Character Information...



Name: Ciara Blake

Nicknames: Ara, Cia, Ci

Titles: Co-head of the Giese Clan, Queen of hell, Priestess of Summer

Age: 21


Height: 5'6

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Hazel

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Birth World: Earth

Home World: Asmiara 

Relationship Status: Married to that daft demon, Dasan Black





Great Grandmother(s)

Finley Cahill


Great Grandfather(s)

Areli James

Hajime Nishihara



Aine Lavoie

Aine Murphy

Madailein Delacroix 



Aodren Delacroix

Lucjan Azarola



Jessalyn Delacroix


Mother in Lsw

Sabriel Black



Liam Blake


Father in Law

Azrael Black



Dasan Black


Priestess To

Kieran Giese



Sabriel Black



Galen Royer-Lavoie 


Aunt(s) and Uncle(s)


Alexandre Lavoie

Airi Lavoie

Nadina Lavoie

Nisha Lavoie

Danila Lavoie

Cai Lavoie

Nikolai Lavoie

Azaria Lavoie

Eivor Lavoie-deceased

Cinzia Vesela

Eloi Vesela



Aiyana Lavoie

Aiden Lavoie

Amber Lavoie


Once Upon A Time...


There was a little girl who dreamed of more. Ciara would always find the highest point of any place she went to escape her life. She didn't know her father back then he was only referred to as that man though it was always clear in her eyes that he was the one that got away and she the constant reminder of that rejection from a woman who was not used to being rejected. Her mother was a vain creature who cared little for those around her she had come from money and was used to the world catering to her every whim. However when it all fell apart and the only thing that remained was her looks, a flitting thing at best she became more and more bitter and her daughter took the brunt of that bitterness, both because she reminded her of the man she could not have and because she was becoming day by day more remarkable than her mother.


So, it was to escape her she would hide in the attic and dream of her father. He would come swooping in and save her. Dreams however are far from reality and the day would come when you have to save yourself. The older Cia got the more beautiful she became far surpassing her mother whose bitterness grew day by day. A string of men came and went out of Jessalyn's life and Ciara ignored them all. She liked the bar her mother visited the owner was nice and gave her food. For the most part though she was an angry girl who lashed out at most people till she met him.


His name was Nikhil and she met him in middle school. Cia was always getting into trouble starting fights, skipping school, and mouthing off but he saw something else in her. However, he saw something else in  her and wanted to be her friend.  He followed her around till he managed to get her to talk to him unlike everyone else he didn't seem to judge her on who her mother is and wanted to know the real her. 



Taking A Chance...


Slowly her life began to change as she gathers the courage to tell him that he is her best friend. The more time she spends with him the more she blossoms as a person. The anger and rage fading as she finds a pace to belong. His parents love her and his house becomes her refuge, a place to get away and escape her mother who hardly seems to notice she is gone. By the time she is 15 her feelings for him grow into something else and they start dating. It feels like her life is going somewhere that she had found her ever after and the person who would stand by her side forever.


It continued that way for about a year as she found herself emerged with his group of friends. When one of their friends decided to go looking for this tattoo parlor. Someone had heard of it saying it was suppose to be ultra unique and hard to find. So of course they set out to find it. Her boyfriend deciding he wants to get a tattoo. So they set out to find the place, however, something seems off about the place. It seems to almost appear out of nowhere. Always being one to trust her instincts she doesn't like the look of the place or the owner who appears to be more than he seems.


Her friends however seem to find it all perfectly normal. It is even stranger when her boyfriend is given a tattoo one that is suppose to be made just for him of a butterfly when he tries to pay the owner tells him he owes him a favor. The young woman decides there is something off about this and much to the amusement of the owner she flings money at him telling him to stay away from her friends. She convinces her friend to leave  and they take off returning to their lives. The events of that night forgotten for a time.


Crash And Burn...


It might have been forgotten forever if Nik hadn't died. He died in a car wreck and his family and friends mourned his death but Cia thought something was off. His body burned so badly that they hold a closed casket. People say that not being able to see the body unhinged her making her believe that he wasn't dead and that might have been the case had their not been others. Deaths just like her boyfriend's ten in all that died in wrecks burned to badly to be recognized, These deaths all happening in the last year and all of them according to rumor had been to the same tattoo parlor and gotten a tattoo.


Unsure what to do she tried to get the police to listen to her but no one seemed to listen. It would be around this time that she would find out she was pregnant. Debating a course of action her mother does the most hateful thing of all as she allows one of her lovers to rape and beat her. It would be then for the first time due to the miscarriage of her child that she stopped being the little girl who wanted to be rescued and became the hero of her own story. Somewhere inside of her dormant powers came out and what she did to that man in her rage was horrible. She might have never returned from that path if it wasn't for the babies soul pulling its mother out of her madness and rage. 


Telling her mother that if she ever saw her again she would kill her and healing her own wounds she set out to find out what happened to Nik. That meant going back to that parlor and talking to the man in charge and by the gods he was going to give her answers. She would become the hero of her own story and save her prince. Armed with a double barrel shotgun she set out to do battle with what she was sure was a demon in human form and she was right.



Deal With The Devil...


And so she charged in to confront the man with the answers, Dasan Black. The truth she  might find was more than she was ready for as she shoots the man only to his amusement. More proof that he is far from what he seems to be. Managing to find out that Nikhil is indeed still alive though unable to get Dasan to admit to having anything to do with his disappearance she is prepared to do anything to retrieve the man that once aaved her and whom she loves more than anything and bring him home. Not just for her but for his family who have been nothing but good to her.


