Born to human parents, raised in a human house, and living around humans all her life, Casey thought that she was human. What else could she be? 

Casey grew up in northern Michigan, and as the only child to two parents who were desperate for a kid. iT was easy to say that she was spoiled. She got what she wanted, she had much more than she needed, and she was greedy. But her parents gave in to her every demand without a second thought. She wanted a computer--she got a computer. She wanted a new doll--she got a new doll. She wanted more ice cream for dessert--well, her parents did put up some guidelines. Her room was full of toys and games, stuffed animals and coloring books. Though Casey was clearly privileged and spoiled, her parents loved her, and she loved them more than anything else. 

In school, Casey had several friends who she would hang out with, many of them staying her friends well into high school. Parties, dances, sleep overs--it was everything Casey had hoped for and more. Considered one of the "popular girls," Casey spent a lot of time hanging out and having fun, enjoying all the attention she was getting. She couldn't have been happier with how her life was going. 




A few weeks after her seventeenth birthday, Casey woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain. Every bone in her body felt like it was breaking, her muscles felt like they were being ripped apart fiber by fiber. When she screamed in pain, desperate for help, the sound that came out of her mouth was an animalistic shriek. She screamed again, and the same sound came out. Her parents rushed into her room moments later, her father holding a bat. Her mother screamed, her father just stood there and stared. 

That's when she finally noticed it--looking down at herself to try and see where the pain was coming from, Casey saw red and white fur, followed by a dark snout. Further down her body she saw whiskers and canine legs and a long, bushy tail. She wasn't...she wasn't human anymore. She was...a fox.

Casey can't remember anything after that, she must have passed out. When she woke up again, it was light out, probably midday, and she felt absolutely famished. Her mouth was dry as she sat up in her bed, a raging headache pounding at the back of her skull. Her pajamas must have been somewhere under her covers, because she wasn't wearing them anymore, but she didn't notice. Getting out of bed proved to be more difficult than she had intended--everything was spinning, every part of her was sore--but she managed to get to the door on wobbly legs eventually. Her hand rested in the cool metal of the doorknob and gave it a sharp twist--only for it not to budge. Frowning, she tried it again, but it still seemed stuck. So she tried it again, gripping it tightly, and twisted. There was a popping sound, and then the door opened. 

Still groggy and in pain, and so very hungry, Casey went to the kitchen, not noticing that the house looked ransacked on her way there. She consumed nearly everything in the fridge--left overs, fruit, a jar of peanut butter. She also downed half a gallon of milk, followed by three cans of pop. Finally, her hunger and thirst had been quenched, and she could--Wait, why was the house a mess? Had someone broken in? 

"Mom? Dad?" 

No answer. Casey ran to their bedroom--they weren't there. Their closets and dresser were wide open and empty, as was the safe in the wall where they kept most of their savings. All important documents were gone. All of the pictures on the walls--gone. Out the front door, their cars were gone. In the back yard, there was a smoking pile of ash in their firepit, which Casey ran to to investigate. Tiny bits of blackened or browned paper remained, along with metal pegs that were...from a photo album? Casey picked up one of the singed pieces of paper to examine it closer in her hands.

'Certification of live bir...'

The paper slipped from between her fingers, back into the firepit. Her birth certificate. Her parents had burned her birth certificate, likely along with any other sort of legal documents pertaining to her. They had locked her in her room, grabbed their things, and abandoned her. The memories from the previous night came rushing back to her in a painful flood--screaming, pain, fur, tail, legs, fox--

Casey wasn't human anymore. She was something else. 

An abomination.

Casey kind of just...sat outside, naked, by the firepit, for hours. Her whole life was turned upside down in the worst way possible. Her parents had abandoned her, she could turn into a fox, she had no record of who she was. Of course, her town still knew about her, she still had friends, there was no way her parents had erased records of her digitally, but could she stay? Was she safe to be around? Would she turn into a beast at any moment? 

