10655187496?profile=RESIZE_710xHello, this may be a long shot, But I was wondering if the Once Upon A Time Fandom is still alive. I am looking for someone to be my Rumple-Mr.Gold. I have a Twitter account that I am looking to give away.
If anyone is interested message me on discord at Belle Rose Gold#6482 or on Twitter @ Bookworm 409 and I will give you the account information. More info in PM


December 27

I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Open

Character Age

Early 20's to 30's

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single and looking

Character Appearance

Name: Belle Gold Age: Early 20s or 30s Species: Human Gender: female Sexuality: straight Relationship status: Married to Rumple-Mr. Gold. Belle has light or sometimes dark blue eyes that occasionally look gray depending on her mood. She has long Dark Red/Brown hair, Belle weighs around 95 sometimes 86 pounds, and has porcelain-colored skin. Due to her disabilities, she sometimes needs to use a wheelchair.

Character Personality

  1. sweet, loving, helpful, understanding, caring, friendly, timid, and accepting. Occasionally Belle can be kind of clingy depending on how she is feeling.

Character Likes

  1. Being red to, reading (when she can) being with Rumple, her friends and family, movies, strolls in the park or on the beach, affection, Animals, Traveling and sleeping.

Character Dislikes

  1. Being disabled, feeling helpless, medicine, doctors, hospitals, being treated differently or judged, arguing, yelling, the dark, small enclosed places, being alone, violence.

Character History/Story

10650075295?profile=RESIZE_710xName: Belle Gold Age: Early 20s or 30s Species: Human Gender: female Sexuality: straight Relationship status: Married to Rumple-Mr. Gold. Strengths: A lot Physical problems: Low blood pressure disorder, weak immune system, chronic pain, sleeping problems, Scoliosis, asthma. Mental problems: PTSD, Bipolar, severe anxiety, depression, Insomnia, trust issues. Belle has had problems with her health ever since she was a child. When Belle was young, her mother died from an unknown illness. Not long after her death, her father started to abuse her and treat her like a slave. Moe never loved Belle he let her know that four sometimes five times a day. He also told her that he never wanted a daughter. When Belle turned 17 Moe sold her to someone who tortured and abused her in more ways than one. After 5 years of dealing with an abusive 'boyfriend.' Belle was able to escape. Unfortunately, she ended up getting into a bad car accident which caused her to be parsley paralyzed. A year after her accident, Belle met Rumple-Mr Gold. Not only was he a pawn shop owner and a landlord he was also a Doctor who took care of her while she was in the hospital for five months after her accident. During her stay, Belle and Gold got very close then fell in love with one another. Now Belle lives a happy life with her new Boyfriend who takes care of her and makes sure she has anything she needs or wants.

Character Inventory

  1. N/A

Character Abilites

A lot

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello, my name is Belle, I love to roleplay Write and read fanfiction. My favorite show is Once Upon a Time, Rumple-Mr. Gold is my comfort character. My favorite ship is Rumbelle. Another show I love is Stargate universe. I am pretty active unless I am asleep busy or don't feel well. I am a literate semi-lit writer, I am also detailed and descriptive. I have a lot of health problems so my replies can be slow sometimes. I joined this server to make friends and find a long-term roleplay partner! My PMs are always open! I am on mountain standard time AZ. I am a night owl so I am most active during the night and early-mid afternoon. No smut, please. PMs are always open!

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  •  Hello Emma! Thank you, I'm happy to be here! 🙂

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