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|| A Life of Chaos ||







>>A mistake


Long, ice-blonde hair, baby face, almond-shaped eyes colored storm cloud-gray, a button nose, olive skin, a thin, muscular, athletic build




Sarcastic || Brutally honest || Independent || Heart of gold || Hot-headed


A Gay Fae



Elowen Sun (Mother) || Courtier Cypress Wolf (Father)


I’ll give my soul; sacrifice me.

Your love is

H o l y .


|| As above

ʍoʅǝq oS ||




| Start with the basics



    The fae have important roles, specific roles, in the creation of the world. Their world, at least, and the world's around them. Humans have longed for the world of the fae, for their power, their world and magic. And the fae, in return, have shunned humans, seeing the greed and envy in their eyes. On occasion there were changelings put in place, human children stolen to be servants in the fae’s realm, replaced by a fae cursed to live out the life of a human, to die like one, stripped of its power and world.

This is not that story.

This is the story of a rebellious teenager who had everything she could ever wanted, and wanted none of it.

Daughter of Elowen and Cypress, courtiers to the queen of the fae’s kingdom, Cosima was born a small, sick, lonely girl, and the pride of her parents. She was raised in a mansion, in the arms of nannies and maids and butlers, servants to her parents, guardian to the girl. From birth Elowen could tell: she would have a perfect daughter, raised to be strong, courageous, and obedient. The poster child for royal children everywhere.

Elowen was wrong.

Cosima was bright, courageous, strong and independent, but she was anything but obedient. From the early age of six, signs of rebellion began to show in her personality. The lessons her caretakers tried so hard to teach her - manners, for instance, or how to sit politely, or how the word ‘fuck’ could never, ever enter her vocabulary again, little girl, you're only eight, where did you learn such abhorrent language?! - were overlooked. When Cosima was sixteen, she broke her mother's favorite vase: it was a fragile thing, obsidian in color with iridescent blue and green shifts, sort of like a peacock. When they were talking about marriage - arranged marriages, mind you, the kind Cosima was so far from interested in, and besides, who needed a prince to take care of her when she excelled in every combat and archery class she snuck into? (Because of course she wasn't really allowed to take them herself.) But that doesn't matter, her mother told her time after time when she argued, Because the prince has chosen you to marry, Cosima, and we don't turn down princes. Young ladies do not argue about who they're going to marry. Not ladies in the Court.

But that didn't matter to Cosima. Her sights were set on a very specific person.

The king's daughter.

She was more than perfect.


Please bathe me now.

Wash me clean.

Set my heart on fire like gasoline.





Her hair was black as night, her skin creamy and milky, and her eyes… Oh, her eyes. They were the pure blue of sapphires. She walked with the straight-backed, head-tilted-up confidence and demeanor of a true and perfect woman of the courts. When she laughed, the wind-chimes were jealous. When she sang, the birds silenced to listen to her voice. A perfect mix of stone cold and playful danced on her features at all time. There wasn't a man alive who wouldn't want to marry her.

Cosima may not have been a man, but she was certainly in the line of people hoping to woo her. Of course, that kind of thing wasn't really allowed. It messed up the entire order of things, her mother told her once, in a cold, chastising voice when she had been caught watching the princess - Fable was her name - stroll down the road from the castle into the village. Things just didn't work that way here. Well, that was all well and good for everyone else, Cosima thought to herself, but it wasn't good enough for her. The warning didn't stop her from trying, though, and soon that ended in her first heartbreak. It also ended, as one might expect, in her first real punishment. Her parents never really took the time to punish her, since they didn't spend enough time with her to know what she got up to. That was the nanny’s job. However, nothing stopped her father's heavy backhand our shove into a shelf that promptly collapsed when he heard of the little incident from the king himself. He screamed until his face turned red, until tears trailed down cheeks and her face was creased in anger and hurt. That day, at the age of nineteen, she gathered the only thing that belonged to her - a black leather bag, a birthday gift from her late grandfather - and ran away.


|| Collateral

ǝƃɐɯɐᗡ ||



She found herself alone there. After running away from home, she spent the years trekking Midwest of the United States, a typical grunge teen from the 90s. With no friends, no family, and no one to turn to, the royal fae of the unseelie court went from a life of strict, miserable luxury, to the freedom only felt when a live is lived free from money and royalty and rules. She made friends here and there, although they were all on their own paths and never stuck around her very long. She arrived in the early 90s, making her way through Kansas, to Missouri, to Illinois. In the end, she settled in a tiny town there called Zion, where she lived in a rented room in a rather large house.


