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Human Appearance: Rather small at 5'3, with long golden blonde locks with hints of brown. Pale skin with hints of cream, rosy red lips and cheeks. Startling oceanic blue eyes that are a mirror to her emotions despite the fake smiles. Petite and agile. 

Wolf Appearance: Being a Werewolf she stands at 5ft from shoulder to paw. Despite being an Arctic wolf she has shades of brown and grey similar to a Timber Wolf. Usually her fur is long and silky, but with the amount of travelling it may have fallen into slight disrepair, with clumps and dirt. Ayesha's eyes remain blue in this form. 

Personality: Ayesha may come across timid and defensive against males, but within she's a fierce protector and within certain circumstances it will show, no matter who it's up against. A past has unfortunately taught her to avoid males of her species and not trust them due to the backwards run pack she had fled from. Once Ayesha befriends someone she will be as loyal as they come, keen to help out and assist with anything she's capable of acheiving, unwilling to back down in the face of danger especially if it's to defend or protect someone she cares about. 



Lennie, a beautiful young timber wolf met the man of her dreams when she was 16 years old. An ancient meeting of Alpha's gathered in one area to discuss pack politics and the ever present, increasing threat of a group called 'The Saviors.' A band of humans that hunt and murder Werewolves, even going so far as to experiment on them in an effort to find a cure to their 'disease.' Lennie's crush did not go unnoticed by her father who then went as far to discuss marrage plans with the boys father. And so Lennie and the boy who was called Vince became mates and she moved with him to the Arctic to be with him and his pack.

It wasn't until she arrived that Lennie realised the true horrors of living in such a secluded area, how out of tune they were with the more modern packs. Vince made sure she fell in line and taught her the rules of behaving appropriately within his pack, but blinded with love she gained freedom within the household, but Vince's father disapproved and took matters into his own hand beating and abusing the young female everytime she disobeyed. Fretful at losing his young love so soon, Vince challenged his father for the position of Alpha. It was a long grueling battle but eventually the old Alpha fell and Vince took his place, but despite having the power of changing the laws he never did, fearful of losing the respect of his male members. 

Then Lennie fell pregnant with his first heir, a young kicking baby boy. Vince was overjoyed and when his son was old enough was taught the ways of the pack and how to be an Alpha. When she fell pregnant again, her son grew jealous at the prospect of having to share his parents affection with another. 

It was a beautiful baby girl.

Born and raised within an arctic pack heavily run with a strict patriarchy. All the females were nothing but workers consisting within the cabins. Cleaning, tidying providing pups and cooking meals for the males, they were not allowed to speak unless spoken too, never allowed to directly meet the gaze of a male, and were often beaten for any slight indescretions. 

Ayesha had an elder brother who was being trained to become the future male Alpha of the pack, whilst Ayesha was being taught how to follow the rules and stay out of the way. Her mother died when Ayesha was only 7yrs. Heartbroken her father doted on her, even to the point that she had more freedom than the other females but strictly within the house. Her brother disapproved.

674928456?profile=RESIZE_710xThriving on the attention and growing fast in beauty and stealth her father ended up making a drastic decision. Being an Alpha born female she was to become the mate to the Alpha of the rival pack as a peace treaty. A short meeting between the pair horrified the young female. Daggar was cruel and vicious ruling his own pack with an iron fist. Terrified at the prospect of being mated to such a violent person, Ayesha acted upon instinct and fled the country. 

It is unknown whether he will be pursuing her to drag her back to her fate. 



Promised to an Alpha; refuses to comply. 

Cold icy bue hues rimmed in red lacking any compassion, expressive with cruelty and sick desires would stare at his prize. Porcelain skin blemished with scars and snow white hair pulled in a low ponytail. He was lean but toned an exquisite deadly sight. One that promised tales of horror and pain. Ayesha had an immediate dislike to her promised mate but she had no choice but to go along with their planned date organised by her father.








