"None of this makes sense...  Any damn sense..."












                  "I'm /deaf/...  Not stupid..."












"She calls me 'Pigeon'...  'An oddly 'nuff... I don't mind..."
































Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

6'3" // 230 lbs // Dark blonde hair // Blue eyes // Athletic build // Deaf, but it is difficult for those that are unaware to tell

Character Personality

Quiet and often reserved, Clint is the strong, silent type. Far from his hot headed youth, the now grown Man is observant, calm, rational and decisive. Clint has a soft spot for animals.

Character Likes

Coffee. Pizza. Dogs. Sometimes people.

Character Dislikes

Dishonesty. Selfishness. Mostly people.

Character Inventory

Bow. Arrows. Cool tips. The fun stuff...

Character Abilites

One helluva Archer. Barton can read body language and micro expressions expertly. A perk of his being deaf, the Archer has learned that people don't just use their voice to speak and more often than not, it's their body that tells the truth. Words are moot.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Admin is a very friendly Veteran Role-Player whom has muses in several verses and all muses are crossover friendly. I have over a decade of RPing experience. I will NOT be doing multi muse accounts here. //____________ Mun has been writing for Clint "Hawkeye" Barton for over five years. The Archer is one of her favorite Marvel Characters, being tied for 'first place' with Tony Stark. This 'version' of The Hawk is heavily based on Jeremy Renner's portrayal in the Avengers movies. However, he IS deaf and was never married, but Clint is very much taken. Sorry ladies... // ____

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  • (Thank you for the invite. Care to plot beforehand or just dive right on in?)

  • (It was an idea I had for her backstory. For when she was with the Avengers.   Shields version of community service or Nick fury’s idea of a prison sentence. Lol. She was forced to join the avengers after doing some work for shield or else she be toss into a deep black hole and forgotten about. 

    During her time with the team.  I had her namely hang around Thor and the hulk cause her Symbiote loved the fighting and destruction those two constantly cause but Mariko hanged around Natasha and Clint, when she was in control. Cause she wanted to learn how to fight hand to hand and use weapons. Since she always used her powers in a fight and was mainly brought onboard to be the resident “hacker/ thief” on the crew. Since no other avenger was the hacking type or thief. Minus the new Antman guy If going by the movies since the comic book and cartoon antman was the gadget maker tech support slash tech brains of the group. Beside tony. 


    I toyed with the idea that she tried to learn archery. Since she figured it be fun and she could do something better then firing ice daggers and ice shards everywhere. With her powers, she liked the idea of making a bow and arrow from ice, used her webbing as a bow string and she be set to have a projectile weapon whenever she needed it. Using ice arrows instead of wooden arrows with a stone spearhead or metal arrows or tech ones.  Unlimited arrows too since she can make as many ice arrows as she wanted and didn’t need a quiver to hold them. 

    In her mind, wood and stone worked well for a bow and arrow in medieval times, so ice would work for her as a signature range weapon. This was all before she left the team, went rogue, stole plans for iron spider suit, had iron woman build her, her own version of the iron spider suit and began using that when she needed some extra firepower or range attacks.  Lol. Beside her powers. 


    Also since the green arrow had many archer side kicks. I thought it be fun if Hawkeye has someone he was mentoring or tried to have a protege of his own.   If you like to go with that concept. 

  • (Thanks for accepting! Care to roleplay sometime? Glad to see more of the Marvel verse!)

  • (Thanks for accepting. Hope we may write.  And let me know if perhaps you like to go with the idea I sorta pitched on the global page

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