"Nothing more then a Doppleganger, a machine. Created by Cyberlife, to be nothing more then an assassin for Black Light!"

Name-- Chris Connor Darkthorn (Human Predecesor's Name)

Age-- in early 20's

Other Names: Connor, Chris's Doppleganger, RK 100 (later on his programming was changed by Cyberlife RK 800.) The hunter, the assassin, Plastic Puppet, Doll, Plastic Toy, deviant Hunter.

Model # RK-100

Model Serial-- #313 248 317 --00

Eye Color-- Normal color Brown.

Hair Color-- Dark brown clean cut hair.

  Speices--  Android with human emotions.

Love Life-- Single/Woman ERROR-- Chris will not be able to become taken. But there will be romance in  RPs.

Blood Type--  Thirium 310 "Blue Blood"

Family-- Steven Darkthorn (Alive), Letha Darkthron (Deceased)

Income-- Family is Exstreamly Wealthy

Occupation--   Soldier From The US Military/Assassin working for the Chris's father The Director of Black Light Military Corp.

Second Job-- Works as a Security Officer at a high tech/US military weapon building.

Born- 1993, 24, May//Death 2015 16 Oct

Manufactured By Cyberlife- July, 11 2018//Reprogramed- Aug 15 2038.

Criminal Record-- Unknown

HomeTown- Detroit Michigan

Ability's/Skills-- Can detect bloodflow and heartbeat from miles away.adept speed, streatgh. Wall clinger, hand to hand combat/with or without weapons. Mimic voices, Can anazlize blood samples by taste,Hacker, Thermal Sensors, Excellent tracker and hunter,rapid healing- Deep wounds do not apply.

Affiliation-- BlackLight Corp, Cyberlife

  FaceClaim-- Connor RK 800 DBH, Bryan Dechart.

Weapons-- Sniper rifle, 9mm handgun, metal baton, throwing knives.

Badhabit- Smoking, but later on he replaces it with a coin trick trait. There are times when getting stressed out so much. He controls it by smoking.

Best Friend: Davidson Roberts (Another half andriod.), Hank Anderson.

  Personality-- Like any Android person, Chris is very laid back and can be sometimes demanding at times when wanting some answers. He has somewhat a good reputation of being a gentleman and high class charmer. But ofter gets into a bad case of curiousity which gets him more into trouble. 

LED- Blue Light- Nuetral aren't feeling threatened nor are reporting or thinking .

Yellow Light-When it blinks yellow it will let Chris know that a call is coming through. Which only he can hear or speak to the person calling him. Even the yellow light meanings the droid is thinking or reporting to someone.

Red-Disconnected and Shut Down, disstress, threatened and being in danger, negative emotions.


BMW I8 Hybrid Car--https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=dxuThj6J&id=DCC95F0819616F335FA65714CDD7331423ADCE10&thid=OIP.dxuThj6JL-Pka-Yz75ZbOgHaEK&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fs3.caradvice.com.au%2fthumb%2f1000%2f562%2fwp-content%2fuploads%2f2015%2f03%2fBMW-i8-Driving.jpg&exph=562&expw=1000&q=BMW+I8+Hybrid&simid=608031148100879086&selectedIndex=91&ajaxhist=0

Likes-- Moonlight, rainy days, going for a run, loves dogs and other animals, reading manga, driving into the city, Night Clubs, heavy metal, hunting.

Dislikes-- Hospitals and needles, woman and children getting hurt, assholes, his father, heights, being clausterphobic. Failing his missions, fear of shutting down completely, being called it or machine, anyone that gets in his way. Being sold out to another company other then Chris's father's.


RP Rules

  •  You can torture or hurt him, but if you want to kill him off  you can. The next day he will come back, In case of his death, Cyberlife can redeploy a new RK100 Connor model, inserting the previous one's memories into the new body. Connor regularly backs up his memory at CyberLife and can do emergency backups if death is imminent. Some data can be lost in the process. I should of placed this earlier but I was to busy with other things in RL.


  • Gmoding is annoying please do not start with it.


  • Plotting other ideas are welcome.


  • I'm busy in RL so please leave a comment and I'll reply back whenever I can. Sometimes my reply's will not go so well, because I'm either tired from work or not in a good mood.


  • One more thing I'm not good at RPing as a  andriod it's all new to me. But I'm still trying my best to RP as one lol XD.


  • Warning this RP is before Cyber Life had taken over android laws and resseting them completely. Wanting them to obey humans rather than taking control of their emotions. So I even took the RP date around 2018 present time, which is a little bit easier to go with.


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  • “Mmm all of your words seem to have vanished. Is your software glitching or being hacked by some humans?)