That night, after sitting outside well after it had gotten dark, Casey made up her mind. 

Casey went inside, ate the rest of the food in the fridge, then packed her bags. She stuffed a duffel bag with as much clothing as she could, dug through her sock drawer until she found an old leather wallet full of cash--containing her birthday and Christmas money, along with some that she might have stolen from her parents, which she in no way regretted now--and filled a backpack with boxes and cans of food from the cupboards. Putting on a baggy outfit, raincoat, and sneakers, Casey walked out of the front door of her childhood home, and never looked back.

The next few months basically consisted of Casey walking, stealing, hiding, and discovering just what she was. A lot of the time she slept outside, even in the cold of winter, incase she changed into a fox in her sleep again. And, actually, she did. But she didn't just turn into a fox--she became a cat, a poodle, a hawk, a squirrel--all while she slept. It took her a while to figure out how she could change while she was awake, and the more she changed while she was awake, the less she did while she was sleeping. It was also far less painful than the first time she had changed. Now it was just uncomfortable, not scream-worthy agony. 

Stealing was something she wasn't proud of, but Casey had to eat, and she had to eat a lot. Apparently after her first change, something about her physiology had changed internally as well. She could burn off food as fast as she could eat it. She stole food from convienient stores and clothes from thrift stores, just enough to keep herself reasonably clean and fed. Sometimes she would actually make a purchase, if there was something she wanted that was too difficult to steal, or she just felt too bad about being a theif. She was already a monster, she didn't want to be a major criminal, too. 

Eventually, she didn't much care about stealing anymore. 

She didn't much care about anything.





Name: Casey May Evlin

{Face Claim: Luca Hollestelle}

Age: 23

Height: 5 Foot 4 Inches

Sexuality: Bi-Romantic, all sexual encounters have been tramatic up to this point, so she's unsure if she actually wants a sexual relation or not.

Hair Color: Natural Red and Curly (When taken care of, which it usually isn't)

Eye Color: Sea Green

Skin: Heavily Freckled

Clothing: Usually something dirty and ill-fitting, always stolen, rarely cleaned.




 Casey's Forms:


The form Casey takes most often is the one she turned into first, a red fox. It's warm in the winter, quick to move around in, and nearly everywhere. The form felt...coforting, for some reason, despite the tramatic start to her shiting life.

Free photo Snow Red Fox Animal Wild Animal Mammal Fox - Max Pixel



A cat was easy to travel in as well, especially in cities. No one batted an eye at a stray cat, and if she acted cute to the right human, she might even get some food.



Casey was expecting it to be hard to teach herself how to fly, but it was surprisingly simple. Instinct took over immediately, and flying as a bird of prey gave her some sense of strength and freedom.

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  • Like most nights, Hazel got a pretty good sleep. She knew that she had a dream, but couldn't quite remember the details. Although she was fairly certain the Fox was involved somehow. Upon waking up, Shadow jumped on the bed and nuzzled her face and hands. The young Witch smiled and greeted her beloved pet. She then stretched her arms towards the ceiling and gave a yawn.

    "Good Morning," she said softly before looking out the window. It was lightly raining, causing a lovely "drip drop" sound to bounce off the roof above. It was the kind of sound that Hazel loved falling asleep to. However, she wouldn't get more today, she was too anxious to see how the Fox was doing.

    As she got out of bed, Hazel had this irrational fear that the animal had passed away during the night. She didn't think it likely, considering that its wounds had been properly taken care of. But she couldn't help but worry as she put on her slippers and went down the stairs. As she approached the living room, Hazel gave a sigh of relief when she saw the Fox laying there. It was difficult to tell whether or not it was still asleep, or just resting, but she knew it was okay.

    Either way, Hazel decided not to bother it for now. Still wearing her lavender nightgown, she walked over to the kitchen and began her usual morning ritual of making some tea and preparing Shadow's breakfast. The black cat zoomed down the stairs, clearly hungry as he waited by his usual feeding spot.

