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Human Appearance: Rather small at 5'3, with long golden blonde locks with hints of brown. Pale skin with hints of cream, rosy red lips and cheeks. Startling oceanic blue eyes that are a mirror to her emotions despite the fake smiles. Petite and agile. 

Wolf Appearance: Being a Werewolf she stands at 5ft from shoulder to paw. Despite being an Arctic wolf she has shades of brown and grey similar to a Timber Wolf. Usually her fur is long and silky, but with the amount of travelling it may have fallen into slight disrepair, with clumps and dirt. Ayesha's eyes remain blue in this form. 

Personality: Ayesha may come across timid and defensive against males, but within she's a fierce protector and within certain circumstances it will show, no matter who it's up against. A past has unfortunately taught her to avoid males of her species and not trust them due to the backwards run pack she had fled from. Once Ayesha befriends someone she will be as loyal as they come, keen to help out and assist with anything she's capable of acheiving, unwilling to back down in the face of danger especially if it's to defend or protect someone she cares about. 


Lennie, a beautiful young timber wolf met the man of her dreams when she was 16 years old. An ancient meeting of Alpha's gathered in one area to discuss pack politics and the ever present, increasing threat of a group called 'The Saviors.' A band of humans that hunt and murder Werewolves, even going so far as to experiment on them in an effort to find a cure to their 'disease.' Lennie's crush did not go unnoticed by her father who then went as far to discuss marrage plans with the boys father. And so Lennie and the boy who was called Vince became mates and she moved with him to the Arctic to be with him and his pack.

It wasn't until she arrived that Lennie realised the true horrors of living in such a secluded area, how out of tune they were with the more modern packs. Vince made sure she fell in line and taught her the rules of behaving appropriately within his pack, but blinded with love she gained freedom within the household, but Vince's father disapproved and took matters into his own hand beating and abusing the young female everytime she disobeyed. Fretful at losing his young love so soon, Vince challenged his father for the position of Alpha. It was a long grueling battle but eventually the old Alpha fell and Vince took his place, but despite having the power of changing the laws he never did, fearful of losing the respect of his male members. 

Then Lennie fell pregnant with his first heir, a young kicking baby boy. Vince was overjoyed and when his son was old enough was taught the ways of the pack and how to be an Alpha. When she fell pregnant again, her son grew jealous at the prospect of having to share his parents affection with another. 

It was a beautiful baby girl.

Born and raised within an arctic pack heavily run with a strict patriarchy. All the females were nothing but workers consisting within the cabins. Cleaning, tidying providing pups and cooking meals for the males, they were not allowed to speak unless spoken too, never allowed to directly meet the gaze of a male, and were often beaten for any slight indescretions. 

Ayesha had an elder brother who was being trained to become the future male Alpha of the pack, whilst Ayesha was being taught how to follow the rules and stay out of the way. Her mother died when Ayesha was only 7yrs. Heartbroken her father doted on her, even to the point that she had more freedom than the other females but strictly within the house. Her brother disapproved.

Thriving on the attention and growing fast in beauty and stealth her father ended up making a drastic decision. Being an Alpha born female she was to become the mate to the Alpha of the rival pack as a peace treaty. A short meeting between the pair horrified the young female. Daggar was cruel and vicious ruling his own pack with an iron fist. Terrified at the prospect of being mated to such a violent person, Ayesha acted upon instinct and fled the country. 

It is unknown whether he will be pursuing her to drag her back to her fate. 



Promised to an Alpha; refuses to comply. 

Cold icy bue hues rimmed in red lacking any compassion, expressive with cruelty and sick desires would stare at his prize. Porcelain skin blemished with scars and snow white hair pulled in a low ponytail. He was lean but toned an exquisite deadly sight. One that promised tales of horror and pain. Ayesha had an immediate dislike to her promised mate but she had no choice but to go along with their planned date organised by her father.


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  • Patience, Christian reminded himself. Key to every hunt is patience. The reminded became necessary the more often he considered that she may have left the forest and risked the field. If that happened he had played his cards wrong and should have stayed outside the forest in watch. Her lead ahead of him would be wide and growing by the hour, by every day he roamed these trees. But his gut told him to keep roaming.

    Then, he took a step too far, or maybe too close. He froze as the growled rippled through the air, knowing what came next. He tucked his head, rised his shoulders and pivoted on one foot. Not in enough time to avoid the blow, but in order to prepare for it. Knocked from his feet he hit the ground hard and rolled. Adrenaline surged and muscles reacted from memory. As they did, he heard the snapping of jaws. Heard that they weren't snapping into his arm or shoulder, his head or neck. They were a pace or so away. 

