, and this was D'laney's advantage. 

    She ran to the next ledge and jumped again, not concerned with minor injury. If the wolf was running, D'laney would be close, weapon drawn. If the wolf had fallen, she would be right on top of her. Then it would be just a matter of keeping her at gun point until the Savior arrive, or until she could lead the she-wolf back to them. 


    Christian waited. The three walking were not even walking towards him, but rather to where he'd been a moment ago. From behind them and to the left he stalked, silently closing space.  He could knock them from their feet, crack bones in his teeth and tear out throats, but that wouldn't be sufficient. No, what he had in mind was riskier, but for a reason. When he was near enough, rather suddenly, the large wolf became a large man. 

    Standing naked behind the three Christian kicked the man at his right in the side of his knee. If the joint hadn't broken it was surely dislocated.. To his right, Christian grabbed the man's head in his hands and twisted sharply. The sound of the neck popping was drown by the first man's yelling. Christian caught the limp, falling body, and in the same motion removed the pistol inhis holster was holding. This was what he'd changed for. Without bothering to look Christian shot the man with the broken leg in the side of the head, the trained the gun on the man in the lead, who had turned and readied a weapon, but found the larhge, naked hunter, more or less hiding behind the body of his friend. 

    "Take out yer radio...tell 'em you shot one of the walkers...other one got away." 

    Naturally there was hesitation, and Christian fired a round close enough for the man to feel the air at his face. "Go. Call it."

    Two gun shots -- well, soon to be three -- and a fake report ought to grab a lot of attention. And Christian, being Christian, didn't trouble himself with wondering if it were more attention than he could handle. For now, moving them away from Ayesha, and close enough to kill, settled all his needs. 


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