    While Shadow ate his cat food, Hazel prepared another small bowl of water and quietly placed it near the Fox. She then decided that she was going to cook a special breakfast for everyone; blueberry pancakes from scratch. It probably wasn't the most nutritious thing for a Fox to eat but she assumed it would love the taste regardless. As she began to cook, she hummed a soft, gentle tune as the rain continued to pour outside.

  • Hazel took a second to wonder why she had even seasoned the chicken. It's not like animals were used to their food having that kind of flavour. Although more and more she was getting the impression that the Fox's palate was similar to that of a human's. It liked fruit, vegetables and cooked meat. How very peculiar...

    Regardless, Hazel smiled at the Fox as it finished all of its food without complaint (or so it seemed). "I hope you liked that," she said before taking the plate away and putting it in the sink. She would then finish her dinner and gather up the rest of the dishes in the sink. The Fox might not have been able to see this from the couch, but with a twirl of her fingers the faucet turned on, and the handbrush began to move on its own as if it were alive! The dishes were able to wash themselves, without Hazel having to lift a finger!

    "There we go," she said with a giggle before making her way towards the stairs. In the morning she would come down to a clean kitchen and dried dishes. How wonderful it was to be able to practice her magic whenever she wanted. Before going up the stairs, however, Hazel walked back to the couch and could tell that the Fox was feeling sleepy again.

    She caught the blink, and wondered if it really was thanking her. She couldn't see why not? Intuition took hold and she reached down to give the Fox a couple gentle strokes along its back. "You're very welcome. I hope you have a good sleep..." she said in a soft voice. With another snap of her fingers, all the lights in the room turned off except for one; the lamp in the corner. That way the Fox wouldn't be left in complete darkness.

    The young Witch walked up the stairs, followed by Shadow as he trotted behind her. They both went into the bedroom and the door slowly shut on its own. Hazel changed into her nightgown and whispered a few words for her nightly incantation. "May the Fox be healed and happy...may it always know salvation in this home..."And with that, Hazel read for a bit, turned off the lights, and went to sleep.

  • An awkward silence would fill the living room as Lilith nodded and continued staring at her phone. Lilith was very unsociable even at the best of times, never mind this. And her skills as a hostess left much to be desired.

    "I got us a large pepperoni. You don't mind sharing, do you?" Lilith admitted as she put her phone on the coffee table. She wouldn't admit it to Casey, but money was a bit tight on her end. She would have ordered another pizza just for Casey, but she had already spent most of her money on previous food deliveries made earlier that same week.

    The demoness didn't really have a job or any income to speak of. She did get some money from the government every now and then but only because she made a fraudulent claim for disability benefits. Technically, she hadn't lied. She did have a disability. Sunlight gave her a splitting fucking headache. Surely that counted for something.

    In any case, Lilith was far too lazy and lacked the work ethic to commit to a proper job, so she would continue to collect money from the government. And if by some slim chance they ever found out her claim was fraudulent, she'd just pack up her things and move somewhere else.

    She'd have to start a new life for herself, which wasn't a big deal at all. She'd done it before, and she'd probably have to do it again, sooner or later.

    "Kid?" She mumbled, (not knowing her name yet) and turned to Casey, anticipating a response to her question, only to find that she had fallen asleep on the couch. Lilith's features softened a little in sympathy. The poor girl must have been exhausted.

    Had she pushed her too hard? Was she being cruel and taking advantage of a girl who had nowhere else to go? Maybe she was. Though she loathed to admit it...maybe Lilith was wrong about this whole thing. Her human side was coming through to talk some sense into her once again.

    Lilith said nothing more and decided to let Casey take a quick nap before the food arrived. When the pizza arrived 30 minutes later, Lilith set it down on the coffee table in front of the TV. She grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and placed one in front of her and another in front of Casey. She didn't know if she drank, (or if she was even at the legal age to do so) but she figured she'd offer one just to be polite.