    He came up from the roll not on his feet but nearly to a knee, his hand wrapped neatly around the handle of the revolver kept in his jacket. The hand, however, remained in the jacket as he eyed the wolf. This was a dangerous middle ground. A limbo, between life and death. If the wolf decided to lunge, he would have only a fraction of a second to draw and fire a perfect, fatal shot. If he missed, it would be game over. 

    But the wolf only circled menacingly, and while Christian's eyes remained on it, he otherwise kept still. What could have only been a few seconds seemed to drag on, and if Christian was aware of the danger to his situation, or irony to his words, he didn't seem it.

    "Dangerous game, not goin for the kill. Not the kind of gamble yer kinds known for."

    The comment was meant to be testing, provoking. If he was wrong about her, even a little, of one them was probably going to die in this forest. If he was right about her, and didn't handle this properly, the outcome would probably be the same. But so far, they were both still alive; so far, so good. 

  • That would be fine. Can you start us off? 

  • You had to be in a bad way to know Christian was a hunter. Only two types of people fit the bill: the very desperate, or the already damned. At least, that was the way it was once. Nowadays it seemed people -- and not just people, but any god-damned thing -- with money and power could get a hold of a hunter. Maybe it was for the better, it meant people were waking up, and that there were others who saw it all just like him. 

    This time, skinwalkers had made contact. That was unusual, but not as unusual as what they wanted: one of their own. A pack that couldnt find one of their own meant it didn't want to be found. Christian had no way of knowing how unusual that was but that fact wasn't what interested him.

    Naturally he met them in the woods. Christian came alone, like they asked. And everyone who was offering payment was present, as Christian required. Seven showed in total, likely because Christian had not said "only" those offering payment. He would find the girl, bring her back, and collect what was due. But first, she had to be found.

    That meeting was three weeks ago, and today Christian found himself on the outskirts of a forest. Not because he had just arrived, but because he had been through it, end to end, without a sign of her. The trail went cold among these trees. Maybe it was as sign he had come the wrong way. Or, maybe it was a sign he was exactly where he needed to be, and his target was simply more careful than he could expect. Hunting a skinwalker was no easy task... but catching one alive? He struggled to remember hearing of such a thing.


  • Ayesha made Kane hungry, hungry for her body mind and soul.. Both of there inner Demons wanting to ravish one another’s body’s, he wanted to taste every inch of her skin.. but for now all he could have were her lips which was perfectly fine with him. Kane’s large strong hands clutched onto her waist and down her back while they’d share a few more long tender kisses. 

    Feeling her light body lift off of his he grinned with a smirk when she spoke of a nice cool shower and bed.. His eyes hungry to see her bare skin Kane would node “ Perfect “ The two made there way up the stairs and down the hall to his large room, Kane had a very large bed with a beautiful  large California King wooden polished bed set. A large fire place took over his wall space before his bed as well another large furry carpet before it, his room a dark almost burgundy red color with silky back sheets - pillows. Inside Kane’s bathroom was a large shower with a sliding glass door, water poured like rain from the ceiling with black marble walls inside.

    Now In his bathroom he’d turn on the water, while he heard Ayesha speak “ Any decision I make they respect. Don’t worry, I can tell they already welcome you. “ Kane knew sex was an important thing that a male and female got to share in life, of course Kane lost his long ago when he was a teenager to his first love.. Sense he’d had lovers, but nothing ever serious to were he felt the need to imprint on any woman. Ayesha was very much different, a woman he could see himself Imprint on. The thoughts left his mind as there they stood before one another, Kane’s hazel eyes watched her carefully as he moved closer .. Keeping his composer to rip the cloths straight from that little frame his mind wondered in thought of every detail her petite little frame would show. Only inches apart Ayesha would see Kane lift his black t - shirt before her, his upper half now bare as he waited for her to do so.. He wanted to be sure she was comfortable with everything.

  • While there lips lingered along each other’s the tensesion grew deeper and deeper, and more intense by the second. Feeling her tongue Ayesha would feel Kane’s tag along, exploring her lips and mouth . . . Kane’s heart began to pound deep from within his large chest while without hesitation Ayesha would crawl onto Kane’s lap now straddling his lap, his large hands searching Ayesha’s thighs and little waist pulling her more into his embrace.

