Name-- Chris Connor Darkthorn

Age-- in early 20's ageless

Other Names: Connor, RK 100 (later on his programming was changed by Cyberlife RK 800.) The hunter, the assassin, Plastic Puppet, Doll, Plastic Toy.

Model-- #313 248 317

Eye Color-- Normal color Brown, but changes bright blue. Whenever sending infomation or retreiving it into his harddrive system.

Hair Color-- Dark brown

Speices-- Half Android/Human

Love Life-- Single/Woman ERROR-- Chris will not be able to become taken. But there will be romance in  RPs.

Blood Type-- 0/red blood mixture with Thirium 310 "Blue Blood"

Family-- Steven Darkthorn (Alive), Letha Darkthron (Deceased)

Income-- Family is Exstreamly Wealthy

Occupation--  Superhuman Soldier/Assassin working for his father The Director of Black Light Military Corp.

Born- 1993, 24, May// Experimented- July, 11 2018//Reprogramed- Aug 15 2038.

Criminal Record-- Unknown

HomeTown- Detroit Michigan

Ability's/Skills-- Can detect bloodflow and heartbeat from miles away.adept speed, streatgh. Wall clinger, hand to hand combat/with or without weapons. Mimic voices, Can anazlize blood samples by taste,Hacker, Thermal Sensors, Excellent tracker and hunter,rapid healing.

Rank-- ShadowHunter

Unit-- Raptor 894

Affiliation-- BlackLight Corp, Cyberlife

FaceClaim-- Connor RK 800 DBH, Bryan Dechart.

Weapons-- Sniper rifle, 9mm handgun, metal baton.

Badhabit- Smoking, but later on he replaces it with a coin trick trait.

Best Friend: Davidson Roberts (Another half andriod.), Hank Anderson.

Personality-- Like any half human/Android person, Chris is very laid back and can be sometimes demanding at times when wanting some answers. He has somewhat a good reputation of being a gentleman and high class charmer. But ofter gets into a bad case of curiousity which gets him more into trouble. 

LED- Blue normal

When it blinks yellow it will let Chris know that a call is coming through. Which only he can hear or speak to the person calling him.

Red-Disconnected and Shut Down. It was fully upgraded later on around 2038.


BMW I8 Hybrid Car--

Likes-- Moonlight, rainy days, going for a run, loves dogs and other animals, reading manga, driving into the city, Night Clubs, heavy metal, hunting.

Dislikes-- Hospitals and needles, woman and children getting hurt, assholes, his father, Black Light Corp, becoming an experiment, heights, being clausterphobic. Failing his missions, fear of shutting down completely.


RP Rules

  • No killing off character, if he dies the RP will end. You can torture or hurt him.
  • Gmoding is annoying please do not start with it.
  • Plotting other ideas are welcome.
  • I'm busy in RL so please leave a comment and I'll reply back whenever I can.
  • One more thing I'm not good at RPing as a half andriod it's all new to me. But I'm still trying my best to RP as one lol XD.


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  • (Thanks for adding me on this account too. ^^ This is the same person as Deirdre Lafayette but I figured you knew that.)

  • ((Sounds like a good idea. ^^ Also, you are doing wonderfully so far! Out of curiosity, what year would it be in this RP? I can definitely judge this RP better and where to go with it to make this RP easier and fun for you and I both. Also, poor Chris would get teased by Tessa and Deirdre would have to play mother hen and keep the teasing down. Also! Here is Tessa's profile for you too!))

    7AM came by quicker than Deirdre hoped for as the bright sunlight would wake her and make her groan with frustration. Her body seemed so young but it was nowhere close since her age would definitely make dermatologists hate her as her young apprentice would place it so jokingly. However, aches and pains covered her like a web trapping her in the web of life and reminded her on a daily basis that she was alive. Slowly, the woman groaned as she took a breath in and slowly got herself out of bed. Processing everything going on so far, a rather crackled version of Debussy's Claire de Lune playing as a girl in the other room hummed along softly. It took a moment for the sorceress to realize it was simply her young apprentice Tessa Arsenault as she sighed softly with relief and stretched her body a bit in a slow manner before brushing her hair and walking out with a thin robe covering her pajama shirt and pants as she could smell fresh coffee and breakfast being made. A small smile crossed her face as she softly spoke up, "I know you want to butter me up but I do have to take you to your first job alone today."




