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Character Age


Character Species

Daydream (My own species)

Character Gender


Character Appearance

He has two blue irises that both contain white glowing stars for his pupils. A light purple hoodie with a light blue cloud picture on the front. His hair is spiky with a light bolt like shape in it.

Character Personality

He is generally a sweet and kind Daydream (My own race i created. This is a Ducktales OC) However, he has trust issues with himself, so he tries to distance himself from new people he meets. He doesn't want to get close.

Character Likes

Sweets Daydreaming Stars

Character Dislikes

Nightmares Strawberry milkshakes

Character History/Story

Daydream= Guardian of dreams The Daydreams were made by a eight at the time year old boy who was having a hard time with being an orphan in Duckburg. He felt like his world was crumbling every day without anyone to protect and help him. His nightmares seemed to get worse each night. He couldn't do anything to stop them. Despite the confident and cocky attitude, he was actually scared inside. One day, before he had gone to bed, he stared outside of his window looking at a star. He looked at it and would repeat to himself, make the bad go away. make the bad go away. Let me dream peacefully. It had worked but not as well as he had planned. The nightmare seemed to be more powerful than the Daydreams. (The creations made from dust of the star he had wished on.) It wasn't until Dream Chaser , the man who had been trying to capture Blazix since he was nine had almost gotten him at the age of ten, and his creation Daydream Louie had shown up to assist him in his hour of need. Dream Chaser had posed as an anthropomorphic tiger that chased Blazix down an alleyway. He had been framed for the possession of dream catchers that were inside of a box given to him by some crooked people. It happened to come from a messed up museum where dark and unspeakable horrible things took place. This was just another nightmare attempt to get the child. The dream catchers were a symbolism actually of what he is. A dreamcatchling/Daydream. He had discovered this when he was ten what species he was before the horrible battle that changed his life. It's like his guardian Daydreams had given him clues. He thought he was the last of his species left. He hadn't realized he created more. His Mom Magica De spell was a kind witch that tried to make sure hopes stayed up. She sadly isn't around though anymore, or she is stuck somewhere dealing with anomalies. He hadn't truly felt like he wasn't alone until Louie had taken him into the Daydream world. He got excited when he had found out Louie was a Daydream as well. Della which is Louie's Mom had decided to partner him and Blazix up. The arrogance of the purple clad daydream was frustrating for Louie to deal with. Jealousy was within the light blue clad daydream having to watch the slightly selfish and arrogant boy jump blindly into their missions. He never even thanked him for saving him that day and insisted he could have taken care of it. His arrogance and cocky behavior however faded when they had fought Dream Chaser. Him and Louie had started arguing in the middle of the battle which made them easier targets. An hourglass was down at the bottom of a bridge they were fighting on. A high chain bridge where it was possible to fall to doom. Blazix got so angry he was rattling the chains making it swing back and forth. Louie still was arguing with about how he never took the danger they were in seriously. Daze was bored of the two bickering, so he had put a stop to it. He destroyed half of the bridge Blazix was on. Luckily, he had backflipped quickly to the other side thanks to his training. He then was trying to take aim at DreamChaser. (Daze) He misfired though however knocking his partner into the hourglass at the bottom. Blazix could not believe how bad his aim was. He always had a perfect shot until then. Guilt ate him up every day about it for two years. He never figured out it was Daze who had messed with his bow and arrow causing the misfire. He had used his telepathy to tangle the bow but not to where it would be noticeable.

Character Inventory

He has dream catcher nets that he sometimes hurriedly has to throw up when a nightmare is trying to get in. They also suck up negative energy and function as traps. . Cloud blade It is at first soft and is illuminated white, but once it darkens like a dark cloud, it becomes a metal white knife with a jagged clear glass looking edge. . Bow and arrow This weapon he will try to use however the past makes it hard for him to actually hit someone. He'll do it but he doesn't like it. An object beside someone he can hit with no problem however. The arrows are star tipped, light blue and white in appearance.

Character Abilites

*Teleportation *Levitation *Dream vision He is alerted when somebody is in trouble in their dreams. He will look through his eyes that glow misty white when this happens. Especially on the presence of a nightmare demon. This causes him to be in pain with its negative energy. Dream Collison; He can pull a few or more sleeping people into one single dream if he is overwhelmed. The actual body of a sleeping person remains but the soul is pulled in. They are still however sleeping without a soul intact. They are okay. A bluish glow appears during the transferring of these souls and a flashing light cracking. Everything starts spinning. The flashing light will swirl around and expand before disappearing into a tiny ray. It then shoots into the dreamer's dreams with that blue glow and then flash warping the souls to the single dream. This is however breaking a Daydream rule. He can get in trouble for this. Storming: When Blazix is upset enough, he can turn clouds gray and cause a storm to arrive. His eyes dilate to tiny stars. It can be catastrophic depending on how severe his mood might be. Blazix ends up feeling horrible if he has hurt someone during this.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Gore, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I am just somebody who wishes to find people that love to write as much as me. :D I have always enjoyed writing and reading with detail. My favorite authors include Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Connolly

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