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Character Appearance

Cassia is a slim, fair-skinned young woman of medium height. Her short black hair is tied into a low messy bun. She has big, forest green eyes and is usually seen wearing a yellow shirt, black pants,a matching sports jacket and white sneakers.

Character Personality

Cassia is a funky, cheerful and caring girl. Her bubbly personality is what makes her fun; however, although she's at the age of eighteen, she sometimes behaves like an outspoken teenager. She often experiences mood swings and can be blunt, rude ( or impatient) and a little too immature for her age. However, she's also considered to be smart and capable of performing various tricks with ease. Her curiosity is a trait that she finds impossible to control. However, she truly cares for the people she feels close to and is determined to do what's right.

Character Likes

She's an athletic person who finds outdoor activities exciting. She loves pulling tricks in order to keep herself and others entertained. Her favorite color is bright blue, and she has a fondness for cats. Cassia is an avid fan of pizza and an adventure seeker.

Character Dislikes

As a loud a hyper person, Cassia finds formal events and parties boring. She hates going to museums, art displays and has no interest for classical music at all. Although she is obsessed with cats and kittens, she hates it when she's tasked with babysitting young children. She thinks they're annoying and needy. Her top fear is anything that has to do with broccoli in general.

Character History/Story

Cassia was born on November 9. Her parents' busy lives deterred them from providing her all their love and attention. As a result, growing up Cassia was a rather independent child who would always get into mischief.

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Fantasy, Realistic, Anime, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm not new to role-playing, but I decided to give this a chance anyway.

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