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- I'm over the age of 18 and I'd like my fellow writers to be as such. If you are younger, please inform me so that I can write appropriately for that age. 

- If my character is in a relationship with yours it is strictly roleplay. I don't mind creating friendships outside of roleplay. 

- Under no circumstances (unless it is discussed) is anyone allowed to kill or permanently disable my main character. Sub characters I don't mind. 

-Lastly I'm a self taught editor. I do like to edit pictures of my characters with others, so I hope nobody minds if I randomly do one. 

- No drama unless it is in the story.


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  • (I can begin if you like. What setting do you want? Location for them to cross paths where Cassie attacks whoever is hunting Ayesha)

  • (One thing they got is valuable.  Blood. Always lf value to vampires. Heh. Meeting her in a black Ayesha broke into can work. Especially if someone who is hunting her , finds her, only to be attacked by Cassie)

  • Casey looked down at her food, almost not feeling hungry anymore. Almost. With a sigh, she picked up her burger and took a few bites before putting it down. “I was raised on those stories, too, the stories about how werewolves are child-eating monster and we should fear the unknown...I-it’s even harder, when I don’t know what I even am. I’ve tried researching and going through old books and internet archives from other countries and...I just can’t find anything that makes sense. Maybe whatever gods or forces of nature there are just decided to fuck with me...” 

    Casey took a deep breath and stopped talking. She needed a moment to calm herself down. Of course she had thought about all of this before, since she changed and ran away. But she had never said it out loud to someone else, obviously. It’s not like she had someone to talk to who wouldn’t fear her or think she’s crazy. When she opened her eyes again, she looked into Ayesha’s and listened to her, but...she couldn’t take it to heart. She might not ever be able to. She wasn’t just ashamed of herself—she was scared. What if animal instincts took over and she hurt someone? What if she could never change back to a human again one day? There was just so much she didn’t know. 

    Eventually, she gave Ayesha a sad smile and shrugged. “Thank you, really, but it might be a while until I’m proud...” Casey went back to eating. 

  • Technically they had been united for hours; he could feel her, touch her,  but it was not until Ayehsa softened in their kiss, until her arms snaked over his shoulders much the way his own curled around his waist that he felt he'd gotten her back. She couldn't know, but as they parted temporarily, what he heard from Ayehsa was also a request and a demand, one he intended to deliver on. The next kiss was a seal of the contract. 

    Her touched against him was relaxing, years of tension melting away for the moment beneathe her hands, the soap and the beating water. Her tease, or the fact that she was, seemed to missed him at first, and for a moment or so all he could see in her was just how easily he could loose her. But then, literally in a blink, the look was gone, and then replaced with a slight grin. 

    "I'm beginnin to see that." His hands slid over hers, gathering some of the soap before he lay them just over her collar bone on either side, curving them over her shoulers, down her back, and then back around her middle. From there, they traced over where tears and gashes had been, helping to wash away the dried blood. The skin beneath was smooth and perfect, and made him think briefly on Omni's role in helping them with the Saviors. But he forgot them just as quick.

    "I never been much a gambler...." He said leaning towards her again as his hands fell along her hips, then lower, curling in around her thighs just under her rear. He grabbed her, and as he stood straight, she came up with him. "But I'm willin to bet it does get better than that..." 

    His lips met hers again. 

    Fate seemed to have a bounty out for their lives, and the Hunter would be damned if he missed this opportunity to explore that was between them. 



    Dreams of combat, of killing, of death weren't nightmares for D'laney, they were just reflections of her reality as she slept. Even though Serum-3 allowed(more like forced) her to recalled her dreams, she never paid them much attention. But tonight's was different. She dreamt of Mark. Oddly, he wasn't mad at her for teaming with the walkers. In fact, he wanted her to introduce Christian to the Commander ASAP. He kept encouraging it, smiling that cynical, devious smile he had. It was enough to creep her out, and when she did awake, she decided instantly to do whatever was in her power to prevent that meeting from happening. She didn't know why, but if it was important to Mark, it felt important that it didn't happen. One more parameter to navigate. 

