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Human Appearance: Rather small at 5'3, with long golden blonde locks with hints of brown. Pale skin with hints of cream, rosy red lips and cheeks. Startling oceanic blue eyes that are a mirror to her emotions despite the fake smiles. Petite and agile. 

Wolf Appearance: Being a Werewolf she stands at 5ft from shoulder to paw. Despite being an Arctic wolf she has shades of brown and grey similar to a Timber Wolf. Usually her fur is long and silky, but with the amount of travelling it may have fallen into slight disrepair, with clumps and dirt. Ayesha's eyes remain blue in this form. 

Personality: Ayesha may come across timid and defensive against males, but within she's a fierce protector and within certain circumstances it will show, no matter who it's up against. A past has unfortunately taught her to avoid males of her species and not trust them due to the backwards run pack she had fled from. Once Ayesha befriends someone she will be as loyal as they come, keen to help out and assist with anything she's capable of acheiving, unwilling to back down in the face of danger especially if it's to defend or protect someone she cares about. 


Lennie, a beautiful young timber wolf met the man of her dreams when she was 16 years old. An ancient meeting of Alpha's gathered in one area to discuss pack politics and the ever present, increasing threat of a group called 'The Saviors.' A band of humans that hunt and murder Werewolves, even going so far as to experiment on them in an effort to find a cure to their 'disease.' Lennie's crush did not go unnoticed by her father who then went as far to discuss marrage plans with the boys father. And so Lennie and the boy who was called Vince became mates and she moved with him to the Arctic to be with him and his pack.

It wasn't until she arrived that Lennie realised the true horrors of living in such a secluded area, how out of tune they were with the more modern packs. Vince made sure she fell in line and taught her the rules of behaving appropriately within his pack, but blinded with love she gained freedom within the household, but Vince's father disapproved and took matters into his own hand beating and abusing the young female everytime she disobeyed. Fretful at losing his young love so soon, Vince challenged his father for the position of Alpha. It was a long grueling battle but eventually the old Alpha fell and Vince took his place, but despite having the power of changing the laws he never did, fearful of losing the respect of his male members. 

Then Lennie fell pregnant with his first heir, a young kicking baby boy. Vince was overjoyed and when his son was old enough was taught the ways of the pack and how to be an Alpha. When she fell pregnant again, her son grew jealous at the prospect of having to share his parents affection with another. 

It was a beautiful baby girl.

Born and raised within an arctic pack heavily run with a strict patriarchy. All the females were nothing but workers consisting within the cabins. Cleaning, tidying providing pups and cooking meals for the males, they were not allowed to speak unless spoken too, never allowed to directly meet the gaze of a male, and were often beaten for any slight indescretions. 

Ayesha had an elder brother who was being trained to become the future male Alpha of the pack, whilst Ayesha was being taught how to follow the rules and stay out of the way. Her mother died when Ayesha was only 7yrs. Heartbroken her father doted on her, even to the point that she had more freedom than the other females but strictly within the house. Her brother disapproved.

Thriving on the attention and growing fast in beauty and stealth her father ended up making a drastic decision. Being an Alpha born female she was to become the mate to the Alpha of the rival pack as a peace treaty. A short meeting between the pair horrified the young female. Daggar was cruel and vicious ruling his own pack with an iron fist. Terrified at the prospect of being mated to such a violent person, Ayesha acted upon instinct and fled the country. 

It is unknown whether he will be pursuing her to drag her back to her fate. 



Promised to an Alpha; refuses to comply. 

Cold icy bue hues rimmed in red lacking any compassion, expressive with cruelty and sick desires would stare at his prize. Porcelain skin blemished with scars and snow white hair pulled in a low ponytail. He was lean but toned an exquisite deadly sight. One that promised tales of horror and pain. Ayesha had an immediate dislike to her promised mate but she had no choice but to go along with their planned date organised by her father.

He is the one

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  • Rey followed Ayesha, enjoying the pleasant walk through the trees. The young woman loved the smell of the forest, she couldn't get enough of it.

    "Alright," she said as she watched the wolf run off towards the cottage. At first, Rey simply assumed this was Ayesha's home, but after observing the way she was acting, the Jedi was starting to have second thoughts. Did she just witness a home invasion? And theft?