  • Another long shift... Almost twelve hours of shit. Upset civilians because she basically ruined their day, simply because she showed up, and also her coworkers being a general pain in her behind. What was last night? It wasn't the full moon but everyone was almost batshit crazy! Enough so that it took Astarte quite a few times to stay in control of herself and keep up her ruse as a human woman working as an NYPD Detective, but once or twice it really was a struggle not to trash her ruse and show once and for all just who she truly was and show the stupid mortals they weren't even close to being superior.

    However she managed to overcome to rage and regain in control, though at the end of her shift it left her with anger still remaining, especially over the stunt a few of her coworkers had pulled, not enjoying the least their jokes or pranks, and left her plotting. Changing to civilian attire and leaving her badge at home she went for a long drive, plans circling about in her mind, at least until she remembers a memo earlier about a warehouse holding extremely strong explosives, and automatically she knew that those explosives would be perfect. Making an illegal U-turn she started in the direction of the warehouse, driving past it first then pulling into the movie theater a block away she climbs out from her vehicle, and looks around. Just another patron to go see a movie. 

    Tucking her hands into her pockets of her jeans she follows other people into the theater, getting in line she smiles warmly to the attendant and purchases her ticket for the newest horror movie being shown, leaving the line she heads to the room where her movie is going to be, inside she ducks into the shadows out of thethe sight of other people and manipulates the cameras as she heads out the side exit. Once outside she runs with super speed to the warehouse, keeping out of sight and mentally manipulating the cameras so she couldn't be seen, once arriving to the warehouse she pulls up the hood of her sweatshirt and pulls on a pair of her black gloves, picking the lock she slips inside and begins to browse as if she were in a Wal-mart instead of an warehouse for explosives.

    Having something absolutely diabolical in mind Astarte couldn't help the smirk that spread across pinkish lips, oh it was going to be soo fun! And there was no way she could ever be seen as suspect, especially when tomorrow was her scheduled day off... Her plan? She was going to blow the precinct where she worked to Kingdom come. Those bible thumping officers wanting to preach there religion were going to have a free one way ticket to meet their Maker, sent by the Antichrist and Beast herself!

  • ☠I apologize, I ended up having a very busy weekend... I am working on the starter now, I hope you can work with it, whenever you return.☠

  • Catwoman didn't want to do to much damage to the men, and have them bail out on there plans. So with quick speed she ran toward one of the blinded men and grabbed his wrist and used her body as leverage to throw him over the hood of the car. The next guy that was screaming I can't see, I can't see, she stomped on his foot, and then grabbed his head and pushed his head straight into the car window, smashing the window.. When the third guy heard the noise of window being smashed he immediately drew his gun, and pointed toward the noise he heard. Catwoman looked back to the guy she had smashed his head to the window and saw he had brass knuckles in his hand, and quickly removed it tossing it on the ground, on the left as it made Clang sound! The guy started firing his gun toward the sound, using up his ammo. Catwoman then grabbed who ever the guy was that these people were attacking and helped him to his feet. She covered his mouth, in a manner for him not to speak. And then looked to see if he had been affected by the light blinding gernade, and waved her finger back and forth in front of his eyes, to see if his eyes would follow her finger.. There were still two more guys she hadn't gotten too that were still blinded, but that didn't mean theywouldn't try something..

  • /My apologies for the silence... Tayen is an assassin but mostly shs is the Fixer or Slayer, also she is the Morrigan... What do you think will work? I honestly think either will/

  • (Sorry for the wait)

  • Adjusting to this new body had been a major learning curve to say the least and everything felt so foreign within her. If only there was some physical therapy machine version for gaining a robot body, that she could use  to help her learn the ropes.  She was annoyed that Kai and Yuri didn’t have these problems since their brains were digitized and transferred to a machine body that was made of millions of nanomachines. Kai just had his brain stuffed inside s Metal endoskeleton and Yuri was just transformed into a machine on the spot so his body worked the same as before, only had to learn to use his new skills. She however, had to use a lot of time to focus on shifting into a solid form, keeping her base default apperance in check and learning how to function with a liquid body instead of a solid one. 


    This made her lose a step or two when taking on an assignment she had left Off doing due to her cancer thing.  It took a bit of time to track down this Edgar Green whom she was told to bring in alive for questioning or to question on the spot before killing him. That was why when she detected someone else after her target, someone with a killing intent. She had to deal with the annoyance first before her target. Sadly the scuffle with Edgar lead the both of them to hit the intruder and knock him down, that intruder being Chris. 