  • Christian watched D'laney go with mixed emotion about her still. She felt trust worthy, the trouble was she acted like someone who could not be trusted at all. But he would return to judgement on that later. For now, her arm in his, Christian left the medical room with Ayesha. Once outside, he scanned the hall up and down. It was all pretty uniform and grey. Christian noted it was lit just enough to avoid appearing dim, but never noticed a light source. 

    "Yep, I don't see how we could sleep in here otherwise." He answered with a glance back at room one. 

    In the next nearly monochromatic room he stood patiently, rather monotone himself, as Ayesha went through the clothes and accepted the pants she'd handed him. "Wouldn't bet on it." In reguards to color. "I'd say there's no way they ain't military, but what's the army doin sendin soldiers like them after someone like us. It doesn't add up..." Being in situation that brought more questions than answers was the nature of his business, his life. What was new in this instance was that Christian was interested in asking the questions this time. 

    A pause at the door of room five, where he nearly bothered to consider the question seriously. But with a glance down at her he nearly smiled. He reached forward, placing his hand over hers and turning the handle to open the door. "I don't mind, either." 

    Inside, the room was exactly the same size as all the others. The floor was bare, but soft, and only two shower heads were visable, both mid way into the room, on the walls opposite each other. There were no mirriors or towels, only singular bars of soap on dishes just under the shower heads. He dropped his clothes down by the door(there didn't seem to be any other place for them), and having never released Ayesha's hand, proceesed to the shower head on the left. There were no knobs or handles to operate at all, but when Christian got near enough, the water sprang to life, surprise attacking them both. Spitting some from his mouth he wiped his face. 

    But it wasn't until just then, the moment the hunter turned to her again, catching her eyes just past the wet tangle of hair, that he realized in full what they had just been through. How close they had come to being separated, and how much just the idea seemed to sit impossibly with him. Instinctively, he moved the few strands of hair from one side of her face, but his hand lingered there. His palm pressed against her cheek, fingers curled gently around the back of her neck as he leaned down, his forehead nearly touching hers. "Ay, don't you ever get away from me again..." The words at once seemed both a statement and a question, a request and a demand. But the hunter didn't seem to have much interest in her response, not verbally anyway. His lips pressed against hers and he stepped in to close their space even further. 



    D'laney stood at attention. The Commander was ignoring her for now, reading a holographic report only he could see. Or maybe it was nothing at all and he was intimidating her. There was no need. Her heart thundered in her chest and she felt sick. She didn't care about the punishment the Commander might  impose for Mark's death. Omni punished you for shit you couldn't help all the time. They did it so you'd never imagine doing something wrong on purpose. She was about to lie to the Commanders face, break half a dozen codes and steel Omni tech in the process. If they killed her for her plan, she'd be lucky, and after this conversation, there was no turning back. 

    "So we lost Mark." 

    "Sir, yes sir. Decapitated, sir. He didn't agree with my plans and went ahead to scout...gravely underestimated the walkers in my opinion."

    "Clearly. And yet it's strange to me your back here, unharmed, ready to report."

    "Sir, my enounter with the walkers was very different. I.."

    "No, no D'laney. I mean alone. You lost a man of mine, and turned up here empty handed, without a walker. Very bold move, soldier."

    "Sir, as I've said, my experience was different. I did not kidnapp a walker because I believe I've recruited a pack."  The Commander's face seemed indifferent but his prolonged silence suggested otheriwse. "Pack leaders sir, I have befriended two of them. The alpha male and female. They are just like animals, wherever the Alphas go, the pack follows. They enjoy complete loyalty."

    "Something I envy. So you've made friends, is that all?"

    "No sir. If we can convince them they will have power here, instead of being hunted like they are in their world, they will come here and work for us. Willingly, sir, a pack of nearly thirty. I've transferred both the alphas to the safe house. They want to see us, understand us before they bring their people here. See how the world's changed. But that isn't all. I believe with these two I can complete mission Sia. They are dogs, sir, like bloodhounds. I will deliver Sia, and the pack of thirty to your command. Hoping, with your approval, to see my team returned home safely." 