“I am the latest colors. I hate the newer songs.

I can’t stand the lyrics. I’ll never sing along.”

{ w i p } 



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  • The man, snarling, turned fully to Cosima showing off the large knife in its entirety. He was definitely a hunter. That knife was old from its appearance, and had probably never been washed...likely the blood staining it meant to be a trophy but it was disgusting. The runes themselves were Celtic in nature if Cosima could recognize the type. His hand flexed on its handle as if he was ready to strike.

    "Do you know how much this wenches fur will cost?" He asked rhetorically, "more than a pretty penny. Artair's are rare, old clan, she's literally the last one. I'm lucky I ever know about her, so how about you hop along bunny and fuck off?"

    Gray wasn't listening to him but was acutely aware of the knife as he turned back to her sharply, his eyes glinting with pleasure. It was sick, she wanted to puke, instead, she bared her teeth and tried not to lose it. Maybe if he got a little bruised it was okay.

    "I don't even know what any of that fucking means," she spit out at him.

  • ||Alright then, just making sure but I'll have your starter sent to you soon! ^^||

  • ||Alrighty then! Oh! One more question, are you comfortable with violence, sexual themes and gore? I ask this because my character falls into this catagory and things like that will be portrayed throughout our thread.||

  • At Cosima’s request to walk her out, Casey paused. After a few moments, though, she smiled a little. “I’d like that. Let me get your tab. I’ll be ready in a few.” After Casey had gotten Cosima’s tab—which had all her drinks, minus the beer, at their regular price, since Casey was still working and couldn’t really give out discounts, even to people who were nice to her—she finished cleaning off the bar around the few remaining patrons before heading into the back. 

    A few minutes later, Casey came out of the ‘employees only’ door with her purse over her shoulder and a jacket over her arm. She was officially clocked out and ready to leave. Leave with...maybe a new friend. 

  • ||Awesome, I'll start us off then. Is there a special location and time of day you wish for me to start in?||

  • ||Hmm, okay then let me think....if that's the case then we can have them run into each other in a small town? Like...a local diner or something?||

  • ||I know, I'm so sorry! Her usual locations though are basically anywhere really; she's a hired killer so it's natural for her to constantly be on the move, plus she's on the FBI most wanted list. But if you want an exact location, she'll most like be in clubs or sometimes strip clubs to unwind a bit.||

  • ||Right now I'm updating her so as for ideas, not really sure what direction I wanna take her..||

  • ||Awesome, would you like to plot or wing it out?||

  • Casey didn’t mind Cosima being there, staying at the bar for much longer than really necessary if she just wanted a few drinks. Cosima’s presence was almost calming—a quiet, polite customer who didn’t make rude comments or loud commands like Casey was their personal servant? It was nice. Nice to have someone there who was just...there. 

    As it got later, the bar got quieter. More people were paying their tab and leaving, less people were coming in. Thankfully, Casey wasn’t actually closing that night—she was done at midnight, a couple hours before the bar closed. She had come in early to cover someone else’s shift, but since the night was slowing down, her boss was letting her go early. Wiping down the counter one more time, Casey paused as she made it to Cosima. 

    “You need anything else?” She asked, nodding to her third drink. “I’m about to head out for the night...” She sounded disappointed, like she didn’t really want to leave. But really, she didn’t want to leave Cosima. She wanted to talk to the young human some more. There was just something about her, but Casey still couldn’t put her finger on it. 

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"And Cosima, in a way that was sort of strange for most people to do, hung around. She stuck by the bar, munching absently on the fries, and watched Casey work. It was as if… she was waiting for Casey to be done. Strange, considering she did not know…"
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"“I guess.” Was the sort of offhanded response Cosima gave in return. Yeah, maybe it couldn’t be helped. Maybe. But it really sucked that she had to regardless.
“Men are just the worst, aren’t they?” Cosima asked, her voice teetering on teasing, a pl…"
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"|| Good question! I think plot depends heavily on which character you want to use? I don't think it has to be any specific character. Is there one you want to write as more than others? ||"
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