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Freckles are splattered against Baylee's cheeks and nose. Her freckles come from her from getting sunburn from playing outside for hours at a time. Her eyes are a beautiful butterscotch gold, though she has a dislike for the candy. Her hair is a dark wine red and usually stands out when she walks in a large crowd. Her hair is always kept in a messy state nd if she actually feels like it, she keeps her hair in a ponytail; but it's never good. Her skin has been touched by the sun many times and for that, her skin has taken a lovely shortbread tone. Her shoulders and lower parts of her neck are coated in small and large freckles. There are small scars that can be seen on her arms from playing too rough will other children.

Character Personality

Baylee is a very outgoing girl. She loves to bounce around and show her emotions as she comes. When she is upset, she doesn't try to hide it. Whenever she has a strong emotion she shows the world. Baylee is a very happy child and doesn't let much get her down. She tries to find the brighter things in life and quickly gets over her sadness that she had beforehand. She is always out and about doing something, she can't stay still if it does not interest her. She is also the type of girl who is quick to stand up for herself or start a fight. She is pretty tough against boys her age and is known to be pretty rough with people who bother her. She is also quite brave when she has to be, she likes to be more action than talk.

Character Likes

Baylee lives for the adventures in life, it could be going to the market or completely leaving Crywen itself. She also loves opening up a book every once in a while and learns something new. She is not too much into learning, but she does like to know some interesting facts and telling her older brother. Baylee also tends to like staying up and looking out to the streets to see the people walking by.

Character Dislikes

Being told that she can't do the impossible, she is always one that believes that there is a way. Baylee hates when people won't stand up for themselves and is always trying to toughen up her friends or kids who get teased.

Character History/Story

The Sage family has never had it easy. Angie Sage, the mother of Regis and Baylee was a witch. She was not part of a coven and mostly traveled around many places. She would trade witch goods in return for money and she would make a living off of that. On a simple journey to a nearby port, Angie had stumbled on a gorgeous rock. It was smooth as glass and was warm to the touch. She bought the rock from an old seller, who made it clear he did not want the rock. Angie was more than happy to buy it off of him and placed it in her pocket to keep safe. It was by the time the witch had gotten back to a small rented room she had realized what she had bought. A small, but shape prick to her hip caused her to jump with pain. Angie dug through her pocket to grab whatever had bitten her and to her surprise, her rock was gone. In its place lay a small red dragon. A baby dragon. Angie was at first shocked, but she couldn't get rid of the poor creature. Unlike what most people would have done, Angie kept the male dragon and even choose to name him Alden. The dragon's young years were hard for Angie but refused to give him up. Before long, Alden was a fully grown dragon and could not be taken into the public. Angie moved to the forest to live with Alden, where they grew even closer. A dragon can go through one major change in their lives. Angie had brought this up many times and always asked her friend if he would change. One day Alden did. He changed into a handsome man who had fallen in love with Angie. The two married and had two children. Baylee Sage and Regis Sage.

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