Лиам Ващенко
Liam Vaschenko


Nationality: Russian
Age: 47 Years Old
Languages: Russian, English
Scars: Circular impalement mark on his left side.
Species: Psiot (exposure activation)


Sexuality: Gay
Relationship Status: Single
Family: None

Liam is polite, gentle, and well-mannered. He prefers to let others speak first and avoids violence if at all possible. He is too smart for his own good, his personal life suffering as a result. He's often forgetful in small day-to-day tasks, as many academics are. His fighting prowess is next to non-existent, and he's had virtually no formal training. If in a team situation, he's best suited for a support role, where he will shine. Unfortunately, his powers do not match his mental acumen.

*Haemokinetic Blade Construction
*Internal Rupturing

Liam is able to construct a large blade or up to two small blades of his choice at any given time from his own blood. He does not have to wound himself to do this. However, taking more is dangerous, and would potentially be fatal. If an enemy is bleeding, even from something as small as a scratch, it's the only opening he needs. He can tear the blood from them instead, thereby enlarging the wound and doing no damage to himself.

If the blood was his own, it automatically phases back into his system unless he is knocked unconscious. At this point, he's suffered massive blood loss and is down for the count.

Liam's second ability terrifies him, and causes him excruciating pain. He has only used it several times as a last resort. The very first was a moment of pure anger, and the agony it caused him was even worse than his regret. Through sheer concentration and this ability to manipulate the blood of wounded enemies, Liam is able to explode internal organs open, leading to the target hemorrhaging to death. Doing this will, nine times out of ten, result in Liam himself falling comatose for some time.

While he is nowhere near being an Omega-level Psiot, his powers put him on the same tier as famous fighters such as Livewire, Torque, and Stronghold.

That is, it would, if he ever stepped out of the shadows.


Liam was born in St. Petersburg to a Russian father and an Irish mother.

He graduated a Specialist in Mechanical Engineering and soon after was hired by a private firm to rebuild a facility housing aging nuclear weapons. His activation was accidental- he was not yet on the radar of the Harada Foundation, and hardly knew anything was special about his genetics. After some pills for radiation sickness, he assumed his life would go back to normal. He was wrong.

A joking shove from a friend pushed him against loose railing on a catwalk. He fell a full story down, and was impaled on a piece of metal rebar. While those who saw the accident rushed for help and stared on in horror, he summoned his first blade, a hacksaw, without thinking about what he was doing.

By the time he had cut himself free, first responders were arriving, and he still had a piece of the metal stuck inside of him. Knowing better than to take it out, since it would kill him from blood loss, toxic shock, or exposure of intestines, he begged for medical help.

As no cameras were on scene, it was written off as crowd hysteria.

Liam knew better.


-Liam's favorite author is Vladimir Nabokov.
-He loves dogs, and has an aversion to cats due to an allergy.
-Growing up gay where he did was hard. He never did come out officially, not that he had anyone to tell. He harbored a massive crush on Viktor Tsoi when young, as well as Vladimir Mayakovsky, never mind the fact he was dead.
-Liam was never a member of the Комсомол as a child, or a member of the Party as an adult.

-Liam's favorite movie is Иван Васильевич меняет профессию

 Possible AUs:
-19th century: Russian noble
-Early 20th century: Red Army Officer*
-Mid 21st century: Mars colonist*
-Man in the High Castle*
A star means I've written this before.

Note: Liam's brand new and a work in progress! Keep an eye out for additions in the near future.

OOC Info:
Written by Sarge.

Native language: English
Banter, Para, Multi-Para, & Novella welcome.
I speak Russian at a passable level (I have never actually taken a proficiency test) but I do make mistakes. Please, if you're a native speaker or just know I'm wrong, do tell me!

Psiots are a concept creatd by Valiant Entertainment.
Liam Vaschenko is an OC inspired by the characters created by Valiant.
Liam's FC is Rufus Sewell.


