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Character Age


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

single & not looking

Character Appearance

  • HEIGHT. 5'10
  • WEIGHT. 145 lbs
  • BODY TYPE. mesomorph
  • SKIN COLOUR. light beige
  • EYES. dark brown
  • HAIR. black & on the longer side. often pulled back in small ponytails.
  • DOMINANT HAND. right
  • TATTOOS. a small heart on the second segment of their right index finger, and a solid ring above the knuckle of their right ring finger. a line of star outlines of varying sizes on the inside of their right wrist. "fuck you" written vertically along their left middle finger.
  • PIERCINGS. two in their left earlobe, three in their right earlobe, and two in the top of their left ear.
  • SCARS. a small, now almost invisible, slash across the top of their right cheek, a couple spotted across their knuckles, a deep scar from a stab wound to their left thigh, and many more scattered across their body.

Character Personality

  • FIRST IMPRESSION. loud, obnoxious, very self-important
  • POSITIVE TRAITS. passionate, adaptable, skillful, adventurous, independent, dynamic, easygoing, fearless, daring
  • NEGATIVE TRAITS. inconsiderate, shameless, aggressive, aloof, dishonest, disobedient, arrogant, insensitive, stubborn, petty, blunt, extravagant, boastful, judgemental, materialistic, narcissistic, greedy, resentful, rude, vain
  • PRIORITIES. themself, having fun, looking good, adding to their collection of things
  • MOTIVATION. survival, entertaining themself, making themself happy whether it's at the cost of others or not
  • DESIRES. happiness, things, being adored, being the best at everything
  • FEARS. love, life on the surface, death, being made a fool of
  • GENERAL SOCIABILITY. high-ish. loves social interaction but tends to be very mean about it
  • INSECURITIES. their crush on cycho, how dependent they've been on dox
  • PATIENCE LEVEL. very low
  • SENSE OF HUMOUR. mean, often at the expense of other people

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

i'm grey! i'm 28, canadian, & missing writing all the time. i've been rping fairly actively for... probably approaching 10 years now. i'm here to have fun, make some friends to write with, & develop my characters further!

(apologies in advance about byan though, they're the worst. i promise i'm not!)

byan's info at the moment is copy-pasted from a tumblr rp bio which i'm planning to revamp soon, especially considering i'll be pulling them from their usual setting to write here. if anything doesn't make sense, i apologise! edits & updates are coming.

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  • {// Welcome aboard! I also used to RP on Tumblr a few years back ūüėä }

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