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|| A Life of Chaos ||







>>A mistake


Long, ice-blonde hair, baby face, almond-shaped eyes colored storm cloud-gray, a button nose, olive skin, a thin, muscular, athletic build




Sarcastic || Brutally honest || Independent || Heart of gold || Hot-headed


A Gay Fae



Elowen Sun (Mother) || Courtier Cypress Wolf (Father)


I’ll give my soul; sacrifice me.

Your love is

H o l y .


|| As above

ʍoʅǝq oS ||




| Start with the basics



    The fae have important roles, specific roles, in the creation of the world. Their world, at least, and the world's around them. Humans have longed for the world of the fae, for their power, their world and magic. And the fae, in return, have shunned humans, seeing the greed and envy in their eyes. On occasion there were changelings put in place, human children stolen to be servants in the fae’s realm, replaced by a fae cursed to live out the life of a human, to die like one, stripped of its power and world.

This is not that story.

This is the story of a rebellious teenager who had everything she could ever wanted, and wanted none of it.

Daughter of Elowen and Cypress, courtiers to the queen of the fae’s kingdom, Cosima was born a small, sick, lonely girl, and the pride of her parents. She was raised in a mansion, in the arms of nannies and maids and butlers, servants to her parents, guardian to the girl. From birth Elowen could tell: she would have a perfect daughter, raised to be strong, courageous, and obedient. The poster child for royal children everywhere.

Elowen was wrong.

Cosima was bright, courageous, strong and independent, but she was anything but obedient. From the early age of six, signs of rebellion began to show in her personality. The lessons her caretakers tried so hard to teach her - manners, for instance, or how to sit politely, or how the word ‘fuck’ could never, ever enter her vocabulary again, little girl, you're only eight, where did you learn such abhorrent language?! - were overlooked. When Cosima was sixteen, she broke her mother's favorite vase: it was a fragile thing, obsidian in color with iridescent blue and green shifts, sort of like a peacock. When they were talking about marriage - arranged marriages, mind you, the kind Cosima was so far from interested in, and besides, who needed a prince to take care of her when she excelled in every combat and archery class she snuck into? (Because of course she wasn't really allowed to take them herself.) But that doesn't matter, her mother told her time after time when she argued, Because the prince has chosen you to marry, Cosima, and we don't turn down princes. Young ladies do not argue about who they're going to marry. Not ladies in the Court.

But that didn't matter to Cosima. Her sights were set on a very specific person.

The king's daughter.

She was more than perfect.


Please bathe me now.

Wash me clean.

Set my heart on fire like gasoline.





Her hair was black as night, her skin creamy and milky, and her eyes… Oh, her eyes. They were the pure blue of sapphires. She walked with the straight-backed, head-tilted-up confidence and demeanor of a true and perfect woman of the courts. When she laughed, the wind-chimes were jealous. When she sang, the birds silenced to listen to her voice. A perfect mix of stone cold and playful danced on her features at all time. There wasn't a man alive who wouldn't want to marry her.

Cosima may not have been a man, but she was certainly in the line of people hoping to woo her. Of course, that kind of thing wasn't really allowed. It messed up the entire order of things, her mother told her once, in a cold, chastising voice when she had been caught watching the princess - Fable was her name - stroll down the road from the castle into the village. Things just didn't work that way here. Well, that was all well and good for everyone else, Cosima thought to herself, but it wasn't good enough for her. The warning didn't stop her from trying, though, and soon that ended in her first heartbreak. It also ended, as one might expect, in her first real punishment. Her parents never really took the time to punish her, since they didn't spend enough time with her to know what she got up to. That was the nanny’s job. However, nothing stopped her father's heavy backhand our shove into a shelf that promptly collapsed when he heard of the little incident from the king himself. He screamed until his face turned red, until tears trailed down cheeks and her face was creased in anger and hurt. That day, at the age of nineteen, she gathered the only thing that belonged to her - a black leather bag, a birthday gift from her late grandfather - and ran away.


|| Collateral

ǝƃɐɯɐᗡ ||



She found herself alone there. After running away from home, she spent the years trekking Midwest of the United States, a typical grunge teen from the 90s. With no friends, no family, and no one to turn to, the royal fae of the unseelie court went from a life of strict, miserable luxury, to the freedom only felt when a live is lived free from money and royalty and rules. She made friends here and there, although they were all on their own paths and never stuck around her very long. She arrived in the early 90s, making her way through Kansas, to Missouri, to Illinois. In the end, she settled in a tiny town there called Zion, where she lived in a rented room in a rather large house.


