THROUGH PASSION, I GAIN STRENGTH

                         THROUGH STRENGTH, I GAIN POWER

                    THROUGH POWER, I GAIN VICTORY

                                           THROUGH VICTORY, MY CHAINS ARE BROKEN.





                      h o me wo rld \ Boet hi Ah 


                            g e nd e r \ M al e


                           sp e ci e s \ Si th - Hu ma n Hy br id 


                           a ge \ 2 3 


                           s k in co lo r \ Wh ite,  re dd ish t an


                           ey e co l or \ Gl owi ng ye ll ow


                           h ei gh t \ 6' 2


                          we i g ht \ 17 8 l bs


                          t it le \ D ar th Bo eth ia


                          l oy al t ie s \ T he Ne w S it h Or d er , Th e Kl ov ic'K ai Syn d ica te



- - Hi st ory 






f il e co rr upt ed // n o da ta








 " V ic t or y wi t hout P ur po se is mea nin gl e ss. "






July 10

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  • | Poke. |

  • hi! lovley page, let me know if you would be interested in writing?

  • [Some things say Earth was actually in the starwars univers, just under the name Terra. But yeah I can work with anything.] 

  • (That's because, you dont know this but, my page is written in Australian.


    Ah. I got an idea. Somehow, like always, Zach is thrown into future Earth. Its as xenophobic as it gets. Heres the thing - because Zach isnt really like your typical human, he accidentally gets identified as an alien. So the government is all like "get him". 

    Maybe he ends up in some kind of.. alien prison facility. Which, where Okona ends up because hes been sent off on a "corroir" missiong to bust someone out of Earths prison and bring 'em back. This person, whomever they might be, has happened to take an interest in Zach during their time in the prison...

    Stuff happens. That's all I got so far.)

  • At first, Kylo wondered if he would need to say something and alert this man to his presence. However, when the figure suddenly appeared before him, that was no longer necessary. Kylo liked to believe that there was nothing he was afraid of. He believed his power to be one of the strongest in the galaxy. However, there was a twinge of fear upon his features as the man moved closer. This faded almost as quickly as it came, and he regained a calm composure; paired with a serious expression.

    Kylo stood tall and delicately placed a hand on the hilt of his lightsaber, ready to use it if necessary. He did not much care whether he was welcomed here or not; he would go wherever he wished. "I have a proposition for you," he replied after a moment. "If you are...who I believe you to be, then our goals are more similar than you think," he paused again, and continued staring at the man. "You are one of the last remaining Sith?" He asked, narrowing his eyes and trying to get a glimpse into Okona's thoughts.

  • (Nnn. Ain't dead yet.

    Set me up with some history on your space cowboy shenanigans and I can somehow galaxy twist Zach's ass in it)

  • It was almost midnight when the First Order shuttle landed on the planet. Two moons rose high in the distance, and a thick layer of mist escaped the landing platform as it touched down on the land. Kylo Ren emerged from the ship, looking around as he stepped onto the grass. To his left, grassy plains as far as the eye could see, and to his right, a tall structure that looked thousands of years old.

    The Supreme Leader felt a dark and powerful presence from this temple. It was what drew him here in the first place. There were rumors, whisperings of a Sith who dwelt here, one of the last who remained in the galaxy. And while Kylo did not consider himself a Sith Lord, he was very much aligned to the dark side, and so he had hoped to recruit this individual. He assumed that their ideals would not be so different. No doubt this Sith, if they even existed, would also desire the extinction of the Jedi. They could be a great help to the First Order, in ways that were not yet foreseen.

    Looking around with a sharp gaze, Kylo entered the temple, always being mindful of his surroundings and any potential danger. This dark presence was growing stronger, and he knew that he was in the right place. And if the Sith was here, Kylo imagined that they could sense him as well. "Is anyone here?" Kylo called out into the darkness as he entered a dimly lit room. Towards the back he thought he saw the shadow of a man, and patiently waited for this individual to notice him.

  • [ I don't mind starting! I will send you a starter ASAP :) ]

  • [ Oh, yeah that would be really cool! So maybe it could go like this: Kylo goes to find Okona and try to recruit him to the First Order, but he doesn't expect Okona to challenge him. And Kylo being Kylo, agrees haha but he gets hurt pretty bad and has no choice but to leave, and then Rey arrives just as he does and tries to understand what is going on, and I could see her trying to convince Okona to join the Resistance instead, but he might want to fight her as well which I'm also totally cool with. How does that sound? ]

  • [ Oh that sounds really good! I like that. I'd be more than okay with rolling with your idea, but if you want to hear mine: I was thinking about the idea of Kylo Ren trying to recruit Okona to the First Order, and maybe Rey tries to convince him not to join, or something like that? But I think I like your idea a bit better. What do you think? ]

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