-Winter Apolcaypse
-Yurem Valeska

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    "Hey, you up for Vetnamese with me and Eka next week? We could use a third wheel ;)"

  • ||Alright! Glad you’re not so sick anymore c: But still, take your time if you need to. I’ve been feeling extremely low on energy recently so I’m just kinda being slow to replies. Like, real slow. Like I feel asleep while writing a reply to someone and lost my progress slow. 

    As for the story with Liam, those creatures should work out just fine! Of course there will be different creatures in different parts of the world.||

  • (It shall be interesting with them two. He shy and reserved  while she is stone cold in her behavior and sometimes anti social and talks with her hands then her mouth. Except for biting of course. 

    She is pretty violent too but doesn’t go kill crazy as other vampires of her kind do and is more level headed then the Americans. Hah )

  • (Mm. Yes. The scent of fresh blood would get her attention and cause her to investigate. If the person died of ruptured organs. She may be curious to check the body out to see how the person died with no external wounds. Assuming all the damage took place inside the body without visible damage in the outside. I can see her then sticking around to question the man. 

    Being what she is and her job. Anytime she comes across a body killed in a very unusual way. She likes to investigate to see if it’s some new preternatural being she needs to be concern with or some new type of weapon on the black market.  


    She wolf of the SS. Had to look up what that  Naziplotaition thing was.  Seemed interesting. I watched explotaition films before.  Did you want to begin.?

  • "I assume that means cute."

  • Boy

  • (I am so glad to see that you are doing better than you were. :O Hello again to you too and I am glad to have you back. If you would like ot RP with Connie or Hailey or whoever do let me know. ^^ I hope you enjoyed playing Okami again. <3 It is such a wonderful game that is so underappreciated.)

  • It was like any other day in the city, people like him were constantly busy and on the move though he was involved in doing illegal business on a daily basis, it was kinda of the normal for him to be on the move really. Yellow piercing eyes glanced down at his watch, it was past the time that he was suppose to meet up with one of his clients, what in god's name was taking them so long to get there? He couldn't have been set up cause everyone knows not to cross Kujo that way, he wasn' the kind of man to do such ambushes if anything, he like more of a straight forward approach rather then a sneak attack it seems. He brought the cigarette up to his lips as he inhaled the smoke into his lungs and then exhaled softly through his lips. He then discarded the cigarette on the ground, stepping on it making sure that it was out completely; it was then out the corner of his eye he seen someone walking towards him. It was about damn time too, he was about to leave and say fuck it ya know? The man handed Kujo the money and in return, Kujo gave him the drugs and they both went their seperate ways afterwards, neither one speaking to each other.


    Now that was done and over with, he had to get back to his business that he left in the hands of his co-owner though he didn't have anything to worry about, he was running the place like it was suppose to be running and business was good for the most part. Though every now and then, the police would get tips that he was selling drugs through his business but they could never say if this tip was true or not since Kujo would make sure that no one knew that drugs were in fact being sold through his line of business that he opened; though he knew now that he had a rat somewhere that was trying to ruin him. It was only a matter of time before his men caught him and the rat would have to answer to the big guy himself. The shoreline was a bit crowded then it normally was tonight, but then again some people did like going to the beaches at night it seems, no problem there and thank god that it wasn't a full moon out tonight otherwise a lot of people would be in trouble then.


    Now that he thought about it, since he was here in this city, mind as well have some fun no? Kujo wasn't the gambling type but he seen to have a knack for winning large sums of money when he would go to these casinos, half of the time people would think that he was cheating which in a way, he was but it couldn't be proven or anything, even though some of the security thought that he was cheating, they couldn't prove that he was. He looked like anyone else that was playing at a table, but he would never lose a hand that he hand which is understandable into to thinking that he was cheating some kind of way but at the end of the night, he was walking away with thousands of dollars in his pocket from winning a simple card game that most people would have a hard time beating, it was all about counting the cards if you knew how to play the game the correct way really...

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  • "I look cooler by defaut being a cyborg and all."


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