{ New to the sight But not new to role-play, I have been writing for many years and am looking foward to making some new friends and finding new writing partners! If anyone would like to plot feel free to messege me or comment below. I am mostly with the OUAT fandom but am happy to do crossovers! :) 

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Victoria Rose Gold, is a OC Character I made for the fandom ONCE UPON A TIME she is Rumplestiltskins two year old very sick and disabled little girl. Even though she is two years old Victoria has the mental compasity of a one year old baby as she grows up her mental compasity may go up to three or two years old but that is all. Victoria was born at a very premature age when her mother was only seven months pregnant, because of that she is very small and can fit into newborn baby clothes. Sadly when Victoria was born she was born parlized from the waist down. After many tests and months spent in the children's ICU Victoria was diagnosed with a severe case of cyrabal palsy and a rare muscle disease which caused her muscles to be very weak and not work very well on top of all that she also has a rare heart condition and polio. Even though Victoria has a lot of problems she is still a very sweet little girl who loves to play and make new friends.

Character Age

Two (mentally a year )

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Rumplestiltskins Daughter

Character Appearance

Victoria has beautful long chestnut curles just like her mother Belle, she also has beautiful Blue eyes, she is parlized from the waist down but occasionally wears leg braces to help keep her legs strait.

Character Personality

Victoria is a very kind sweet little girl. Even though she is sick and disabled she is also very out going and is always ready to make a new friend. Victoria loves to explore the world around her and is always ready to go on a adventure.

Character Likes

Hoping to find A Rumple/ Gold to accept her for who she is as well as love her for who she is and will take care of her and help her grow.

Character Dislikes

I don't like bulies or people who bash others for being different and won't tolerate any kind of mean talk or abuse on my wall.

Character History/Story

Victoria Rose Gold is Rumplestiltskin/ Mr. Gold and Belle's daughter. She is 2 years old physically but mentally she is like a one year old Due to serious complcations During her mothers pregnancy victoria was born when her mother was 7 months pregnant making her a very premature baby. Because she was so small when she was born she could fit into her papa's hand. Sadly Victoria was born a very sick little girl, she was also born parlized. Because she was so frail and sick she spent the first 14 weeks in the hospitals children's ICU and was put into a incubator for months on end. Durning her stay she was diagnosed with a severe case of cerebral Palsy and polio she was also diganosed with a rare heart condition and muscle disorder which caused her muscles to be very weak. Due to the Cererbral Palsy and polio she is unable to walk so she gets around in a wheelchair if she is not being carried. Victoria also has a speech problem, even though she is able to talk she can't do it very well and most of the time her words come out as baby talk which can make it hard to understand her at times. Because of her Physical problems victoria CAN NOT have soild foods because her frail body can not Digest it properly so she is on a very special formila that she consumes from a bottle to make it easy on her to take. For safty reasons Tori sleeps in a crib unfortunately due to her disablitles and illness Victoria has to wear Diapers 24/ 7 because she does not know when she needs to go potty. Due to the fact Victoria only has her papa she is very attached to him and hates being away from him. The two are extremely close and she loves her papa more than anything. Even though Tori is a very frail and sick child she loves making new friends and going on adventures whenever she can, even though Victoria will never be a normal child she tries to live out her life the best she can and even though she is constantly in pain she always seems to have a smile on her face.

Character Inventory

Tori wears a lot of very cute baby clothes and is always carrying one of her favorite stuffed animals around or her favorite blanket. She can also be found with one of her many pacifiers and a princess or animal themed diaper on her bottom.

Character Abilites

Tends to make people happy when ever they are around her, is always ready to lend a helping hand even if there is nothing to do. Is very good at making people laugh and cuddling with her papa.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Child Friendly

About the Writer (OOC)

I play Victoria the way I do because I too have some mental and physical problems and I am sick and tired of people bashing people who are different. I brought Victoria to life to prove that disabled and sick children need love too just because they are sick does not mean that they d ont have feelings for we are just like everyone else and deserve to have the same rights as healthy people do. I am hoping to find people to accept me and Tori for who we are, I would love to make new friends and find great writing partners! So with that said let's forget the hate and let's have fun!!


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