    Edgar had shove his bowing knife into her neck and up towards her brain. If she had been human, she be dead right now. Lucky for her, she was not. The look on Edgar’s face was surprising. He knew about androids and had expected that if this attack didn’t kill a human target then if it was a machine, it at least cause some damage. But there was no blood, no machine fluid of any kind, no hard snap of metal. It was just the blade moving through some silver mercury looking liquid substance. Edgar immediately had bolted from the scene like a bat out of hell. Wasting no time getting down to his car, firing it up, and pulling out into the streets and racing off. 


    Aeon had been taking a back by this attack as the blow to her head had cause her to lose focus. It was going to take time to get use to her knew body and it was because of this learning curve that her skills were sloppy and not top par like before. It was also the reason she was still around when Chris began to wake up as her concentration was shot with the blow to the head. By the time she fully regain her senses, it was rather pointless to run out before the other one could detect her. So she figured she just stay and fight the target, kill it if need be, and then go back after Edgar. 

  • The light above the door switched from red to green as the doors opened for her to walk outside the complex for a bit, she wore a keycard around her neck since she was one of the few soldiers to have special treatment in the facility. Once outside, in the 'play fight' area of the facility, there were some soldiers outside playing basketball it seems having fun. Rustic brown eyes watched the soldiers for a moment as they played ball, her ears flicker before she turned her attention away from them and headed back inside; her job for today was making sure that everything went smoothly since there wasn't many missions for her to go on. The scanner, scanned her keycard again and the doors slid open for her to walk through before they closed behind her once she was inside the building again. Her claws slightly clicked against the well cleaned floor under her paws as she wander down the hallway of the facility, unlike her fellow canines that were locked up in cages on a daily basis, she was one of the few dogs that were allowed to wander around the place with a keycard around their necks so they could also have access to get to certain parts of the building.


    Tsunami came to another door, she stood by the keycard scanner as the thing scanned her card again, the light above the door switched from red to green as the doors slid open and she walked right through the door and the doors closed behind her. She was in the interrogation part of the building where they would capture people or intruders and interrogate them for hours, sometimes they would go as far as to torture people. Tsunami knew because she had to witness it and be apart of it once before when someone tried to get inside info about Manticore and let's just say that the person didn't make it out alive when he was found out by one of the soldiers. However, rumor was going around the place that they had a new intruder in their clutches, some kind of cyborg that they had captured and wanted to know more about it seems; though this sparked her interest so she couldn't help but to check it out and see who it was. Even though she's not exactly suppose to be in the building even if she was doing some patrolling around the building, she still have a right to come inside the building just to make sure that no one that wasn't suppose to be there was wandering the halls of their own free will.


    'This is what humans call fun....pfft, please, its so boring...' 


    Tsunami had another 2 hours before she went on her break from patrolling and it would be back in her cage that she went for the rest of the day until she gets a mission or she was called out for her daily checkup like all the other soldiers would get. As she walked further down the hallway before her ears picked up a voice over the intercome in one of the rooms. She paused in her steps for a moment, trying to listen as to what they were saying, but by the doors being sound proof and all, she couldn't hear what they man on the intercome was saying exactly..

  • Catwoman kept a watchful eye in the parking lot as she used the landscaping and shadows to her advantage nearing the van. Her stealth often compared to that of stalking ninja. She used her surroundings to blend in, and was quieter than a mouse. She saw the man in a ski mask yelling at someone in the car to get out, as she stopped and observed some more.. This guy in the car could be an undercover cop, trying to basically do the same thing as her. Tailing these creeps.. And that was a dangerous game within itself.. She didn't exactly like most cops because of who she was. But there were a few in her past that she managed to get along with and make deals with, like Michael Traceur, Steve McGarrett, Ryan Steele. But none of those cops were the one in the line of fire right now.. 

    The man then got out of the car, obeying to not get killed as it seemed. Any LED color that had flickered was blocked from her view as everything escalated. A fight broke out as gunshots were heard and more men rushed from the van over to the guy. Catwoman couldn't do anything for him at this moment. Her big chance of putting a tracer on the vehicle came first, as she darted with great speed being maybe 20ft away give or take from the van. As she reached the van and slid underneath the van placing a magnetic tracer on it and then scurried out.. And back to a thicket area.. 

    Now she could concentrate on them, as she saw one of the creeps put a knife to the guy's throat.. Maybe she take out all of them, and check out the van herself, but then she'd missing the bigger picture possibly.. The location to where they were going could shed more light to more people? But she also felt the need to save this guy, without drawing attention to herself.. And without hestitation, she grabbed a blinding light gernade and tossed it toward all of them as if it were a football and looked away.. And BOOM!!


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