"Nothing more then a Doppleganger, a machine. Created by Cyberlife, to be nothing more then an assassin for Black Light!"

Name-- Chris Connor Darkthorn (Human Predecesor's Name)

Age-- in early 20's

Other Names: Connor, Chris's Doppleganger, RK 100 (later on his programming was changed by Cyberlife RK 800.) The hunter, the assassin, Plastic Puppet, Doll, Plastic Toy, deviant Hunter.

Model # RK-100

Model Serial-- #313 248 317 --00

Eye Color-- Normal color Brown.

Hair Color-- Dark brown clean cut hair.

  Speices--  Android with human emotions.

Love Life-- Single/Woman ERROR-- Chris will not be able to become taken. But there will be romance in  RPs.

Blood Type--  Thirium 310 "Blue Blood"

Family-- Steven Darkthorn (Alive), Letha Darkthron (Deceased)

Income-- Family is Exstreamly Wealthy

Occupation--   Soldier From The US Military/Assassin working for the Chris's father The Director of Black Light Military Corp.

Second Job-- Works as a Security Officer at a high tech/US military weapon building.

Born- 1993, 24, May//Death 2015 16 Oct

Manufactured By Cyberlife- July, 11 2018//Reprogramed- Aug 15 2038.

Criminal Record-- Unknown

HomeTown- Detroit Michigan

Ability's/Skills-- Can detect bloodflow and heartbeat from miles away.adept speed, streatgh. Wall clinger, hand to hand combat/with or without weapons. Mimic voices, Can anazlize blood samples by taste,Hacker, Thermal Sensors, Excellent tracker and hunter,rapid healing- Deep wounds do not apply.

Affiliation-- BlackLight Corp, Cyberlife

  FaceClaim-- Connor RK 800 DBH, Bryan Dechart.

Weapons-- Sniper rifle, 9mm handgun, metal baton, throwing knives.

Badhabit- Smoking, but later on he replaces it with a coin trick trait. There are times when getting stressed out so much. He controls it by smoking.

Best Friend: Davidson Roberts (Another half andriod.), Hank Anderson.

  Personality-- Like any Android person, Chris is very laid back and can be sometimes demanding at times when wanting some answers. He has somewhat a good reputation of being a gentleman and high class charmer. But ofter gets into a bad case of curiousity which gets him more into trouble. 

LED- Blue Light- Nuetral aren't feeling threatened nor are reporting or thinking .

Yellow Light-When it blinks yellow it will let Chris know that a call is coming through. Which only he can hear or speak to the person calling him. Even the yellow light meanings the droid is thinking or reporting to someone.

Red-Disconnected and Shut Down, disstress, threatened and being in danger, negative emotions.


BMW I8 Hybrid Car--https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=dxuThj6J&id=DCC95F0819616F335FA65714CDD7331423ADCE10&thid=OIP.dxuThj6JL-Pka-Yz75ZbOgHaEK&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fs3.caradvice.com.au%2fthumb%2f1000%2f562%2fwp-content%2fuploads%2f2015%2f03%2fBMW-i8-Driving.jpg&exph=562&expw=1000&q=BMW+I8+Hybrid&simid=608031148100879086&selectedIndex=91&ajaxhist=0

Likes-- Moonlight, rainy days, going for a run, loves dogs and other animals, reading manga, driving into the city, Night Clubs, heavy metal, hunting.

Dislikes-- Hospitals and needles, woman and children getting hurt, assholes, his father, heights, being clausterphobic. Failing his missions, fear of shutting down completely, being called it or machine, anyone that gets in his way. Being sold out to another company other then Chris's father's.


RP Rules

  •  You can torture or hurt him, but if you want to kill him off  you can. The next day he will come back, In case of his death, Cyberlife can redeploy a new RK100 Connor model, inserting the previous one's memories into the new body. Connor regularly backs up his memory at CyberLife and can do emergency backups if death is imminent. Some data can be lost in the process. I should of placed this earlier but I was to busy with other things in RL.


