" Rumplestiltskin, this thing we have has never been easy you know. I lost you so many times, I lost you to darkness to weekness and finally to death. But now I know.... I know that I havent spent my life loseing you. Ive sepent my life finding you. "But that monsters gone, the man beneeth him may be flawed but We all are and I love you For it . Sometimes the best book has the dustiest Jacket, And sometimes the best teacup, is chipped"
Im Belle Coleette Gold " sick" but loveing and VERY LOYAL wife to Rumplestiltskin\Mr Gold also known As the Dark One. Who I love with all my heart. I sometimes work with my husband at The pawn shop. I see the good in everyone even when they cant see it themselfs. I love to Read and spend time with my husband.

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I DO NOT role play Belle like she is progressed in the show. I play her as a very loveing kind women who sees the good in everyone even when they can not see it in themself. She is also very loveing And VERY loyal to her husband Rumplestilstskin AKA The Dark One. She loves him very much and would NEVER do anything to hurt him. Also my belle is ... Kind of different do to a very bad accdent she is now disabled and parlized from the waist down. Which means she can no loner take care of herself and depends on her husband for care. She needs him to Feed, dress , bath and yes even change her diapers. ( which she now needs to ware due to the accdent. ) Even though belle is parlized from the waist down she can still talk and have decient conversations she just cant care for herself at all. On top of the accdent Belle also is sick with incurable desease. But even though she is frail and disabled Shd can still give and receve fluff. When she feels well enough Belle can be very romantic with Rumple. The reason i have belle the way i do is so i can try and cope with my real life. I am disabled and am very sick i have stage two cancer.... So yeah i made her like this so i can hopefully find the love and care i dont receve in real life.

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Character Age


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Character Relationship Status

Married to Rumplestiltskin \Mr. Gold.

Character Appearance

Beautful sapphire blue eyes, long chestnut hair. Parlized from waist down.

Character Personality

Kind, sweet, loveing, sometimes intment and romantic when shes feeling good. Careing, loyal. Dependant\ trys to be independant.

Character Likes

Hopeing to Find a Rumplestiltskin or Gold who will love her for who she is and take care of her.

Character Dislikes

Haters, bullies

Character History/Story

Belle Coleette Gold. Is a young women who is 24 soon to be 25 years old. She is a kind hearted young women who sees the good in everyone even if they can see it in themself. Belle lives with her husband Rumplestiltskin\ Mr Gold who is also known as the Dark One. Who belle loves with all her heart and is very loyal to him. She would never do ANYTHING to hurt him and is almost always by his side if she is not at the pawn shop alseep on the back bed or at home asleep or resting. Due to a horrible accdent that happened durning the Curse. Belle is now completely disabled from the waist down and can no longer care for herself. She needs her husand to do everything for her such as. Feed. Dress. Bath and yes because she is now parlized and completely helpless she even needs him to change her diapers. After the accdent happened Belle was devasted for a very long time because she went from being completely indapendent to completely dependant on her husband. Because she was so depressed for a long time belle concertered just ending her life because she was not able to deal with what had happened to her. But after much suport and love from her husband she decited that she would do her best to live with this new life and try to make the best of things because she knew that no matter what her and Rumple would deal with it together just like they delt with everything. Sadly her accdent wasnt the worst thing to come. About six months after she starting getting very sick and she was unable to hold any kind of solid food down and she was in more pain then usual. After she was rushed to the hospital it was decovered Belle had stange two cancer in the form of lukemia. If they where not defasted enough with her curent state this toped it. But even though Belle did not have long they still continune to try and live life to the fullest the best they can. And just enjoy eachother....while they still can.

Character Inventory

Has to be fed special formila from bottle. Needs to have bars on the bed so she wont fall out and hurt herslef more. " NEEDS to wear diapers. And is on lots of medacation.

Character Abilites

Doesnt have any except is willing to give all the love in her heart if people are willing to accept it.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore

About the Writer (OOC)

The reason i have belle the way i do is so i can try and cope with my real life. I am disabled and am very sick i have stage two cancer.... So yeah i made her like this so i can hopefully find the love and care i dont receve in real life.

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  • everything is fine :) Hope things are good on your end.

  • I been away for a while but I'm back sorry for my long absents.

    -Rumple's writer

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