    The commander was thinking hard, she could tell, but about what she could not. 

    "I bet you think you know what the zero protocol is." 

    "Failsafe, sir. It allows you to...turn off any Omni soldier who might get out of line."

    "Turn off is a vague term. It allows me to destroy the synapses in your brain. Done all at once, sure, it's like turning you off. A quick death. But did you know I don't have to do it all at once? I can blow apart say, 20 percent of theneural connections, making you a vegetable. A thinking, feeling, vegetble. You bring me anything less than what you've promised D'laney and I'll bring your team back. I'll turn Les into an eggplant and let you water him in the decay outside. We clear on the terms of this little plan of yours? It isn't your place to plan missions. Don't you ever step so far ahead of yourself again. Now get out of my face before I decide I don't want to run a dog kennel. Go."

    And so D'laney left as quickly as she could. Step one was over, and she'd survived. Now that the hard part was out of the way, she just had to convince the two walkers she'd left to risk their lives to complete her mission. If she didn't hijack project Sia by the time Omni figured out those two didn't have a pack, Omni would likely kill everyone involved. Everyone except her and Les, she was willing to bet. There was a lot to be done. But first, sleep. 

    [ That was longer than I intended...I am going to include the last of the details when D'laney actually speaks to our mains and anything after that we will just wing as we see fit. ]

  • What may have been jest woke Christian up to a realization: he had developed a weak spot, one that allowed people like D'laney, at least to some degree, to manipulate him. And worse still, he had no desire to be rid of it. His gaze had shifted toward the door D'laney exited as he held onto Ayesha's hand, listening as she went over the most crucial points to their dilemma, but he wasn't able to give her his full attention. Something was nagging him. A feeling, something obvious, yet subtle. Familiar, yet he'd never felt anyting like it before. Ayesha's question brought him back around.

    "Yeah, I do. And whatever happens, we don't split up again. I can throw that gal a lot farther than I trust er but if she isn't playing us, I owe her something."


    D'laney reentered the room. It had been closer to five minutes than twenty but she didn't have much choice. She did her best to hide how flustered she was but doubted she did a good job. "I'm sorry. I thought I would have more time but I have to go and answer for...Mark. You're safe here. This is room two. Room three has cots in it, four is the kitchen, five the head -- er, bathroom. 36 hours, I won't be anymore than that." 

    "And if you are?" Christian asked calmly. 

    "I won't be."

    "Why shouldn't we leave while yer gone?" 

    'Because I saved your life, stitched you up, got back your girlfriend and I'm providing you with a safe place to eat and sleep for 36 hours. Because I'm being straight with you and you both owe me. And because this location is suspended 20 miles in the air over an island near Africa. The only way in or out is to jump, and I have the jumper." She held that same cube in her hand.  "I will explain everything when I get back, I swear it. Everything. Until then, patient. Please." 

    Christian's mind forked for a moment on two paths. One, where he rushed D'laney and secured that glowing cube. Then other, where he went with his gut, and allowed the woman to leave. 

    After several moments D'laney took the Males continued silence for compliance. She glanced a moment at Ayesha, before slowly backing out of the room. In a moment, she would be gone again. 



  • The nearer they got to the inhuman, the more Christian began to add things up; he should have done it long ago but it wasn't until now that Ayesha was beside him again. D'laney wasn't saving them, she was acquiring an assest. Two. He had half a mind to turn he and Ayehsa off their course, away from D'laney and into the night. If D'laney was lying, she was probably more dangerous than dealing with the Saviors and Ayesha's injuries together. But, if she wasn't...


    D'laney watched as they neared. She had to admit, a big part of her didn't think the two could pull it off, and yet here they were. She felt Christian len himself against her, and placed her free hand on Ayesha. Then, like waking from a dream, the world changed. 

