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  M A S O   V I E R I   
Maz - The Damn Henchman - Il Bruto 
Maz is the right hand of Peter Farcello, the alpha. They are most like brothers because Maz's father died while he was far too young and Peter's father took him right in and served as a surrogate father and so him and Peter were almost always together. Once Peter took reigns as alpha, Maz stepped right up to trail after him and protect him where some often take advantage of Peter's kindness or mistake it for weakness. Beyond what most assume, Maz is much younger than Peter. Instead of the protective older brother, he's the protective younger brother, but is much more dangerous and brutish, hence one of the nicknames he's received, Il Bruto. 

Maso Vieri was born within Siena, Italy on November 18th, 1925, bred by his werewolf father, Antonio Vieri, and his human mother, a nameless woman he'd never know. It was typical to grow up without a mother. Most his kind do where pack orders dictate. However, he was robbed of his father at the mere age of five years; a tangle with another gang. They'd been humans, nothing more, but a bullet struck him point blank in the head and no werewolf can quite exactly survive that, not always anyways. Antonio had been well respected in his time and while Maz remembers little time with him, he carries on his fathers memories through those of his pack who knew him and bares his name proudly. Another member of the pack, Stef Farcello, took pity on the poor boy and took him in to raise as his own alongside his own son, Peter. The pack was close knit and Maz would learn how to be a werewolf through everyone, but Stef took the time personally to shape Maz into the man he is today, if only a few drawbacks thanks to Maz's ill temperment, a fire that constantly burns.
Maz has always had a bit of a flare of temper. He was an unruly child, easily pushed into bouts of tantrums. He didn't often get along with other children of the pack and instigated fights among them. He was but a small child, one that started off weak and slow to grow compared to the other children. It was only when he hit puberty that he suddenly shot up in height and grew in muscle to the stature as he stands now.
Growing up, he would finally have his first change at the age of thirteen and lose his childhood and enter manhood. He'd struggled with his first change, left to bones that wouldn't quite shift correctly and put fear into Stef because would the boy die? Would he never be able to change fully? He'd be deemed weak, a liability and likely to be killed soon, but the next change came a little bit easier and soon he was a healthy wolf, joining ranks among his pack brothers. Of course, his first real kill came at the age of  twelve when Maz went in search of revenge for his biological father. Managing to find the bastard who killed Antonio, it was a matter of deception to get the man to come face to face with young Maz, thinking nothing of the boy, underestimating him only to receive a bullet to the head just the same way he'd killed his father.
When Peter would take down Luca, Maz supported his brother, but was surprised when Peter ended up killing the boy, not because he doubted his brothers abilities, but because he hadn't been sure Peter had had it in him to do so, and Luca had left them no other choice. Peter becomes alpha and appoints Maz as his second in command, who usually takes the load of the dirty work, although Peter is very capable of getting down and dirty and so no one should assume that by taking out Maz, Peter would then be a easy target..

Maz is a brute of a man; Il Bruto. He's always been an easily angered and hostile sort. Antonio had not been much better, a hot head himself. Maz doesn't typically play nice, though seems more laid back around his brother. When he's had enough to drink, he does become more playful, in better spirits, but this doesn't mean he won't play dirty because that's just always on the table. 

At first approach, he's usually pretty quiet, observing out of the light of his alpha in the way that demonstrates how watchful of others he can be, especially around his alpha. The other nickname, "The Damn Henchman" derived from within the pack. A joke off a pack brothers tongue in tease towards Maz whenever he comes through guns a blazing to defend his pack and somehow he's heard it off the tongues of his enemies as well. He's reckless, ready for any fight of any kind, excitement always coursing at the chance, adrenaline often his best ally. He is loyal to the bone, as is clear to how he stands by his pack and leader. 
Where the man is now
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 His alpha is dead.. the pack is done for.. How he's survived, he couldn't tell even himself.
Maz's whereabouts are widely unknown..

Age: 95
Sex: Male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 224 lbs
Hair: Dark, nearly black
Eyes: Amber
Body build: Muscular, toned
Species: Werewolf ( Of birth )
Alliance:  Farcello Gang - Moretti Gang (former) Growing loyal to a Vampire
Position: Gunman/ Right-hand
Lineage: Italian
Language(s): Italian, English, Spanish
Maz is a bit of an unreadable mystery where his attraction lies. He's not shown interest outwardly for a sexual life and therefore has no known history with anyone. He finds he's more married to his "job".
Relationship status: Single
Sexual direction: Possibly Bisexual?
Bloodline:  Has not furthered his lineage
       The Little Facts     
>  He smokes. He drinks.  Occasionally dabbles with opioids, usually more aggressive while under the influence, but uses it's numbing effects to his advantage.

>  He's missing one toe off his right foot. It does not hinder him in any way in either form.

>  Many scars stretch along his body, most which came from wolf fights and not by human means, wounds dire enough they'd simply not healed over that well.

>  There's a few tattoos he's acquired through the years along his arms. 

> He used to aspire joining the Italian Navy.

> Maz enjoys sparring, or joining fighting rings not for the money, but just purely for the game of it.

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