Born to human parents, raised in a human house, and living around humans all her life, Casey thought that she was human. What else could she be? 

Casey grew up in northern Michigan, and as the only child to two parents who were desperate for a kid. iT was easy to say that she was spoiled. She got what she wanted, she had much more than she needed, and she was greedy. But her parents gave in to her every demand without a second thought. She wanted a computer--she got a computer. She wanted a new doll--she got a new doll. She wanted more ice cream for dessert--well, her parents did put up some guidelines. Her room was full of toys and games, stuffed animals and coloring books. Though Casey was clearly privileged and spoiled, her parents loved her, and she loved them more than anything else. 

In school, Casey had several friends who she would hang out with, many of them staying her friends well into high school. Parties, dances, sleep overs--it was everything Casey had hoped for and more. Considered one of the "popular girls," Casey spent a lot of time hanging out and having fun, enjoying all the attention she was getting. She couldn't have been happier with how her life was going. 




A few weeks after her seventeenth birthday, Casey woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain. Every bone in her body felt like it was breaking, her muscles felt like they were being ripped apart fiber by fiber. When she screamed in pain, desperate for help, the sound that came out of her mouth was an animalistic shriek. She screamed again, and the same sound came out. Her parents rushed into her room moments later, her father holding a bat. Her mother screamed, her father just stood there and stared. 

That's when she finally noticed it--looking down at herself to try and see where the pain was coming from, Casey saw red and white fur, followed by a dark snout. Further down her body she saw whiskers and canine legs and a long, bushy tail. She wasn't...she wasn't human anymore. She was...a fox.

Casey can't remember anything after that, she must have passed out. When she woke up again, it was light out, probably midday, and she felt absolutely famished. Her mouth was dry as she sat up in her bed, a raging headache pounding at the back of her skull. Her pajamas must have been somewhere under her covers, because she wasn't wearing them anymore, but she didn't notice. Getting out of bed proved to be more difficult than she had intended--everything was spinning, every part of her was sore--but she managed to get to the door on wobbly legs eventually. Her hand rested in the cool metal of the doorknob and gave it a sharp twist--only for it not to budge. Frowning, she tried it again, but it still seemed stuck. So she tried it again, gripping it tightly, and twisted. There was a popping sound, and then the door opened. 

Still groggy and in pain, and so very hungry, Casey went to the kitchen, not noticing that the house looked ransacked on her way there. She consumed nearly everything in the fridge--left overs, fruit, a jar of peanut butter. She also downed half a gallon of milk, followed by three cans of pop. Finally, her hunger and thirst had been quenched, and she could--Wait, why was the house a mess? Had someone broken in? 

"Mom? Dad?" 

No answer. Casey ran to their bedroom--they weren't there. Their closets and dresser were wide open and empty, as was the safe in the wall where they kept most of their savings. All important documents were gone. All of the pictures on the walls--gone. Out the front door, their cars were gone. In the back yard, there was a smoking pile of ash in their firepit, which Casey ran to to investigate. Tiny bits of blackened or browned paper remained, along with metal pegs that were...from a photo album? Casey picked up one of the singed pieces of paper to examine it closer in her hands.

'Certification of live bir...'

The paper slipped from between her fingers, back into the firepit. Her birth certificate. Her parents had burned her birth certificate, likely along with any other sort of legal documents pertaining to her. They had locked her in her room, grabbed their things, and abandoned her. The memories from the previous night came rushing back to her in a painful flood--screaming, pain, fur, tail, legs, fox--

Casey wasn't human anymore. She was something else. 

An abomination.

Casey kind of just...sat outside, naked, by the firepit, for hours. Her whole life was turned upside down in the worst way possible. Her parents had abandoned her, she could turn into a fox, she had no record of who she was. Of course, her town still knew about her, she still had friends, there was no way her parents had erased records of her digitally, but could she stay? Was she safe to be around? Would she turn into a beast at any moment? 

That night, after sitting outside well after it had gotten dark, Casey made up her mind. 

Casey went inside, ate the rest of the food in the fridge, then packed her bags. She stuffed a duffel bag with as much clothing as she could, dug through her sock drawer until she found an old leather wallet full of cash--containing her birthday and Christmas money, along with some that she might have stolen from her parents, which she in no way regretted now--and filled a backpack with boxes and cans of food from the cupboards. Putting on a baggy outfit, raincoat, and sneakers, Casey walked out of the front door of her childhood home, and never looked back.

