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He's a rather short man standing at only 5'4 with bright red hair and a full shaggy beard. His back and arms are covered in scars from when he was a slave.

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He is known as a man of his word and strongly believes in what he see's to be right. Those around him would call him stubborn and warn of his anger should he ever be pushed too far.

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Born on the backwater planet of Naalol a few years after the fall of the empire to parents who were buried to their necks in debt, Cen never truly had a childhood. In fact the only thing that his parents did for him was turn him over to slavers to help pay off their debt. He grew up under the care of other slaves and was eventually shipped off to help mine precious metals. The work was hard and dangerous and at the age of 15 he lost the lower part of his left leg in an accident only to have it replaced with a crude prosthetic so he could continue working. It also made him strong and as he neared his 18th birthday he killed the slave master and led a revolt witch ultimately lead to his escape, but those he knew and loved from his time there were left behind only to be killed by the slavers in retaliation. All alone he drifted from planet to planet working where he could learning all he could preparing himself for his revenge. After four years of work he had managed to cultivate a life for himself as a pirate and mercenary for hire as well as finding and . Using his skills he returned to his home world and rained death on those who had tormented him. With the help of the slaves along with a generously "Donated" Venator class star destroyer that was being rebuilt for the world governor's private collection Cen was able to take control of the planet and since has ruled from the massive ship in low orbit over the planet. While the ship was never completed and and functionally immobile with limited weapons capabilities, he has kept this secret and no other pirate has dared to challenge him for fear of the power he wields. He still keeps the mines open although now they are worked by miners and not salves kept. Using the profits he has managed to get ahold of the technology to produce battle droids which crew his ship along with acting as his own personal army although they are slow to produce and not near the quality of the ones built during the clone wars. In his free time he has enjoyed collecting various artifacts related to the Jedi and sith alike keeping a museum of sorts displaying his findings from holocrons to lightsabers. His most prized possession though is the remains of the once great General Grievous which he keeps prominently in the middle of the great room housing the museum posed menacingly. Throughout the rise of the first order Cen was able to stay under the radar due to the remoteness of his location and a steady flow of bribes, but now that the First order is gone and a new government has taken his place he unsure what the future will bring.

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  • Rey felt relieved now. Sure, perhaps it wasn't exactly the outcome that the New Republic had in mind, but at least he was allowing them to claim the planet. That was certainly better than nothing. Besides, Rey didn't think it was fair to agree to anything less. If this created problems in the future, she would see to it personally.

    "Yes, of course. That works perfectly," she would say initially, thinking that her business was almost concluded and that they would soon be on their way. However, upon hearing him mention the lightsaber she would glance down at her own in thought. "This?" she asked to clarify as she took the hilt off and showed it to him. His request would be easier said than done. Rey had built this lightsaber herself, and buried the others that she had used previously. Finding a lightsaber that was already created would be no simple task, even in a galaxy as wide as this one.

    "I see...well, it won't be easy, but if it will help solidify our agreement, I will do everything I can to help you find one," she said, offering a kind smile and satisfied that they were finally getting somewhere.


  • Now Rey was starting to become very frustrated. They were getting nowhere with this. What he didn't realize was that she didn't have the power nor the authority to change the terms or make decisions that were contrary to why she was here. Her hands were somewhat tied in this, and so she didn't have much of a choice either. It wasn't as though she would be punished if she failed, but she didn't want that to be the case.

    However Rey managed to keep calm as she followed his gaze out the window into the city below. Her empathy won out for a moment as she sighed to relax herself. "Yes, your people seem happy. You have given them good lives. We don't seek to change that. If anything we want them to be safer," she said, taking a couple small steps so she was closer to him. She was unafraid of any violence now that he had cast his blaster aside.

    "Let's try this again. I think you misunderstand the New Republic's intentions. We are offering aid. We are offering to give your citizens a level of protection they have never experienced. Think about what would happen if the First Order were to rise again? Or a faction just like it? Without a Republic fleet to defend them, how long would your people survive?" she asked, trying very hard to show that they were really on the same side.

    "It's not like you would be cast aside and forgotten, the New Republic would look to you for guidance. You would be working together to make this planet even safer. I can see you care deeply about your citizens. Don't you want them to be protected from any potential threats?" she asked as she looked to him with an empathetic gaze and wondered how he could still refuse this decision.

  • Needless to say this reaction was far more intense than Rey had ever anticipated. She had never expected him to go so far with his response. Did he actually want her to fight him? Did he realize who he was up against? She stared at him in pure shock for a moment or two, as did the officers at her side. "Rey..." Zia whispered fearfully, feeling like a fight was inevitable. The young Jedi delicately raised a hand as if to say: 'It's okay' before standing up slowly. She walked around the table but did not approach Cen. She stood several feet away.

