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Character Gender


Character Personality

Strong, helpful, funny

Character Likes

Diet Coke,Slim Jim’s,Pasta,Pizza,Cats

Character Dislikes

Dishonesty Backstabers Fake people

Character History/Story

Chantel Cole Benson is your everyday 23 year old girl next door.except she is very well known for her voice. she has a stage persona that takes over when she sings. She is sweet and caring and has a good head on her shoulders and is also the daughter of the late well known movie director/ producer and actor Eric Monroe. And renown police officer of New York city's SVU Olivia Benson. her mother and father met dated for a year. had her and then her dad was the one who said he and her mom weren't working and they called it quits, but still always made time for Chantel no matter what.

Character Inventory

Family- Father- dead Mother- alive Sister(s)- Brother(s)-

Character Abilites

If she is your friend you will never feel alone. She loves to make others laugh If you need her she is there When she loves she loves with all her heart

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action

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  • -if you are looking to RP with Chantel click my page (Olivia benson's page) as I am adding her to my page as well as doing a face change-

  • ☠Thank you very much! I would love to plot, do you have any ideas? :) ☠

  • Offline will be on tomrrow I owe 2 responses 

  • off the top of my head, using his modern version, perhaps she is so well known for her singing voice that he approaches her at a party about modeling for him, or perhaps after a night of drinking and fun together, she accepts knowing it would add to her popularity

  • A soft sigh left her. "I won't tell." She said softly. "Well it all depends. You're memory could be fuzzy from drinking and having seen my fair share some don't remeber at all. I can't really tell unless you got a blood work to see what's in your system. "Well it's early actually but for you late, it's just a bit past 7 now." She then shakes her head a small smile forming.

  • ~*~*~KEEPSAKES~*~*~

  • you are and always will be loved, supported, cared for and protected by me. I love you my darling girl! love you always and forever,

    -<3 Mom

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