The next few months basically consisted of Casey walking, stealing, hiding, and discovering just what she was. A lot of the time she slept outside, even in the cold of winter, incase she changed into a fox in her sleep again. And, actually, she did. But she didn't just turn into a fox--she became a cat, a poodle, a hawk, a squirrel--all while she slept. It took her a while to figure out how she could change while she was awake, and the more she changed while she was awake, the less she did while she was sleeping. It was also far less painful than the first time she had changed. Now it was just uncomfortable, not scream-worthy agony. 

Stealing was something she wasn't proud of, but Casey had to eat, and she had to eat a lot. Apparently after her first change, something about her physiology had changed internally as well. She could burn off food as fast as she could eat it. She stole food from convienient stores and clothes from thrift stores, just enough to keep herself reasonably clean and fed. Sometimes she would actually make a purchase, if there was something she wanted that was too difficult to steal, or she just felt too bad about being a theif. She was already a monster, she didn't want to be a major criminal, too. 

Eventually, she didn't much care about stealing anymore. 

She didn't much care about anything.





Name: Casey May Evlin

{Face Claim: Luca Hollestelle}

Age: 23

Height: 5 Foot 4 Inches

Sexuality: Bi-Romantic, all sexual encounters have been tramatic up to this point, so she's unsure if she actually wants a sexual relation or not.

Hair Color: Natural Red and Curly (When taken care of, which it usually isn't)

Eye Color: Sea Green

Skin: Heavily Freckled

Clothing: Usually something dirty and ill-fitting, always stolen, rarely cleaned.




 Casey's Forms:


The form Casey takes most often is the one she turned into first, a red fox. It's warm in the winter, quick to move around in, and nearly everywhere. The form felt...coforting, for some reason, despite the tramatic start to her shiting life.

Free photo Snow Red Fox Animal Wild Animal Mammal Fox - Max Pixel



A cat was easy to travel in as well, especially in cities. No one batted an eye at a stray cat, and if she acted cute to the right human, she might even get some food.



Casey was expecting it to be hard to teach herself how to fly, but it was surprisingly simple. Instinct took over immediately, and flying as a bird of prey gave her some sense of strength and freedom.

File:Buteo jamaicensis 2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons








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  • "Oh! Of course," Hazel said, not wanting Casey to think that she couldn't get anything herself. She certainly could; the Witch was just trying to be a good host. Deep down she wondered just how long Casey would stay with her. A few days? A week? A month? As desperate for friendship as she was, Hazel wondered how she was going to be able to support the two of them with what little money she had. Sure, she had her part-time job; but she wasn't exactly raking in huge sums of cash; not that she would have it any other way.

    Lately she had been contemplating quitting her job and surviving off the land alone. But now that Casey was here she definitely couldn't do that. Of course, she would never say any of this to the young shifter for she knew how it would make her feel. The hair question took her out of these thoughts completely and she gave a small chuckle.

    "Oh, this?" she asked, twirling a couple lavender strands. "My natural colour is a boring shade of brown. This was one of the first spells I ever learned on my own; dyeing my hair through magic. I love lavender, it's my favourite colour if you couldn't tell already," she said with another giggle. "I don't think other Witches are as concerned about their hair. Well, having never met another one, I couldn't say for sure..." she said, her voice trailing off as she contemplated this rather solemn fact.

    As they both sat down at the table, Hazel began to blow on her stew to try and cool it down a bit. Casey's next comment surprised her quite a bit, and she gave an amused, puzzled sort of look. "Dangerous? What do you mean? I might not know much but I know a good person when I see one. I know things haven't been easy for you Casey, but I know you're a good woman with a good heart. You could call me naive, but...I trust you, and I have no problem with you staying here," she said with a warm smile. Her kindness might have seemed too good to be true, but Hazel hoped that her behavior could show Casey that there were some people in this world worth trusting.

  • Any of those ideas work honestly, if she came on to Elijah's property it could be on a full moon night? Possibly he scratches or bites her in his werewolf form, Elijah ends up finding her in the woods by morning and taking her in. But with that story comes a lot of changes, She will simply be held by Elijah at his home since with a bite or scratch from a werewolf comes a lot of problems that she will learn overtime. Extreme sickness, anger, fatigue, the urge too kill hence her bodies way of trying to turn her and give her Elijahs curse where Elijah would also becomes her alpha. Feeling a pull towards Elijah she can't explain from the venom in her system. Just a bunch of craziness I think could be exciting? 

