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Came to this site looking for new RP partners. Hoping things turn out well and can get a few things rolling.

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Character Appearance

Baron is 6.2" caucasian male. Imeadtly first thing anyone would notice is his legs from the knee down are gone replaced with lightweight prothstetics. Upon closer inspection of his eyes one would see one was a fake. The robict eye nearly matched his natural one though in almost every way. He usually kept his dark hair short and unkempt though he has been known to style it on occasion. As for his attire he is fond of changing it up. He keeps himself clean shaven

Character Personality

Baron is an interesting character for me anyway. Reason why is even though he is usually a calm and kind person. Dosent take much to piss him off. This leads to him more often than not contradicting himself. Especially considering how he dosent care for legality. Grahe however more often than not will try to be the pillar of the group to hide his own insecurities and fears, when he starts to crack it begins to show as well.

Character Likes

Baron likes to live in the moment just as much as he loves to aspire to greater things. He enjoys time spent with those he is close to rather that be having a meal together or playing a few matches of their favortie game. At the same time he has a goal. A clear objective in his mind that he aims to meet.

Character Dislikes

He has a strong dislike for disrespect. To him or to those he cares about hes not gonna have it. He also tends to despise the rich as he views most not having worked for their wealth. He also tends to dislike modern law enforcement as his point of view is. "Laws now are about making money not justice."

Character History/Story

Baron from a young age was in foster care though not an orphan. See he knew his family and kept a relation ship over phone with them while he was in care. See he was taken into foster care based on a lie produced by his step father when he left Barons mother. Baron would spend the next few years hating foster care which influenced his strong views on politics and law. When Baron moved out of foster care and after saving a good bit of money. He went to his older brother who had become friends with a cyber surgeon. After coming to a deal with the surgeon Baron got his spine, Legs and one eye replaced with cybernetics.

Character Inventory

Baron through his connections had managed to acquire some decent gear very quickly. One of his favorite weapons us his Remington Vtac 13 fed with ounce slugs. When things come to melee he trusts his fists and the brass knuckles he keeps on him. When he isnt carrying his shotgun he instead has his trusted auto pistol tucked away.

Character Abilites

Thanks to barons cybernetics he can do a but more and survive a bit more than the average man. Thanks to the spine and legs he can easily lift more than his own body weight and then some. These mods also improve his jump hight and fall capacity. He can run for a longer period of time. His eye allows him improved night vision as well as a zoom like binoculars. This eye can also gain access to other camera near by sending a video feed straight to his optic nerve. Thanks to improvements made to his immune system as well most poisons and toxins have no effect on him.

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm rather flex able when it comes to rp and Baron is one of my many characters. So more often than not of one of my characters isnt your preferance I probably have one you would like. And while I like a more sci fi setting I have no problem with more medieval as well.

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