  • Gmoding is annoying please do not start with it.


  • Plotting other ideas are welcome.


  • I'm busy in RL so please leave a comment and I'll reply back whenever I can. Sometimes my reply's will not go so well, because I'm either tired from work or not in a good mood.


  • One more thing I'm not good at RPing as a  andriod it's all new to me. But I'm still trying my best to RP as one lol XD.


  • Warning this RP is before Cyber Life had taken over android laws and resseting them completely. Wanting them to obey humans rather than taking control of their emotions. So I even took the RP date around 2018 present time, which is a little bit easier to go with.


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  • Catwoman kept a watchful eye in the parking lot as she used the landscaping and shadows to her advantage nearing the van. Her stealth often compared to that of stalking ninja. She used her surroundings to blend in, and was quieter than a mouse. She saw the man in a ski mask yelling at someone in the car to get out, as she stopped and observed some more.. This guy in the car could be an undercover cop, trying to basically do the same thing as her. Tailing these creeps.. And that was a dangerous game within itself.. She didn't exactly like most cops because of who she was. But there were a few in her past that she managed to get along with and make deals with, like Michael Traceur, Steve McGarrett, Ryan Steele. But none of those cops were the one in the line of fire right now.. 

    The man then got out of the car, obeying to not get killed as it seemed. Any LED color that had flickered was blocked from her view as everything escalated. A fight broke out as gunshots were heard and more men rushed from the van over to the guy. Catwoman couldn't do anything for him at this moment. Her big chance of putting a tracer on the vehicle came first, as she darted with great speed being maybe 20ft away give or take from the van. As she reached the van and slid underneath the van placing a magnetic tracer on it and then scurried out.. And back to a thicket area.. 

    Now she could concentrate on them, as she saw one of the creeps put a knife to the guy's throat.. Maybe she take out all of them, and check out the van herself, but then she'd missing the bigger picture possibly.. The location to where they were going could shed more light to more people? But she also felt the need to save this guy, without drawing attention to herself.. And without hestitation, she grabbed a blinding light gernade and tossed it toward all of them as if it were a football and looked away.. And BOOM!!

  • ((That sounds good to me :) ))

  • (Oh um, well if that won't work I'll try to think of something else? I can try to start I guess.. I'm not good but I'll try..)

  • (Hm weaponry cargo holds? Why not some Druids that are against her sneak into those holds to steal some weapons hoping to kill Mac herself, however they are caught by Connor and Mac also appears on the scene after learning of the Druids plan?)

  • [Oh! Now that is an idea, I like it! Connor knew Aless before the fiasco. How shall we begin? I am sorry but I had health problems so I had to be off and I'm trying toto remember.]

  • (Working on your reply

  • ☠Oh I don't mind trying to start! I might not be so good, but I'm willing to try. Is my idea ok, the weapon from the warehouse? I will try to send the starter on the weekend☠

  • Somewhere in the next lot over, Catwoman had pulled over on her motorcycle and used a comm link to contact her friend Neo..

    Catwoman: "Neo is this the right place, over?"

    Neo: "Yep, you should see activity any time. over."

    Catwoman: "I swear Robert and his Goons need a one way ticket on a rollaroaster running out of track.. over."

    Neo: "Just put a tracer on the vehicle and get out. Once they lead us we can find the children.. over" 

    Catwoman: "Got it.. I think I see activity now.. keep in touch. over" As she slides off the Bike, and makes her way following along a building and some landscaping greenry. And notices a someone with a ski mask on. going up to a car.."

  • No need to explain.  Work sucks ass bro, and I haven't had much time to be on here either.  I can send the starter to your pm, if you think it would be better? No rush on it or anything obviously.

  • ☠Oh! That sounds interesting... Well both creates ideas. Maybe Astarte has something diabolical in mind and needs weapons from the warehouse where Connor works? Or maybe him as an assassin? Maybe Astarte is his next target. While he is watching her he finds out the truth about her?☠

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