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the windsor sisters are Princesses to the throne of London England. their grandmother is nonother than Queen Catherine. the girls both live in NYC at the moment. It is very unheard of for princesses to do this sort of thing, and  it was looked down on by parlimenmt. Despite all that the girls still moved to NYC with the blessing of the Queen. Nobody outside of the castel walls know that they are not blood related to the queen, in fact they were adopted at a young age and are much older than they look. the girls are healers and weavers of light. together their powers are strong.

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Name:Brianna Nicole Windsor

nicknames: Bri,Brezy,cole, B

looks  to be Age 18 is really 380 yeaars old (in her realm this is very young)

Birthday: 3/17/2001







Name: Arianna Naevia Windsor


looks to be age 16 is really 378 years old


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Bri-single Ari-single

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  •       Catherine had been on a patrol session, making her rounds in the parts of the city she normally patrols, but on this very day, it ended just like that.  A disturbance of sorts was called in, now instantly she making her way to that area of the city, so the detective could investigate.  Upon arrival, she saw chaos to some extent unfold before her very eyes, and the thing that had been called in, it more true than ever.  Sirens would come on, lights as well as she tried to navigate her way through the traffic that was upon the roads.  She needed right of way in that moment, and due to the young girl roaming, or running the streets, weaving throughout the cars, like there was no other choice.  Once getting close enough to her, and she then able to park her car in a suitable location to the side of the road, she then opened her car door, and climbed on out.  Looking left, and then right, and at first, she had been trying to find a break in the traffic, yet instead she lifted up a hand along with her police badge/ID to stop the traffic, or somewhat get them to slow down.  Getting those girls to safety now, and way from the man who was after her, it was what she was here, and calling out to them in that moment, she said these few words to them, while still holding her badge up.

    "Arianna.. Brianna..  Come on over to me, I'm Detective Chandler, and here to get you to safety.  Come on, please.."

          With that, she too started to make her way over, due to traffic actually stopping.  It was time to get them off the road, away from that man, and into the safety of her car.  From there, they would take it as it would come.

  • Tris blinked, hearing the way Bri spoke, her gaze harden flashing a deep red a warning of sorts. Ahe really didn't care of it. In her own thoughts Royality was just an excuse for those in the upper class of the human race, yet she would be counted as one since she owned a nightclub and a rather expensive apartment. But other than that she didn't seem so. But being an elder of her race, it sort of ticked her off at being talked to in such a way but with that little warning show, she let it slide. Hearing Ari she dipped her head in a nod. "You're welcome young one."

    With a week going by, Tris had kept an eye on the two, she even had gone so far in to following them but at a distance where she wouldn't get noticed. But this paticular day seemed to be anything but normal. She had spotted a rouge watching them, yet she hadn't acted on anything as it didn't attack, but when the girls had left and the rouge followed she took action. With the majority of the people not in the way she grabbed the rouge and dragged him to a more less populated area and demanded a reason for him following them. "Look here rouge, I don't take it kindly whent he people under my watch are being threatened, let alone watched. I'm giving you one chance in telling me why. You have 10 seconds."

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  • She listened though soon enough hearing of where they came from she got a bored look. She honestly didn't care for royality. "Hmm curious, I've sworen I've seen those before. She knew the memory would come to her later but she just could't figure now. "Don't worry about me saying anything, I honestly don't care for royality." She said with a shrug. "Just be careful you may not know what lurks in the city..

  • Tris frowns, crossing her arms over her chest. New.. kids. SHe shook her head and let out a soft sigh. "Next time be careful. And yes rouges, there are a lot all over the world. She tilted her head at seeing the glowing necklaces. She stared at them for a good while, trying to figure out what they are, she soon moved closer, gettig a closer look at them, her eyes mimiked the glowing before she leaned back. "Where did you get those?" She asked softly She swore she seen something like them but that had been years ago,, many years ago.

  • Tris moved further into the building her large paws striking the ground, claws clicking as she moved forward. Her dull dark fur slowly vanishing to be placed back with her human form. Red blue hues glanced around before spotting what she was looking for. Eyes narrowed before she spoke. "Why are you here and why are you dealing with magic? That much created a large spike. Any rouge could have came killed you." She said crossing her arms. SHe didn't know who this girl is but clearly didn't think of saftey, even the saftey of the humans.

  • Tris had been out patroling, as odd as it was, she protected the city from rouges. This night she hadn't felt so well, she had gotten no response from her inner wolf but that didn't stop her. But what drew her out was a spike in magic somewhere in the city and she is currently making her way there. Using her abnormal speed she scanned the city as a blur. Looking for where this magic spike had come from. Stopping a top of a building, she looked around, blue hues scanning, taking everything in when she turned her gaze towards the abandon area of the city. Blue hues turned a bit red, the two colors mixing. Without a second thought she had transformed, her once healthy wolf form now looked anything but.

    Letting loose a loud and massive sounding howl, she took off towards the building. Within seconds she had made it and made her way into the building.

  • Liv had been on the phone when the young woman was brought to her office. She ended the conversation and nodded “I’m olivia, please come in.” She said moving so that she could come more into the office so that she could close the door.” how can I help you  Ari?” She already knew who you were.

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