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Character Appearance

5’7, short-medium hair. Slender but not weak. Caspar has a mechanical hand on his right side.

Character Personality

Mildly social, he is able to strike up conversations with people in places he visits; a perpetual tourist. He doesn’t often reveal much about himself to people, nor does he make many lasting relationships. Holt is a bit of a slob around the ship, making a mess with his various unfinished projects and personal belongings. His hobbies include indulging in obscure (even for space) erotic material, and he is especially interested in robotic bodies and unusual species that might be considered frightening to others.

Character Likes


Character History/Story

Born on a planet called Coyopa, known as a tourist spot. His parents were both employed in a casino and so Caspar has a knack for games, being exposed to the tricks throughout his childhood. He left as a young man, apprenticing to a ship mechanic, and took over his business. Now he travels galaxies for work and pleasure in his ship, CS Hephaestus. If it weren't for his less-than-professional appearance and casual attitude, he could very well be working in a highly respectable capacity. However, Holt prefers his solitude and a lifestyle of travel and freedom. His only companion on the ship is the AI, David, which runs pretty much everything and has evolved into being a sort of friend to him. It annoys David to no end that Holt leaves the ship in disarray and continually picks up junk from space to sell, use, or tinker with.

Character Abilites

Caspar is largely independent and takes on whatever jobs he likes, but he is often called by people who have unique crafts and even luxury vehicles. His skills lie in the fact that he can essentially memorize the blueprint/construction of pretty much anything, and construct, disassemble and reassemble such. He works on both actual vehicle components as well as computer systems. When he injured his hand beyond saving in an accident, he promptly built and programmed a robotic hand for himself, amputating and replacing his own.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, 18+, Comedy, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm a teacher who enjoys writing for pleasure in my spare time.

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