    Or we can start them out with meeting first, she gets a job in town and that's where their story begins. Elijah does own a auto body shop in town, so we could do something with that and they meet first that way? Then that could lead into my first idea, where she ends up getting bitten or scratched in the forest by Elijah on a full moon night. Let me know your ideas and thoughts, I would love to hear them so we can get started.

  • "It's no problem!" Hazel assured, not wanting Casey to think that she took too long in the bath. "I spend over an hour in there all the time. With how nice it feels, it's hard not to!" she said with a small chuckle. She knew Casey would be dying to taste the stew; and if she was honest she was quite hungry herself.

    As she went into the kitchen, Hazel took the lid off the pot and gave a good sniff. Casey was right, it smelled wonderful. Maybe a couple of the spices were a little unusual for this kind of dish but the Witch had a feeling it was going to taste good all the same. "Well, only one way to find out!" Hazel said optimistically as she started ladling the stew into the bowls.

    "Thank you!" she said to Casey as her taking the cutlery and bowls out didn't go unnoticed. Once Hazel had filled the bowls with a good amount of stew she carefully handed them to Casey. "Would you put these on the dinner table please? And what would you like to drink? Water? Milk? Something else?" she asked before walking over to the fridge.

  • "Oh..." Hazel vocalized in response; seeing why her previous idea might not have been the best one. Maybe Casey was right; but she would eat her out of house and home and drive up her grocery bill like there was no tomorrow. But at least she would be eating well...right?

    "Well...okay, you just do whatever you're comfortable with, but the offer still stands," she said with a small smile as she leaned her back against the counter. She would the nod her head when Casey gave her thanks. "It's no problem. Enjoy!" she said with a smile as the kettle was almost finished boiling.

    While Casey had her bath, Hazel made her cup of tea and gave Shadow his dinner. It was a bit early for him, but she knew he didn't really care when he ate. Once that was done, she decided to do a little bit of cleaning. Not with magic this time. Occasionally she liked to do things the old fashioned way. It gave her something to do and it felt more productive.

    She tidied up the kitchen, cleaned the living room windows and swept the porch. Once she finished that she lit the fireplace with a snap and settled into the couch. Hazel glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that Casey had been in there for a while. She hoped she hadn't fallen asleep as that could be potentially dangerous.

    However, not a few minutes later did the Witch hear footsteps coming down the stairs. At the moment she was using her levitation abilities to swirl a pink quartz crystal just a few inches above her hand. As she turned to look at Casey, it dropped back into her palm and she smiled. Casey looked (and smelled) so much better. The biggest difference was probably her hair. "Wow! You look great! I bet you feel better too, huh?" she asked as she stood up from the couch. "Well, I think our stew is ready to eat! Shall we?" she asked while gesturing to the kitchen.

  • Hazel gave a yawn and a stretch as she walked closer to the pot. She examined it for a few seconds and nodded. "Well, as long as the vegetables and seafood are cooked; I suppose we can eat it just about anytime. Although, I'd say maybe another hour or so, just so it has time to develop the most amount of flavour," she said with a smile before putting the lid back on.

    She had the feeling that Casey was hungry and that's why she was asking. "By the way, you can help yourself to my fridge and pantry whenever you want. I know you need more food than I do, so just go right ahead. Although...if you eat Shadow's cat food, he won't be happy with you," she said, purely as a joke. Although she wondered if Casey would enjoy that kind of food if she transformed into a cat.

    Smiling again when Casey asked about the bath, Hazel gave a reassuring nod. "Yes, of course. This is your home too, for now at least. As long as you let me know first, you can do anything here, whenever you want." Hazel meant it; every word, but she knew it would take some time for Casey to feel comfortable doing just that.

    "I'll keep an eye on the stew. You can go ahead upstairs. Sorry, it's just a bathtub. I hope that's okay. Towels are in the hall closet by the bedroom. If you need help with the water or anything, just let me know!" she said with a kind smile and a small wave. She then returned to the kitchen and began to make herself yet another cup of tea.