    "I don't want to fight you, and I'm certainly not going to kill you..." Despite this sentence she did remove her lightsaber hilt from her belt and ignite it. The gold beam of light illuminated the floor and where she stood. It gave a fierce hum but she had no intention to use it. This was more of a warning than anything, to tell him that he did not want to mess with her or get on her bad side. "But you can't pretend you don't know what I'm capable of.  I'm sorry to put it so bluntly, but you really don't have much of a choice, Daren."

    Rey let the saber glow for several more seconds before turning it off and putting it away. She figured her point was made, and regardless she didn't need her lightsaber to defend herself. "Now...if we can get back to business, surely we can arrange a deal that you would be satisfied with? What would it take for you to surrender control?" Rey asked, placing a hand on her hip. Surely there was something he was willing to bargain or trade with. There had to be a way to get him to comply, there just had to be...or so Rey hoped.


  • Rey sat down at the other side of the table and motioned for the officers to do the same. However they all became quite uncomfortable when Cen started speaking. Rey gave a slight clearing of her throat as her suspicions were confirmed. This wasn't going to be easy at all.

    The young woman stared at the table for a moment as she tried to come up with the best response. "I...can understand your reluctance, Mr. Daren. This has been your planet for quite some time. However, because of the new legislation that was passed, any world that is not yet governed by the New Republic must relinquish control. We do this with your safety in mind, and the safety of everyone. It's our best chance at making sure the remnants of the First Order will never return to power."

    It was clear that Rey did not have diplomatic experience firsthand, she was mostly using words that she had heard from other people and trying to frame them in the best possible way. How she wished that anyone else was sitting in her place. She wasn't a politician or a negotiator. She just had to do the best she could with what she had. If Cen still refused to comply, Rey feared that more desperate measures would have to take place.

  • [ Perfect! Thank you for starting ]


    Rey didn't want to say it out loud, but she had a bad feeling about this.

    Even as they were permitted to enter and made their way to the conference room, she could feel the resistance that was in the air. She sensed a great amount of reluctance from the person they were going to meet. It almost felt like he had made his decision already, but perhaps there was still room for persuasion.

    Rey would have felt safer if Finn or Poe had been able to join her. Sadly, they were preoccupied with their various duties and missions. Two young officers had joined her instead, Zia and Erko. Their hearts were strong, but Rey feared their inexperience would hinder this mission. Apart from this, Rey didn't normally involve herself in political matters. It wasn't her expertise. She had a feeling that the only reason she was here was because her allies were under the impression that a Jedi cannot fail. Rey disagreed wholeheartedly. All in all she struggled to remain positive about the outcome, but did her best to stay optimistic.

    As they entered the room, Rey saw Cen Daren standing on the other side. The first thing she noticed was his blaster, followed by the large window and spectacular view of the city. She waited for Zia and Erko to enter the room behind her before smiling at Cen and giving a slight bow of her head. "Greetings, Sir. We want to thank you for meeting with us on such short notice," she said before walking into the room a bit further but not too close.

    "This is officers Zia and Erko. I'm Rey Skywalker, a Jedi Knight. Do you know why we're here today?" she asked, keeping her tone nice and pleasant in order to hopefully dull the sting of their request ever so slightly. The fact that he was anticipating a fight was bad news indeed. Rey tried not to look at the blaster and instead gave Cen a soft smile.

  • [ Hey yeah that would make sense if Rey is working with the New Republic. She could come to his planet with a couple other officers and try to convince Cen to surrender his authority. That sounds good to me. Was there anything else you wanted to plan out or would you like to start? It probably makes more sense for me to send the starter. ]

  • [ Okay, well we can have them meet on his home planet, or maybe in one of these "low places". Maybe Rey has gone there to dismantle some kind of criminal activity and the two cross paths? Maybe he sees her lightsaber and wants to try and trade her for it so he can have it for his collection? These are just ideas of course, let me know what you think! ]

  • [ Great! You're in. And that's a good question. I have played Rey in all versions of the timeline. Anywhere from before TFA, after TROS and everywhere in between. I guess it would depend on whether or not you want the First Order to be in the story. If not, I love exploring the idea of what Rey could be doing after TROS so that works for me too. Did you have any ideas on how Cen and Rey could meet? Where does he usually hang out? ]

  • [ Hello! No worries, I hope you enjoyed your vacation! And nope, you didn't miss your spot :) I can add you in if you'd like to plot? ]

  • [ Wonderful news my friend! A thread has opened up on my page and I've already put your character's name in there. Are you still interested in plotting? ]

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