    She then grabbed a slice of pizza for herself and began to eat while turning the TV back on, which would likely wake Casey up, if she hadn't already.

  • "Wow..." Hazel said, softly and incredulously. She had seen a lot of things, but this wasn't one of them. A Fox that was capable of understanding humans? And apparently; changing its eye colour too. But what else could it do? Hazel could only wonder.

    "Oh, goodness...I hope I didn't offend you somehow. I didn't realize you could understand me, I should have been more careful with my words--" Hazel started rambling anxiously. It was then that she noticed the Fox lifted its paw and pointed it at her dinner and the kitchen. It took the Witch a moment or two to decipher what it was trying to ask.

    "You...want more food?" she asked slowly with a squint. Regardless of the response she was pretty certain this was the case. If it wasn't, she could always save the food for later. "Poor thing. You must have been starving before today! I'll cook the rest of that chicken for you," she said before standing up and walking over to the kitchen.

    In the next several minutes, Hazel warmed up the frying pan and tossed the pieces of chicken inside. She seasoned them with salt and pepper and cooked them until they had turned from pink to white. Once she was fairly certain they were done she transferred them to a small plate and brought it back to the Fox.

    "Careful now, it's still a bit hot. Let's see how you like that," she said with a smile as she placed the chicken in front of it; along with another saucer of water.

  • Yeah I would most definitely like to write, let me know if you have any ideas and I will try to think of some myself before you reply next.

  • [ Thank you! ]

    Hazel had just finished her first piece of toast when she looked down at the Fox. She realized that maybe eating in front of it was a bad idea. Either she was making it feel jealous, or it would try to steal some of her food. Then again, did it even feel well enough to try? Regardless, she thought about getting up and moving to the dining table. That way the Fox wouldn't be distracted by the sight and smell of her dinner.

    But just before she was going to do this, the Fox gave a soft whine. Hazel looked down again to see what was the matter. Then, as she was looking, the eyes of the animal changed colour. It couldn't have been a trick of the light, nor did Hazel think she had imagined it. But even was it real?

    "What was that?" she asked out loud to herself, putting her plate down and looking back at the fox. She was blinking furiously and trying to understand what it was she had just witnessed. She didn't understand, not yet at least. "You're...not a normal fox, are you?" Hazel asked hesitantly, still believing that the animal couldn't understand her. She was more thinking out loud.

    And then it suddenly occured to her. What if the fox really COULD understand her? Was that possible? Goodness, if magic was real, whose to say what was and wasn't possible anymore? There was no one to tease Hazel for trying to have a conversation with a fox. She might as well give it a try.

    "Can you understand me?" she asked, and then realized that was a silly question. Even if the Fox could understand, it couldn't possibly reply. "Um, I mean...if you understand me, nod your head." Hazel waited anxiously to see what would happen. A part of her felt very silly for saying this, but she had to know for sure. There was something going on with this Fox.

  • [Hello, thanks for adding me.]

  • It wasn't all that surprising when the Fox started to eat the chicken, but Hazel could almost sense a hesitancy coming from the animal. Maybe it had never had raw chicken before? It made sense as she had never seen a chicken in these woods. In either case, it seemed that it liked the fruit better than the protein. "Hm, not a big fan? That's okay, I can save the rest for later. Maybe I'll cook it and we can try again."

    Hazel then took the plate of chicken away, wrapped it up, and put it in the fridge. Between that and the servings of fruit today, she figured that was enough food for now. Wild animals were used to only eating a little bit every day, right? She didn't want to gorge the poor thing.

    "Now I  guess I should eat something," Hazel said with a slight chuckle. She had been so focused on making sure the Fox had enough to eat that she had nearly forgotten to feed herself. What should she eat today? She felt like something slightly fancy.

    She took two pieces of toasted bread, spread a little butter on each, and topped them with slices of tomato and avocado. She then sprinkled a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper for seasoning. Once she was done she took her food to the coffee table along with a glass of water. The house was warm now thanks to the fireplace, and so Hazel gave another snap of her fingers, and the flames immediately went out.

