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He's a rather short man standing at only 5'4 with bright red hair and a full shaggy beard. His back and arms are covered in scars from when he was a slave.

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He is known as a man of his word and strongly believes in what he see's to be right. Those around him would call him stubborn and warn of his anger should he ever be pushed too far.

Character History/Story

Born on the backwater planet of Naalol a few years after the fall of the empire to parents who were buried to their necks in debt, Cen never truly had a childhood. In fact the only thing that his parents did for him was turn him over to slavers to help pay off their debt. He grew up under the care of other slaves and was eventually shipped off to help mine precious metals. The work was hard and dangerous and at the age of 15 he lost the lower part of his left leg in an accident only to have it replaced with a crude prosthetic so he could continue working. It also made him strong and as he neared his 18th birthday he killed the slave master and led a revolt witch ultimately lead to his escape, but those he knew and loved from his time there were left behind only to be killed by the slavers in retaliation. All alone he drifted from planet to planet working where he could learning all he could preparing himself for his revenge. After four years of work he had managed to cultivate a life for himself as a pirate and mercenary for hire as well as finding and . Using his skills he returned to his home world and rained death on those who had tormented him. With the help of the slaves along with a generously "Donated" Venator class star destroyer that was being rebuilt for the world governor's private collection Cen was able to take control of the planet and since has ruled from the massive ship in low orbit over the planet. While the ship was never completed and and functionally immobile with limited weapons capabilities, he has kept this secret and no other pirate has dared to challenge him for fear of the power he wields. He still keeps the mines open although now they are worked by miners and not salves kept. Using the profits he has managed to get ahold of the technology to produce battle droids which crew his ship along with acting as his own personal army although they are slow to produce and not near the quality of the ones built during the clone wars. In his free time he has enjoyed collecting various artifacts related to the Jedi and sith alike keeping a museum of sorts displaying his findings from holocrons to lightsabers. His most prized possession though is the remains of the once great General Grievous which he keeps prominently in the middle of the great room housing the museum posed menacingly. Throughout the rise of the first order Cen was able to stay under the radar due to the remoteness of his location and a steady flow of bribes, but now that the First order is gone and a new government has taken his place he unsure what the future will bring.

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  • As he spoke, Rey couldn't help but look down at her own saber. She took it off her belt and played around with it in her hands. "A Jedi's lightsaber is a sacred's the end result of our hard work and countless challenges. Once it's built, it becomes a constant companion until the day we pass into the force," she said, speaking quite elegantly, almost as if she was quoting something she had read in the sacred texts. Perhaps she was.

    As she lowered her hand, she made eye contact with Cen and gave him a sincere gaze. "It's not something that anyone should be showing off, not without proper respect," she said, knowing that if they succeeded Cen would most likely have it in his museum. She didn't mind that, but what she did mind was people waving it around like some high-bid auction item. It was more important and significant than they could ever know.

    "You don't need to worry about my image, Cen. As the last Jedi, I would consider it a failure on my part if I didn't at least try to find these lightsabers. I'm sure it's what their previous owners would have wanted," Rey said as she placed her own saber hilt back on her belt. "As for dragging me into a fight, well...let's just say I'm used to that by now," she added with a slight chuckle.

  • [ That's good to hear. And I'm doing well, thanks! ]

    She probably shouldn't have laughed, but Rey couldn't help but give a chuckle when the panel fell as he slapped it. Once her laughter had died down a bit, she looked at him more sincerely and nodded. "You're right about that," she said, thinking about all the people who had helped her on her own journey. Even with her power, she would have never been able to do it by herself.

    Hearing that Cen had a couple leads, Rey blinked curiously before taking a small step closer. "You do? Who are they?" she asked, wondering if she knew or had at least heard of the owner. But it would make good sense that this person didn't want to be known. Lightsabers were incredibly sought-after these days, so if someone really tried, they could probably hide one fairly well.