“I am the latest colors. I hate the newer songs.

I can’t stand the lyrics. I’ll never sing along.”

{ w i p } 



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  • It had been a very long day for Amaria at the hospital like always, having to see people come rushing in with life threatening injuries to children that had minor cuts or scrapes here and there on their bodies. Amaria didn't really complain about her job due to the simple fact that she loved her job more then anything, this is what she always wanted to do in life and it made her very happy. She was currently sitting in her office as she finished up the last bit of her paper work before going home for the day, though she was on standby just in case they get someone and they needed Amaria to come back to work and check the person out which didn't seem to be a problem that she was always on callby to begin with. She sighed as she neatly stacked the papers and placed them in their correct file and sat it to the side as she reached under her desk and grabbed her belongings before getting up from her chair. Her shift was now over for the day and how she couldn't wait to get home and relax for a while before having to come back again and start her routine all over again. She walked over towards the door and pulled it opened, turning off the light in her office as she closed the door and locked it behind her, placing her office key in her lab coat as she made her way down the hallways towards the exit of the building. Though, there were stilla  few people in the waiting area of the hospital as she was leaving, the women that were working at the front desk had bit Amaria a good evening as she waved to them and walked out the door. She headed out into the parking lot of the hospital towards her black car, of course she was normally seen driving her truck but her truck was in the shop at the moment so she had no choice but to drive her car back and forth to work until she had got her truck back from the shop.


    Getting in the car, she shut the door and placed her things in the back seat as she put the key in the ignition and started up the engine, the car hummed softly as she sat in park for a moment, before putting on her seat belt, she removed her lab coat off her arms and under her lab coat she wore her usual scrubs that all nurses would normally wear along with her flats that they wore as well. Sensing that Amaria was safe now, her loyal companion had removed the barrier that he had placed around her and manifest himself in the passenger seat as a human being beside her. Unlike most, no one was able to see Aiden except for Amaria since she was connected to him, she turned to look at him and shook her head, he was always protective of Moon ever since she was young. Running her fingers through her hair, she finally put on her seat belt and put her car into drive and quickly pulled out and headed straight to home. But of course, she had to stop by the store and pick up a few things to make for dinner tonight which she had totally forgot to do yesterday before coming in to work today, cause now when you get off work and don't want to do crap, all you wanna do is just go home and relax but realize that you still got things to do, it seems as though her job was never done. The black, ghostly figure that sat beside Moon turned to look at her with his soulless white eyes, no words came from this strange dark entity but Moon could understand him clearly unlike anyone else that would be able to see him.


    "I forgot okay? Cut me some slack Aiden, I'm tired just like you are and trust me, I really don't feel like going to the store but I gotta eat something regardless you know that."


    She groaned softly as she came to a complete stop at a redlight, it was just one of those days where she could do without having to argue with her protector, even though he didn't mean no harm by her, there were times when he was too protective of her and always thought that she was pushing herself but she would always reassure him that she was alright and that she knew her limit like everyone else did, she made sure that she didn't push herself too hard or anything like that. Once the light changed to green, she press the gas pedal and drove down the street towards the store.

  • The first thing, and perhaps Gray might realize how weird it seems...or- she just assumes everything she does is weird, Gray takes notice of is her eyes. As the voice cuts down the alley, she finds herself looking into storm-colored eyes. It’s not enough to make her forget about the man with the knife but...she’s stunned for a moment.

    Unfortunately. The man too turns his head and spots Cosima. He frowns, sighs, then gives a small snarl. He’s human- or at least from a bloodline of skinners, as her kind called them...she thinks? It’s complicated. Still. He’s skilled. His glowing knife is visible to Cosima, designed to preserve the otherworldly properties of, well, furs and skins. He seems a little frustrated she’s there.

    “Just go,” Gray tries to urge her, but doesn’t answer her question, “before-”

    “Shut it,” the man snaps, turning back.

    He grits his teeth, taking a sharp step forward. Gray’s eyes widen in fear, and she steps further back until there’s nothing between her back and the brick wall. Her hand moves back to her side, a visible stain of blood but it doesn’t seem to be bleeding any longer. She looks from him to Cosima, hopeful she might get out before he decided to leave no witnesses. Her light blue eyes portrayed her emotions tenfold. It was hard for her to keep that in check.