    "I like this," she said with a small chuckle as she looked at the Fox. "If I had a human guest right now, I'd never be able to use my magic. You'll keep my secret, right? I mean, who are you going to tell? Another fox?" she asked with a cheeky smile before laughing a bit. It felt so nice to use her magic in her own home, and not have to worry about anyone seeing. She just assumed that the Fox had no idea what she was saying. How wrong she was!

  • Hazel came through the door with a grocery bag on each arm. As she entered the home, Shadow left his bed and walked up to greet her. "Hey Shadow," Hazel said, not having any hands available to pet him yet. She set the groceries down on the kitchen table before walking over to the couch to see how the Fox was doing.

    "And how's our guest?" she whispered, peering over the back of the couch. She heard the chirping sound and saw that the Fox looked pretty much the same as when she left. It might have been her imagination, but the animal looked like it was a tiny bit better. Maybe the food and rest had helped. It was always a surefire remedy in most cases.

    "Hey there...had a good sleep?" Hazel asked in a gentle voice as she crouch down in front of the Fox. She reached over to give it a couple soothing rubs on the back. What a beautiful creature. A part of her almost wished she could keep it as a pet indefinitely. But deep down she knew how silly that was. Wild animals aren't meant to be kept as pets.

    "I got some meat for you and a few other things. I'll start making dinner soon," Hazel said with a smile before standing up and walking over to the kitchen. First things first, it was time for Shadow to have his dinner. The black cat was doing circles around the Witch's legs, showing her how hungry he was.

    "Okay, okay!" Hazel said with a fluttery laugh as she reached for the tin of cat food. "Your Majesty's dinner," she added with another chuckle as she scooped out the food into a dish. She then set it down on the floor in the usual spot that Shadow ate from. He dug into it right away.

    "Now, let's see..." Hazel said as she began to put the groceries away. She had bought chicken, fish, and some fruits and vegetables that she couldn't otherwise grow. The meat was purely for the Fox, although she might save some of it for herself if there was too much left over. The question was...should she cook it? Or serve it raw? Foxes ate raw meat, right? She was pretty certain of that.

    Hazel took the chicken from its packaging and sliced it into small, bite sized pieces. After thoroughly washing her hands she brought the pieces of chicken over to the Fox and laid it down in front of it. "Let's see if you like that," she said, wondering if the animal would go for it.

  • "I know, honey...I know it hurts. I'm sorry," Hazel said, feeling guilty for causing the animal more pain. She hoped that it would forgive her, or at least realize that this was for the best. Once all the horrible stuff was over with, things in the cottage seemed to calm down considerably. Shadow eventually became uninterested in the Fox and decided to go lay down in his bed.

    A little while later, Hazel looked away from her book and saw that the Fox was asleep. That's good, she thought. Nothing like a good nap to help it recover. It must have been exhausted from such a trying day. Realizing that the two saucers were completely empty, Hazel decided to refill them. She slowly and carefully got up from the couch, trying to make as least noise as possible.

    She tip-toed into the kitchen and quietly re-filled the saucer with fresh water. She then decided to get a larger bowl to put the food in. The Fox clearly had quite the appetite. Don't foxes usually eat meat? Hazel didn't have any meat in her house. She wasn't vegetarian per say, but preferred to eat only what she could grow and forage.

    "This will have to do," she whispered as she filled the bowl with some blackberries and cucumber slices. She hated to admit it, but she'd probably have to make a grocery store trip. The garden was not yielding as much food lately and berries were getting harder to find this time of year. For the sake of her guest, she would do it.

    Hazel returned to the couch and placed the food and drink in front of the Fox. "Sleep well, my friend..." she whispered with a smile. The young Witch grabbed her coat and purse before going out the door and locking it behind her. She hoped to be back before the Fox woke up, but there was no telling when that would be.

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