    When Ayesha would pull away he’d open his hazel hues searching her deep blues, his breath deep as he groaned with self control. “ First kiss ? “ Kane of course did not mind, it was actually different for him to see that a female her age hadn’t kissed a man before. If this was her first kiss she had to still be a virgin, not that Kane cared he just never seen nor met a woman so pure and innocent these days. While Kane brought one hand to her waist the other moved to her jawline, overlooking her facial features. “ Are you comfortable, I don’t want you to feel as if I’m over stepping my bounds “ Although Kane was an alpha and so many men would take advantage of that thinking they could do whatever they pleased he wasn’t anywhere near that way, she was a precious jewl he wanted to keep safe and hidden away from the pain and suffering of the world.

    The Fire crackles as the music was quiet, the both of them of course tipsy and slightly drunk but still fully aware of there actions. He clenched his jaw while he leaned up kissing along her soft almost velvet like skin, his hand moving through her blonde locks to the back of her neck.. He had no intent on going any further, he just couldn’t get enough of her smell and taste. Ayesha would hear Kane’s deep voice in her ear “ I.. I dont want anyone else to be able to taste you, touch you.. hold you “ Kane spoke along her neck beside her ear warmly.

  • When she spoke about her dream of stealing all of the women away from her old pack and bringing them with her to than have an all women pack so they then could all be free.. He grinned warmly “ No, not silly at all. It’s very corageuous and brave of you.. Also I’m sorry for your mother’s loss “ Kanes hazel eyes looked warmly at her before he than felt her ocean eyes now on him, glancing towards her he watched her as it felt for the longest moment that neither of them looked away once.

    Ayesha would lean up a bit as they sat there on the couch, it was more than obvious the two of them felt something ..  although It had roughly only been 48 hours it didn’t matter, they had learned  more about one another in that 48 hours than a lot of people would in the course of months of getting to know each other. The both of them quiet Kane watched as she came closer, her secant so soft and lips so alluring he felt the urge to have this woman.. But Kane had a very strong sense of control as well. Her plump lips hovered over his while the both of them would than feel the warm breath of the other, trying so hard to control himself there lips only inches apart he watched as Ayesha would nervously sink back down like she may have done something wrong?

    Reaching over Kane would slowly reach over while she’d feel his hand touch her waist gripping it slowly as he’d once again pull her closer, letting her know she did nothing wrong .. and he felt this to. After moments of them hesitating Kane would lift her chin towards him her now plump rosy lips revealed to his eyes. Than Ayesha would feel his warm lips place upon hers, his thumb rubbed against the hem of her shirt and along her warm bit of skin that showed on her side.

  • While Kane would finish stoking the fire he’d place the metal rod off towards the side slowly he’d feel the warming presence of Ayesha touch the living room, turning he took his glass of whiskey with a handsome grin “ Already know my favorite “  Drinking back some of the strong golden liquid that added more to his large buzz he watched Ayesha’s frame as she so quietly tip toe’d her way over towards the couch, while she sat she grabbed a blanket patting the cushion beside her .. It was so damn inviting her tone, those ocean eyes, that little affectionate smirk her full rosy lips would form hell who could say no?

    Placing himself beside her on the couch he sat, the warmth of her touched his skin beside him while the fire began to warm the house slowly. Letting himself sink into the couch he grinned hearing Ayesha wished to run the territory to get used to all the smells and land around her that could now be her home. “ Of course you may, I have some things to later In the morning. “ Kane took a big inhale as his fingers brushed along his dark hair before taking another long sip of his whiskey. The only light was in the kitchen above the stove that was very much dim as well the light from the flames and moon.. Reaching over to a small remote he’d switch on a electrical record player as music began to touch the air, it was old time music that his mother and father used to listen to when he was a young boy. Grinning warmly he realized Ayesha had been so open with him yet he wasn’t being as open with her, his eyes stayed locked to the fire dancing within that stone built fire place before he began talking after a moment “ This was my mother, grandmother, and grandfathers pack. My mother when she was very young moved to Hawaii for college, my grandparents weren’t of course very please of her choices. Long story short she met my father, got pregnant with me.. Than shortly after married my father. When I was very young my father got the villages sickness that was going around and he passed away, my mother completely and utterly lost it and herself ever sense... “ Kane stayed quiet watching the flames before him, he handed spoken to anyone about this.. of course his pack and grandmother knew everything but none ever dared to talk about it with him. Kane glanced over to Ayesha before he would sightly smile “ That’s why I’m very tan, much different looking compared to my pack, but they brought me in with open arms the moment my mother and I moved here.. and my grandfather taught me everything I know.  “ Drinking back the last bit of his whiskey Kane would lay back more into the couch.

