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— General Information — Full Name: Blaine Bridget Bishop Nickname(s): Blainey, B, Dark One Alias(es): Title(s): Second commend of a witch coven (Banished after being discovered for doing dark magic) Gender: Nonbinary Species: witch Age: 22 (Physically) Birth Date: 1688 Birth Place: Kingdom of England Hometown: Current Location: Unknown Family: unknown parents Bridget Bishop (Unofficial Mother) Edward Bishop (Unofficial Father) Benjamin (Unofficial Brother) Mary (Unofficial Sister) Christian ‘Cherstian’ Thomas (Unofficial Sister) Spoken Languages: English Religion: Romantic Preferences: Men and Women Sexual Preferences: Bisexual Occupation: Witch shop owner Criminal Record: Accused of witchcraft Disorder(s): Education: Faceclaim: Jacqueline Deleon Art (Witch) — Appearance — Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brownish-redish Height: Weight: Bust: Measurements: Bust: Waist: Hip: [ Inches ] Body Shape: Hourglass Scars: Burns: Tattoos: Body covered in tattoos Piercings: Notable Traits: Lingerie/Undergarments: Jewelry: Half moon necklace Outfit/Style: Mainly black Accent: British

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Paragraph, Multi-Para

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Fantasy, 18+

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