  • [ Hello, friend! No worries, and not at all. I had some other spots free so I simply moved you around. Hope you're doing well! ]

    As Rey locked the loose part back in place, she paused for a second to dwell on what Cen was saying. Surely he had a point, maybe even two. What exactly was stopping for her from going on her own? It wasn't as though she was contractually obligated to work for the New Republic. She was doing all of this of her own free will, which also meant that she didn't have to at all.

    "...I...guess I never thought of that," she said slowly, allowing this notion to fully sink in. She finished tightening a few bolts before standing up straight and turning to face him. The 'pretty face' comment made her smile bashfully and glance away for a second, but she was even more flattered by the notion of joining his crew. "Do you really mean that?" she asked, smiling and incredulous. "I think I'd really enjoy that, I'd love it actually...joining a crew, going on all sorts of adventures. I suppose we have quite an adventure ahead of us already," she said as she placed a hand on her hip, referring to the finding of a new lightsaber.


  • Rey was pleasantly surprised when he accepted her offer. She smiled and nodded before walking over to the side of the ship. His confusion was absolutely fair, as there were times when Rey didn't even know why she had been sent on certain missions. Then again, she shared in his gratitude, because if she had never come along she would have never met him.

    "You're welcome...and to be honest, I don't really know either," she said as she began to thoroughly examine the ship to see what could be easily fixed or worked on. "In the Old Days, the Jedi used to be sent on Diplomatic missions like this. I guess that's why they called them Peace-Keepers. Maybe someone in the NR wants to honour that, and maybe that's why they sent me," she said as she noticed a part of the ship that was slightly disconnected from the rest.

    "Ah, I see the issue here," she muttered to herself before picking up one of his tools and getting to work on the part, all the while she kept the conversation up. "I'll be honest with you, Cen. I'm not one for politics. It all goes over my head half the time. If it were up to me, I'd be much happier traveling the Galaxy and helping anyone who needs it, as simple as it sounds," she said, followed by a slight grunt of effort as she forced the part back into it's rightful place.

  • "Oh, um...thank you sir," Zia said as she was clearly a bit uncomfortable by his behaviour. Anyone could have seen that he was not exactly fine, but they weren't about to point it out. Rey let out a soft exhale as she could sense his unease clear as day. With the tabelt signed Zia and Erko would turn back to the Jedi for instruction.

    "Head back to the ship, send a message to NR and let them know the documents are signed. We should expect their presence here soon," Rey said, but her focus seemed elsewhere as she continued to stare at Cen and did not make eye contact with the other two.

    The officers nodded and walked away, leaving the hangar promptly. Meanwhile, Rey took a couple steps closer to Cen. She didn't want to distract him from his work but could tell that he was falling apart at the seams. "Do you need help? I've fixed ships before, I don't mind," she said gently, hoping that the offer wasn't strange or unwelcome in some way.


  • The young Jedi honestly wasn't sure if he would accept her offer or not. She could tell that he was prideful, but perhaps he also felt like he had been backed into a corner with no way out. It was hard to say what he would do next. Rey found her way to the room where she would be sleeping. It was quite luxurious, and was probably the fanciest place she had ever stayed at.

    Despite the comfort of her bed, Rey was also plagued by a bad sleep. This wasn't unusual for her, it was something that had followed her since her Scavenger days. She too woke up early, got ready, and then wandered around until dawn had properly arrived. At this time, Zia and Erko arose and the trio searched for Cen. The two Republic officers had been sent electronic documents during the night for Cen to sign via the tablet they were using for communication. 

    "In the old days, they would have had to send someone all the way here just to do the signing. It's way more efficient now," Zia said to Erko as they made their way into the hangar. Rey cleared her throat before calling out to Cen. "Good Morning! We have some documents for you to sign," as she said this Zia pulled out the tablet and showed Cen a very lengthy text on the screen.

    "Please take your time, and sign below with your finger when you're ready. This is basically you agreeing to relinquish control of Naalol to the New Republic, and they are now the new governing body of this system. You'll notice that you still have rights as an advisor, and the New Republic may seek your council for any world affairs," Zia explained promptly, having clearly done this before several times.

