Brona Connolly


Height  |  6’5”


Species  |  Demigoddess


Abilities  |  Bad Luck 


Alignment  |  Neutral


Birth Date  |  Unknown  |  Appears 18 


Red Hair  |  Grey Eyes  |  Muscular 


Sexuality  |  Unknown  |  Single


Profession  |  Farm Girl


Location  |  Midgard


Parents  |  Amaro and Galen Connolly

Brona was found lying in a dung heap in the forest near a village. A poor couple took her in, hoping she would change their luck for the better. As children can sometimes bring good luck, Brona proved to be nothing but a handful. Even with the most tender patience, Brona could never learn the skills of housekeeping, farming, or hunting. 



Lore  |  Brona was born on the edge of the world. The great eagle Vedrfolnir excreted her as he perched on one of Yggdrasil’s upper branches. If she had landed in Asgard, she would have become a fierce warrior with strength that rivaled Thor himself, but the wind blew her off course. Instead, she splattered to life in Midgard, and reached such velocity on the way down, she was born with a few pieces missing. Forever she would be fragmented, never her whole self. 

Personality  |  Brona tries her best to be good, but sometimes she feels life is too unfair to uphold all the laws and morals set by the Gods and rulers. Though she was raised with unconditional love, she has very low self-esteem. This leads to clumsiness and attention seeking behavior, which is why she still lives unaware of her abilities as a Demigoddess. 

Likes  |  Walking through the forest, listening to the breeze rustle through the trees. Warm potatoes with butter. Pleasing others.

Dislikes  |  Herself. Causing trouble for others. Being ignored and shunned.


The Shapeshifting Demon  |  Sometimes a black cat in the shadows, sometimes a raven in the wind, sometimes a little bit of both perching atop a tree. Brona is unaware of their existence all the same, and they love watching her suffer. Sometimes when they get bored they like to cause misfortune.


October 21

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  • “Your peril is nae my doing… but your life,” His gravelly voice spoke, peering back at her from an upward angle. The beast’s serpentine tail seemed to twist and sway on occasion to its own accord. He was no stranger to curiosity as he studied her response.

    The creature fell at ease when the beast’s requests for her to be still were uncontested. Its jaws seemed to fall closed, where they had once been parted a fraction. It was a more civil expression... if the scarred appearance of the brute could come off as civil. Ivory fangs no longer peeking out had the same effect of sheathed knives being returned to their resting places. She was doing well, and yet he had his own suspicions. Few mortal souls met uncertainty in a manner that didn’t lead to lashing out… or maybe it’s faith in the two-legged lately was wearing thin enough to believe it. Her tiredness could have been enough reasoning to hold off the swing of a knife.

     Like prey, the beast’s action wouldn’t come without a minor flinch from the woman. Its hues wouldn’t leave her all the same, casting a knowing gaze. There was little ferocity in its expression nor the wrinkles in its face. The only exception was a muzzle that seemed to hold a subtle snarl at a constant, just under the surface. Once more, it swept a look over her as if she were prey. Not after all the energy he had expelled for her sake, no.

    “Connolly,” He stated, that low tone of voice rising ever-so-slightly. The surname rolled off the beast’s forked tongue rather smoothly. Of course, it did. The old Gaelic title had changed in its written form, but it had been spoken for far longer. There were many Connolly’s… were there not? Brona. He would catalog this title as well with a rumble of a hum within his chest. He wondered if their gathering had been true coincidence. He sensed her tension soon to come and the beast’s brow wrinkled but for a moment as he deciphered it. 

    All of a sudden, the beast rose. Once on its feet, it towered over the woman where the top of her head may reach a little lower than eye level with the bulk of its shoulder. Its movements were slow when they didn’t have to be otherwise, like a heavy machine willing itself back to life. “I am Ahzren... I hail of the blackened forests of the South, as I am their guardian.” His title was spoken in a booming tone without uncertainty to be had. There was a pause of quietness then where the beast was well aware it had not answered her question. Its nostrils flared in deliberation. “Brona Connolly... you are no human,” Ahzren deduced lowly.