    “You’re gonna turn,” the man demands, “and I’m gonna skin ya. Ain’t none of your clan exist anymore...you’re the last ‘in. So you’ll be a fortune. Come on, fight. That’s what yer known for.”

    Her eyes watered. Well shit.

    “I- can’t. I don’t want to hurt anyone, even you.”

  • (let me know if you want me to rewrite anything!)

    A hand came up to hold her side with a hiss of pain. The attacker pulled his knife back, readying himself in case she were to retaliate. Instead, she pulled her hand back and observed the blood. It wasn’t a deep cut, more like just barely moving before it could actually pierce skin. She’d been smart about that.

    Taking a step back she held her hand out, the man eying her calmly and pushing forward. She’d never actually...seen someone this calm attack her. She’d been attacked before, absolutely, but this man seemed almost professional. The runes on his knife lit up with a sickly green glow and her eyes widened.

    He slashed out again at her causing her to jump back with a yell of surprise. She barely missed it. He rushed forward again, jabbing his knife out, and she- well. She stumbled backward in an attempt to get away from the weapon and the sure pain that might come with being stabbed, something she was glad she’d never had happened to her. Her back hit the ground with a grunt, she held her side.

    She saw the flash of metal and rolled to her side just in time to see the blade come down for her. Pushing herself to her feet before the man could try again, she backed down the alley until she was in a corner she couldn’t escape from. She let out a breath and turned back to her attacker as he whistled, chuckling with a smile as he inched closer until they were only feet away.

    “Your fur is going to fetch a pretty penny, shifter,” he taunted.

    “I can get you-”

    “You can’t offer me enough money. Don’t you know how rare your clan’s fur is?”

    She groaned, holding her side again. How was she going to get out of this? She wasn’t a fighter, her father kept her from violence, shielded almost. Her...past self-knew more than enough, but she couldn’t- she was going to get hurt.

  • ((....You have every right to be upset with me DX my god I just realized that I never sent that starter but I'm currently writing it out as we speak at this moment. I am so sorry to have kept you waiting for over a month for a dumb starter ;-; so sorry!))

  • (awesome! Do you want me to start us off?)

  • (Im chill with anything but the only two plots off the top if my head are-

    Gray is attacked at Cosima jumps in to help her for whatever reason. Gray isn't really a fighter so shedsbe losing the fight.

    Or by chance, they meet in town, and Gray simply says hello. Where things go from there is up to the story.

    Or we can just jump into something random.

  • (Awesome! Care to plot or just jump in?)

  • (No problem! Thank you for accepting! If you're interested in writing let me know!)

  • She knew she owed her life to the Fae. If it weren’t for Cosima, she would’ve never made it to the hospital, but with this terrifying turn of events, maybe it might’ve been best if she hadn’t. Those two white wings fought desperately to keep her in the air, but the beast-turned-woman had no luck in getting above the treetops.

    Unlike before, West had a more controlled landing. She scrambled to her feet, grime and dirt sticking to her hospital gown, bruises still blossoming beneath her dewy, milky white skin. Her wheezing chest heaved for air, glancing wildly around. She had shed more shimmering white scales that would lead anyone straight to her, as well as the clumps of blonde hair caught on branches.

    She wheeled, stumbling along but she staggered, pausing to lean against a nearby pine tree. West pressed one bleeding palm to her chest. “God dammit…” She murmured under her breath, grimacing. The Welsh woman slid down the trunk of the tree, sitting atop a giant root protruding from the ground. Pulling her long, snaking legs up towards her chest, pain seized her nerves. Letting out a distressed cry, fingers sought the source. A bulletwound had made itself at home on her thigh, the skin around the wound blackening and almost festering.

    West’s muted green eye’s widened with horror. The men who had shot her knew what they were doing after all. With gentle fingers, she reached to touch the wound but nearly hissed pain, retracting her hand. Any other bullet she could remove herself, but this? Pure iron. Made to take the lives of fair folk and Fae, and any other creature in that family. She swallowed hard. She needed help and she needed it now but- a rustling in the bushes stole her thoughts. West scrambled to her feet, fingers gripping the bark. “Who’s there?” She called. “Show yourself.”

  • (( Would you mind starting? ))

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