    The young brunette apprentice would look up from her phone while finishing a bite of a strawberry as she raised her brows before smiling, "No buttering up necessary, I just decided to test out some magic and new technology together to make breakfast. I felt kinda garbage when I got up so I figured you did too after the training from last night. So far I think I did a decent job. Maybe it'll keep my magic from going bonkers today." Deirdre's pale green eyes studied Tessa at the thought of combining old magics with new technology before sitting herself down accross from her and accepting the cup of coffee waiting for her as she nodded her head, "Yes, maybe so... I will be in town today as well though to run some errands and check out some things I have heard about lately." "You aren't getting into any trouble today are you? I can just feel your joints creaking and it almost makes me cringe." Tessa bluntly asked as Deirdre paused and rolled her eyes before sipping her coffee, "No. I will be fine. I've lived for over a thousand years, and can do it again if I must. You need to be careful today. If you see something... odd, let me know yes?" Tessa would simply shrug her shoulders and bite into another strawberry before getting up and cleaning her mess as she grabbed her bag.

    "I'll catch ya later okay? I'm gonna go ahead and get going so I can be there early." Tessa commented as Deirdre nodded her head while Tessa waved goodbye and left the house that she had slowly grown fond of. When the younger girl left, the music would stop rather abruptly as if the life of the house died. It seemed to eat away at the older sorceress and force herself to go against her body's wishes of going slow today to hurry herself to shower and take in the warm water to soothe her aches and dress herself in her usual classy and casual attire before quickly leaving and ignoring her own thoughts of how lonely it seemed lately.

    For most, winter was when people became more depressed and it did attack Deirdre too on some rarer occasions when her sickness would sneak up on her, but the spring and summertimes were the worst for her. It made her remember long lost people that she had grown to love and remember her own humanity for a change even though most called her a robot in her mannerisms and actions. She was not exactly a pushover, but was very logical and polite in most of her movements. While school was out, Deirdre had the chance to explore the world around her for a bit until she could keep herself busy once more and ignoring any human thoughts like her loneliness or regrets. 

    So strolling downtown by herself would be her activity while Tessa would be working her summer job in the magical communities until the fall semesters would come back and it was not exactly the most pleasant of times. In her head, the old sorceress simply hoped something exciting would take her mind off of the problems going on inside. 

  • (Please state the nature of your visit. Buisness or pleasure? Thank you for flying Blood Dry airlines. )


                  Out on a late night jog, it would be Catherine Chandler.  A night away from police duties, and the go, go, go of her work- It was just her alone, surrounded with the peacefulness that the night sky could offer her, especially on this day.  Or, so she thought.  Halfway through her jog, she was interrupted somehow, and some of her subconscious and instincts screaming out to her, that something was wrong.  Something here tonight, if it nearby, or far, it was very very wrong.  It was troublesome enough, and played on her mind so much so, that she would stop in her tracks.  The young brunette would be glued in that spot for quite some time, while she took in each, and every inch of her surrounding. 'What the hell is going on tonight? Is it real, or am I just imagining this whole thing?' The woman's words spoke themselves inisde of her head.

           Cell would be upon her, safely tucked away on this jog of hers, yet for the moment, it did not ring.  So, did that mean she was imagining such a thing? Or, was it very real, and would she hear that ring soon enough? Or, was it something intended for her only, and only something she would know? Shaking her head, ridding herself of such thoughts, knowing she could not head down a path, where she believed something, or someone, and so from her past had returned.  Closing her eyes briefly, she sucked in a few deep breaths, then gently exhaled before she would inhale once more, and then an exhale- Soon enough, she would open her eyes once more, feeling semi relaxed to some degree, so within seconds, the brunette resumed her jog.

                  Her jog in that moment, would change course somewhat, she once more blocking anything, and everything else out, while it unknowingly leading her to where the crime had been committed.  When she would eventually stumble upon it- Would she be the first person to stumble upon it, meaning she was both a witness, plus a police officer? What would she see? Who would she see?' Whatever was meant to be seen, or not seen, it was a matter of 'a time would tell' kind of moment.


  • (Ouch that must be harsh, I am sure we can think of something in order to make them meet for the first time.)

  • (Aye go ahead. I'll respond as able.) 

  • (Haha either option is quite possible. I mean her decay touch power does work on the living as well as corpses. XD if she felt that your character needed to be hurt.)

  • (We can totally wing it if you feel like it. I have no idea plot wise but I think Deirdre could use a friend ^^ She does have an apprentice named Tessa who will pop in and out too. If you want to start us off feel free. I will be at work.)

  • (Well to start, how could they meet?? That would be where I would start since I don't really see anything about his history. ^^)

  • {You're welcome.  Thank you for inviting me.}

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