  • Before the beast knew it, his work was done… odd. As his cerulean hues opened they wouldn’t hold the glow that had emanated from its task over the woman. His muzzle wrinkled for a brief moment in contemplation of this, the tips of his fangs prevalent as he did. So she was not human… Perhaps. It left much consideration for a time and place well past the rocky cliffside they had found themselves along.

    Slowly but surely time passed and the beast gained its due rest just as she. Come time to wake, he lay with his head upright, heeding the one bit of advice to the girl… that wouldn’t stop her from taking a tumble in her shock. It was no concern of the beast when he knew she was in no shape to go pulling weapons. To her three-worded question, there was a spark of life in the beast’s good eye that might go noticed. The corners of his maw twitched ever so slightly and he huffed.

     He watched as she came-to fully, assessing the damage as any mortal (or semi-mortal) might. As she shouted at the loss of the appendage his head lowered a fraction. While his magic had healed there were some circumstances far too lost to be helped. “You are no less alive than I… now sit. Rest yourself,” The beast ordered in a matriarchal tone, its low voice rumbling in its chest. Not only alive, but she also seemed lively despite all. A flicker of a glance went upward to the trees when he caught the rustle of a branch when the entity watching them departed. 

    “-Your name,” That rumbling voice spoke again. Slowly but surely the beast rose from where it lay and sat up, settling back on its haunches with a shake of its mane. It peered at her more closely now. “...from where do you hail?”

  • A voice caused a quiver to the beast’s ears in acknowledgment. The shaken tone was something else, and whether it came from a place of consciousness or not, the beast carried on its work. By the time he removed the obstruction from atop the woman he knew he would have to move quickly to have it matter at all. By the time they were mobile, she was bound to slip out of the moment of consciousness. The beast’s ears were on the low pulse she carried, letting it drum in his ears while it’s one good eye studied the shadowed presence taunting from above.

     They came unto a clearing where the trees had diminished enough to house their bodies and allow refuge from the two-legged path that had been left in shambles. They were still far too close to the beast’s liking, but time hardly catered in a manner of his choosing. Nor would it now. A pause was taken where the beast laid her to rest and sat upon its hooved haunches, nostrils flaring as it took in the damage and offered a heavy exhale… just then, the beast’s eyes held a glow to them. The cerulean hues seemed to light themselves, just as a similar aura shifted and wove its way through its main and down to the markings of its back. It was almost spiritual, ephemeral in its appearance, and soon to spread its grasp unto the woman that he hovered over… he stopped when the wounds at their most severe had stitched themselves together, even if loosely. There was bound to be tenderness from the places where her mistake had cost her most, but the beast’s work was done.

    Come time for her to wake up, his work had come at a cost. The beast lay still, its head heavy on its forepaws. The exhales left its chest like a machine slowing to rest, eyes shut bringing the faded scar over its left eye together. The voice was heard, however. How long had she been out? Long enough it seemed for the beast to get its shut-eye and replenish some of the energy it had lost from the healing. 

    “Be still, child.” The beast suddenly spoke. The deep voice seemed to reverberate from its chest and through the trees no matter how quiet its words were. The devilish tone was gruff, gravely. It spoke to the size of the creature who’s shoulders were half her height even as it lay there. Slowly but surely, its horned head rose from its resting place and blue orbs opened. A short yawn flashed ivory fangs that would securely fit around a man’s thigh without hassle. The tuft of its long tail swayed once or twice as the beast came back to life from its slumber to peer at her, pointed ears forward.

