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Chelsea Yamada
Looks 37/Actually 78
Demon/Human Hybrid
New York City, New York
F.B.I. SWAT/Weapons developer
"I didn't just create weapons. I made god-killers."

Her skin is pale and this is due to the fact that she chooses to stay inside and work on research rather than go outside. Otherwise, her skin is healthy and smooth. She has no tattoos, but she does bare the mark of Warlords. WL is burned into her left side, just above her hip.
Sometimes she will style her long black hair, but that is only on the occasion of her going out. Otherwise, her hair is mostly down and falls right past her shoulders. Make-up is only applied when needed, and just like styling her hair, it is rare. Her research requires her to wear masks or goggles, so she doesn't bother with it while she works. When she does apply her make-up however she is not afraid to highlight her facial features. Especially her eyes.
When it comes to clothing, it's just about the same as everything else. She wears blue overalls and black combat boots when she's working on her projects. No use in ruining good clothes. When she does go out into public she will be dressed in an appropriate fashion. If weather conditions aren't too extreme she will often highlight herself by what she decides to wear.
Still, it is hard to catch her outside of her work.
She is cold and precise. Her motives are all based on numbers and probabilities. Most of the time she's only socially interacting with people to get her hands on a certain piece of equipment or plans. She doesn't place friendships very high on her list of priorities as she tries to completely dedicate herself to her work. 
When talking with her there are three possible sides of her to see. Most of the time she will seem disconnected from the conversation at hand. She often daydreams about what she could be doing at home, or how she could be bettering her projects.
If you have something that she wants she will seem into you at first but eventually start pulling the conversation towards what she wants. She can be equally interested in the tech as she is with the mind that built it. However, if you did not build the tech that she wants, she will be more interested in the tech.
Finally, if you genuinely interest her then she will try to dissect every aspect of your thought process. You'd see a more caring side of her that only her projects see. For this, she will even stop daydreaming and focus on the conversation and person in front of her. It's very possible for her friends to see this side of her, but it's mostly reserved for a love interest. If there was someone to pull her focus off of her work that is.
This section of her life is dead to her. No one has ever come close to taking her heart off of her work. She doesn't really give anyone the chance to either. She doesn't hate the idea of love, but her mind is constantly occupied with several different projects that she doesn't see herself having time to keep a relationship. If anyone did have affection for her, hoping they wouldn't mind her staying up late and sleeping in.
When it comes to sex she is still new. A virgin. She doesn't go out into bars or clubs to find men to sleep with, nor does she enjoy someone's advances to try to take her to bed. She takes pride in this. Few had tried to convince to "Just try it," but she didn't give in. It also may be the fact that once someone gets close to her she will get nervous and tense up. Unexpected physical contact frightens her in many ways, and she does not like moving past a firm handshake with many people. 
Atlas Mk.IV
Aside from her engineering and small design aspects of Warlord Armor, this is her most prized project. She designed it and engineered it. To say this is her baby is an understatement. This didn't take her a few hours or days to birth. It took her years and cost a fortune. Even after the first model was built she immediately went into troubleshooting it and making upgrades. By the time she was on her second model, she started to mass-produce it for the Warlord Army, but she always kept her own ten steps ahead of the others. The A.I. that she has programmed into Atlas isn't the same A.I. the Warlord Armor has programmed into it. They do however co-exist and synchronize together perfectly. In fact, the A.I. in the Warlord Armor was Chels's idea, and the design came from Atlas. The purpose of this machine was to combat large beasts. The demon clans would roll out creatures in several different sizes. The ones that weren't airborne or dragon-size fell on Chels to destroy. She did so with interchangeable weapons built into each arm. First is blade fifteen feet in length, double-sided. Next is a 140mm cannon with SABOT, CAN, and MPAT rounds. A 40mm automatic grenade launcher, also with a .50 caliber machine gun. Lastly, flame throwers filled with napalm, as well as thermite capabilities. Obviously being the weapons fanatic she is, none of these are firing regular ammo. She was tasked out killing large beasts, and she was successful in her war campaign as Major General. This machine is rarely far from her.

She was in Alaska just barely getting by. She had gotten word from Wrath that Mai had mobilized to begin capturing everyone. She wasn't sure why she wanted everyone back under one roof, but Chels knew she didn't want any part of it. There was something she wanted from the FBI though. Rumors had it that Mai had been using some new gadgets that Chels hadn't come across. New tech is always a way to get her attention. It's like light to moths. She's just drawn to it.

What she wasn't expecting was someone else with Mai. Lynn was the only name this new friend was called, but Chelsea's A.I. was telling her to she was outnumbered. Too bad nothing was said before she hijacked the FBI plane they were both flying on. So she did the only reasonable thing. She killed the pilots, planted a bomb, and jumped out of the plain. The explosion from the cockpit had knocked out Mai, and Chels was sure she had gotten out of there.

That was until Lynn had appeared on the ground with Mai's unconscious body. It was time to fight. Her first plan was to kill Mai then focus on Lynn, but it was easier said than done. The fight wasn't really working in Chelsea's favor. She had to bring up Atlas. Not much longer after that Mai had woken up. The fight continued, but now she wasn't sure how to survive this duo.

They ended up getting the best of her. Atlas took to many hits from the two, and the armor had weakened. The fights ends with Mai sending one of her own SABOT back at her and blows half her body to hell. The only thing Chels was worried about though was the core of Atlas. Even with a missing leg, she clawed at Mai in efforts to get to the core. However, they pinned her down and retrieved the core for her. But she was caught. She now belonged to the FBI.

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