    Meanwhile, Rey was a bit nervous that this document would serve only to twist the knife of guilt and pain that Cen was already feeling. Once he signed, his decision would be final and could not be reversed, at least not without extreme measures which would be an uphill battle on his part.

  • Rey shook her head firmly at his question. "No...not in the slightest. I think you're an intelligent man who has done the best you could with what you had," she said, and she genuinely meant it. Whether or not he would choose to believe it was another matter entirely.

    Dwelling on his words, Rey took a couple steps away to give him a bit of space but she didn't intend on leaving him right this second. "I'm sure you can. It's a big galaxy, there's a place for everyone." There was a time when Rey was uncertain of her place in all this. She didn't know what she was supposed to do or who she was supposed to be. It was a hard journey, but eventually she figured it out.

    "I hope you don't take this the wrong way...but if you need help with anything; anything at all, please let me know," she said, quietly with a gentle tone before slowing turning away and returning to the stairs that would lead back inside the building. Rey couldn't help but feel bad for him. She knew he didn't want her pity, but she felt it all the same.

  • As Cen told this heartbreaking story, Rey found herself becoming more and more solemn, both in expression and feeling. Through the force, her empathy was intense and overwhelming, and she felt his pain and loss almost as strongly as though it were her own. Rey couldn't stop herself from shedding a couple tears of her own, although she was not as quick to dismiss them.

    "I'm sorry," was all she could think to say as she allowed the silence to follow for a minute or so; taking in the story and just allowing her new acquintance to feel and process his emotions. Like him, Rey had known the loss of parents, but in a completely different way. There was a similarity of course. Both their families had tried to do the best they could with what they had.

    Upon hearing him say that he didn't know what to do, Rey continued to look at the graves as she wasn't entirely sure she knew the answer either. How does one solve such an impossible question? Instead, Rey took a step closer to Cen and lifted her hand to gently place it on his shoulder as a gesture of comfort. She hoped she wasn't crossing a boundary with him, all she wanted to do was make him feel better, even just a tiny bit.

    "I think they would appreciate the garden...and the tombstones. I think you've done the best you could to honour their memory," Rey said, quite softly and yet there was confidence in her tone. "I lost my parents as well...but this..." she trailed off, looking back at the statues. "I cannot even imagine what you must have gone through," she added, bringing the focus back to him as it would have felt rude to shift the subject to her. 8586390655?profile=RESIZE_584x

  • She became briefly distracted and in awe of the various plantlife, and had almost forgotten why she had come up here until she heard Cen's voice. "Oh, hello again," she said as she walked over to where he was. Rey's disposition had been rather positive, but as soon as she saw the tombs, and the statues of the man and woman a great sinking feeling was felt in her stomach.

    Rey didn't really have to ask; she had a pretty good idea of who these people were, and their relationship to Cen. Still, what else was there to say except to mention it and ask? "Are those...your parents?" she asked slowly, her tone becoming a more solemn one as she stood by his side to look at the two statues in better detail. They were beautifully made, but it only served to make the image even more sad.

  • Rey realized that perhaps she had not been subtle enough in her reaction to his words. She didn't necessarily approve, but she understood that some people needed to rely on such things in order to get by. Regardless, she was glad to hear that he still wanted to search for a lightsaber. "That's fair, I will be happy to help you," she said with a small smile.

    As the group watched him leave, Rey would nod her head politely before looking back at the other two. They ate their meals in silence, as there didn't seem to be much to talk about. Once they had finished eating, Rey turned to Zia and Erko. "Why don't you two get some rest? I'm going to stay up a little bit longer." The two officers nodded and made their way down the hall towards their rooms.

    Meanwhile, Rey stood up and decided she would have one last conversation with Cen before going to bed. With some help from a service droid, she eventually found the stairs that would lead to the rooftop gardens. "Cen? Are you up here?" Rey would call out as she approached the area.


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