    When Ayesha approached her with the question, Rey shrugged her shoulders and was somewhat at a loss for words. "Um, I guess so. I'm not from here so I guess I wouldn't know." She chuckled but then glanced back at the house. "Did you just...steal from a stranger's house?" She asked, sincerely hoping she was wrong.

  • Christian leapt silently from the trees again, striking his mark and stifling his scream as his jaws clamped in around his windpipe. Warm blood, still pumped by the heart ran over Christian's teeth. His own heart was racing, the blood running through his muscle alive with adrenaline and power. With a paw, Christian pushed the weapon out of the man's hands before letting go of his limp neck. 

    When he picked his head up to Ayesha, another voice came through the radio in her mouth. Instantly, Christian imagined where they were. He didn't have to imagine long. The scents were faint, but he was sure he could detect the distance, approaching. He could see himself stalking them down, tearing them apart one by one. Ayesha's question only aplified the imagry, made him want it more. 

    No yet, he said regretfully. Kill too many too fast they'll know it was planned. Better they don't know how dangerous we are. He surpressed the violent thoughts, though they hardly went away. He grabbed one of the Saviors by the arm and dragged him into the bushes, proceeding to do the same with the rest. The longer they took to find, the better. Then, coming up beside her, he gave her a nudge with his head. Let's go.


    D'laney kept silent, taking in the information. She had to remind herself she wasn't a soldier, not a real one, in order not to take Wayne's words personally. He didn't understand what Omni was, how they operated, what was expected of her. It didn't matter. 

    Witches, magic. Every dimention had it quirks, but they weren't usually so human related. She didn't like the quiet enjoyment Wayne seemed to take out of all this. Out of their hunting the male especially, but then again she wasn't completely worried either. The things she had tackled in the past...

    "Thanks for the heads up...we'll keep him under control if need be. It's what we do." 

    She had a feeling that was going to be put to the test. 

  • I have a week off which means I can get in plenty of replies. :)

  • D'laney listened closely to the details that developed. Mark, for the most part, stared out the window like a caged dog. 

    Adriana wasn't the sort to take the ramblings of a desperate captive seriously, but she wondered if Wayne knew about the male -- about it being more than just a walker. She wondered if maybe that was why the deal was so easy to strike, and if perhaps she shouldn't nab the female instead and cut her looses.

    "With all respect, Lieutenant, what was all of that back there? About Death, and witches? You assured me we were dealing with Walkers. Should I have brought more men?" 

    She didn't give a damn if she lost Mark. She cared that if she lost him she would have to do all the dirty work, or rely entirely on the Saviors. 



    A slight tug of his head, yanking his ear from her playful nip before he too moved into position among the bushes. He prepared himself and waited quietly. The last time he did this he had commanded an entirely different body He could hear them talking amongst themseles, hear excitment and anticipation in their voice as they neared, following the flase trail. 

    It didn't take long before they caught up. Envisioning the attack, he explained to Ayesha, forgetting not only could he talk, but he didn't have to whisper.

    We'll work our way up from the back. I'll take out the end, you take out the middle. Watch yerself of the lead, he might fire. 

    He watched then as the lead went by, tightening his muscles, adjusting himself. 

    "Hey," the one in the center asked, passing Christian. "why do you think they left their car so quick?" 

    Christian's paws pratically dug into the ground. He waited until the final man crossed through the break in the tree he stared through and leapt, a sudden flash of black that struck the Savior and took him off the path into the trees and brush on the other side. Their was no yell, only a short, violent shuffle of leaves. Then Christian broke off, running out in a semi circle through the brush to come around for the leader. If he aimed on Ayesha while she struck, Christian would have a clear strike. If he was ready for Christian, then Ayesha should. 

  • The young woman nodded and was glad that Ayesha had made her decision. Rey stood up and wiped the dirt away from her knees before following the wolf down the path.

    "Don't worry, I can take care of myself," Rey assured after Ayesha gave her warning. If Rey could contend with Kylo Ren and the First Order, then surely there was nothing she couldn't face. Rey did consider the fact that her clothing may have been a bit out of the ordinary, but she also didn't see anything wrong with it.

  • As soon as the bar door opened, and a breeze from outside flowed in from the outside, Casey inhaled the scent of...something else. It was something she had smelled before, but not for a long time, and she never found out what it was. Her shoulders tensed, but she kept her eyes forward, at the tap and pint she was filling. She didn’t want to spill—and didn’t want to look to see who had entered carrying that new scent. They weren’t human, they might know that she wasn’t either, if she looked too suspicious. The scent kept getting stronger, as if the person—creature—was getting closer. And then, a question. 