  • From the cliff's peak, a bulky silhouette lingered atop, looking down to the shattered cliffside. The beast's maw wrinkled to the sight, cerulean hues peering down unto the wagon wheels peeking up from the wreckage below as if they were the sole survivors. It drew a heavy breath into its chest and slipped back away into the trees to draw closer. Human. But so deep into the woods? It seemed to be so. Few two-legged had traversed the path in the past few days, let alone by wagon.

    Several stones freed themself, tumbling down to the bottom of the cliff as the beast made its way down. It emerged through the trees, relinquishing itself from their cover as it drew near to the base of the rockfall. Its maw wrinkled once more, inhaling the scent of blood along with the mess strewn about the wagon… it landed on the level ground with a heavy thud, hind cloven hooves  clicking against stone as it approached. The tuft of its tail gave a flick and it lowered its head to one of the dolls that had settled closest to its paws.

    Soon through the beast's chest grew a rippling snarl… it rolled from its chest like a distant thunder. The scent of sulfur and the sense that something darker was looming amidst the grounds was the culprit. The brute's one good eye did a sweep before it landed upon the dark-furred creature's yellow orbs peering out. A dæmon, so close to the wreckage? A precarious sight. Ivory fangs were flashed as an omen right back to the lingering feline. Not a threat, but a promise, should it draw near to the ancient.

    It continued on to the base of the wreckage then without turning its blind eye to the miscreant. The stench of blood wafted with the slightest breeze, filling its senses and causing another low rumble in its chest… perhaps if conscious she would hear such a sound. The monstrous snarl, the footsteps of something padding closer with heavy strides. The beast moved closer as if she wasn’t regardless. It took a moments’ sweep over the wreckage to assess the living being nestled so viciously within it. As the sun cast its final shadows, the brute lingered close, making observation of the places where flesh and bone had been disturbed. Within the next few minutes another rumble left its throat as its head lowered. Curved horns took to either side of the boulder that pinned the woman in place, slowly pushing it free of its resting place with some resistance from the stone. It was then he should have feasted, if not for the faint heartbeat picked up in the two leggeds’ chest and the dæmon’s odd presence there. Instead she might feel breath on her collar as the beast’s ivory fangs took hold of it. Slowly but surely it pulled her from the site and into the depths of the trees once more with a close eye on the feline present nearby.

    - - -

    That was where the woman may have woken, with a glimpse of the stars still overhead. It was the very early morning, the sky still dark. Her body would feel heavy, stiff, numb. Strangely none of the things it would have felt from the way the tumble down the cliff had left her, other than perhaps sore from whatever feat the beast had done. The silhouette of the beast lay mere feet away from where she had been left, its hulking size comparable to a grizzly bear but thinner. Large talons kneaded the ground on occasion, its eyes half-lidded at times to keep guard, otherwise closed. It was resting, drawing in slow, weary breaths with its head down upon its foreclaws… the woman would live, but its magic had come with a price.

  • The skyline through the trees was growing darker by the moment as the evening threatened to pass by and turn into night. The sun was turning into a golden hue as it dipped down toward the horizon line. The trees rustled to life with a faint wind, and the crickets had started their song... It was then that the beast would wake. Its foreclaws sank heavily into the soil with each step, done so quietly and with the care of a beast half its stature. It hadn't been there for long; one wrongful misstep a few days prior brought it too close to the two-legged kind, and had sent it back into its hiding within the deep expanse of the forest's spine.

    It was then he heard the rumbling... the earth's distress as stones fell away from one of the mountain's jagged cliffs some distance away, not but not without first being started by something. But what? Large, pointed ears perked to the sound, tracing the clatter and rumbling back to the source where it would plot its course of hunting for the night. His scarred maw wrinkled as he inhaled the scents of his surroundings and started to walk. He would know soon enough, whether it be an unsuspecting prey or something greater.

    Minutes passed in silence other than the white noise of the forest. The rocks and pebbles that fell from the site on occasion were signals the beast would follow. He moved silently around the site itself, shadowed by the treeline several trunks back and the sun's setting that was growing heavier and heavier.

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