Dasan asking how far she will go offers her a deal. Her boyfriend is on another world and he will send her there for a price. The price being half her soul. Always willing to strike a deal or make a wager he says there is two parts to the deal. If she is able to find and save her true love he will return her soul to her. If not he will get the other half and it will belong to him. Thinking he means finding Nik and bringing him home she agrees. She would pay any price for that. The world needs more people like Nik and all it stands to lose would be her. So, she agrees and the deal is struck.


With the deal struck Dasan keeps his end of the  bargain and sends her to another world. The only thing he failed to mention is stacking the deck in his favor. The second she arrives all her memories are gone except for her name. In a new world with no connections and clueless if she even belongs there or what she is suppose to be doing the demon follows her and befriends her. 


Links To The Past...


With Dassn's 'help' she set off to figure out who she was and where she came from. In the end learning more than she had in the first place. The whole time growing closer and closer to the man who had tricked her. Eventually she would come to care about Dasan even love him before the truth would be revealed to her by another and the memories came rushing back. Angry at the demon who had tried to rig the game she came to realize the truth during a heated argument between the two. He said her true love he never said that person was Nik. Unable to have thought at the time anyone but Nik could be she was faced with her own feelings. Feelings Dasan had from the start they were meant to be together. Forgiving him she still had to find Nik he was her friend if nothing else.


This lead to her finally meeting the man she used to dream about. Liam Blake once Lavoie, a demon working for Dasan and finding the truth of how she came to be. Her mother had wanted Liam and like most things her mother wanted she refused to take no for an answer when Liam refused her she hired someone to kill his family. It was thought that they all died but Liam and his youngest brother Alex. Later it would be fond out because of who their parents were secretly more of them survived. Liam made a deal with Dasan to take his soul and save his family. However, they would arrive too late. Everyone was dead but Alex who lashed out with unknown powers and killed the man who was attacking.


Liam didn't know what to do. Dasan offered him a deal become a demon and work for him. Since he hadn't saved his family the first deal was void. He saw potential in Liam. He agreed to those terms and Alex ended up on another world a world called Asmiara, the same world she would end up looking for Nik on so many years later. Her father than seduced her mother to get her pregnant and abandon her with a constant reminder of the thing she could never have his love. Ciara was just a tool and he never thought how it would affect her life only of his revenge. She was hurt and angry and set out to find her uncle who was also upset to learn his brother was alive and never came forward the two of them formed a bond.


A New Chapter... 

She would come to find Nikhil and find him forever changed into wolf able to change his form he was part of an experiment and he too had fallen for another. Both had felt bad for this but they decided to move on as friends. Nik didn't want to return home believing himself to be a monster and Cia wanting to learn more about her family both decided to stay. Slowly her wounds with her father began to heal and the two of them became close. He was sorry for what his revenge had put her through. Just as her relationship with Dasan grew till they became married and eventually had a daughter named Sabriel.


Wanting to know more about the past that Dasan hides away she sought to find answers. The first of which was that he is Lucifer on her Earth. It is a title that was passed on to ruler to ruler of hell believing that someday the first would return. To make matters stranger she would discover her mother was adopted and where her own powers came from. Powers she thought came from the witch blood of her father even if they were dark. From her mother the powers had skipped a generation.


Her grandfather was the first Lucifer now going by the name Aodren he sought her out. She sought out her grandmother who was an elf a very different thing on Asmiara then the stories from Earth. A prson born of the void and of the light in a manner of speaking who chooses the dark. Her grandmother's parents being a pure soul and a nororci. About as opposite as they come she wonders what this means for her.


Summer Priestess...



Before any of this happened she was kidnapped by Kieran Giese who was the concept of nature realizing they had a connection he seduced her to accept that connection. This caused Dasan to react by killing his slave or so they thought he really hide her away. Ada sought revenge on Kie for killing her brother and taking her from his home only to find out it was Cole his brother who did it. Always loving Ada her death caused him to ascend suddenly driving him mad. He believed her brother would want to join her in death. 


Dasan really wanted Kie to admit his love for Adelaide who was a human and thus he feared telling her. Dasan being the actual father of Kie, Keir, and Cole Giese. Being a shapeshifter he took the form of Kyrell and thus both were their father. Ada later accused him of doing it so he could have kids that no one knew were his and keep them safe since it was thought his own son was killed. A lie by an old friend who sought to protect the boy and set Dasan who was once an angel on the path to becoming a demon.


Dasan's father later kidnapping their own daughter wanting an heir. Seeking out the location of Dasan's son. Dasan give it to him and he returned their daughter. Dasan knowing his older son can handle his grandfather and that maybe he should be that. She tried to get Dasan to open up about the past causing the two of them to fight. Wanting to know everything that happens he refuses to share much to her frustration.  However, she tends to find as many of her family as she can and learn their stories and hopefully a little more about herself and her powers.


Powers, Gifts, and Abilities...



Fire Control: Cia can create fire. She can use fire in any ways she sees fit. She can make it appear. She can make her body turn to fire, create a aura of flames around herself or turn into pure fire. She can also make the blood of people boil almost as if on fire.


Black Tentacles: She can create black tendrils that she can use in many ways. She can control them in order to lash out at people or she can bend them to her to create armor to keep her safe.


Basic Magic: She can perform basic spells.


Dominance: She can force her will on others making them sumbit to her. Mostly it works with demons who are of her own dominion thought it has been known to work on lesser minds then her own as well or those with no defenses against such things. 


Demon Control: She can summon and control demons from hell to do her bidding. 


 Music And Gallery...



Additional Characters...


                                   Iolana Darzi                                                                      Isolda Cole

                                    Kiara Sullivan                                                                            Kirsi Nys                                   

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