    Casey put the now full pint on the counter, turning around to look at the new woman at the bar. That scent, it was so strong now. It must be... “Yes, you can, soon as you show me some ID.” To be fair, Casey would have asked that question whether or not Ayesha smelled different. The blonde looked young, almost too young to drink, and Casey was a bartender. ID was mandatory. 

  • Rey sighed in relief when she realized that Ayesha wasn't actually angry at her. She had seen the wolf flash her teeth and knew that she did not want to mess with that.

    "Hm...I see," Rey said as she brought a palm up to her cheek and thought about what had been said. "Well, I came here to find force-sensitive beings, and it seems like I'm going to run into them regardless of which path I take. So what do you want to do about this? Lead the way, and I'll follow," Rey said earnestly with a small smile.

  • Mark hung around anxiously beside D'laney, trying to keep his agitation under control. When the van pulled up, he rolled his eyes. "You've got to be kidding me.." he muttered, but D'laneys energy was cold, she didnt even acknowledge him, so when she climbed in, he did so as well. But inside resentment was building. He wasnt some subordinate to a hunting party...someone had to make that clear soon. 


    Christian didnt understand what she found funny, not realizing he was communicating imagery with her as well, but ignored it. He just about plowed into her, cocking his head slightly as she explained her idea.

    It was perfect, perfect in the sense of what he would do naturally. Risky, but the narrow window of success also meant it would have a big pay off if done right. He turned and looked in the opposite direction, hesitant. It was difficult to calculate as coldly as he once did in this form. The wolf was more connected, naturally loyal.

    He recalled their first fight together. How he hadn't hesitated to use her as bait for an advantage- barely even asked her permission. It seemed impossible, but if they were going to survive he would have to be that Christian, in this form. 

    We'll have to go fast. C'mon. Turning the rest of his body he began to run, but carefully, still minding his tracks. 


  • "Oh..." Rey said quietly in understanding. This was clearly the wrong question to ask. Through the force she could feel Ayesha's rage and contempt. Swallowing nervously and shaking her head, Rey resumed a neutral tone.

    "I'm sorry, I can see that I've upset you. I won't ask about them anymore," she paused and scratched the back of her neck awkwardly. "Although, if you want me to help you fight them, I feel more than prepared to do that."

  • There was fury and rage in Mark's eyes, but he choose to direct it at D'laney, who just about ignored him. She held onto his arm for a few minutes longer than necessary while giving Wayne a confirming nod. Then, turning to Mark she spoke through gritted teeth.

    "Mark, I dare you to fuck this up for me. I really do." She let him go, and proceeded to walk outside. Mark watched her go. He hated to be told what to do, but D'aleny didn't just out rank him as a soldier, she out classed him. It was best to piss her off only so much. His eyes drifted back to Brin. 

    At the moment his hands were tied, but revenge wasn't off the table, and she was not off the list, yet.

    "Let me just say, son." Brin said looking to meet Mark's gaze. "I do hope that you are able to catch up to the boy." She smiled genuinely at him, and with a grunt Mark began to follow D'laney and the others. 



    She's crafty, Christian responded, his interest piqued at this idea of a dragon. I ain't never seen a dragon but..I wouldn't want to have to deal with her.

    Brin and Christian seemed to have a mutual respect for eachother that went back ages. He put the old witch out of his mind, not needing distraction.

    Walking without leaving a trail quickly became a second nature to him, the most trouble stemming from keeping track of four feet as opposed to two. Christian looked up ahead at the mountains reaching up for the sky as Ayesha explained their general plan. It had hope. but Christian had cornered many a bounty that retreated to the mountains before. Only now, he was beginning to see how the desperate could see hope in the rocks. It gave him mixed feelings. 

    Just then the scent of human drifted across his senses. He slowly slightly.

    Someones close..he said thoughtfully, realizing they had a fine line to walk. It made fine sense to kill whoever got close enough to track them, but then there was the issue of the bodies. Leaving them lying around would be like drawing arrows in the ground toward their location. But, it might be worth it to know what their enemies next moves would be. Do they communicate by radio? He envisioned carrying a walkie-talkie in his mouth as he ran. 




This reply was deleted.

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