    The room ws large, open and bare. It was well lit though the source of light was no where to be found. Immediately D'laney concerned herself with details in the glowing cube. She was breaking all kind of protocol by bringing them here in the fashion she was. 

    "Hell, I really wasn't sure you were going to pull that off. You surprised me, nicely done." She cringed at her own words, because they were the commanders words. She had to remind herself she hadn't kidnapped these two, even if she was using them. "I'm sure you both have a lot of questions...oh..." Glancing up from being busy with her device she saw that Christian had already assumed his human form, and was tending to Ayeshas injuries, which at a closer look seemed more severe than she thought. "Right. Medical.  Uhm, if you can pick her up, follow me, you know where it is." 

    The medical room was very similar to the room they arrived in, only here there were rows of dentist chairs. Once there, D'laney suggested a chair to them. "Just set her down, it'll do the rest. You're in good hands here. I'll...leave you two alone -- I'm sure you want to talk -- and come back after the surgery. Say, 20 minutes?" 

    The Omni tech would use light work, a series of  multi-colored lasers, to repair her injuries. It was hardly painless, but far from torture. D'laney wasn't just leaving so the walkers could gather themselves, it was so she could gather herself, too. She had a lot of explaining to do, and hadn't really considered their refusal. If they turned her down, Omni would know she hadn't followed protocol, and they would probably figure out why. Funny how just the change in location made her as dependant on them as they had been on her just moments ago. 


    Christian watched her go without a word, then looked down at Ayesha again. Her injuries pained him to look at, and hurt even more to imagine what had happened to her before he arrived. "I should've gotten to you sooner..." 

  • She could posses the corpse of one and pretend to be a wolf or take over the body of one and pretends to be a wolf. Using that as a form to leak intel. Or we can go with her hunting the men and find the compound. 

  • The smell of the night air again was invigorating, even if it carried the heavy scent of the enemy; perhaps because Christian hadn't been entirely sure they would make it this far. And judging by the sounds around him -- men yelling, marching, running, loading and handing out weapons -- maybe they wouldn't make it much farther. But the only option was to try. He broke into a sprint.

    No. Not yet. And I ain't really sure, a military base of some kind. But...the time was all wrong.

    He said with a glance at the moon again. The Earth's position, relative to the sun and moon, had always been known to him, and based on how long he was gone, it seemed impossible they were in the places they were. He wanted to convey how much this trouble him, but glancing back he realized he was only putting distance between he and Ayesha. Realized how badly she was hurt. He slowed, and noticed the Saviors were not firing on them. This was not revenge for them, but business: a contract, a hunt. They wouldn't stop.

    Only a little further. He assured once he was beside her again, looking ahead in the direction D'laney should have been. It occurred to him that D'laney and her people could simply be a worse version of the Saviors. But at the moment, they did not have the luxury of second guessing.

    D'laney expected chaos, a hail of bullets, maybe even an explosion. Instead, she watched the Saviors persue in diciplined, organized fashion. Packing up her things she was a little jealous before moving out to greet the two wolves. Omni soldiers could never operate the way these men did, but she wasn't sure if that made them less, or more dangerous.

    At some distance away she stood, the small cube pulsing in her hand, the other waving vigorously for them to hurry up. She could see the struggle in the females run and felt a bit og guilt behind it, but quickly covered it up with the assurance that she was getting them out of there. She also decided not to dwell on what she was getting them into.

    "Let's go!" she shouted into the night. She would need all parties to have a hand on her to leave, and only hoped the Saviors didn't get a glimpse at ther little magic trick. She didn't want to admit it, not even to herself yet, but D'laney had every intention of not just coming back here, but staying. 

  • Now is Ayesha the one who is being captured? I was thinking for fun. Eretria could also “let “ herself be captured. Just so they can take her back to their base, where she can break free and cause all sorts of havoc. Like summoning her giant fire breathing snakes for one ;) 

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