  • Hazel seemed to lose all track of time whilst in the bath, as she often did. By the time she got out she wasn't sure how long she had been in there, but figured if anything was wrong Casey would have come to tell her. Some moments later, Hazel would emerge and descend the staircase, her lavender hair still slightly damp. She had changed back into her nightgown and was wearing a white housecoat over top of it. Not like she planned on leaving the house again today.

    Seeing the absent spot on the couch, Hazel figured Casey was in the kitchen; and she was right. She smiled at the young shifter and gave a slight wave. "Hello! Did you have a good sleep? I was just having a bath," she said as she briefly pointed towards the staircase. "How's the stew coming along?" she asked, guessing that it probably wasn't done yet but was slowly getting there.

    After being given a response, Hazel would remember what she thought about earlier. She felt guilty for not bringing it up sooner, but hopefully this was one of those times where late was better than never. "Oh, the way, if you want, you're more than welcome to go upstairs and wash up," she then quickly added the rest; realizing how offensive that might have sounded. "N-Not that you smell bad! Sorry, I'm not saying that. It's just....well, I know it's probably been a while since you had access to a shower or tub. So you're welcome to use it anytime," she added a bit more calmly.

    It was a partial lie. Casey didn't smell awful, but she definitely had the distinct aroma of someone who hasn't been able to properly wash themselves in a long time; a mix of sweat and natural body odour accumulating over time. But Hazel wasn't offended by it; it was tough for anything to bother her that much.

  • Hazel said nothing further and watched in approval as Casey selected the different seasonings and flavours. Her sense of smell must have been really something. The young Witch wondered what it would be like to have such a strong nose. A blessing and a curse, she imagined.

    Expensive as it was, Hazel was glad to see Casey using the Saffron. She had bought it ages ago and had never used it for anything. All the other things; sage, oregano, bay leaves, they all made sense for this particular type of stew. Hazel wasn't following a recipe anyway (she rarely did) so whatever Casey included was good with her. And if it turned out one of the combinations didn't work so well; then at least they'd know for next time.

    "It's alright, you go ahead," Hazel said with a smile as she gestured towards the living room. "Have a good sleep," she added before watching Casey leave. There honestly wasn't much left to do here anyway except clean up a bit. With Hazel's magic it would take no time at all. She grabbed a long, wooden spoon and gave the stew a few good stirs before placing the lid on it. She kept the stove on low and with a twirl of her fingers the dishes began to wash themselves again.

    Trying to be as quiet as she could, Hazel would tip-toe past Casey and towards the stairs. Shadow silently followed her and the young Witch decided she would have a bath while the shifter was sleeping. It was one of her most favourite rituals; the warm water, the bubbles, the lovely scents, a candle or two. As she relaxed in the warm bath, Hazel wondered if she ought to offer this to Casey too. Come to think of it, the young woman hadn't been able to properly wash herself yet and would probably like to do so. Hazel kicked herself for not thinking of it sooner.

  •  [Honestly, I could see, through a long leading storyline, Vash caring for her. Maybe looking at her as a little sister or bah, well the relationship will honestly be in question-based off how the thread runs. I think he would see some of his younger sister in Casey. The whole start of her stealing from him could work - or at least attempted stealing. Also, I apologize for the delay in my reply. My work is really random. I can be slammed for months, then have nothing to do for the next week at all but sit at home. So sometimes I do disappear when I work a lot. Is there anything Vash can contribute to Casey's storyline? I'd like to hear it if so?]

  • The young Witch realized only too late just how unfair her question had been. If Casey was used to living and surviving in the wild, of course she wasn't well versed on seasonings for food. Even if that wasn't the case, she could have been someone who preferred next to no spices in their meal. Hazel was wrong to assume anything, she just didn't want to assume the worst.

    "Oh! Um...well," she stuttered a bit, looking back and forth between Casey and the kitchen cupboards. "Y-Yes, of course. Go right ahead," she said, pointing to and opening the cupboard to her left. It seemed that Hazel had quite the collection of flavours and spices; which made sense considering she found many of them herself. She had all the usual and expected things, plus some that might have been considered more rare.

    Casey's yawn had not gone unnoticed, and Hazel felt bad for making her work when she was clearly tired. "Oh! If you want to go for a nap, that's okay. There's not much left to do. If you want to choose some spices, I can take it from there," she said with a warm smile.

  • [ Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! No worries at all, just wanted to make sure something wasn't wrong. Thank you :) ]

This reply was deleted.

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