November 11

Character Age


Character Species

Daydream/Dreamcatchling (Species made up)

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

He is an anthropomorphic duck. Blazix's hair is spiky with a white lightning bolt design at the top of it. His eyes are a blue color with twinkling light blue stars inside of them. His hoodie is purple with a blue cloud logo on it.

Character Personality

He is generally a kind and caring person unless he is dealing with a nightmare demon or trying to distance himself believing he has made a friend.

Character Likes

Sweets Stars Clouds

Character Dislikes

Wind chimes Nightmare demons Headaches

Character History/Story

Blazix is a Daydream which are guardians of dreams and he is, unaware he was the one who first created them. How he first met his creations was after one who eventually became his partner called Daydream Louie. (AU Ducktales character) He had saved him from Dream Chaser who was after the boy because of the power he held. He had conjured up a nightmare making Blazix believe he was actually being framed by some crooks. And invoking the wrath of a anthropomorphic tiger that turned out to be Dream Chaser all along. He is the leader of the nightmares and wants nightmares to never end. The boy used to be cocky and a bit selfish when he had gone on missions with Louie. However it had changed when they had fought Dream Chaser. He accidentally shot him with one of his arrows, or so he had believed, knocking him into an hour glass where he suffered and became sick. He felt guilt about it for two years. This made him distance himself from people and become more untrusting of strangers. He will help a stranger out but he still will be cautious. He also started not wanting to sleep. He refuses to get the least bit of rest. He knows Dream Chaser will haunt him in his dreams. He usually drinks chocolate milkshakes to stay alert.

Character Inventory

He has blue star tipped arrows he will use, and however hesitate with taking a shot at an enemy. Object he of course has no trouble shooting his arrows at. His cloud blade he has he obtains from the sky. It has a white handle with a glass edge once it manifests into reality and loses it's soft cloud feel. He uses this to defend people from nightmares. He has dream sand he gets from a special place. It helps heal people when they are injured during a battle. And it also is helpful with temporarily blinding enemies.

Character Abilites

He can levitate objects that are nearby. ✨ Cloud manipulation- Blazix can form shapes/weapons out of clouds and move them around. What he forms becomes usable and no longer cloud material. ✨Dream vision- He is alerted when somebody is in trouble in their dreams. He will look through his eyes. During this, they start glowing a misty white. Especially when a nightmare demon is intruding. The negative energy nightmares have cause him to have headaches. (I will add more later.)

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Gore

About the Writer (OOC)

Hello I am a very friendly woman that enjoys the color green. I am a bit shy though. I can however be quite chatty once i am comfortable with someone so there's that to look forward to lol My fandoms i currently am into right now are, Ducktales & Star V.s The Forces Of Evil, anything Disney really.

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