    Kanes hazel orbs would glance to her hand laying on her lap, reaching out head take it into his own.. while it was as if his thumb traced the patterns along her palm. He would than make contact with her ocean hues smiling warm “ I’m glad you ran into my territory “ His voice sincere warm and kind while he spoke.

  • While they sat he could see Ayesha was  beginning to relax, while the two of them listen to the music and the crackling of the fire. It was really hard for Kane personally to see a woman cry, he remembered many nights as a child hearing the sobs and screams of his mother after his father passed from the village sickness going on back in Hawaii years ago. The memory was thankfully fading as he'd felt the warm of Ayesha’s arm intertwine with his, Kane let her rest on his shoulder while they watched and listened to the fire and music. Until she’d than speak in his ear “ You’re handsome.. My Alpha, will you dance with me “ Kane’s hazel orbs glanced over towards Ayesha as he grinned warmly “ Of course I will “ Beside the fire he stood why he let down a hand helping her to her feet, slowly they’d begin to dance and sway to the strums of the guitar and the woman’s voice singing along to the sweet melody.

    Kane’s large hand laid along her small waist on her backside, while he would glance down at her not realizing until now how tiny she actually looked compared to him. Ayesha cheeks flushed & stained a baby pink color, while her ocean eyes starred up at him . . . Her lips so plump and rosy red like they were just begging to be touched. Her hair, those golden locks glowing from the light of the flames behind them. “ I wouldn’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, ever. “ Kane knew she missed her father, but she didn’t miss what came with him.. his pack and her promised peice of shit excuse of a man. Soon the music would stop and everything basically became quiet, other than whispers of cleaning in the background and many saying there goodbyes. Kane kept his gaze on her he didn’t care what was going on around them and that everyone was leaving, Kane’s hand would brush her cheek kindly as he oberlooked her face once more “ You are beautiful “ Kane new it wasn’t just the alcohol speaking sense of course then moment he’d seen the she wolf she was more than gorgeous, it didn’t take a lot of notice it.. but with her looks came the quality of her mind and that was his favorite part. His people would kindly interrupt as he’d up pick up everything and say his goodbyes.

    In the truck it was warm while he turned on the heat slightly, making there way up to the highest peak of the mountain back towards home. The ride was quiet but not in a werid or bad way, the music played on the radio until they would hit Kane’s drive.  Inside he placed his keys down onto the table while he walked over placing A few more brand new logs of wood into the fireplace, lighting the fire he stopped the word as the flame slowly erupted. 

  • I'd Love to. Did you have anything in mind? 

  • While he listened to Ayesha and what was going on when she was back home he didn’t glance away once, all he felt anger building up inside of him from a male he didn’t even personally know.. The tone in Ayesha’s voice saddened Kane greatly, she was truly terrified he could see it in pools of blues watering up. Streams of a couple tears she tried to hold back fell while she stopped talking, for moments there was silence but not a bad type of silence of course. Kane was happy he could provide some type of comfort and safness for Ayesha to feel, he knew it was something she needed . . . Kane placed his cup down slowly while he reached over while she’d than feel his large hand touch her face as his thumb would wype her tears, her flushed red cheeks and lips quivered as she sat there in thought.

    ” Im sorry you had to go through that, it’s wrong.. He his Wrong! But I can promise you he will not get what he wants, he will not mate you and he will NOT make you his. This can be your home Ayesha, and I can do my best to try an contact your father.. but what you need to do as of now is think of yourself, nothing but sadness and pain leads back to there. You’re Not His, Okay? “ Kane’s voice of deep and full of concern, he wanted to rip the bastards throat as he did that bears, but even that he felt wasn’t enough to show the hatred her already had for this man. Kane was gentle and slow as he pulled her petite small frame towards him as they sad, bringing Ayesha into his large embrace he held her just tight enough.

    Silence passed over them slowly as he held her, it had been sometime senses he had held a female . . . But never like this. While she laid there she would be able to hear the deep thumps of his heart beat from deep within his chest cavity.

    Time passed, doing all he could to comfort Ayesha he didn’t leave her the entire night.. he wouldn’t. While they sat beside the fire as of now he was plenty of drinks in, being able to now feel a buzz was nice feeling and sense of  relaxation for once. Kane new  everything was secure and safe in his territory since of course every Sunday at there gatherings his men would take turns switching off every Sunday at who would watch his borders. Beside the fire Ayesha sat with Kane, as one of the females in his pack sang a beautiful song as her mate played the guitar Kane drank back his drink as he would glance over towards Ayesha... he’d not known this woman for very long and all he wanted to do was protect her with his life like he did his pack, he stayed quiet as his hazel hues would just watch her as she swayed to the music.. 

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